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Issue 187, Sunday, May 30, 2010
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Impassable Roads

The Zetas have warned that roads will likely be impassable by the time of the pole shift, if not before. Travel by rail will be blocked by twisting track. Travel by plane or ship will be made hazardous by an erratic compass and guidance systems. And travel by road will be blocked by dropping bridges and buckling roads.

ZetaTalk Warning 12/27/2003: We have consistently warned that waiting until the week or rotation stoppage to travel to safe locations is not wise, for several reasons. The current earthquake damage, occurring not only along fault lines but in the centers of plates where a torque occurs, is but the barest taste of what is to come. Think of what transportation entails, and the weak links in the chain. Gas line breaks will explode along streets and destroy whole refineries suddenly, creating unexpected emergencies. No passage through the flames, no passage through the danger zone likely to explode. Loss of power results in traffic lights not working, gas pumps not working, toll gates not working, and each instance creating a backlog that prevents any single traveler from success.

For roadway travel, the weak links are bridges, tunnels, and the roadway itself. Bridges will be the first to go, twisting off their footings or pulled apart into collapse, with tunnels impassable. This reduces travel to routes that will become clogged passage points, everyone taking the route that does not include overpasses or tunnels, so the road jam makes progress impossible. Are those thinking of going to safe places after rotation stops planning to do so on foot? Ships do not encounter bridges and tunnels, but water is more unpredictable. It will recede from moorings, stranding boats in the mud, or reveal sandbars where none are on the maps. And due to magnetic flux, what guide to use in the volcanic gloom enshrouded sky? Air travel, at a time when guiding systems will all falter, has greater risks because any failure results in a fall and certain death. Air fields will have their pavement buckling too, as with roadways, so landings results in a holocaust.

This was certainly the case these past two weeks, as instances in Peru and Russia showed. In Peru, an earthquake created a landslide, not unknown where steep hillsides are prone to such slides. But compound this in multiple areas, and with greater frequency because of an earthquake uptick, and imagine the result. Each instance means a temporarily blocked route, and if emergency crews cannot clear the slide or repair a road, it is a permanently blocked route.

Earthquake Collapses Road in Amazonas, Peru, Stranding Thousands of Vehicles
May 20, 2010
Hundreds of vehicles are stranded in Utcubamba where a large section of the Fernando Belaunde road was damaged by the 6.4 Richter earthquake. Several sections between the kilometers 267 and 272 have blocked by landslides, and a 700 metres one has sunk, preventing the vehicles from passing.

In Tennessee, a massive sinkhole suddenly dropped a stretch of interstate road out of sight. This was most certainly not a pothole! This shows that traffic was likely flowing over the hole for some time, before it gave.

Sinkhole on I-24 Closes Section of Interstate in Grundy County
May 18, 2010
Traffic heading from Nashville to Chattanooga could be snarled for much of the day. A giant sinkhole has closed a 17-mile stretch of Interstate 24. The hole is reportedly 25-feet long, 25-feet wide and 20-feet deep.

The Zetas were asked to comment on the Interstate 24 sinkhole, as this was not an area suffering from flooding during the recent deluge. What caused this to happen?

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/22/2010: Where sinkholes are routinely blamed on recent heavy rains, causing a washout, there is more afoot. Run a line from San Diego, the center of the bow formed by the N American continent lately, and you will arrive at Tennessee. The Utah mine disaster just east of the Salt Flats was another example of that same bow stress, as it was also on that line. If a bow is pulled hard enough, it will break, but the break will be along weak points in the wood. The weak point in the N American continent is the New Madrid fault line and associated fault lines, which will slip, and slipslide sideways as we have repeatedly explained, with land to the west of the Mississippi moving SW and land to the east of the Mississippi moving NE. What does bow stress do to rock and ground in its path? Take a branch and bend it to the point where parts of the branch start snapping. The compression in the center causes branches to snap outward, relieving that pressure. Rock layers are no different. When compressed they will shatter away from the compression point. Ground nearby gets pushed around, as it is not as solid as rock, and in these matters the hand of Mother Nature does not come round and smooth and distribute the ground. Pockets or voids remain.

In Russia, a bridge on the Volga River began dancing in strong waves. There were no winds, though winds were eventually blamed. The human engineers were astonished and had no explanation.

Wobbly Bridge Shut in Russia
May 21, 2010
A 7km (four miles) long bridge over the Volga river in Volgograd, Russia, has been shut after the structure started to wobble. Strong currents in the river caused by the flow of water from melting snow upstream apparently loosened one of the bridge's vertical supports. Officials are deciding whether to reopen the bridge.

