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Issue 342, Sunday April 21, 2013
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Imperfect Union

Why is Homeland Security buying scads of bullets, including scads of hollow-point bullets? They have refused to provide answers on the hollow-point bullet buys during Congressional hearings on these matters, beyond stating that they are buying in bulk as it is cost effective. But hollow-point bullets are more expensive. And why would they need them at all? Hollow-point bullets are known to virtually explode in the body, and for a quick kill.

DHS Under Fire for Buying Another 360,000 Bullets ‘to Save Money’
March 26, 2013
The US Department of Homeland Security has bought 360,000 rounds of hollow point bullets, in addition to over 1.5 billion rounds bought last year. Congress has questioned the purpose of the ammo, while the DHS claimed it bought in bulk to economize. Despite claims by DHS that the ammunition is being bought in bulk to save money, experts say hollow point bullets are almost twice as expensive as full metal jacket rounds.
DHS Won't Explain its Order of 450 Million Hollow Point Bullets
April 3, 2012
The ammunition is specifically designed so that it can pass through a variety of obstructions and offers “optimum penetration for terminal performance.” Or, in other words, this is the kind of bullet designed to stop any object dead in its tracks.
Why Does Homeland Security Need 1.4 Billion Rounds of Ammunition?
September 20, 2012
Why did DHS purchase almost half a billion rounds of hollow point ammunition, banned by the Hague Convention of 1899 for use in international warfare, that is carefully designed to kill it intended targets? Americans have no good answers to these questions since the DHS is now refusing to respond to media inquiries on the subject.

Per the Zetas, this is not what is often assumed - that Obama plans to take guns away from the citizenry or institute martial law. The real worry is rogue military units that might form during the Earth changes going into the Pole Shift or in the Aftertime. The sequester is likely to incite disgruntlement.

ZetaTalk Answer 3/30/2013: Anyone asking the Department of Homeland Security why they need hollow point bullets, in the hundreds of millions, to conduct their business in the interior of the US gets no response. And this is because the answer cannot be uttered while the cover-up over the pending passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru, is still in place. Once the cover is blown, and the public knows the truth, what will Homeland Security say? They are still likely to be close-mouthed, as the admission would be shocking. The US military cannot be relied upon to remain loyal to the President, and such rebellion is not merely an issue for Obama. President George W. Bush faced almost complete military rebellion in 2005, though this was never publicly admitted. Where Bush tried to use the US military as a private military for world domination and control of oil fields for Bush cronies, Obama’s issue with the military is likely to be the sequester budget cuts and the need to release officers and soldiers from active duty.

Few were cognizant of Bush being removed as Commander in Chief between 2003 to 2005, as this was not publicly announced or admitted. But anyone watching Bush after the September 24, 2005 NorthCom meeting noticed something was up. He went for days in the same rumpled shirt, looking depressed, the arrogant swagger gone.

US Northern Command and Hurricane Rita
September 24, 2005
The purpose of the Commander in Chief’s visit to US NorthCom was not revealed. At a press conference prior to his departure for Colorado Springs, Bush told reporters that there was no particular reason for his trip to the Peterson Air Force Base. Until the 24th of September, there was no indication, from official and/or media sources of Secretary Rumsfeld's participation in the NorthCom meetings. It is now confirmed that a top level meeting was held under NorthCom auspices, which included the participation of President Bush, Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld (through video call), DHS secretary Michael Chertoff and FEMA Director Vice Admiral Thad Allen (video call). This meeting had been planned well in advance. US public opinion was not informed. It was not mentioned by President Bush at his September 23 Press Conference.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/18/2004: The US Military has been a sham, publicly, since August, 2003 when the football, the briefcase of nuclear codes, was taken from Bush, deemed a highly unstable megalomaniac as the War in Iraq demonstrated.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/26/2005: What happened to the swagger, the bravado, quips like 'bring em on' re the attacks against US soldiers in Iraq? Bush looks defeated, deflated, depressed, and frankly scared. The loss of his swagger is new, and has presented just since his visit to NorthCom.

