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Issue 387, Sunday March 2, 2014
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California NightWalkers

From the start of the ZetaTalk saga, the Zetas have predicted that the Awakening would include glimpses of alien bodies, conscious contact and contact recorded on video.  This is contrary to the normal rule, in place since the days of Roswell, that contact should be recorded only in the subconscious.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/15/1998: The next stage will be glimpses of alien bodies, fleeting at first, and then increasingly solid views.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/1/1995: During face-to-face contact we disconnect the conscious. These memories are not recorded at all in your conscious, which is a different part of your brain from your subconscious. Humans have the capability to disconnect their conscious and subconscious memories, and quite frequently do so. For instance, if a memory is painful it can be forgotten. However, in all these circumstances, the subconscious remembers the facts. It is the conscious which deals in falsehoods. Subconscious memories of our face-to-face meetings are as effective as a full conscious memory.

Conscious contact was allowed during the 1996 Brazilian Roswell incident and the 1989 incident in Voronezh, Russia, as detailed in Issue 339 of this newsletter. But in these instances, no video or photos emerged, only drawings done by the witnesses. In both these cases, per the Zetas, the conscious contact was allowed as an exception to the rule by the Council of Worlds in order to counter Service-to-Self influences.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/15/1996: The continent of South American is caught in a tug of war between visiting aliens in the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other. These groups have engaged each other, and in some cases extreme measures are being taken. The psyche of the populace, having been influenced toward fear and self-concern by false stories of blood-drained and weakened contactees, required shock treatment. Thus rumors spread about vulnerable aliens would tend to lean the weight of public opinion into such directions, rather than domination by aliens. Thus, the Service-to-Other win the struggle for public perception, and pity and concern replace fear.

ZetaTalk Comments 3/2/2013: This report, which involved children, is a true report. What was the purpose of the contact, and why were the children and adults allowed to have conscious recall of the incident? This is an exception to the rule that all contact is to be recorded only in the subconscious. The visitation was not perceived as threatening, as the exception to the rule was granted by the Council of Worlds to Service-to-Other aliens to counter a Service-to-Self influence in the region. Gaining media attention, and being reported by children, the incident had the ring of truth and its influence spread beyond those at the park at the time. Were the beings robots, or life forms with three eyes as reported? They were both, as the actual life forms were riding at the head, and the body was robotic. The life form was not hominoid.

Then in 2008 we jumped to a new level – video of a Zeta Peeping Tom recorded in Nebraska. This hit the news in the Denver Post and went viral on the Internet. Conscious contact now recorded on video, and solely to press the Awakening. Per the Zetas, in 2008 contactees numbered about 12,000 but by 2013 the number had jumped to 3,500,000,000 billion! The Awakening had gotten a nudge.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/31/2008: It this Nebraska video real? Yes. Why is an alien popping up and down peeking in a window? Being telepathic, we of course were aware this father was planning installation of an infrared camera to catch a suspected Peeping Tom outside the window of his teenage daughters' bedroom. We knew the video would be carefully screened by this father and that the family would not suffer undue anxiety when an alien was discovered. We also knew the family would contact paranormal groups and that the video would eventually arrive where it has today, in the news!

Then in 2011 the Skinny Bob video emerged. Filmed after Roswell, the survivor of the 1947 crash charmed everyone who saw the tape. His physical features matched the drawings from memory done by myself, Nancy, and my son. The Zetas promised that more such video of real alien bodies would be forthcoming.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/14/2011: Skinny Bob has been welcomed with open arms everywhere. He is charming, obviously non-aggressive, and allowing himself to be filmed without resentment. The immediate reaction of all who watch the video is that this is real, even if objection is made by those in shock at the confirmation of the alien presence. Look behind any verbal sputtering to see the shock, as it is there. Since this has been widely distributed on the Internet, and widely discussed on more sites than one could count, the establishment has lots of data to digest. They will conclude that mankind is not reacting as was anticipated by the CIA many decades ago when they concluded that the common man could not handle the reality of the alien presence. Curiosity, a desire to see more, even a desire to meet Skinny Bob has been expressed. More to follow!

And more video of alien bodies have emerged! Captured in 2007 but emerging in print and on the Fact or Faked TV show in 2010, surveillance footage of long legged aliens walking across a lawn stunned observers.  Long a legend among native American Indians in the region, per the Zetas these hominoids come from a planet covered in swamps, so need their long legs for wading. 

Nightcrawlers Original Surveilance Footage
July 29, 2010
The clip, below, depicts a very thin upright creature with some type of cape which covers them slowly walk across the back yard, in front of the security camera.  Watch it — several times — and see what you think it could be. During the show, they ended up chasing what they thought may be the culprit, and basically saw two very thin trails through the weeds where it was traversing, leading straight to a pond or lake.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/15/2014: The aliens called NightWalkers have been known to the native of California, the American Indians, for generations. They had conscious contact with them before the rule restricting conscious contact was imposed by the Council of Worlds. The NightWalkers are resident aliens in the Service-to-Other orientation, who prefer to remain in 3rd density for the many visitations they perform. They have allowed themselves to be captured on film, an undeniably alien form for Earth, to assist the Awakening. Their long legs facilitated travel on their native planet, which was awash in swamps.

