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Issue 292, Sunday May 6, 2012
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times
Wobble Washed Poles

The cover-up has been troubled by the Earth wobble, as blaming solar flares and Global Warming and El Nino from Indonesian volcanoes does not cover the melting poles, the vertical jet stream and blending seasons, nor the Sun and Moon out of place. Lately they the cover-up has thrown out additional theories, not supported by facts or data, to divert the public – claims that an increased salinity of the oceans is causes the weather to wobble, and that undersea volcanic activity is melting the poles. Cover-up vs ZetaTalk, the cover-up clearly fails.

At the start of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995, the Zetas predicted that the Earth’s surface would warm up, and stated it would be due to the roiling core of the Earth. Planet X, drawing closer, would cause surging in the magma, with consequent increased volcanic activity, with heat rising from the bottom up to melt glaciers on land and polar ice floating on the oceans. They often, in the early days, did not explain the mechanism of the wobble, which was on the increased from 2003, becoming increasingly violent.  The point was in those days to counter the establishment claim that Global Warming, warmer air, was responsible. Clearly the heat was coming from the bottom up.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/15/1995:  How is it that the oceans, so very deep and so very cold, have warmed up? Is it the almost imperceptible rise in the temperature of the air, a degree or so, as reported to date? Since heat rises, why would this slight rise affect the oceans? Meteorologists will tell you that the effect of air warming is air turbulence, not warmer oceans. The Oceans are Warmer because the core of the Earth has heated up, and it does so in response to its brother coming closer. This will continue, and increase, until sometime after the cataclysms are past.

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/9/2006: As has been noted in recent years, tropical creatures are migrating North along coastlines, and overland, due to the general warming of the crust. This is not Global Warming, a degree or two in the air, but crustal warming, which has the permafrost melting from the bottom up, as well as glaciers and polar ice.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/31/2008: There are many aspects of the slow magnetic dance between the Earth and Planet X since it arrived in the vicinity in 2003. One, mentioned early in the body of ZetaTalk, was the increased roiling of the core of the Earth, such that swirling magma heats up the crust of the Earth and presses into volcanic outlets. There are more active volcanoes now than in the memory of man.

Glaciers and the permafrost, as well as polar ice, did indeed start serious melting as Planet X approached and entered the inner solar system. The deep permafrost, which is ordinarily not affected by air temperature swings between Winter and Summer because any surface melt simply refreezes in Winter, is melting and thinning from below, from the bottom up, as the air temperature change was too slight.  

Arctic Ice Melting from Below
Mar 27, 2002
Scientists believe they have identified a mechanism which can explain the thinning of the Arctic sea ice. The thinning, which in summer reaches more than 40% in some areas, has two causes. Rising air temperatures, possibly the consequence of Global Warming, are melting the ice from above. And warmer water is also rising from the depths to attack the ice from below.
Problems with the Permafrost?
March 17, 2010
Global temperature data show that the mean annual air temperature in northeast Siberia increased by 1.5–2°C between 2001 and 2007, compared with the 1951–1980 average.
World's Glaciers Continue to Melt at Historic Rates
January 25, 2010
The trend of 10 years or so shows an unbroken acceleration in melting.t

The Arctic melt was admitted by the establishment as due in part to warmer water beneath the ice, but what of the Antarctic ice? A recent study claims this too is melting from the bottom up, from warmer ocean water washing the ice sheets from below. He study carefully avoids the issue of just how warmer water arrived at the poles, but per the Zetas, the Earth wobble, not volcanism, is the major factor in the melting of the polar ice, for both the Arctic and Antarctica. The role played by the roiling core and increased volcanism are that undersea volcanoes heat the oceans, and the wobble drives the globe under her blanket of oceans daily, driving warm water into the Arctic and around Antarctic by this sloshing. Algae has been found floating in the Arctic due to this pumping action. Despite vents in the Arctic, without the wobble, the polar ice would not be melting!

