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Issue 35, Sunday Aug 5, 2007
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Bridge Collapses

Bridges collapsed in Minneapolis and Oroville, California this week. Where the bridge in Oroville was under construction at the time of collapse, the bridge in Minneapolis was merely being repaved, and had passed inspections.

7 Dead, Dozens Injured In I-35W Bridge Collapse
August 2, 2007
Mangled concrete sitting in a river, smashed cars and thousands of pounds of twisted metal don't even begin to tell the story of what happened when the Interstate 35W bridge spanning the Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapsed, sending cars, people and debris into the river below. The collapse was likely structural in nature. It was not an act of terrorism. The bridge was undergoing repair work when it collapsed. Of the eight lanes on the roadway, four were closed for repair to the 40-year-old bridge's deck, joints, guardrails and lights. None of it would be related to the structure. The bridge was inspected by the Minnesota Department of Transportation in 2005 and 2006 and no structural problems were noted.

Overhead of Bridges Before Collapse

Bridge Footings/Structure Before Collapse

Bridge After Collapse

VIDEO: YouTube of Collapsed Bridge
VIDEO: YouTube at Moment of Collapse

What caused the collapse? Initial reports indicated terrorism was not a factor. Residents noted symptoms of Earth movement, methane smells associated with rock layers pulling apart, algae blooms on the methane released under water, and a vibration! Via email, this report:

I live in a suburb of Minneapolis and nothing has ever happened like this before. There were reports in the news of a 'rotten egg smell' and an outbreak of of algae just a few days prior to this. I also felt, or heard, a strange frequency a couple of hours before this happened.

The Zetas had warned of collapsing bridges up and down the Mississippi, due to the torque stress the N American continent endures.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/10/2006: This creates a diagonal stress on the N American continent where New England is pulled to the east while Mexico is pulled to the West, so the New Madrid is put under slip-slide stress where one half, east of the Mississippi, will move toward the NE while the other, west of the Mississippi, moves toward the SW. A widening seaway also does not affect just those land masses bordering the seaway, as buckling occurs inland and afar. What does man assume caused the Black Hills to be so rumpled, with the appearance of a recent buckling and heaving? This is the center of a land plate! The tearing of the seaway does not end at Duluth, Minnesota. It travels underground to S Dakota!

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/16/2006: What does this do to the N. American plate? It pulls it at a diagonal, ripping the rock fingers along the New Madrid fault such that the land to the East of the Mississippi moves up and to the East, toward New England, and the land to the West of the Mississippi moves down and to the West. This does more than tear most of the bridges along the Mississippi.

Did such a torque affect Minnesota, causing the collapse? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/2/2007: We have predicted that bridges crossing the Mississippi will be affected when the New Madrid and related fault lines adjust, going into the pole shift. Was this bridge collapse which crossed the Mississippi in Minnesota caused by such an adjustment, the footings on one side of the bridge moving in an opposite direction from the footings on the other side, or perhaps the bridge being pulled apart? The Mississippi River is born in Minnesota, tumbling out of the headwaters in the highlands of Minnesota over a series of natural falls. This is a clue that adjustments in the rock strata could be involved. The highlands of Minnesota come to a point at Minneapolis, with lower land lying to the East along this point. What caused the land to the East to drop, unless this land was stretched in the past?

We have stated that the ripping apart of the St. Lawrence Seaway ends in the rumpled Black Hills of SD. Run a line from Montreal, at the mouth of the seaway, to Rapid City, SD and the line runs through Minneapolis. Why would an adjustment be made in the middle of this stretch zone while the seaway itself did not part? When we described the diagonal pull the N American continent is enduring, and just how this will snap when adjustments are made, we did not intend that this process would occur smoothly, all at once as described. Weak points along the rip lines give way one by one, each such adjustment placing stress on other points in a domino manner. The I35W bridge, being the larger of the bridges crossing the Mississippi at this point, was less able to adapt to a change in position vis-a-vis its footings on either side of the river, as it was an interstate bridge supporting several lanes, and thus had massive and thus rigid supports. Smaller bridges have more flexibility as they are built to withstand uneven loads on either end, thus are more springy by design.

Will there be more such disasters along the Mississippi and in the cities that will be affected by the New Madrid and seaway rip? This is just the start, and when the pace picks up, there will be no question that something other than Global Warming is the cause.

The day after the Zetas posted their explanation of the Minneapolis bridge collapse there was confirmation on the ground moving east, pulling the bridge apart, just as the Zetas had stated.

