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Issue 344, Sunday May 5, 2013
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Global Warming Assassinations

Global Warming was proven to be a fraud in 2009, the fraudsters included the IPCC arm of UN and none other than Al Gore. The lead scientist responsible for the fraud was British scientist Dr. Phil Jones. All this is detailed in Issue 162 of this newsletter.  Now two London UCL Global Warming scientists have died, within three months of each other, under suspicious circumstances. Both were physically fit, climbed around mountain tops and over broken ice in the Arctic. Does anyone believe these two were somehow clumsy?  Dr. Seymour Laxon died on New Years Day of a brain hemorrhage caused by falling down stairs. Were there any witnesses to see him clubbed over the head and thrown down the stairs? His helpmate at the UCL Earth Sciences Centre, Dr. Katharine Giles, who cycled to work each day, was killed by a bus while cycling. Per the Zetas, she was drugged so as to cross get wobbly just when and where expected so the assassin could find her in his path.

UCL Researchers Depart for Arctic to Test Satellite Mission
April 5, 2011
The project team consists of researchers from UCL Earth Sciences’ Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling (CPOM): Dr Katharine Giles (Natural Environment Research Council postdoctoral fellow), PhD student Rosemary Willatt and Director of CPOM Dr Seymour Laxon.
Professor Seymour Laxon
January 18, 2013
Professor Seymour Laxon was a climate physicist whose pioneering use of satellite data to estimate the thickness of polar sea ice — regarded as the Holy Grail of remote sensing — is crucial in understanding changes in ice cover and proved valuable in developing models of climate change.
Cyclist’s Death is Second Tragedy at her Workplace
April 10, 2013
Dr Katharine Giles was killed in a rush-hour crash with a tipper truck on her way to work. She had taken over some of the work of the centre’s director Prof Seymour Laxon, 49. He died after falling down stairs on New Year’s Day.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/14/2013: Were these accidents? No. It was noted that the lorry driver was released and not arrested for vehicular homicide or reckless driving, so was Dr. Giles at fault? She had been drugged to become disoriented, timed so this would occur during a stretch she normally took to work, such that she veered into the lane the lorry was on, unsteady. The lorry followed behind her until there was an opportunity, an assassin at work.  The British have a strong hand in the cover-up over the Global Warming fraud, a chief scientist working under the auspices of the UN being the chief fraudster, and are using murder to hide the origins of the fraud.

Critter Quake Predictors

It is common knowledge, particularly in China and Japan, that creatures of all species are able to predict a pending earthquake. In the US, quake predictor Jim Berkland has pointed to watching the newsletters for reports of pets leaving home – the lost pets column. Now a study has come out claiming that red ants in Germany make remarkably good predictors. They refuse to go into their burrow at night a couple days ahead of a quake. Fish, lizards, bugs, birds, herd and pack and pride animals all seem to be restless and want to leave the area just ahead of a quake.

Ants can Sense Earthquakes a Day in Advance
April 12, 2013
Red wood ants preferred to build their colonies right along active faults in Germany. Normal ant activity consists of going about collecting food etc. during the day and resting in the night. But before an earthquake, the ants did not retreat into their mound in the night and bustled around outside it. This strange and abnormal behavior continued till a day after the earthquake.
How Animals Predict Impending Earthquake
January 14, 2013
Changes in groundwater that occur when an earthquake is about to strike could be the cause behind the bizarre behaviour of animals during such calamities, a new study has suggested. The researchers describe a mechanism whereby stressed rocks in the Earth's crust release charged particles that react with the groundwater. There have been reports throughout history of reptiles, amphibians and fish behaving in unusual ways just before an earthquake struck. These charged particles can flow out into the surrounding rocks, and when they arrive at the Earth's surface they react with the air, converting air molecules into charged particles known as ions. Positive airborne ions are known in the medical community to cause headaches and nausea in humans and to increase the level of serotonin, a stress hormone, in the blood of animals.
The Use of Animals in Earthquake Prediction
January 1, 2005
In 1920, the largest earthquake to hit China with a magnitude of 8.5 occurred in Haiyuan County, Ninghsia Province. According to reports of eyewitnesses, prior to this earthquake, wolves were seen running around in packs, dogs were barking unusually, and sparrows were flying around wildly. Other reports of unusual animal behavior prior to the occurrence of earthquakes have been reported in the literature and in books. Such unusual animal behavior included goats refusing to go into pens; cats and dogs picking up their offspring and carrying them outdoors; pigs squealing strangely; chickens dashing out of the coops in the middle of the night; fish dashing about aimlessly; and birds leaving their nests. It has also been reported that zoo animals refused to go back into their shelters at night; snakes, lizards and other small mammals evacuated their underground nests; insects congregated in huge swarms near the seashores; cattle sought higher ground; domestic animals became agitated; and wild birds left their usual habitats.