Warm Ocean Currents Cause Majority of Ice Loss from Antarctica
April 25, 2012
An international team of scientists led by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has established that warm ocean currents are the dominant cause of recent ice loss from Antarctica. New techniques have been used to differentiate, for the first time, between the two known causes of melting ice shelves — warm ocean currents attacking the underside, and warm air melting from above.
Underwater Antarctic Volcanoes Discovered in the Southern Ocean
July 11, 2011
Scientists from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have discovered previously unknown volcanoes in the ocean waters around the remote South Sandwich Islands.
Boiling Hot Water Found in Frigid Arctic Sea
July 24, 2008
The vents, one of which towers four stories high, are located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between Greenland and Norway, more than 120 miles farther north than other known vents.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/28/2012: The primary cause of the melting ice in both Antarctica and the Arctic is the wobble, which pushes the Earth back and forth under her blanket of air and water. This pushing and pushing likewise occurs on the Atlantic side of the Arctic and Antarctic. If they cannot grasp at warmer air, what to do? The cover-up has thus grasped at undersea volcanism as an explanation, but this theory falters on several fronts.  Where the Arctic has a plate border running directly through it, from Japan to Iceland, Antarctica sits in the middle of a plate and has no volcanism beneath the ice. Volcanism may warm the water that the wobble sloshes to and fro, but other than this has slight relationship to the melting poles. It will, however, be grasped by the desperate cover-up and loudly touted as the cause of the melting poles.

The cover-up over the presence of Planet X was of course desperate to explain all this in terms that fit in with their warmer air (aka Global Warming) and until recently the cover-up advocates prevented alternate explanations for the melting. If they cannot grasp at warmer air, what to do? The cover-up has thus grasped at undersea volcanism as an explanation, but this theory falters on several fronts.  Where the Arctic has a plate border running directly through it, from Japan to Iceland, Antarctica sits in the middle of a plate and has no volcanism beneath the ice.

Another theory being promoted to explain the Earth changes is the salinity theory, whereby the increasing drought and deluge during the weather wobbles is blamed on the salinity of the oceans becoming diluted. Art Bell and Whitley Strieber promoted this theory as being the cause of an Ice Age in their fictional book The Day After Tomorrow. Clearly, this was intended to be used as an excuse for the coming Earth changes, the authors eagerly cooperating with an establishment able to guaranteed book sales and the movie production. What could be more important than fame and fortune, eh?

The Day After Tomorrow
10,000 years ago, a global warming changed the earth's climate into the Ice Age.  The melting of the polar ice caps has poured fresh water into the oceans and diluted the salt level, which has caused the temperature of the ocean currents to drop 13 degrees. All over Earth, the climate system changes for the worst. Tokyo is hit by softball size hail; it begins to snow in New Delhi; and Los Angeles is destroyed by a group of huge F5 tornadoes that hit all at the same time.

Per the Zetas, the salinity theory, current being floated as a replacement for the defunct Global Warming theory, addresses symptoms while ignoring the cause, which is again the Earth wobble.  The polar melt is due to a wobble washed poles.

Study Finds Warming Speeding up Rainfall Cycle
April 27, 2012
The study published in the journal Science and conducted by Australian and US scientists looked at ocean data from 1950 to 2000 and found that salinity levels had changed in oceans around the world over that time.  The pattern was amplifying over time and it could be inferred that the same dynamics were also happening over land. What it really means is that the atmosphere can actually shuttle more water from the areas that are drying out to the areas that have lots of rain faster.  It means that the wet areas are going to get wetter and the dry areas are going to get drier.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/5/2012: With almost no historical records and relying upon computer models to support their new theories, once again the establishment has sent scientists forth to proclaim they know the reason for the drought/deluge cycles we predicted so accurately in 1995. The salinity of the oceans is less than 1% responsible for the drought/deluge cycle, and this is an entirely made up rationale. As with so many of the establishment’s desperate attempts to explain the Earth changes caused by Planet X, this one again points to a symptom as the cause. What changed the salinity? If they point to the melting poles, what caused the poles to melt? If they point to warmer water sloshing the polar ice from beneath, what caused the warm water to arrive at the poles? None of these theories which supposedly “explain” the current weather address the Earth wobble, which is about to announce itself in undeniable terms to the public.