Bridge Collapse Probe Focuses on Unexplained Shift
August 3, 2007
Investigators trying to figure out what caused Wednesday's massive bridge collapse are focusing on the southern end of the span, which "behaved differently" as it fell, the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday. The NTSB says one part of the bridge shifted 50 feet as it fell, while other sections collapsed in place. What's getting investigators' attention is the way the southern part of the bridge fell in a video they've already examined -- recorded by a security camera near the bridge's north end -- and the way the section settled after the collapse. It appears that it has shifted approximately 50 feet to the east and when we compare that to what we've seen in the rest of the bridge -- the rest of the bridge appears to have collapsed in place.

Worldwide Floods

Flooding has been in the news lately, around the world, breaking records in Britain and India. This is not just a local occurrence! Britain, China, the Sudan and India have been massively affected.

Flood Chaos: Two Inches From Disaster
July 24, 2007,,30100-1276465,00.html
Britain is suffering its worst flooding in living memory, leaving tens of thousands of people without power or water. There have been mass evacuations across central and southern England with thousands of homes flooded. Two of Britain's major rivers - the Avon and the Severn - have already burst their banks. The Thames is in danger of bursting soon, threatening areas in the Home Counties and London.

Death Toll in China Flooding Rises as Nation Braces for More
July 21, 2007
The death toll from fierce rain storms and flooding in China continued to rise Saturday as the government scrambled to step up relief and prevention efforts. In eastern Shandong province, the toll rose to 40 dead and nine missing as of Friday night, following a week of record rains that deluged the provincial capital of Jinan and surrounding areas.
Millions Flee 'Worst Ever' Floods
August 4, 2007
Monsoon rains in South Asia have driven millions from their homes and caused what the United Nations says is the worst flooding in living memory. More than 1,000 people have been killed or injured by rising waters, but aid agencies say the figure is expected to rise sharply. U.N. children's body UNICEF said it had lost track of how many people had been affected by the floods across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.
Sudan Urges People Living in Flood Plains To Evacuate
July 24, 2007
Sudan has advised people residing along flood paths to relocate to safer areas as heavy rains that have already killed 55 people and destroyed 25,000 homes continue to batter much of the country. There is no immediate shortage of tents or food and 25,000 families have been provided shelter so far. Major roads to some parts of the country and bridges have either been washed away or disabled. Police helicopters continue to air drop supplies to people stranded in places inaccessible by road, including villages in northern Sudan, which was among the worst hit regions during last year's flooding.

Drought and deluge were part of the 1995 Zeta prediction on what weather changes to expect as the date of the pole shift approached. Constant and repeated rains were predicted by the Zetas. Severe drought, temperature swings, and snow in summer were also predicted by the Zetas. Per the Zetas, the cause of these swings and extremes is the Earth wobble and the roiling core of the Earth, both responses to the presence of Planet X.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: Mankind will find its greatest problems with the weather to be its unpredictability. Areas of the world which have been deserts throughout mankind's memory will become swamps under constant and repeated rains. Temperate climates used to periodic gentle rainfall will suffer intractable droughts. Then this will switch about, for no apparent reason. The reason lies deep within the Earth's core, an area the meteorologists refuse to consider, and thus their predictions on the atmosphere will never be based on the right parameters.

Hospice Cat

A hospice cat has demonstrated a remarkable ability to predict, within hours, when a resident will die. The cat makes his morning rounds with the doctors, and sniffs each patient. If he lays alongside a resident, refusing to leave, then the resident has an average of 4 hours before death. Oscar the cat has been on target with his predictions 25 out of 25 times, a record far above his human prognosticators.

Cat's "Sixth Sense" Predicting Death?
July 25, 2007
Predicting the death of a patient, even an elderly, demented one, is an inexact science, even for a doctor with decades of medical experience. But a cat in a Providence, R.I., nursing home, an animal shelter refugee named Oscar, seems to have a sixth sense about when residents in the home's advanced dementia unit are about to pass away. And his actions can sometimes help alert the staff to notify family members in time for them to get to the nursing home to tell their loved ones goodbye. When he senses their time is near, Oscar goes to the room, jumps onto the bed, curls up next to the patient, and purrs. The 2-year-old cat provides welcome company for grieving family members and staff keeping their bedside vigil; sometimes he fills in for family members who haven't yet arrived at the bedside. So far, Oscar has "presided over" the deaths of more than 25 residents in the advanced dementia unit of the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Oscar typically arrives at a dying patient's bedside a few hours before death, but sometimes a half day before. One of the first cases involved a resident who had a blood clot in her leg. Her leg was ice cold. Oscar wrapped his body around her leg and stayed until the woman died.

What's giving Oscar his clue that death is imminent?