Per the Zetas, animals listen to their instincts, and run from thunderstorms to avoid lightning as much as to avoid loud noises. It is the electric screech emitted by compressed rock that increases an electrical charge in the air, which is sensed by critters. I can tell you from personal experience that Mildred, my main Peking Duck, was inconsolable for two days before the 4.5 quake that hit Chicago a few years back. Could not stop quaking and dashing about, even when I sang to her.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/18/2003: How will animals behave, during the days preceding the shift and the shift itself? All animals, including humans, seek to escape what they sense is a crisis, a cinch point. If matters are bad here, then move, so will be on the move, endlessly. A loud noise sends a herd running, a stampede, and scatters a flock of birds. Their instincts tell them that something has exploded, or dropped, may be heading their way, so move. Likewise, portents of thunderstorms are more than just thunder cracks, it is electrical charges in the air. To escape potential lightning strikes, animals have learned to move, to leave the area, and thus the restlessness of domesticated animals such as dogs and cats just before an earthquake.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/15/1999: The moaning of the Earth is akin to material snapping, screeching rock strata pulling across other strata, and vibrations of rock strata under tension.  Many sensitive people report becoming ill prior to earthquakes due to similar vibrations, not particularly heard, but felt by the body in any case. In similar manner, many more humans will feel ill during the week of rotation stoppage, and not just due to the stress of the moment, but due to vibrations in the underlying rock strata. Pressure on rock results in more than motion or noise. It has been reported that pending quakes can be sensed by radio, as static on the radio increases just prior to a quake, by hours or days. Rock strata, under pressure, changes the emissions, electrons, magnetic fields, and other subatomic particle flows. Pets likewise get up and move about, sensing something, as do farm animals.

This same screech can be detected by radio! If you have excessive static on your radio, beware!  Below is a report received from someone who lived in the Santa Cruz mountains, essentially the epicenter, during the 1989 Loma Prieta magnitude 7.1 earthquake.

Personal Predictor
I can tell you my personal experience with this. I lived in the Santa Cruz mountains from 1988-1994 and before each local EQ the noise level on a standard AM radio would fequently drown out the local AM radio stations. This was extreme in the 10 days prior to Loma Prieta when no AM stations could be received on my car radio until I got over to San Jose each morning. In the Santa Cruz area you can predict every EQ just by listening to your AM radio between 530 Khz and 1mhz.

African Roll Footprint

It is clear that the Red Sea pulls apart and the Afar Triangle in Africa stretches apart when the African Plate rolls, but what of other effects? The Zetas have described the floor of the Mediterranean dropping. It used to be a swamp, allowing early man to cross easily from Africa to Europe, for instance, but through successive Pole Shifts has sunk. The Black Sea has been in the news because of discoveries below the waves, proof that the sea flood has sunk in the recent past.

ZetaTalk Description 2/10/2007: We have stated that Africa is turning in place, its base at S Africa firmly nailed and unable to move, the top rolling to the East as the Atlantic yaws open. This action is what is causing the African Rift to spread so rapidly, in the Afar Triangle, where huge crevasses appear before astonished eyes and the land is dropping hundreds of feet. The Mediterranean will be destabilized. The African plate is a straight line across the top, and when it turns it will create a yaw in the Mediterranean, causing volcanoes in the area to become active as lava is exposed to the surface, and certainly destabilizing countries just to the north of the fault line dissecting the Mediterranean from East to West. The Mediterranean, in the past, was a swamp, but now is a sea. What caused the land to drop? The Black Sea participated in this drop, being inundated where formerly land above water. Istanbul lies at the center of the area that will first be affected when a serious roll of Africa occurs.

The African Roll, which has occurred to some degree during every Pole Shift, causes a turning in the Arabian Plate nearby.

