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Issue 439, Sunday March 1, 2015
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Magnetosphere Eddy

The approach of Planet X has increasingly shown up on simulations of the Earth’s magnetosphere. From the unexplained hole in the bowshock facing Planet X first reported in 2008 to the twisted wings of the magnetosphere that began in 2009, the contortions have been unexplained by solar activity. Magnetosphere eddy flows began to show up in 2010.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/27/2010: Particles, flowing from the Sun and coming around behind Planet X, tumble into the void in front of Planet X and roil. This tumbling action keeps the Earth and the other planets caught in the eddy flow from leaving this trap. That an eddy flow of magnetons has formed behind the Earth, for the first time, shows that the blast coming from Planet X is stronger, covering a vast area around the Earth, so these magnetons have no escape!

As noted on the Pole Shift ning blog dedicated to the magnetosphere eddy, these magnetosphere eddy flows are showing up regularly now.  Per the Zetas, this is due to the ominous approach of Planet X, aka Nibiru, and this hosing of magnetons from the N Pole of Planet X will only get worse as the time of the passage approaches.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/10/2015: Since a magnetic eddy flow appeared behind the Earth in 2010, matters have gotten worse for planet Earth. The magnetic N Pole of Planet X, aka Nibiru, has increasingly turned to point directly at the Earth. This is due to Planet X coming closer to the Earth, on its outbound path, and thus tightening the crab-like pincer squeeze it has upon the Earth. It is also positioned more directly in front of the Earth, rather than to the side coming at the Earth in its retrograde orbit. Both these trends will continue unabated until the Last Weeks commence.

The Earth’s magnetic field normally unfolds around it, uninhibited by all but solar emissions which tend to blow the magnetic field back, away from the Sun. Now it is being distorted on all sides, pressed back tightly around the Earth so there is no room for magnetons to maneuver. This is, as has been noted, not due to the Sun, although NASA et al will try to claim that in some manner. We have from the start of the ZetaTalk saga predicted that blaming the Sun would be a prime cover for the approach of Nibiru. It is the solar minimum, and the Sun is presently asleep.

What does this eddy flow of magnetons showing up in the Earth’s magnetic models mean for the near future of planet Earth? We have consistently warned that electro-magnetic pulse, the arcing from the electronic screech in compressed rock to the charged tail of Planet X, will be on the increase. This brings down the grid, as surge and brownout destroy electronic infrastructure and electronic grids are designed to protect themselves thus. Blackouts, electronically damaged airplanes such as AF447 and MH370 and now AA8501, and interference with mankind’s satellites will be on the increase.

Dusting the Earth

From odd, multicolored snow in Russia to a milky film falling on the Pacific northwest in the US, the atmosphere is dusting the Earth with puzzling substances. Near Chelyabinsk, where the Russians shot down a meteor in 2013, reports of both orange and blue snow hit the press. The blue snow proved to be caused by a dye from a nearby factory, but the orange snow was blamed, once again, on a sandstorm from the Sahara Desert. Not so, say the Zetas. Just as in 2007, when Siberian orange snow was examined and found to be high in iron, this was tail dust.  Per the Zetas, this area in Siberia attracts the charged tail as it is currently home to the Earth’s magnetic N Pole.

Mystery Blue Snow Fallout in Chelyabinsk Alarms Residents
February 13, 2015
Residents of Chelyabinsk – the Russian Urals city hit by a meteorite explosion back in 2013 – have sounded alarm over a strange bluish snow that covered the city streets. The strange snow smelt somewhat like iron. Could feel a sweet taste in the mouth. People have been complaining of a sore throat after passing near the contaminated area. It turned out to be that a local factory making dye for Easter eggs had a minor spill.
Apparently Multicolored Snow Is Now A Thing That’s Happening In Russia
February 14, 2015
The bag with food coloring wasn’t leakproof. While the package was being opened, it spilled and got into the ventilation system.
Orange Snow Covers Russian City, Bewilders Residents
February 2, 2015
Residents of the city of Saratov, some 858 km from the Russian capital, have been shocked as they looked out of the windows and saw their neighborhoods covered with orange snow. The residents shared the news in social networks as the colorful snow appeared to be seen in almost all parts of the city. Its color varied from light yellow to intensive orange. The orange snow was caused by a cyclone from the Western Sahara which brought some sand from the African desert to Russia.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/21/2015: Is there a relationship between the orange and blue snow appearing in close proximity and time in Siberia? No. The blue snow, as suspected and reported, is merely a blue dye that got blown into and through a ventilation system and thus into the air near the factory. Orange snow has appeared in Siberia before, in 2007, and was then as now claimed to be dust from the Sahara. Why would dust loft only over to Siberia, and not fall on all areas in between? Tests were run in 2007 that showed the orange snow had heavy iron content and was oily. No such tests have been done on the orange snow in 2015 but the results would be the same.