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/28/2007: This cat was reportedly sniffing all the nursing home residents, daily, making his rounds along with the doctors and staff. Thus, it was clearly a smell that the cat perceived. Cats are reported to have 9 lives, because of their ability to bounce back when faced with a death dealing situation. Cats are also known to move in prides, though seemingly aloof to each other, in fact assisting and feeding each other. It is no secret that a family cat will bring a mouse or bird to its owners, as a treat, just as a mother cat will bring such kill to its young. Thus, when a cat smells on another cat that death is near, it is a time to assist that other cat. Lying nearby, to lick or keep the other warm, is what happens in cat prides, naturally. Thus, this cat is simply providing to a stricken human what it would do to other members of its pride. A kind and supportive gesture!

Middle East Arms Race

The US recently announced it was planning an arms deal with Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Gulf, along with substantial aid packages to Israel and Egypt. Russia responded by announcing they would sell Sukhoi fighter jets to Iran.

$20 Billion Deal Includes Weapons For Saudi Arabia
July 28, 2007
The Bush administration will announce next week a series of arms deals worth at least $20 billion to Saudi Arabia and five other oil-rich Persian Gulf states as well as new 10-year military aid packages to Israel and Egypt, a move to shore up allies in the Middle East and counter Iran's rising influence. The arms deals, which include the sales of a variety of sophisticated weaponry, would be the largest negotiated by this administration. The military assistance agreements would provide $30 billion in new U.S. aid to Israel and $13 billion to Egypt over 10 years. Both figures represent significant increases in military support.
Reports: Iran to Buy Jets from Russia
July 30, 2007
Israel is looking into reports that Russia plans to sell 250 advanced long-range Sukhoi-30 fighter jets to Iran in an unprecedented billion-dollar deal. According to reports, in addition to the fighter jets, Teheran also plans to purchase a number of aerial fuel tankers that are compatible with the Sukhoi and capable of extending its range by thousands of kilometers. Defense officials said the Sukhoi sale would grant Iran long-range offensive capabilities. Government officials voiced concern over the reports. They said Russia could be trying to compete with the United States, which announced over the weekend a billion-dollar arms sale to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. Despite Israeli and US opposition, Russia recently supplied Iran with advanced antiaircraft systems used to protect Teheran's nuclear installations.

What is behind this sudden desire to arm the Middle East? The Sunni are the source of the insurgency in Iraq, and it is the Saudis who are supporting the Sunni. This would seem contrary to the US desire to end the insurgency in Iraq, albeit the Sunni are against the Shia in both Iraq and Iran. The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/28/2007: This latest move by the Bush administration is a virtual admission that the US will be leaving Iraq. Seeing that they cannot control Congress so as to get unlimited funds for remaining in Iraq, cannot start a draft so as to have the troops remain sitting on the oil fields of the Middle East, cannot attack Iran as Israel refuses to attack without the US leading and the military won't follow Bush's orders to bomb and invade Iran -- they are stuck. How to maintain control of the oil fields while being forced to withdraw? Create an army within the Middle East, goes the logic, to fight for the US and Israel position. The Saudi are supporting the Sunni, and the Sunni are pushing back against the Shia. Iran is primarily composed of Shia. What will come of this? Bush will not succeed on remaining at the helm, as the Middle East is a hot bed of conflicting clans and religious factions. It will only succeed in making the place a holocaust, even faster.

Lost in Space

NASA is in the news again, more bad news with the revelation that computers were sabotaged by a subcontractor and astronauts were allowed to lift off drunk.

NASA Reports Computer Sabotage
July 26, 2007
A space program worker deliberately damaged a computer that is supposed to fly aboard the shuttle Endeavour in less than two weeks, an act of sabotage that was caught before the equipment was loaded onto the spaceship. The unidentified employee, who works for a NASA subcontractor, cut wires inside the computer that is supposed to be delivered to the international space station by Endeavour. The damage, which occurred outside Florida, was reported to NASA by the subcontractor. NASA hopes to fix the computer and launch it Aug. 7 as planned aboard Endeavour.
NASA Responds to Claims of Drinking Problem
July 27, 2007
A panel has found that astronauts were allowed to fly on at least two occasions despite warnings they were so drunk they posed a flight risk, sources familiar with the panel's report said Thursday. Aviation Week also reported that the independent panel set up by NASA to study astronaut health issues found evidence of "heavy use of alcohol" before launch that was within the standard 12-hour "bottle-to-throttle" rule. Flight surgeons and other astronauts warned that drunken astronauts posed a flight risk when they flew on the two known occasions.

