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Issue 202, Sunday, September 12, 2010
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Asteroid Excuse

The Zetas predicted that fireballs, and objects larger than fireballs, would be crashing to Earth in the years before the pole shift, due to being set in motion by the presence of Planet X.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/15/1998: When a large body is in motion through space, the reach of this object is broad, out into space, and sets in motion stagnant objects. Meteor and space trash activity will increase, going into the passage, far ahead of the actual passage itself. This trash is unsettled and plunges into the Earth's atmosphere. There will be increasing activity of this nature - larger meteors, more than just dramatic fireballs or green streaks. The recent occurrence of a large rock falling onto Greenland is not going to be unusual. There will be more dramatic shows, but at the same time less talk of it in the media.

Certainly the incidence of fireballs has been on the increase, dramatically so, while at the same time less attention is paid to such incidents in the media. For instance, how many of you heard on your newscast that a huge fireball screamed into Colombia on Sunday August 5, 2010? This was no small object! The crash to ground left a 300 foot wide crater and broke windows in the vicinity.


Explosion in Colombia May Have Been Caused by a Meteorite
September 6, 2010
Colombian authorities are currently investigating a strange explosion which rattled the state of Santander, and which may have been caused by a meteorite crashing down to Earth. (Fortunately, no one was reported dead or injured.) The explosion was preceded by a fireball in the sky: One observer described it as being "a ball of fire like a big rainbow"; another said that it had a "light blue front and [the] back had left an orange flame and some smoke." The explosion was supposedly so powerful, it caused glass windows to shatter in nearby houses.

Colombia Confirms 'Giant Fire Ball' a Meteorite!
September 6, 2010
The phenomenon was a meteorite that left a crater 100 meters in diameter where it crashed into the earth in the San Joaquin municipality in Santander.

Is it any coincidence that NASA suddenly lept up with an announcement that asteroids were to blame? They are determined to deny the presence of Planet X and the debris in the trail of Planet X for the increase in fireballs. Suddenly, and also on Sunday August 5, 2010, NASA and JPL announced the discovery of two Near Earth Orbit asteroids that will be passing between the Earth and the Moon on Wednesday August 7, 2010 - RF12 and RX30. Just discovered, and too small to have been noticed before! And oh by the way, neither of these asteroids will create havoc on Earth as they are likely to break up and be merely a fireball, burning on their way toward Earth. Humm, sounds a bit like the increase in fireballs that have been present since Planet X arrived in the vicinity in 2003! So now they are all asteroid?

Two New Asteroids to Pass Earth This Week
September 7, 2010
The asteroids were discovered on September 5th of this year. Both are small bodies, which is why they were not discovered until mere days before they would pass the Earth. The majority of the mass for such small objects would burn up in the atmosphere with only small fragments surviving to the ground.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/11/2010: NASA and JPL have always planned to use asteroids to explain the Moon Swirls of Planet X, and noting more trash in the vicinity of Earth decided to issue this announcement at this time. That the announcement coincides on the same day that a fireball left a 300 foot crater in Colombia was a happy coincidence for NASA, as it stands as an exclamation point on their statement that such small asteroids are indeed in the vicinity and pass close to Earth on occasion. They avoid discussing the reason that more such rocks are slinging by, lately. Will the public buy their explanation for the increase in fireballs? The public, as polls show, is highly suspicious of any pronouncement from NASA, due to their decades of denying the alien presence when UFO's have been sightings on their images. The public sees the Moon and Sun out of place, and the weather changes not explained at all, and connects the dots. NASA is one big lie!

Per the Zetas, declaring that the debris in the tail of Planet X is merely asteroid swarms on the loose has been the plan all along during the cover-up over the present of Planet X in the vicinity. What else are NASA and JPL to do?

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/17/2006: Asteroid swarms suddenly descending on the Earth, the magma suddenly deciding to become more active, storms increasing in intensity and slamming vulnerable coastlines, all without a logical explanation.

New Zealand Tumble

A recent New Zealand quake apparently surprised geologists who stated the quake happened on a fault line that had been unknown, previously. The fault line pulled land apart by 11 feet, and in some cases raised or dropped land on either side.

Canterbury Quake May Have Been on 'new' Fault Line
September 4, 2010
Geologists say today's 7.1 magnitude quake 40km west of Christchurch city had an epicentre 10 km south-east of Darfield, but so far they have not been able to link it to a known fault line. Canterbury University scientists have said there are about 100 fault lines and fault segments around the region, rather than the half-dozen active faults that were known about 20 years ago.

The Zetas had earlier mentioned that the south island would not be pulled under the Australian Plate, as mankind was unaware of all the fault lines and the dominant action in the area. South island would remain in tact, per the Zetas.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2001: Where New Zealand rests primarily on the plate shared with Australia, a fault line runs to the east and to some degree under the land, and this will separate. There is a reason that the north and south islands are all above water, despite the compression of the Pacific over he eons to plunge the plate to the east of New Zealand under these islands. Would the south island not plunge under the Indo-Australian plate, as it appears it might? The true fault line lies to further to the east and does not cross New Zealand, and this is why the islands as a whole have risen. What appears on the surface is an adjustment, land being dragged in a slip-slide manner, just as snow being plowed will tumble to the side in an irregular manner, not cleanly at the plowing edge.

And the Zetas ask, does the result of this quake not resemble snow that has tumbled to the side of a snow plow in an irregular manner?