The same tail wafting that brought the meteor to Chelyabinsk in 2013 and orange snow to Siberia in 2007 is once again responsible for orange snow in 2015. Why is Siberia particularly prone to this bombardment? The Earth wobble is such that the globe gets a push away when the Sun and Planet X are over the Pacific, when the magnetic N Pole of Earth comes up over the horizon. The magnetic N Pole of Earth is currently centered over northern Siberia, thus the atmosphere is roiled.  The tail is charged, and is attracted to this spot in Siberia. Thus the combination of a roiled atmosphere and a heavy concentration of tail elements makes Siberia vulnerable to tail wafting phenomena.

And what of the milky dirty looking rain falling on the Pacific northwest of the US. What is astonishing is the distance any volcanic dust from Japan would have to travel – half way around the globe. Per the Zetas, we told you way back in 1996 that the approach of Planet X would affect the Jet Stream. We told you back in 2005 that the Earth wobble would affect the Jet Stream, and it has!

Wild West Weather: Filthy, Ashy Rain and Mountain 'Hurricane'
February 7, 2015
An ashy rain dribbled onto Washington and Oregon on Friday, and people rubbed a dusty film off of their cars, took photos of their fingers and posted them online. They described it as "white stuff" or "milky rain."  Could the jet stream have tracked it over from the hyperactive Shiveluch volcano in eastern Russia? It pumped volcanic ash 20,000 feet into the sky in late January.
Is Mysterious 'Milky Rain' over Pacific Northwest from Ash Spewed by Sakurajima Volcano?
February 7, 2015
Residents of Washington, Oregon and Idaho have been filling up glasses of the unusual substance trying to determine what it could be. One strong possibility is that the weather system has been infected by eruptions from Japan's Sakurajima volcano. Last week it sent an ash plume of three miles billowing into the sky.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/14/2015: We asserted at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that the Jet Stream would be affected by the approach of Planet X, aka Nibiru and that this rather than a lowered Jet Stream was responsible for the increasingly erratic weather. We asserted a decade ago that Jet Stream tornados were caused by the daily Earth wobble. Without admitting that Nibiru exists, mankind struggles to explain the erratic weather and tides. Under the influence of an increasingly violent Earth wobble, blending of the seasons has almost becoming the norm. Now the establishment is faced with yet another example that the Jet Stream is rising and dropping erratically – volcanic dust carried half way around the world.

New Madrid Animation

Konstantin has published yet another animation, this one on the New Madrid adjustment as described by the Zetas. All of Konstantin’s animations to date can be found on his dedicated page on the ZetaTalk websites. The New Madrid history and recent precursors of note are also detailed in the recent Issue 434 of this newsletter. This latest animation shows the influence of the various rock strata in the southeastern US on the path the fault line takes. The N American continent is under great duress, in a tight bow, and this New Madrid adjustment is a scripted drama for N America.

Both sides of the New Madrid Fault Line are pulled in opposite directions, as a slip-slide fault line, the East toward the NE and the West toward to SW, and the New Madrid region devastated with Magnitude 8 quakes. This travels first down through soft rock toward the Gulf. The Mississippi is following the curve of solid rock just to the east. This is where the Mississippi will spread, in the softer rock to the west of the Mississippi between the Illinois border and the Mississippi delta. The land to the west of the Mississippi will drop slightly in elevation along the river, widening by up to 50 miles. Mississippi bridges will be inevitably torn.

Cities along the slip-side will be shaken into rubble. Magnitude 8 quakes along the rip reach the bend beneath Michigan. The diagonal pull causing the New Madrid Fault Line to adjust will rupture land along the Mississippi, up toward the Chicago area. There is a natural break in the rock strata between the New Madrid and Chicago, which will rupture   causing buildings to crumble and freeways to be worthless and irreparable.

The fault line thence along the Seaway will unzip with Mag 8 quakes. The Seaway tears open. Niagara Falls will remain, but some of the inland locks will break. Detroit and Toronto will be unaffected, but cities such as Cleveland, Toledo, and Buffalo will find their infrastructure shattered. The unzipping creates crevasses and landslides and sinkholes. Broad fractures along the Mississippi also cause aftershocks. The worst of the New Madrid adjustment will be felt along the Mississippi, which will experience aftershocks for some time. The rock along the Mississippi at Arkansas and Missouri is younger, laid down by sediment, and tends to fracture broadly, thus relaying earthquake jolts over a vast area.

Ohio will be devastated as land there is pulled in different direction along the path of the fault line. Where stretch zones such as this normally have adjustments that are basically silent, they do much damage. The unzipping creates crevasses and landslides and sinkholes, and when this occurs under cities is devastating. The southeast starts to droop into the Atlantic Rift. There is a sister fault line that connects with the New Madrid and then runs up along the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains. This reaches all the way to Boston and causes mag 4-5 quakes along the East Coast. The Seaway tears open. When the upper Mississippi region finds the land to its west slipping down and to the southwest, those parts north which were formerly firmly attached find they can spring northward. This allows the edge of the rip, at Duluth, MN, to tear further inland.