Although bridge supports sinking and bridge attachments separating are nothing new, a dancing bridge certainly is new. The Zetas explain how this is related to the current Earth movements, especially in the stretch zone.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/22/2010: No seismic activity would be recorded in a stretch zone, where rock layers pull apart, and in a halting fashion. River bottom land is sinking, the rock layers pulling apart which is why it is sinking and has become river bottom land. Rock layers stretched thing has less support than the thick rock strata in the highlands and mountains. It often takes very little to start a sway, which builds upon itself. One side of the bridge jerks slightly as rock layers in the stretch zone pull apart. This is not recorded as a quake because it is not a jolt where rock slams other rock, but a pulling apart into soft ground, the muck of river bottom land. The bridge is pulled to one side, and then compensates by a return, which is stronger than the initial pull because now gravity is involved, and like a pendulum it keeps going. What keeps such a sway going beyond a jerk and return is a secondary jerk on another part of the bridge, so there are clash points and ricochet points and a single note on a clarinet a whole orchestra is not involved, nudging and chasing and striking chords.

Spiral Hoax

Remember the Norway spiral which seemed an almost unbelievable display, surely a painted picture as it was so perfect. But it was real, captured from several different angles by several different photographers and witnessed by dozens if not hundreds. Now a similar spiral has appeared in western Canada.

TheWeatherSpace Space Stories - Betty Morgan - Contact
May 22, 2010
The Norway spiral comes to mind when received photographs and even an amazing video of the event. An object swooped down from the sky and then returned in a brilliant display across the Western Canada areas. Three different photographers have given their photos to in what looks like something out of a science fiction movie. We cannot see what would cause this one Earth. The Norway spiral was said to be caused by a missile launch in the Russian territory. But what is this?

Once again, as with the Norway spiral, videos and photos from more than one source, but is this a hoax? This was suspected from the start, because the appearance on the photos and in the videos differed. And sure enough, the hoaxer came forward.

Canadian UFO Spiral Hoaxer Comes Forward
May 24, 2010
What looked like numerous photographs and videos of a ship entering the cosmos was actually put together by not a team, but one person. Kevin Martin, a Southern California Weatherman has come forward as the hoaxer to what is likely the biggest hoax ever created. Martin claims he e-mailed the material to in an effort to test a theory of his out. "Who is more gullible, Americans or Europeans?", asked Martin. Martin claims that his theory was correct, Europeans have a better handle on reality than Americans. Upon further investigation it seems like Martin is a master at marketing, graphics, and even manipulation. was fooled.

Was this as claimed, just a test? Per the Zetas, there's more to it.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/29/2010: This crudely done hoax did not fool many, and not for long. The video looked nothing like the stills. There was no rationale for having a video camcorder or camera pointing at the sky at that particular moment, held perfectly still and pointing at the sky in the middle of nowhere. Where were the gasps, the shaking hand, then sudden rush to zoom in. Other than the hoaxer's stated reason, to test gullibility, what was the reason for the hoax. At a time when so many signs in the skies are appearing, genuine signs like the Norway spiral and holographic triangular UFOs, the establishment is searching for ways to confuse the populace. He was not running a gullibility test, he was delivering a product to employers!

Atlantic Shifting

Volcanoes in Iceland would indicate the Atlantic is pulling apart. Now a distressed tsunami buoy off the coast of South Carolina showing sudden dept changes and quakes just opposite South Carolina on both sides of the Atlantic Rift show this to be the case, as noted in a Pole Shift ning discussion. There seems to be a correlation. Buoy 41424 showed erratic wave depths on May 25 to May 27, 2010.

Station 41424 - 370 NM East of Charleston, SC
Owned and maintained by National Data Buoy Center
2.6-meter discus buoy
DART II payload
32.930 N 72.497 W (32°55'48" N 72°29'48" W)

During this same time period there were quakes along the Atlantic Rift, as this IRIS chart for May 25, 2010 shows.

Why would water suddenly drop, during tide action, due to quakes along the Atlantic Rift? As the rift pulls apart, this creates a void where water can rush in, thus erratic and sudden loss of water pressure elsewhere. Underwater tow occurs, in these cases, not perceptible on the surface except where a surface buoy is measuring the distance to the ocean floor. A similar buoy issue came up on April 25, 2010 in the Coral Sea, as detailed in Issue 182 of this newsletter, there indicating a rise in the sea floor where the Indo-Australian Plate is tipping up at that location.

Pole Shift Survival

An immense database of information on pole shift survival has become available. Check this list of 372 pertinent subjects. Of special note are technical subjects which many survival sites neglect to cover. It is not just what dried foods to store, but how to refurbish a battery, or build a windmill out of junk, or build carbon arc lamps that are as bright as sunlight for indoor gardens, or work with hand tools, or navigate when your compass is worthless. This type of information will provide a survival community with tasks that will keep them busy and full of hope.

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