ZetaTalk Description 9/2010: We have described the churning that will afflict Iraq as a turning of the Arabian Plate, the boot. As the African Plate rolls, and drops its rounded top toward the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea pulls apart, the Afar Triangle in Africa pulls apart, and the boot rolls. This turns the pointed top of the Arabian Plate so it pushes through Iraq, which is what is building the mountains that separate Iraq and Iran.

This turning of the Arabian Plate causes a sinking in land along the trailing edge of the turning Arabian Plate, along the eastern border of Israel, thus the lakes along that plate border. Proof of this process has now appeared below the waves in the Sea of Galilee. Per the Zetas, this shows that the last Pole Shift, during the time of the Jewish Exodus, turned the Arabian Plate!

Mysterious Rock Structure Discovered Beneath Israeli Sea
A team of Israeli scientists has discovered an ancient structure under the Sea of Galilee, possibly up to 4,000 years old, and the purpose of this monument is currently unknown. Furthermore, the structure is located more than 200 metres below the surface of the water.
Giant Rock Structure Found Under Sea
April 11, 2013
At a height of 10 metres and with a diameter of 70 metres, the structure appears to be a giant cairn, used in many parts of the world to mark burials. The structure is made of basalt boulders up to a metre long with no apparent construction pattern. The boulders have natural faces with no signs of cutting or chiselling. The monument was definitely manmade and probably built on land, only later to be covered by the Sea of Galilee as water levels rose. Putting all the data together researchers found that the structure is cone shaped, about 230 feet (70 meters) in diameter and nearly 32 feet (10 meters) tall. It weighs an estimated 60,000 tons.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/10/2010: The eastern border of Israel, which lies directly on the Arabian Plate border, will be ripped open when the Arabian Plate rolls its top to the east, as we have predicted will occur at some point. The geography of the region shows that this trauma has occurred in the past, regularly, with the land on the plate border sunken and flooded into a series of lakes.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/13/2013: This is, as suspected, a burial mount, sunk into the Sea of Galilee during the prior Pole Shift at the time of the Jewish Exodus. As we have explained, the series of lakes running along Israel’s eastern border exist because this is the border of the African and Arabian Plates. During the African roll, which occurs during each Pole Shift, this border sinks, with the sunken land then flooding. What is notable is that this discovery is not news, but rather old news as it was discovered in 2003. Why the delay in releasing this discovery to the public? In 2003 any indication that ZetaTalk was correct in their description of past Pole Shifts was suppressed. Since Obama is planning on announcing the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, this suppression has been lifted. ZetaTalk is to be exonerated.

There is more proof that the prior Pole Shift occurred – climate change to southern Turkey. Though not as severe as the pending Pole Shift, there was a crustal shift during the last shift, with Greenland, our last N Pole, shifting southward. Man is aware that southern Turkey was lush in the past, though is now desert. Per the Zetas, this is graphically shown by carvings on the Gobeckli Tepe structures in southern Turkey, which show the gradual die-off in the Neolithic human cultures there after the last Pole Shift as well as the die-off in domesticated and wild life.

Gobeckli Tepe
The site was most likely erected in the 10th millennium BCE. At the time the shrine was constructed, the surrounding country was much lusher and capable of sustaining this variety of wildlife, before millennia of settlement and cultivation resulted in the near–Dust Bowl conditions prevailing today. Many of the pillars are decorated with carved reliefs of animals and of abstract enigmatic pictograms. The pictograms may represent commonly understood sacred symbols, as known from Neolithic cave paintings elsewhere. The reliefs depict lions, bulls, boars, foxes, gazelles, donkeys, snakes and other reptiles, insects, arachnids, and birds, particularly vultures. Vultures also feature prominently in the iconography of the Neolithic sites of Çatalhöyük and Jericho; it is believed that in the early Neolithic culture of Anatolia and the Near East the deceased were deliberately exposed in order to be excarnated by vultures and other carrion birds. (The head of the deceased was sometimes removed and preserved—possibly a sign of ancestor worship.) This, then, would represent an early form of sky burial, as practiced today by Tibetan Buddhists and by Zoroastrians in India.  It is not known why every few decades the existing pillars were buried to be replaced by new stones as part of a smaller, concentric ring inside the older one.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/13/2013: The Gobeckli Tepe site was indeed a type of religious structure centered around life and death. Early man recognized they were at the whims of nature, with droughts and disease seemingly out of their control. It was god who possessed food and provided it, not man who had snatched this from the gods. The climate in the region was changing from lush to desert, with both wildlife and domesticated animals dying. This is depicted in stone carvings, as the circles were a burial center. Those humans who died were prepared for their afterlife in the circle centers, and as the human culture died off, unsustainable in the desert conditions, the circles shrank accordingly.

