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Issue 480, Sunday December 13, 2015
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Carving Turkey

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving in the US. But we are not talking about the Turkey on a platter in many homes. Turkey has morphed over the centuries, swelling and shrinking. In its current shape, it is not cohesive, with Armenians not integrating well, and certainly the Kurds not integrating well and even considered terrorists by Erdogan. Per Ben Fulford, who has many valid insights into what is going on behind the scenes, Turkey is due to be carved up yet again.

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
December 1, 2015
Pentagon sources are saying that Turkey is going to pay for its funding of ISIS and its aggression in the Middle East by having large areas of its territory confiscated. The Pentagon prepared the ground for this campaign months ago by withdrawing all patriot missile defenses from Turkey and Israel. This paved the way for the Russian air-force to set up a no-fly zone throughout the Middle East, including Israel and now most of soon to be former NATO ally Turkey, Pentagon sources say.  France, the former colonial master of Syria, is supporting a Syrian demand that Turkey return the Arabic majority province of Hatay that was taken from them in 1937. Meanwhile, the Russians and the Pentagon are now also supporting removing another huge chunk of Turkey to create a Kurdish state, the sources say. Finally, the nation of Armenia may also be about to get some historical payback, they say. Russian troops have poured into Armenia.

We have detailed last week in this newsletter, in Issue 479, how the US was unable to effectively counter ISIS because of their alliances with NATO (Turkey is a member) and Israel (who wants Assad taken out because he supports a Palestinian State) and Saudi Arabia (who is Sunni, as is ISIS). Russia does not have these constraints. They are now aggressively going after Turkey’s support of ISIS.

Russian Military Reveals New Details of ISIS Funding
December 2, 2015
The Russian Defense Ministry is giving a media briefing, during which it will present evidence of sponsorship of international terrorism. Turkey is the main buyer of oil smuggled by terrorists in Syria and family members of Turkish President Recept Erdogan are involved. Cutting the flow of oil is a necessary condition for defeating IS. Russia is conducting airstrikes on oil pumps, refineries, transport tankers and other parts of the oil infrastructure. The strikes have resulted in the loss of half of all oil smuggled by the terrorists. The Defense Ministry showed aerial footage of oil tankers. The vehicles were said to be travelling across the Syrian-Turkish border in their hundreds. Three main routes of oil smuggling to Turkey have been established. One goes to Turkish ports Dortyol and Iskanderun on the Mediterranean coast, where the oil is shipped to other nations. Two other smuggling routes go to Batman refineries from northern Syria and to Cizre hub from Iraq respectively. At least 8,500 oil tankers are used by the terrorists to transport up to 200,000 barrels of stolen oil, according to Russian estimates. 2,000 fighters, 250 vehicles and over 120 tons of ammo have been sent in the past weeks from Turkey to terrorists in Syria, fuelling the violence in the country. Russia is to provide evidence of Turkey’s role in training, arming and smuggling foreign fighters into Syria next week.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/28/2015: The US and NATO are bound by old treaties, old allies, as is Russia. The US had until recently been trying to assist an overthrow of the Syria dictator, Assad, because Netanyahu resented him for his support of Palestinians. But the Syrian rebels joined with ISIS and the US stopped arming them. Russia, France, and the US have lately been a coalition against ISIS. Enter Turkey. The Kurds, a Turkish minority, have been the most effective boots on the ground fighting force against ISIS.  Erdogan stole the last election and resents the rising Kurdish minority in Turkey. The Erdogan family has been profiting from acting as a broker for ISIS oil trucked into Turkey from Syria and Iraq.  The US had been looking the other way as they have a base in Turkey, a NATO member, and did not want yet another fight among allies. Russia has entered the fray against ISIS, aggressively attacking them on all fronts. Turkey expected their oil profits to continue.

Saudi Connection

What’s the Saudi connection to the San Bernardino, California shooting? Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik had not visited Syria recently, had not been radicalized there as is so often the case for jihadi massacres in Europe, but had instead taken a trip to Saudi Arabia. Per the Zetas, the connection is money. Farook was bribed to create a shooting in the US that was to appear incited by ISIS. The question is, why would the Saudis want this? The Zetas explain.