Explosion at Mojave Airport Kills 2
July 27, 2007

An explosion on Thursday killed two workers and critically injured four others at a Mojave Desert airport site used by the pioneering aerospace company that sent the first private manned rocket into space. The blast at a Mojave Air and Space Port facility belonging to Scaled Composites LLC released nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, into the air. Haz-Mat teams were on the scene as a precaution and fire authorities said the scene was safe. All the victims worked for Scaled, the Mojave-based builder of SpaceShipOne, the first private manned rocket to reach space. The blast did not involve a rocket firing but happened during a test of the flow of nitrous oxide through an injector in the course of testing components for a new rocket motor for the upcoming SpaceShipTwo. The nitrous oxide was at room temperature and under pressure. It had been done safely many times during the SpaceShipOne program and had been done once before for the SpaceShipTwo program.

All this was in the news in the same week. Could it be coincidence, or is there something else afoot? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/28/2007: NASA was suddenly back in the news with the announcement that astronauts have at times been drunk on takeoff, and subcontractors can sabotage the equipment NASA relies upon. None of this is new. What is new about these matters is their getting into the news. NASA is a private corporation, set up that way to avoid public scrutiny. Why are you hearing about it now? Because the whole attitude toward NASA, among the elite, has changed. They have deserted NASA, in essence. We have detailed how the establishment expected to escape to Mars or the dark side of the Moon during the hour of the pole shift. This escape was to have the appearance of being done via NASA shuttles, but the expectation of the elite was that aliens they had been in contact with, aliens in the Service-to-Self, would give them any necessary assistance. This was promised, but as we have endlessly explained, the Service-to-Self lie, so when the promise was called upon to be fulfilled recently, and nothing happened, the elite realized they had been lied to all along. This, and the seemingly endless problems the shuttles and ISS are having, convinced the establishment that making it to Mars or the Moon, and back again, would never work out.

NASA was deserted, funding withdrawn or not provided, and the elite set their sights elsewhere, on private initiatives. NASA was viewed as encumbered with the burden of providing the public a return on their investment, as it is funded by taxpayer money. Private investment, on the other hand, need not report its activities to the public. Thus the sudden explosion of privately funded space flights. Will this work out as hoped? Hardly. If the Columbia can be taken down by aliens to send a message to the elite, the same can be done to private efforts such as SpaceShipTwo. The message? You will not be allowed to escape Earth, to avoid the pole shift, but will be stuck on Earth with the common man you so disdain.

DOW Hickups

The DOW heaved up to break 14,000 for the first time ever, and then dramatically plunged by 500 points for the first time in 5 years.

Dow, S&P Have Worst Week in 5 Years
July 28, 2007
Wall Street extended its steep decline Friday, propelling the Dow Jones industrials down more than 500 points over two days after investors gave in to mounting concerns that borrowing costs would climb for both companies and homeowners. It was the worst week for the Dow and the Standard & Poor's 500 index in five years. Although the market has often rebounded after a steep drop -- and has done so in recent weeks -- investors appeared unable Friday to set aside their concerns about a weakening housing market and tightening credit. A Commerce Department report that the U.S. gross domestic product rose at a better-than-expected pace in the second quarter appeared to do little to quell investors' unease Friday.

As it is known, the DOW and other markets are controlled by Executive Order to slow a plunge, and many other machinations are being done to give Wall Street a boost. Given the dropping dollar and inflation, if that's the case, why the dramatic plunge? Is the Plunge Protection Team faltering?

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/28/2007: As is known, the Plunge Protection Team is authorized by Executive Order to stop trading, to slow a plunge down, but of course what actually occurs goes beyond that. Research into the approved price of products bought from companies in the military-industrial sector have shown that these companies are compensated, by the DOD, for allowing their stock portfolios to be used to bolster the markets. The contractor company initially loses, but gains back its loss via the price of its goods, and the taxpayer loses once again. We have detailed other manipulations, which sometimes are revealed in the news but are then quickly covered up. These manipulations would be called price fixing if not done with the approval and encouragement of the White House under Bush. Mutual funds which want to dump bad stock are told they must wait until a buyer is secured, so the stock value does not appear to drop. Poor stock is dropped from the DOW, no longer listed.

Do these manipulations have a limit? They require cooperation from the investment houses, and cooperation from firms buying from the DOD. If the DOD is in danger of losing its rubber stamp on requests for additional funding, being squeezed from all sides with demands for better treatment of vets and better equipment for soldiers on the ground and more scrutiny from Congress, the automatic payment for stock losses taken at the request of the DOD cannot be assured. So these companies balk! Mutual funds and other investment firms are willing to wait before dumping stock, if they can see that the wait does not give them a disadvantage. But when they wait and see the stock drop, and see others being given the go-ahead to sell, they balk! Thus this is not a failsafe plan, and can only be fixed if the price of stock is freed up from buying and selling with the posted value an outright lie! It may come to this, but not before more desperate swings in the days to come. We have stated that ultimately the common man will find the value of their stock high, but that they are unable to sell. This point is on the horizon.

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