Where Obama is reportedly respected by the US military, the Second Great Depression in process worldwide and the demands of the sequester have forced a cutback in the military. This is long overdue, as the US military is equal in size to all other militaries in the world. The US can no longer afford to be the world’s peace keeper. One can argue the merits of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but what is not arguable it that where Obama did not cause them, payment is due under his administration. Meanwhile, those bitter about Obama winning a second term are increasingly talking about secession.

Texas Secession Movement Not New, Leader says, but Catalyzed by Obama’s Second Term
November 14, 2012
The Texas secession petition, in addition to others in several states, has been a strange election postscript in recent days, but, contrary to common belief, the movement itself did not begin with President Barack Obama’s re-election.

Meanwhile a month ago the pending announcement admitting the presence of Planet X stood like a threat over the heads of those who would prefer to see the cover-up continued, with the public kept dumb until the last possible moment. If they could get rid of Obama, then might there be new life for the cover-up?  Bearing that in mind, how is one to view Obama’s refusal to partake of the Republican luncheon on the Hill, and the odd incident of diesel fuel being put in his bullet-proof petro-fueled limo in Israel, disabling the limo? Per the Zetas, these were both assassination attempts. Obama’s tableware at the Republican luncheon had been poisoned, and the disabled limo was intended to force the use of alternative vehicles. 

Obama Limo Breaks Down in Israel after 'Fuel Mix-up'
March 20, 2013
One of Barack Obama's fleet of armoured limousines has broken down in Israel after being filled with the wrong type of fuel.  The car had been waiting for the US president's entourage to arrive when it was filled with diesel instead of petrol. A replacement limousine had to be flown in from neighbouring Jordan. Mr Obama is making his first visit to Israel since taking office. He was welcomed at Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres. It is believed the limousine had left the airport some two hours previously and had broken down on its way to Jerusalem where Mr Obama was due later.
Obama Joins Republicans for Lunch, Doesn't get to Eat Food
March 14, 2013
President Obama joined the Senate Republicans for lunch on Thursday — he just couldn't eat the food. "He looked longingly at it," Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who organized the menu. "Apparently he has to have essentially a taster, and I pointed out to him that we were all tasters for it — that if the food had been poisoned all of us would have keeled over." Collins arranged for food from her home state to be served: University of Maine lobster salad, Fox Family potato chips, and Wild Maine blueberry pie.
Does Obama have a Personal Taster?
March 15, 2013
When the president travels abroad, special White House stewards are given the menu in advance for formal dinners. The stewards bring the ingredients from the U.S., prepare the food and serve it to the president, though it will appear exactly like those options presented to the other guests. Former President George H.W. Bush would frequently eat out in the Beltway and he always brought his taster, bottled water and his own condiments to a restaurant. Bush's Taster-in-Chief actually washed all the flatware and plates before the first couple ate.

ZetaTalk Answer 3/30/2013: Obama was clearly ultra- cautious at the Republican luncheon, but ensuring that his own chefs and Secret Service were present during the food preparation was not made possible. The food was prepared elsewhere, and delivered to the Hill for the luncheon. Isn’t the procedure for ensuring that US presidents are not poisoned well understood? It certainly had been the policy, the procedure, for several presidents prior to Obama, in particular for the Bush presidents. Why then did the Republican luncheon deliberately thwart the procedure? Someone assumed that Obama’s sense of propriety, and his fondness for retiring Senator Olympia Snow, would push him to discard his procedures and take a chance.

Since the food was served family style, a large bowl of lobster salad and pre-baked blueberry pie, how could Obama be poisoned without the others present being similarly affected? Part of the insurance that a president not be poisoned includes washing the tableware and dishes. Obama’s place at the table was known, and those dishes and tableware intended for Obama set on the table prior to his arrival were laced with poison. When he refused to eat, they were quickly removed and washed, so this can never be determined. Who arranged for this setup, interfering both with food preparation and place settings outside of normal procedure? It was a Republican luncheon, need we say more?

And what of the accidental addition of diesel fuel into Obama’s special bullet-proof limo in Israel? Certainly his staff or entourage did not do this. The limo broke down on the highway, which would have forced Obama to switch cars suddenly in the open, into a vehicle that was not bullet-proof. As with the Republican luncheon, there is no doubt who was behind this, as Obama has pressed Israel’s leaders to stop building settlements on Palestinian land and has refused to go to war against Iran for Netanyahu. Biden, or perhaps Boehner who is next in line, could be assumed to be more cooperative.

