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Issue 227, Sunday February 6, 2011
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Egypt Explodes

Egypt exploded into protests that show no sign of remitting. This came just after the dictator in Tunisia was chased out of the country by protests. What is going on here, that these countries, long oppressed, are suddenly protesting and insisting on change? Per the Zetas, there is a distinct reason that the times have changed.

How Revolt Sparked to Life in Tunisia
January 23, 2011
On Dec. 17, Mohamed Bouazizi - a young man whose fruit and vegetable cart had been taken by police for lack of a permit - stood in front of the peach-colored wall of the local governor's office, poured gasoline over himself, and struck a match. His self-immolation might have gone unnoticed, or led to a few protests before being crushed by Tunisia's police state. Instead, Mr. Bouazizi's act ignited demonstrations that spread throughout Tunisia's interior, and then to the capital. The government's violent crackdown, broadcast through social media, fueled public anger. Less than a month later, the mass popular uprising forced one of the Arab world's strongest autocrats to his knees. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia, shattering the silence he had imposed on Tunisians for 23 years.

ZetaTalk Insights 2/5/2011: What has caused the wave of protests in Tunisia and Egypt and what have the attempts to shut down the Internet and media in Egypt taught the establishment about how successful strong arm tactics will be in the future? We have pointed to the rapid transformation of S America to democratic governments, after what seemed like a hopeless lock by autocrats - the brutality of Pinochet in Chile, Peron in Argentina, with corporations even attempting to force the poor to pay for rainwater. A decade later native born presidents are leading in Venezuela, Bolivia, and a liberal president leads Brazil. Corporations are being kicked out, oil proceeds going to the poor, and change has swept the continent. We stated that something similar was happening in Africa. Country by country, Africa is changing, deposing dictators and becoming elected democracies. Strong arm tactics and rigged elections are no longer being tolerated.

What causes a public to live in grinding poverty and oppression one day, and take the stance that this will no longer be tolerated the next? The wave of change is caused by many factors, but the primary one is a threshold of incarnated souls unwilling to tolerate the status quo, and most often these souls are Star Children. Many immature souls are opting out, wanting to leave their incarnation, and are replaced by the Spirit Guides by the souls of Star Children just itching to make a difference on Earth during its time of Transformation. What is happening in Egypt, sparked by a single young man immolating himself in Tunisia, will spread. Throughout the Arab world, the model is one where a despot rules with an iron fist. They will topple one by one, and similar regimes in Asia and Africa should consider themselves next on the list. The times are changing! The Earth is in a transformation, and not all of this is merely geological!

Plate Undulation Explained

Undulating plates have been noted since the 7 of 10 scenarios started at the end of December, 2010. Issue 219 detailed buoy charts at the end of December, 2010 when the Coral Seafloor was dropping and the seafloor curve under Sumatra and Java was rising. Both these regions are housed on the Indo-Australian Plate. Two weeks later by January 16, 2011 the Coral Seafloor was heaving again, the Fiji Plate dropping, as detailed in Buoy charts in Issue 223 of this newsletter. The Zetas explained at that time that such undulation is causing a delay in the sinking of Indonesia, which is facilitated by the curve under Sumatra and Java on the Indo-Australian Plate being lifted. By the end of January the Caroline Plate north of New Guinea was rising, as was the seafloor out in the Pacific near there, as shown by the buoy charts in Issue 226 of this newsletter. What causes this undulation?

This was recently explained, by the Zetas, because it was noted at one point that Pacific buoys, all the way up to the Aleutians Islands, were simultaneously showing a seafloor rise!

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/29/2011: We have described the Earth wobble as a violent push away of the magnetic N Pole of Earth, on a daily basis, when it comes up over the horizon to face the Sun and the approaching Planet X. Where the globe as a whole moves at this time, the magma, being semi-liquid, can move independently to some degree. Of course the magma is magnetically sensitive! It is not just the core of the Earth, and the surface of hardened lava, that has magnetic characteristics. The magma likewise is attempting to escape the hose of magnetic particles coming from the tail of Planet X. This is the primary reason that the plate movements described for the 7 of 10 scenarios start in Asia. Imagine what happens when the magma rushes northwest, under the Pacific plates and against the plates along the Pacific Rim. The plates bobble, and this bobbling action loosens the rock fingers preventing the plates from moving against one another.