Dark Lightning

Per the Zetas, our traditional lightning that has crackle and flash is not the only cloak that lightning can use. Out in space, where there is no water vapor to generate heat and light, nor atmosphere to carry sound vibrations, lightning is dark and silent. At the start of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995, 18 years ago and before mankind was aware of dark lightning, the Zetas explained. Once again, the Zetas lead!

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/15/1995: How does a lightning bolt pass some 14 million miles across space? It doesn't, not in that form. In space, not having water vapor and other particles to interact with, there is no spontaneous release of light and heat, no flash and crackle, just the passage of electric particles in all the various sub-atomic components that comprise an electrical current.

'Dark Lightning' Zaps Airline Passengers with Radiation
"Dark lightning" that is almost invisible within clouds may regularly blast airline passengers with large numbers of gamma rays. However, these outbursts do not seem to reach truly dangerous levels. More than a decade ago, researchers unexpectedly discovered thunderstorms could generate brief but powerful bursts of gamma rays, the highest-energy form of light. These so-called terrestrial gamma-ray flashes are so bright that they are able to blind sensors on satellites many hundreds of miles away. Now computer models suggest the flashes are caused by an extreme form of lightning. Although they may blast out large numbers of gamma rays, they generate very little visible light, leading scientists to call the phenomenon "dark lightning."

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/14/2013: Dark lightning is something we, the Zetas, talked about at the start of the ZetaTalk sage in 1995. We stated that where water vapor and other particles are thin, as out in space, there is no “spontaneous release of light and heat, no flash and crackle”,  in other words, lightning is dark. Why is this now getting attention from human scientists? They have been pouring over ZetaTalk, trying to anticipate what the passage of Planet X will mean for planet Earth, and what steps might need to be in place to protect the elite who are usually their masters. Will airplane travel get riskier as Planet X comes closer? Will friction from air turbulence during the Earth wobble increase upper atmosphere lightning? This will be the least of their worries during a more violent wobble.  

The interest in upper atmosphere lightning has taken a similar path, emerging only recently. Why is upper atmosphere lightning moving away from the Equator, where it has traditionally been found. Might this mean that satellite transmissions could get more interference, airline travel become more hazardous, or lightning bolts toward Earth increase? The charged tail of Planet X will certainly create this type of havoc increasingly as it wafts the Earth, but what this certainly means, per the Zetas, is that the daily Earth wobble is creating more atmospheric friction.

'Gigantic Jet' Lightning Spotted Over China
February 26, 2013
A rare glimpse of a "gigantic jet" — a huge and mysterious burst of lightning that connects a thunderstorm with the upper atmosphere — was made over China in 2010 and was recently described by scientists. The gigantic jet took place in eastern China on Aug. 12, 2010 — the farthest a ground-based one has ever been observed from the equator, according to the research team. Previous jets were mainly seen in tropical or subtropical regions, but this one took place around 35 degrees latitude, about the same as the southern part of Tennessee in the United States.

ZetaTalk Description 8/15/2009: Lightning is caused by layers within the atmosphere moving across each other rapidly, as happens when a front moves in, cold air dropping suddenly through warm air, etc. This is why lightning is associated with storms and moving fronts. Heat lightning similarly occurs when the upper atmosphere cools after sundown while the air at ground level is still quite warm, causing this same type of movement of the air, thus lightning. The Earth wobble of course is thrusting the Earth's N Pole away daily, allowing it to bounce back daily, and this roils the atmosphere, thus more lightning.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/14/2013: Upper atmosphere lighting is traditionally found close to the Equator as this is where air turbulence is highest. The globe turns, with the air above the poles theoretically still, as the Earth does not move under the air mass there but slightly. But the air above the Equator is moving rapidly, as the Earth under the air masses there is moving rapidly. Why would the phenomena of upper atmosphere lightning now be moving to the northern latitudes? If rapidly moving air masses, one over the other, is the cause, then surely the wobble, which has been increasing would increase the incidence. And it has!