Who to Trust

That Planet X, aka Nibiru, is close by is becoming undeniable.  It’s not just the signs in the skies, it’s the violent wobble, the back and forth push of the Earth wobble. Now that NASA is being finally forced to admit it is real, forced by Obama to do so, who will you trust for the truth? There will be a plethora of voices, clamoring for the stage and claiming they were right all along, or announcing themselves as experts on the subject. But if they failed to tell you the truth before, lied to you in fact, they why should you trust them? There is one clear path to the truth, and that is the path laid by ZetaTalk. ZetaTalk and only ZetaTalk stated in 1995 that Planet X, aka Nibiru, was real and was about to make yet another passage through the solar system. ZetaTalk and only ZetaTalk predicted the Earth wobble currently creating havoc with our weather and causing the sunrise and sunset to be out of place. ZetaTalk has the accuracy track record on all fronts, where others do not.

ZetaTalk stated from the start that Planet X, aka Nibiru, would come in from the direction of Orion, arriving in 2003, and it did, right on schedule. No others were predicting this arrival at the time going into 2003, though others have acknowledged its arrival since 2003. Others who have recognized the validity of ZetaTalk should only be trusted to the degree that they quote and give credit to ZetaTalk. Those who try to plagiarize ZetaTalk and grab the stage are usually like an ember flying out from a fire, dying quickly. But why trust a plagiarist when the real thing is at hand – ZetaTalk!

Some have asserted that Planet X, aka Nibiru was real but is out in the Universe somewhere, unknown.  They often have a distinct profit motive, selling survival gear. Oddly enough they are not attacked by NASA, by name, as Nancy Lieder has been repeatedly. Why are these guys exempt? Examples of the latter are:
* James McCanney
* John Moore
* Marshall Masters of YOWUSA
* Jason Martel of Xfacts

Now it gets confusing, as there was indeed a National Security Directive on this matter, issued by President Reagan and only recently lifted by President Obama. In 1983 JPL’s infrared scope was sent aloft and discovered Planet X, aka Nibiru, inbound from the direction of Orion. This hit the front page of the Washington Post on December 31, 1983, and then the cover-up began. The Executive Order from Reagan was palpable, though sealed and secret. The most vocal group along this path are the paid debunkers, those who denounced ZetaTalk with insults and lies, denying the public the truth. They were not covered under the National Security Directive, so like Nancy Lieder and other telling the truth, could have chosen a different path. Why would you continue to listen to them now that the truth is out? Examples of those denigrating the truth tellers, and misdirecting the public are:
* John diNardo
* Mitch Battros
* David Booth, aka Sorcha Faal
* Stan Deyo
* Alvin Conway of the Extinction Protocol
* Donnie Gilson, aka 32 Degrees of Insanity
* Michael Janitch, aka Dutchsinse
* Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot
* Laura Knight-Jadczyk of the Cassiopeans
* Dr. Astro or Astromut on GodlikeProductions

Then there are those who were covered under the National Security Directive but took an active role in debunking the truth. Was this necessary? Some of these individuals may attempt to be spokespersons for the truth, when the truth is known. But if they so actively chose to lie before, why should you give them an ear? Examples in this category are:
* David Morrison of NASA
* Don Yeomans of JPL
* Phil Plait of Badastronomy
* Neil deGrasse Tyson, astronomer
* Michio Kaku, physicist
* Anthony Watts, meteorologist
* Major Ed Dames, CIA Remote Viewer

There are examples also of individuals who would certainly be covered under National Security Directives about Nibiru and the alien presence also, but were brave enough to speak the truth. Specifically Bob Dean, retired US Army Command Sergeant Major on the lecture route trying to blow the cover on the alien presence, but he has also asserted that Nibiru is very real. Author Ann Ellers, assistant to renowned astrophysicist, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who was assigned to Project Blue Book was likely told to keep her mouth shut also, but has bravely done the opposite. Those who were restricted by the National Security Directive issue by President Reagan, and renewed by presidents since, include President Obama, who has now decided the public has the right to know. So when you look skyward, either with filters or without, and see undeniable signs that Nibiru is indeed real and near the Sun, has been for years, understand the import of the lies you have been fed. Remember where you can get the truth, going forward. Not from those who have lied to you, but from ZetaTalk.