The bobbling north Pacific plate causes the Mariana and Philippine plates to rise on their eastern edges, facilitating the tipping and thence the folding that are beginning to occur. The lifting of the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate, where it is lifting at Samoa, is also facilitated by the bobbling, which breaks any rock fingers along the plate edges when the bobble lifts, daily, and again when it drops. Where bobbling in the north Pacific plate meets resistance in Japan and the N American Plate borders, it does meet resistance at the Mariana and Philippine plates, which lift and drop, daily. The plate tongue holding Indonesia is thus assaulted on all sides by this bobbling, which is the CAUSE of the start of the 7 of 10 scenarios. The Philippine Plate and the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate lift and drop, daily, while the Indo-Australian Plate near India remains held in place. As anyone who has discovered they can tear cardboard like paper if they simply bend it back and forth repeatedly knows, this would result in a loose plate edge. Thus, the plate tongue holding Indonesia slides and sinks!

Sinking Deepens

Sinking in all countries residing on the plate tongue holding Indonesia proceeds apace. There is wide variance in reporting, some countries like Malaysia and the Philippines allowing the press to inform the people, others like Indonesia in almost complete suppression of the facts. New sinking is occurring in Malaysia, along the western coast of the Malay peninsula and on the northern edge of the island of Borneo, as these news articles reflecting the status as revealed by the press through February 3, 2011 show. The Malaysian authorities assert the sinking of the coastline at Sulawesi is due to "abrasion" of the beach, but on the Malay penninsula, admits the flooding is due to a "rise in sea level". The word "sinking" is taboo.

Where severe enough, news of sinking in Indonesia is revealed, and confirmed by Indonesian blogs. For instance, on the island of Java the water rose almost to the 40 foot level.

East Java: Floods in Bojonegoro has Reached 13.35 Meters above Sea Level
February 2, 2011
Flash floods struck 12 villages in the district. Four Districts of tergenangan flood of them Kalitidu, Trucuk, dander, and Bojonegoro city. From observation, the high water level in the post monitors at the Village guise Wetan, Bojonegoro District Municipality on standby plus one position. High water discharge reaches 13.35 meters above sea level.
14 Village Awash Floods 1 Meter
February 4, 2011
For the umpteenth time, overflow time soaking Lamong Benjeng There are 14 villages that were soaked up to 1 meter of water. As a result there are 2904 houses owned by 3763 families flooded with water levels on average between 50 centimeters to 1 meter. The water began to rise since Sunday (01/30/2011) at around 3:00 pm. In addition, the path to Metatu, Benjeng of Road Kelampok-Metatu also putus.Sebab, lowland water reaches one meter.

What is also being reported are the huge numbers of people affected, being relocated. In the Philippines - 2,000 people being permanently relocated in Albay, 6,000 affected and being moved in the Caraga region in Mindanao where flooding has deepened. This was one of the first regions to be affected in the Philippines, and now the flooding there has entered a second stage. In Malaysia on the island of Borneo - over 2,000 people evacuated where flooding has deepened at Kota Marudu, and new sinking at Kinabatangan and Sandakan. Kota Marudu was one of the first places to sink on the island of Borneo, and now sinking nearby has begun during this second stage. On the Malay peninsula evacuations due to flooding along the vulnerable western coast are for the first time being reported, the sudden evacuation of 46,000 people reported. Photos from the Malay press show the misery of the people as their towns and homes sink and are inundated.

Meanwhile, silence from Indonesia. But the sea level monitors show a sudden and dramatic drop in the sea floor along the sinking edge of Sumatra and Java, as noted in this Pole Shift blog. Cilacap was one of the first places to show sinking in the last week of December, 2010. But both these locations are on the sinking edge of Sumatra and Java, the leading edge of the tongue, which are suddenly, during this past week, going down.

Obama's Stance

What do heads of state talk about behind closed doors, and in particular, what is Obama saying to heads of state he is visiting recently? This question came up last November when Obama went to several Asian countries, accompanied by 34 warships.

Obama Packs Much into 9 days in Asia
November 3, 2010
The four nations Obama is visiting -India, South Korea, Indonesia and Japan- all share a concern about Chinese demands over unsettled issues in the region, its growing military and economic might.
Obama Sends Warships to India
November 4, 2010
Obama will be protected by a fleet of 34 warships, including an aircraft carrier, which will patrol the sea lanes off the Mumbai coast during his two-day stay there beginning Saturday. The measure has been taken as Mumbai attack in 2008 took place from the sea.

Per the Zetas, Obama had a singular message to those countries visited - do not expect to immigrate to the US when the flooding and earthquakes start. Relocating people in distress in Asia is an Asian problem.