San Bernardino Shooting Suspect Traveled to Saudi Arabia
December 2, 2015
As the holiday gathering got underway, Syed Rizwan Farook joined dozens of his colleagues from San Bernardino County's public health department. Farook, an inspector, seemed quiet during the early hours of the event, then vanished just as a group photo was about to be taken. Shortly afterward, gunfire erupted at the Inland Regional Center where the employees filled a conference room. By the end of the day, police had identified Farook, 28, as a suspect in the massacre and said he was one of two people shot to death in a gun battle with officers. The other was 27-year-old Tashfeen Malik, who a family member said was Farook's wife. Police officials said Farook had worked for the county for five years. They said Farook recently traveled to Saudi Arabia and returned with a new wife he had met online.
Police Search for Motive Behind San Bernardino Shooting
December 3, 2015
Police in San Bernardino, California, are still piecing together the details of a shooting that killed 14 people and wounded 17 others at a social services center.  Police have not released any clues as to why Farook and Malik opened fire on the party, which Farook had attended earlier in the day and reportedly left angry. The pair carried two assault rifles, two handguns, and wore masks and tactical gear.

Farook and Malik clearly intended to escape prosecution, and thought they had their tracks covered. All at the conference were to be killed, relatives unaware they had attended the conference, and the couple not included in the group photo being taken at the conference.

'Devout' Muslim US Citizen and his Wife Left their Baby at Home
December 3, 2015
Farook and his wife left their six-month-old baby daughter with his mother in Redlands, California, telling her they were going for a doctor's appointment.
San Bernardino Attackers Left Remote Controlled Bomb at Party
December 3, 2015
The attackers who killed 14 at a California office party Wednesday left behind a remote-controlled explosive device as they raced away in a black SUV with the bomb controller in their hands.
They Erased Hard Drives and Smashed Cell Phones to Cover Tracks
December 4, 2015
These pictures show the home-made explosive device left behind at the scene of the San Bernardino massacre as it emerged the suspects smashed their cell phones and tried to destroy hard drives in a bid to cover their tracks. The suspects have apparently attempted to destroy all devices with digital memory, including phones and hard drives.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/5/2015: Where are the Saudi sympathies during the increasingly heated war on ISIS? As we have pointed out, ISIS is of the Sunni Muslim sect, as are the Saudi’s, so the Saudi’s refuse to fight ISIS. When Saddam Hussein was deposed in Iraq, his disgruntled Republican Guard formed the basis of ISIS. As Putin has recently pointed out, Turkey likewise has mixed emotions on defeating ISIS, as they are profiting royally by brokering Syrian and Iraqi oil that ISIS steals. Israel does not want to see ISIS defeated until Assad is removed from power in Syria, as Assad supports a Palestinian state.

These odd bedfellows – Turkey, Israel, and the Saudis – all want the fight against ISIS to be unsuccessful. We have stated that the Charlie Hebdo attack was instigated by Netanyahu, as Netanyahu had warned France not to espouse statehood for the Palestinians and was exacting punishment.  The US, hamstrung by various treaties with Turkey (a NATO member) and Israel and the Saudis, has been ineffective against ISIS thus, and is only too happy to see Putin step into the fight. Those who want to turn back the clock want the US to get involved again, to limit Russia’s involvement, and how better to do this than to have ISIS attacks in the US!

Except it was not ISIS that attacked in San Bernardino, California. It was the Saudis. The shooters, a husband and wife pair, expected to escape. They had disguised their appearance, and were safely away from the crime scene. Their cover story to grandma, left with the infant, was a doctor’s appointment, and they had evaded inclusion in the group photo so ostensibly there was no evidence they were even at the conference. What was the motive? Money. They were offered an obscenely large amount of money from the wealthy Saudis. This will likely be uncovered during the investigation, but as the Saudis still remain an ally, as does Israel, the repercussions from this will not be publicized. 

What are the Saudi’s motives? The war against ISIS has increasingly involved Iran as a partner. Iran of course is solidly Shia. Russia is also an ally of Iran, and an ally of Syria. Assad, the ruler of Syria, is Shia. The Saudis, for religious reasons, want Iran kept out of the region, Assad in Syria deposed, and ISIS to be declared the new ruler in Iraq! Sunni all around, vs where the current battle against ISIS seems to be going, Shia all around.