Dead Bankers

The rash of odd bank and market related “suicides” continues.  At a young age, in their 30’s to 50’s, in the prime of life, without health or marital or financial or career problems, they inexplicably decided to commit “suicide”. The common denominator among these individuals is their knowledge of past real estate or banking derivatives which are now the focus of investigations. David Bird, 55, a Wall Street Journal investigative reporter familiar with the DOW, disappeared on January 11, 2014, leaving home for a walk while leaving behind medication that he required daily for a liver transplant.  William Broeksmit, 58, a senior executive at Deutsche bank, who has worked in derivatives in the past, was found hanging in his London home on January 26, 2014. Gabriel Magee, 39, flew off the top of the JP Morgan building in London on January  27, 2014. Mike Dueker, 50, a former Federal Reserve economist, supposedly committed suicide by jumping off a 50 foot embankment in Washington State on January 29, 2014.  And Ryan Henry Crane, 37, a top Equities Trading executive, was found dead in his Connecticut home on February 3, 2014, cause of death pending toxicology tests.

Third Prominent Banker found Dead in Six Days
January 31, 2014
Former Federal Reserve economist Mike Dueker was found dead in an apparent suicide near Tacoma, Washington. Dueker, 50, a chief economist at Russell Investments, had been missing since January 29 and was reportedly having troubles at work. William Broeksmit, 58, former senior manager for Deutsche Bank, was found hanging in his home, also an apparent suicide.
JP Morgan Executive Becomes 5th Banker to Die in Last 2 Weeks
February 12, 2014
Two weeks after the suicide of a JP Morgan banker who jumped to his death from the top of a building, another of the firm’s employees has died, with 37-year-old Ryan Henry Crane becoming the 5th banker fatality in just the last few weeks alone. Crane was an Executive Director in JPM’s Global Program Trading desk based in New York and had been with the firm for 14 years. Gabriel Magee, a 39-year-old senior manager at JP Morgan’s European headquarters, jumped 500ft from the top of the bank’s headquarters in central London on January 27, landing on an adjacent 9 story roof.
Wall Street Journal Reporter, Goes Missing After Reporting for Three Months on Oil Glut in U.S.
January 20, 2014
David Bird, a reporter who covers energy markets for the Wall Street Journal, has been missing for nine days. Bird, who has worked for the parent of the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, for more than 20 years, left his Long Hill, New Jersey home on the afternoon of Saturday, January 11, telling his wife he was going for a walk. Despite a continuous search by hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement officials, Bird has not been located. Bird is a liver-transplant recipient and is required to take medication twice a day. He did not take his medication with him when he left for the walk.

Asked in early February about these suspicious suicides, the Zetas stated that the guilty wanted to avoid blame for large mortgages in unsafe areas along coastlines so are trying to silence those who know who is to blame.  

ZetaTalk Insight 2/1/2014: Who will the public blame when they realize they have taken out mortgages on properties in cities due to become unlivable, along the coastlines and in low lying areas? One day the senior banking executives are encouraging the status quo, encouraging the public to become indebted to the bank, and on the next day savings withdrawals are to be restricted and, no doubt, homes foreclosed if the mortgage payments are not made. This forces the public to live in unsafe areas, to work jobs in unsafe areas, or lose their investments entirely. This was of course all by design by the elite of the world, who want the common man to continue as their debt slaves.

The most bizarre in this series of “suicides” is the tale of Rickard Talley, 56, the CEO of American Title Services. Here again, the link to real estate sales, pumped up mortgages going into the housing bubble bust in 2008. Talley supposedly committed suicide with a nail gun, driving several nails into his head and torso. Who on Earth commits suicide in this painful fashion? Who can manage to put several nails into his head and still function well enough to put in more? That this death is being declared a “suicide” is in itself suspicious. It’s a warning, a well publicized warning to others to keep silent.

Colorado CEO Commits Suicide with a Nail Gun as Company Comes Under Investigation
February 7, 2014
Richard M. Talley, 56, founder and CEO of American Title Services, was found dead in his Greenwood Village garage, having shot himself seven or eight times in the head and chest with a nail gun. Talley's company was being probed by the Colorado Division of Insurance. It’s unclear what investigators sought from the company, which Talley founded in 2001. Talley served as CEO for the title company.