Cover-up Wars

Suddenly, within a day of each other, network talking heads are leaving the scene. On February 10 NBC announced that lying Brian Williams will be forced to take a 6 month leave of absence. The next day, on February 11, CBS lost talent. Bob Simon of 60 Minutes was killed in a car crash and Jon Stewart announced his unexpected retirement from the popular Daily Show. (The Daily Show was on the Viacom network, but both Viacom and CBS are under the same Redstone media empire.)  Per the Zetas, this is a media against media war, with CBS and Redstone wanting to allow Obama’s announcement while NBC is holding out. NBC has started assassinating rival journalists in retaliation.

Jon Stewart Leaving 'The Daily Show'
February 11, 2015
According to a tweet from CBS News, Stewart told fans he had felt restless. The show is Comedy Central's longest running program, other than South Park. At its peak, The Daily Show boasted over 3 million nightly viewers. It has won 19 Emmy Awards, two Peabody Awards, and inspired three popular spin-offs: The Colbert Report, Last Week Tonight, and The Nightly Show. Stewart took a leave of absence in 2013 to direct the film Rosewater.
CBS' Bob Simon Dies in NYC Car Crash
February 11, 2015
CBS News correspondent Bob Simon died in a car crash. Emergency responders found Simon unconscious in the backseat with injuries to his head and stomach, CBS said. He was pronounced dead at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center. The driver was listed in stable condition at another hospital, and no charges have come out of the accident. Simon's award-winning career spanned five decades and took him from Japan to Egypt, and from Vietnam to Paraguay, according to CBS.
Brian Williams Suspended Six Months in Wake of Review
February 10, 2015
NBC News is suspending Nightly News managing editor and anchor Brian Williams for six months, without pay.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/14/2015: The synergy of announcements on the death or retirement or suspension of NBC and CBS stars is notable. On February 10, 2015 NBC announced that Brian Williams would be suspended without pay for 6 months. On February 10, 2015 Jon Steward announced his retirement from his CBS show, to take place toward the end of the year. On February 11, 2015 long time 60 Minutes journalist Bob Simon was killed in an auto accident that left the driver virtually unscathed. Both NBC and CBS were stations that had snubbed Obama last November when he gave his historic announcement on immigration reform. Is there a connection?

Brian Williams has been puffing his resume for years, with many stories, all the while ignored by NBC as his nightly show was a top ratings earner. William’s lies were broadly covered by other media after he repeated his Iraq story once again on January 30 and were heavily ridiculed by CNN and on comedy shows such as the Daily Show and Conan. As we earlier reported during the Council of Worlds war on the cover-up, this has reached the point where media elements are attacking each other. Some want to capitulate, others resist. NBC and CBS were holdouts.

Of course, when we speak of NBC and CBS, we are not just talking about the editors and talking heads. Media networks are run by the owners, the major shareholders, as they are the ones hiring and rewarding the editors and talking heads. Conan is TBS, associated with CNN, and both ridiculed Brian Williams. Steward is CBS and often ribbed CNN and Fox News, but neither suffered ratings losses because of this. The Brian Williams case is different as the top rated late night slot was clearly going to die when Williams left. Jon Steward and Conan would benefit from this.

NBC has retaliated, literally, hiring hit men. Jon Steward and his family were threatened. To make their point, NBC assassinated another CBS star, Bob Simon, who was beaten to death and placed in the car before the accident. This was both retaliation and a warning. Both Jon Steward and Bob Simon were truth tellers, and could be expected after the announcement to ridicule or expose the cover-up, against the wishes of the holdouts at NBC. We stated that the elite had begun attacking each other, and this is just an example. Ridicule and expose are not so easily evaded, however.   

If the holdouts at NBC are enraged and resorting to killing rival journalists, the Queen is no less enraged, no doubt, at the bad press the royal family has been getting. Where she was responsible for Diana’s death, per the Zetas, the current push is to honor her royal family, giving them metals. Her eldest son Prince Andrew, accused of having sex with an underage sex slave of Epstein, was given a promotion to Vice Admiral of the British Navy while her husband Prince Philip was given knighthood in Australia, one of the Commonwealth countries. For this, Tony Abbott, the current Australian Prime Minister, almost lost his post, so unpopular was this move. Apparently, in the Queen’s mind, giving her family fancy titles will protect them from the plethora of scandals being unearthed lately. But what is clear is that many of the elite are on the ropes during the cover-up wars.

Under-Fire Prince Andrew gets some Good News as the Queen Promotes him to the Rank of Vice-Admiral as a Birthday Present
February 12, 2015
Prince Andrew is to be promoted to the naval rank of Vice Admiral just weeks after he became mired in a teenage sex slave scandal. The Queen has approved the appointment, which is timed to mark her second son’s 55th birthday next week. Buckingham Palace last night said the move was a ‘long-standing convention’ that enables Andrew, who served as a Sea King pilot with the Royal Navy in the Falklands War, to be promoted in line with peers still serving in the military.
Australia's Knighting of Prince Philip Prompts Puzzlement
January 26, 2015
Australia's prime minister dismissed criticism of his decision to make the husband of Queen Elizabeth II an Australian knight, saying Prince Philip has a long history of service Down Under.