Starvation Alternatives

A couple recent articles highlight the options available to survivors. Could survivors live on duckweed grown in the spilled city sewage ponds when earthquakes shatter the plumbing and natural drainage and flooding result? Could they grow a delicious Tilapia fish with duckweed, in addition to eating the duckweed itself? The answer is a resounding yes!

New Yorkers Branch into ‘Beyond Organic’ Urban Fish Farming
April 27, 2012
Aquaponics is a technique with ancient roots for breeding tank fish, recycling their effluent-filled water to fertilize vegetation, then allowing this naturally cleaned water to drip back into the tank below. It’s a perfect, miniature eco system that will let you grow healthy food right in a cramped apartment with almost no specialist equipment. Tilapia do best. They require just five to 10 gallons (19 to 38 liters) of water and by nine months are big enough to eat. Besides, they can be entirely vegetarian and seem to like duck weed.
Duckweed is the smallest flowering plant. It floats on the water surface in a bright green layer. Duckweed has no stems and no leaves. Some may have tiny roots.  Duckweed is found almost everywhere except permanently frozen poles and driest deserts. Duckweed have the highest growth rate of any higher plant. Duckweed is eaten by people in Thailand. By absorbing nutrients, Duckweed also has potential as a natural water purifier, converting waste water and sewage into pure water and edible Duckweed.

Where the Beyond Organic organization found they could grow vegetables in fish effluent, the Troubled Times, Inc. lab found the water washed through worm beds much more fertile. But vegies did grow in fish water. Worm bed water wash is some of the world’s best fertilizer, and the worms eat vegetative trash, compost, turning it into soil and usable nitrates. The “herd” also works in the dark and never stampedes.

Compare this solution, which desperate survivors in or around crowded cities could use, to another solution tried by a Swiss woman who was following the example of a guru in India making false claims about living on light. Per the Zetas, these claims are entirely false, and in this case, quite deadly.

Swiss Woman Dies after Attempting to Live on Sunlight
April 25, 2012
A woman starved to death after embarking on a spiritual diet that required her to stop eating or drinking and live off sunlight alone. The unnamed Swiss woman in her fifties decided to follow the radical fast in 2010 after viewing an Austrian documentary about an Indian guru who claims to have lived this way for 70 years. There have been similar cases of self-starvation in Germany, Britain and Australia.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/15/1995: A falsehood promulgated by Yogis is that they nourish themselves not with the same food and water required by mere humans whom they would lead, but by the absorption of light energy, called Divine Nectar. This is a falsehood difficult for the follower to disprove, as to put in place the controls necessary to disprove the proposition, the follower would have to highly insult the master. Why do Yogi Masters purport that this practice works? What's in it for them? Most do so simply to raise their status among their followers.

Salt Lake Safety

The N American continent is being pulled into a bow, and this has recently caused rock shattering in California and Nevada. As has been the pattern, this snapping occurred in a lateral line, from West to East, from the bow center outward. Blamed by the authorities on a mere meteor shower, the booms from snapping rock inexplicably avoided former salt lake beds. Per the Zetas, salt lake beds are very hard rock that resists snapping, so any adjustments are shifted to the rock around and beyond the salt lake beds. In the case of the April 22, 2012 booms in California and Nevada, this can be seen quickly by a glance at a map.  Per the Zetas, these booms were not caused by a meteor shower, just as  meteors were not the cause of the recent booms in Wisconsin or Costa Rico or Belova.