ZetaTalk Comment 9/11/2010: We have stated that New Zealand need not worry about having part of the south island disappear, as there is much mankind does not know and the true plate boundary is further to the east of the south island. We predicted that the rock and roll that the south island will experience would be akin to snow tumbling to the side of a snow plow in an irregular manner, rather than subduction or mountain building. Is this not what occurred?

Moon Oddities

Moon oddities are on the increase. This has lately include seeing the Moon literally jumping around in the skies, odd shadows on the Moon, and seeing the Moon reflecting light from the wrong angle. Last July 11, 2010 in Issue 193 of this newsletter, we provided photographic documentation of the Moon jumping around in the sky. Last May 23, 2010 in Issue 186 of this newsletter, we provided photographic documentation of the Moon's illumination coming at the wrong angle. Both these issues are with us still, but are more exacerbated. Not only is the Moon's orbit eccentric, the Earth wobble has increased! And now the dust from the tail of Planet X can be seen casting shadows on the Moon! On July 28, 2010 Moon watchers again noted the Moon was jumping around in the sky!

July 28 France
We are in northwest France, it was about 11 pm. My husband saw it first and came and fetched me. It must have been going on for about 5-10 minutes. At first he thought it was his eyes, then when I could see it as well we knew it must be true. It was really strange. It was a clear night, full bright Moon and it just seemed to be jumping around. We were just in the right place at the right time to witness it!
July 28 Maryland
I witnessed this event a few times about 2-3 nights ago here in Maryland. I kept seeing it move to different places while having a direct line of sight of the Moon while watching a movie in the living room. It got to the point where I had to go outside and watch it for a few minutes. Thought I was losing it at first, but now I know I am not.

On August 31, 2010 the Moon was again observed by a number of people to be jumping around. The constellations were radically out of place too. For those with eyes that see, the Earth wobble is obvious.

August 31 Oregon
The moon rose across the mortheastern horizon here about 11 pm PDT. Last night it crossed about 2 hours earlier (by my calculation) 36 degrees farther South. Tommorrow it will rise a little before one am. I don't know where. Two weeks ago it was South of Jupiter. Jupiter is right there in the Eastern sky maybe a little South of East, but very close. Last night if you looked at the moon you saw Jupiter. They were right next to each other. Tonight I go out , find Jupiter and wait. I'm starting to wonder "Where's the moon? It should be up by now?" As I turn to go back inside to double check what time it is, I see a bit of light through the bushes, so I walk around to get a clear view of the northeastern sky. Lo and bBehold! There's the moon, way over there. I swear the only way not to see it this time is to refuse to look. I noticed that Cassieopia was almost overhead, the Big Dipper was mostly not visible and Polaris was too high and to far West. It occurred to me that it is not only the Moon's orbit that is screwy, but also the Earth wobble is part of the reason things don't look right. I can't tell if it is the moon orbit or is it the Earth wobble. Well it is both. So there is no constant that we can compare one against the other. Both things are variables. It is too mind boggling for me to make sense of it. Perhaps if I had a stable point in space from which to make observations, I could make sense of it. It is to much for my little brain, so I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the show.

September 1 Saskatchewan
It has been too cloudy here in NW Saskatchewan to observe too much in the way the Moon has bounced around, but, on Friday night it was in the SE and on Saturday it was in the NE. This morning, it was in the West tilted at an angle just not right for the moon!

September 2 Nevada
The moon's face has gone mad. It is sometimes upside down halfway through the night. Here in northern Nevada it will rise at odd places on the mountain and then traverse across the sky as it extends all the way to the farthest side of the sky fairly quickly. Really weird stuff.

On September 3, 2010 someone in the UK observed an odd illumination of the Moon at sunrise. The crescent Moon was not so much illuminated from the side as it was from the top. What was the light source causing this? Planet X is positioned along the Ecliptic to the right of the Sun, and at sunrise the Ecliptic points to the upper right. Planet X was reflecting light from the Sun onto the Moon from this high angle.

Today at 0800 hours GMT I was at a nature reserve, sitting at the side of a lake. The location is central England and where I sat was looking due south. I observed the Sun rising in the blue sky. I was able to see the small pale crescent of the Moon. The Sun was too my left and the Moon almost at a right angle to my right. When I first observed the Moon it was very apparent that the small crescent was pointing upwards whereas the Sun was lower in the sky than the Moon. This just didn't make sense and I spent the next 10 minutes observing this abnormality. I could easily see both Sun and Moon by moving my head only slightly. I drew these diagrams to show my observations.

Also on September 3, 2010 in Venezuela an odd shadow was observed on the Moon, which periodically had a black halo around it! This was captured on film.

I took small segments of pictures of the Moon with my cannon camera the dawn of September 3, 2010. When looking at the movies, I noticed that the Moon had a black halo. In close view of the black halo Moon, I also noticed a shadow on the left side of the Moon, as if the light coming from the Sun would be less on that area, something making an eclipse. Since the Moon is a mirror, reflecting the light of the Sun, my question is, could the Zetas comment if this observation could be a reflection of the Planet X corpus, filtering the light of the Sun that reached the Moon at that time?

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/11/2010: What would a shadow on the Moon, a shadow that changes position, and a come-and-go dark halo around the Moon mean? The tail of Planet X is in the vicinity, to the extent that a greasy halo appears around the Moon and Sun and the gray/black dust in this tail is streaking the Moon even during what is considered to be clear night skies. Why would a dark halo appear around the Moon? The Moon is reflecting sunlight sufficiently to shine through the gray/black dust, and is actually illuminating the dust at its edges so it can be seen! Without the Moon, this dust is wafting about, and those on Earth are none the wiser.

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