Life in the Volcano Zone

The Zetas have warned that volcanoes will erupt during the hour of the Pole Shift. This is the primary reason for the predicted 25 years of gloom to follow the Pole Shift. But there will be places on Earth with sunshine, and the degree of gloom will vary, depending upon location. Yellowstone will not be a super volcano, per the Zetas.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/16/2002: We have stated that all volcanoes active within the last 10,000 years can be considered candidates to blow, or ooze during the shift. All volcanoes that have been active within the memory of man will begin spewing and burping and oozing, and many that were not expected to become active will reactive. During every pole shift, there are places on Earth where the earth is stretched, like the Atlantic, such that mountain ranges such as the Appalachians have not experienced mountain building and scarcely any rock outcropping are bare. Places like the Himalayas are subducting, so that rock layers are being laid under one another, and protection from the lava occurs. Hawaii, likewise, is expected to do better than one would think, because the compression of the Pacific will layer rock strata and protect the oozing volcanoes from roiling lava. In New Zealand, where that edge of the plate will tip up, it will be some protection from exploding volcanoes as the pressure will be relieved. Likewise, where there is a stretch, as Iceland will experience, there will be continued oozing, but explosions caused by lava under pressure unlikely to happen. Inland cauldera, like Yellowstone, have their basis in pressure that has a long route to climb before heating the surface. There will be explosions, though not violent, of lava, from volcanoes however active along the Sierras and Andes. The later part of the hour sees rock strata pushed under the West Coast of the Americas, shutting off access of lava from those volcanoes. In areas under stretch in Europe and the Middle East, likewise, the roiling will cause oozing and where volcanoes are already open to the air, an outlet established, such as in Italy, they will continue during the early part of the shift to explode and ooze. One must, thus, analyze the past of local volcanoes or caulderas, to gauge their actions during the shift.

The uptick in volcanic activity is obvious, as noted in Issue 172 of this newsletter, particularly in Indonesia, as detailed in Issue 210 of this newsletter.

The Pole Shift ning blog on volcanoes details this uptick in graphic human terms. The Zetas advise to be 100 miles from any volcano likely to erupt and for good reason as these images show.  The Indonesian volcano Kelud erupted again in early February, 2014, forcing the temporary evacuation of 200,000 people. As the 7 of 10 planet movements continue to push Java under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate, Java is fringed by active volcanoes, the most active region in the world.

Kelud is a volcano located in East Java on Java in Indonesia. Like many Indonesian volcanoes and others on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Kelud is known for large explosive eruptions throughout its history. More than 30 eruptions have occurred since 1000 AD. It last erupted on February 13, 2014.

Volcanic ash is fearsome, and can kill, turning to a type of cement in the lungs. Thus the need to evacuate, at least temporarily. But this same ash, or the eventual crumbling of hardened lava pouring forth from the volcano, produces very fertile soil! This is the reason villagers return to the slopes of volcanoes. Crops are lush.

More than 200,000 People Evacuated and Five Airports Closed
February 14, 2014
A volcano erupted on the heavily populated Indonesian island of Java today, sending a huge plume of ash and sand 10 miles into the air and forcing the evacuation of more than 200,000 people and the closure of five airports. Indonesia's national disaster agency ordered the evacuation of all families living within a six-mile radius of Mount Kelud.
Mount Kelud on Java Island has Exploded
February 2, 2014
Sunar, a 60-year-old from a village eight kilometres in Blitar district, said his home also collapsed after being hit with “rocks the size of fists”. A man and a woman, both elderly, were crushed to death after volcanic material that had blanketed rooftops caused their homes in the sub-district of Malang to cave in, while another elderly man died from inhaling the ash.
Indonesia Volcano Erupts; 3 killed, 100K Evacuated
February 1, 2014
Some residents were shoveling the ash and grit into sacks to use in the construction of buildings or to fertilize crops. One collector said that middlemen had already told him they would pay up to $56 for a small truck filled with the debris. Due to the fertile volcanic soil and the shortage of space on Java, hundreds of thousands of people live close to active volcanoes. They are used to the rumblings, but their proximity to the peaks presents difficulties for authorities.

Per the Zetas, plotting the location of survivor camps should include a volcano analysis. There are many factors to consider – wind direction, altitude as ash is thinner at higher altitudes, rising seas to force volcanoes under water, and whether the volcano is burping or oozing.

ZetaTalk Advice 8/10/2002: We have stated that the Earth will be under volcanic dust gloom for 25 years. Obviously, this will depend upon region, proximity to burping volcanoes, being down or upwind of same, and elevation. Volcanic gloom is always heavier within a thousand miles down wind from the volcano. Thus, if one if outside of the downwind corridor, one escapes this heavy fallout. Volcanic gloom is always heavier at lower elevations in such places, as the heavier particles fall back to Earth, after being air born by the force of heat rising or explosions, and high elevations some 500 miles downwind from a burping volcano might find they have less dust than a lower elevation 1,000 miles downwind. The size of the volcano also matters, and whether it is under water of above ground. As silly as this statement seems, this is something to consider when planning a survival location. Remember that the sea level will rise, our estimate some 675 feet above current levels. If a volcano, such as those in Indonesia or the Philippines or Central America, goes under water during this time, the ash will be carried by water, not air. Also, some volcanoes ooze, others belch, and the amount of ash differs.