NorCal Sonic Boom Possible Meteor Impact
April 22, 2012
People in Northern California and Nevada reported hearing a loud boom in the sky above the Sierra. The Tuolumne County sheriff's department said they are investigating the possibility that it might have been the physical impact of an overnight meteor shower. The explosion rattled windows and shook houses from Reno to Winnemucca in Nevada, and from the Sacramento to Bakersfield.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/28/2012: If the California-Nevada booms were not caused by those tiny meteors zipping into – the Lyrid showers  – then what happened? With the exception of populous Sacramento, which participated due to being central to the snapping rock drama, the booms where heard and felt in areas that were not salt lake beds. We have mentioned that salt lake beds will and have in the past resisted snapping. In Nevada the booms and rattling occurred to the north and west of Lake Lahontan and other sites known to be salt lake beds. In California the inland valley is basically a salt lake bed, formed during prior pole shifts when flooded by the Pacific and slow to drain. The authorities will of course lie about all of this.

But what of those living in the areas around a former salt lake bed? As are the folks in eastern Shasta County, California where the ground water is mysteriously disappearing.  They are just above and slightly east of the inland valley. The rock there has been shattering, and the ground water draining away.  This is similar to the Crandall Canyon mining accident in Utah,  which occurred in the mountains just to the east of the Great Salt Lake. Zetas RIGHT Again!


Underground Water in Eastern Shasta County Mysteriously Disappears
April 15, 2012
Something strange is happening underground in eastern Shasta County and it is draining water wells and maybe even causing sinkholes and subsiding pavement. Officials at the USGS said they are hesitant to draw a correlation between the quakes and the drop in the water level.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/28/2012: The rock to the north of the inland valley is taking the shock of the bow stress. The dropping water table in Shasta County prove our words to be true.

Satellite Failure

The Zetas predicted increasing satellite failure as the time of the Pole Shift approached, primarily from electro-magnetic interference.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/15/1996: But as Planet X approaches and magnetic confusion increases, these satellites will begin to mis-perform. Satellites use magnets for alignment of their internal mechanisms, and if pointing in wrong directions, communications are halted. What good is a message intended for the Earth's surface when it is sent into outer space?

Satellite failure has been hidden from the public in the main, as additional satellites have been sent aloft as replacements. But not all can be hidden. In May, 1998, the Galaxy IV rolled out of position and by 2008 was crashing to Earth, out of control. On Jul 11, 2002, SpaceMart reported that the failure rate was up 146%, and their numbers doubled between 1996 and 2002. By May 4, 2006, in the middle of the solar minimum and despite the lack of sunspots and a very sleepy solar cycle, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center was predicting mass satellite failure by 2012. Now, on April 8, 2012, the European Space Agency’s massive Envisat suddenly stopped communicating. Per the ESA there is no known cause. Per the Zetas, it is Zetas RIGHT Again!

Researchers Unable to Revive Europe's Envisat
April 23, 2012
Controllers lost contact with the craft on 8 April and so far have been unable to re-establish contact. Following the loss of contact, controllers have aimed a laser at retroreflectors on the craft and found that it is still in a stable orbit and not spinning; that rules out a collision. Images from a ground-based radar show that the craft's own radar antenna and solar array are both intact. On 15 April, the French Space Agency spun round its recently-launched Pleiades Earth observation satellite to point upward and snap an even more detailed picture of Envisat from just 100 kilometers away. This again showed no sign of damage and gave no clues to what is wrong.

ZetaTalk Comment 4/28/2012: When we predicted, early in the ZetaTalk saga, that there would be increasing satellite failure, we alluded to debris in the tail of Planet X but also to the charged nature of the tail and magnetic confusion swamping satellites which use magnets for alignment of their internal mechanisms. Man is used to relying upon electricity and magnetism, and has built his technology around these particle flows which in the main are stable because the Earth is stable. Then comes Nibiru, aka Planet X, with its immense magnetic field many times stronger than Earth and its vast charged tail. There is no question that Planet X has been interfering with Earth’s magnetic field, as anyone following the Magnetic Simulator (as the folks on the Pole Shift ning have been doing) can see. What does this do to sensitive satellite mechanisms? Ruined, and unlikely to be recovered, and only just the start of such premature death in satellites.

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