ZetaTalk Insights 11/6/2010: It would appear that Obama is walking into the lion's den, just ahead of the 7 of 10 catastrophe we have predicted for Indonesia. The surrounding countries - India, Japan, Korea - would be expected by the US to offer aid to a drowning Indonesia, as they, per the ZetaTalk prediction, would not be directly affected by the dropping tongue holding Indonesia. Taiwan and the Philippines, as well as the highlands of Asia, could not escape the refugees, as they are immediate neighbors. During any global catastrophe, the US is asked to assist. Though the requests go out to the world, pleas for assistance, the US has always been deemed the primary helping hand, sending supplies, sending the US military with ships, and often providing immigration visas to refugees. Obama set the tone during the Haiti crisis a couple years ago, making it clear that immigration would not be facilitated for those affected though other aid was delivered. The borders of the US will not be opened to millions of refugees who seemingly have no place else to go. This is an Asian problem, and the countries in Asia will have to find the solution.

Then China was invited to the White House. Per the Zetas, despite what the media might say, during the coming Earth changes, China will be a friend, going back-to-back with the US. Both are desirable lands, immigration wise, and both have the same view that they should not be overrun.

Hu Urges Closer US-China Ties as World Powers
January 20, 2011
President Barack Obama is looking to assure Americans that they should not fear China's economic rise, using Chinese President Hu Jintao's high-profile state visit to announce job-creating business deals worth billions of dollars to U.S. companies.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/22/2011: These two giant countries - China and the US - have decided that the coming Earth changes are more important to address, as friends and allies, than trade agreements. That this new friendship is exhibited just a month after the 7 of 10 changes started taking effect in Indonesia is no accident. Both these leaders are clearly aware of our predictions, and the fact that the Earth changes are unfolding as predicted. Both these countries will be desirable places for immigration for citizens in those countries subject to flooding, or where great quakes will destroy the cities. China and the US have stable ground, at least until the New Madrid strikes the US, and have large borders to defend. Hu and Obama have obviously decided that going back-to-back, where each has the other's back, is better at this time. You may, if you wish, call this an outcome of our 7 of 10 predictions.

Now we hear that Obama is heading south in March, 2011 on a tour to include El Salvador, Brazil, and Chile. No explanation for why these three countries have been included, but no others, is given. Per the Zetas, there is a common denominator in these three countries - current or future immigration status.

Obama Plans Trip To Latin America In March; Will Visit Brazil, Chile, El Salvador
January 26, 2011

Illegal immigration to the United States
Mexico 6,650,000
El Salvador 530,000

ZetaTalk Insights 2/5/2011: Little is said in this announcement beyond the single sentence stating what countries will be visited. There is no common denominator that the public is likely to discern, as there is none outside of pending pole shift and pole shift precursors. These countries will be greatly impacted, and thus be expected to try to make demands upon the US. Obama will relay the message that it will be up to Brazil to make arrangement for its citizens, elsewhere within this vast country. Obama can be expected to relay that Chile should look to its neighbors to relocate its citizens, not to the US. For its size, El Salvador has a disproportionate number of illegal immigrants into the US, and would be expected to use their skills in this arena to develop a cottage industry when the devastation expected to strike Central America hits. El Salvador will be told to expect aggressive prosecution within the US, in the future.

And what of the sudden meeting among ambassadors from the 285 US embassies headed by Hillary Clinton? She has called a face-to-face meeting. What highly secret matters will be discussed? Per the Zetas, it is a similar message. Immigration to the US should not be considered the solution.

Hillary Clinton Summoned all the Ambassadors to a Historic Meeting
February 1, 2011
The U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, invited all the ambassadors and heads of diplomatic mission in their country to an unprecedented annual meeting in Washington. The State Department is organizing this week's Global Conference of Heads of Mission of 2011, which are expected to attend the heads of more than 285 U.S. embassies and consulates around the world.

ZetaTalk Insights 2/5/2011: Where this invitation has come just after the Egyptian protests emerged, it in fact has almost nothing to do with recent events in the Middle East. It has to do with the steady sinking in Indonesia, in accordance with our predictions, and where this is leading. The implications are immense. Most of our predictions made during the 15 years that ZetaTalk has been a presence on the web are still far in the future. The hope of those in power has always been that our predictions would prove extreme, and the passage would not have the impact on the Earth predicted. The 7 of 10 scenarios were the first time since 2003 that one of our predictions was dated, and very specific about the degree of impact. The point the establishment hoped to avoid, explaining all this to the public and preparing for the rest of the 7 of 10 scenarios, must at last be faced. In accordance with what Obama is already relaying to heads of state, the issue of rescue by immigration to the US is firm - no change in the immigration laws, no special exceptions to be made.

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