Dinosaurs Among Us

August 3, 2012
Mr Edwards, who has spent 26 years on his quest, managed to capture this image of a dark hump slinking in and out of the lake's waters from the deck of his boat, Nessie Hunter, before it vanished back into the deep. The first recorded sighting was in 565AD and there have been thousands of eye witness reports since then.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/15/1995: Nessie is no monster at all, but a gentle giant no more aggressive than Sea Cows. This species lives in numerous places around the globe, but has only come to attention in small inland lakes. Is this a fresh water creature? Yes, but one that can adapt to brackish waters. It became trapped in Loch Ness during a pole shift, where land routinely heaves up out of the sea and drops in other places below the waves. Thus trapped, the creature proceeded with its normal life, munching vegetation and fish and occasionally popping its head above the surface to sense if it's missing any munchies. Nessie is nearly blind, and relies on a sense of smell, which underwater is sensitive to chemicals in the water, but in the air catches small particles carried in the breeze. Could Nessie come out of the lake and lumber about? Hardly. This creature requires water to breath, having gills along its sides, and thus cannot bring more than its head out of the water.

Nessie is not alone, as something resembling a T-Rex resides in Anrhem Land in the outback of Australia. And a variety of dinosaurs existed in Mexico until recently, until the past few thousand years, as documented by clay statues carved by witnesses. This fact was even noted in 1972 by famous crust shift theorist Charles Hapgood. The figures were carved by humans in Abambaro who otherwise had no knowledge of what dinosaurs might have looked like.

Does a T-Rex Lurk in Australia's Outback?
October 29, 2010
The Burrunjor lives in Arnhem Land, Australia. In 1922, north of Cloncurry, stock men saw a "big lizard monster" that was bipedal and moved its tail from side to side when walking. Johnny Mathews, a part-Aboriginal tracker, claimed to have seen a 25ft. tall bipedal reptilian monster, moving through scrub near Lagoon Creek on the Gulf coast one day in 1961. In 1977, at Normanton district, an Aboriginal couple ran into a grey skinned Burrunjor that resembled a Tyrannosaurus, feeding on a bullock. In 1985, a 4-wheel drive vehicle and it's family of travellers, the Askeys, heading for Roper River Mission, happened to take a back road for some sightseeing.  Just before they were to pull up and turn around to resume their journey to the mission, they all saw, moving together across an open plain some distance away, two bipedal-walking reptilian creatures a good 20ft. tall respectively.

The Dinosaurs of Abambaro
Several hundred were scientifically identified as representing many species of dinosaurs: dinosaurs including duck-billed Trachodon, Gorgosaurus, horned Monoclonius, Ornitholestes, Titanosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Paleococincus, Diplodocus, Podokosaurus, Struthiominos, Plesiosaur, Leviathan, Maiasaura, Rhamphorynchus, Iguanodon, Brachiosaurus, Pteranodon, Dimetrodon, Ichtyornis, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Rhynococephalia, and other unknown or yet unidentified dinosaur species. Hapgood submitted the samples to the Laboratory of Isotopes, Inc in New Jersey. The results were as follows:
Sample No. 1: (I-3842) 3590 + - 100 (C. 1640 B.C.)
Sample No. 2: (I-4015) 6480 + - 170 (C. 4530 B.C.)
Sample No. 3: (I-4031) 3060 + - 120 (C. 1110 B.C.)"

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/12/2010: Dinosaurs live with man today, in the outback deserts of Australia where large lizards running on rear legs have been sighted, in the rivers of Australia where something akin to Nessie has been sighted, and of course in Scotland where Nessie lives. Extinct fish are occasionally raised from the deep, and the crocodile and cockroach are just as old. During every pole shift, there are climate changes, with surviving animals migrating afterwards to locales where the new climate and food sources suited them. The Acámbaro region was not the desert it is today, in the past. Lush, it supported dinosaurs which had been pushed to this region by changes in the surrounding terrain. When this enclave suddenly became desert, they died out, but are recorded for history by the artwork of the native peoples of that time.