Shia and Sunni Muslims – do you know the Difference?
September 23, 2014e
Politics, competition, influence and power fuel the current sectarian tensions between Shia and Sunni Muslims, the two main branches of Islam. The root of the hostility is a political question in itself: who is the legitimate successor to the Prophet Muhammed? Both sects share common religious beliefs: the five pillars of Islam, the Quran and Prophet Muhammed being the last messenger of God. The differences lie mostly in the Shia and Sunni interpretation of the hadiths and sharia law on how Muslims should define and govern themselves. But for the most part, the religious differences are superficial. The conflict and violence is more about political power, where geo-politics intertwines with theology. Syrian unrest began with protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in March 2011. The ruling elite in this war-torn country belongs to the Alawites, a minority offshoot of Shia Islam. Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia consistently feels challenged and threatened by Iran in the race for regional power. Iranians are neither Arab nor Sunni. Saudi Arabia fears Iran will stir unrest among the Shia Muslims living in the Gulf.
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Biography
The family claimed to be descendents of the Prophet Muhammad.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/17/2015: The Bush administration’s invasion of the Middle East, toppling Saddam Hussein (who had formerly been an ally of the US) as an excuse to invade the Middle East and grab the oil destabilized the Middle East. In the process, the Sunni leader Hussein was pummeled via a Shia leaning leader installed as the US puppet. This enraged the deposed Sunni in Iraq who developed into the raging ISIS group. They have become the new boogie. Because they are Shia, Iran is happy to join in the battle against ISIS, but the Saudis, who are Sunni, are not. Instead, the Saudi’s have instituted a price war, with crashing oil prices.

Meanwhile, the puzzle of the Saudi connection continues to puzzle many.

If San Bernardino Was a Terrorist Attack, It Was an Extremely Strange One
December 3, 2015
The Jihadist Internet has been “mostly quiet,” in contrast to the chatter after most explicitly jihadist attacks, which have been celebrated by supporters online. U.S. officials also noted that the attack “differed in key ways from attacks like those perpetrated by the group known as Islamic State or other Jihadists.” Generally those attacks target symbolically significant locations—Times Square, Fort Hood, a Muhammad cartoon contest—rather than a little-known location like the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. Farook and Malik also don’t appear to have left any statement or clue as to their motivation, also unusual for an ideologically motivated terrorist attack.

Sealand Skull

Per the Zetas, the Sealand Skull is not a hoax, but represented a type of worker ape assigned to assist the trolls that inhabited Earth in the past. The Sealand Skull is too large to be a monkey, as it is 1.5 times human skull size. The eyes are also too large to be an Earth ape such as a gorilla.

Mystery Sealand Skull, Real or Fake?
August, 2013
Sealand skull was first discovered in July 2007 by some workers who were replacing sewer pipes in a house. Strange skull was discovered in the area Olstykke, Danish island of Sealand. Excavation was resumed, but they found only animal bones, stone axes, and equipment from the Neolithic period, none of which related to the skull bones were found in the area. The skull was then taken to the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. Results from these studies is that the skull came from the year 1200 and 1280 BC. The skull was found above the old pipes which indicates that the skull was buried after 1900, and it is also an indication why the other part of the bone was not found, probably buried elsewhere. So, on the origins and who buried the skull remains a mystery to this day. Sealand Skull is 1.5 times larger than Homo Sapiens skull, especially in the eyes very large. Smooth surface of the skull which indicates that these creatures have adapted to cold environments, and large eyes might indicate that these creatures are creatures of the night. Majority of people found the skull may belong to a type of primate that lived in the past.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/28/2015: Speculation abounds about the Sealand Skull, which is genuine but does not appear to be any known Earth creature, past or present. The ground where the skull was found had been disturbed to lay pipes over a century ago, so any other bones or artifacts associated with the skull have been displaced, a jumble. Is this an alien skull? It does not appear to have the brain size associated with other alien skulls found on Earth. It is associated with aliens, but is a worker beast, a large and muscular ape. Europe has been home to many aliens and the Annunaki in the past, including the large fat snake aliens,  highly Service-to-Self, who lifted large stones for the Annunaki, and the little trolls who lived in tunnels and were technologists. The Sealand worker apes were docile and assisted the trolls during building projects such as their tunnel network. They hauled stone, removed dirt, and worked excavation tools. Were these giant apes intelligent enough to spark souls, akin to early man? Size of the brain cavity alone is not a determinant, as it is the type of thinking process that allows a creature to be conscious of itself as an independent entity from others.  

The brain capacity of the Sealand Skull indeed does not look similar to other alien skulls discovered on Earth.

The Sealand worker apes were assigned to assist the Service-to-Self dwarf technologists, themselves assigned to assist the Annunaki by the dominant Service-to-Self element on Earth in the past – the large squat snakes represented as Pig Dragon’s in the Orient. The snake creatures stood upright like a cobra, and were as large as a human when doing so. The dwarf technologists, with large heads and big noses, who per legend lived under bridges and were not friendly to humans, are very much in mankind’s legends as trolls. They are not hypothetical creatures. They were very real.

A troll is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. In Old Norse sources, beings described as trolls dwell in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units, and are rarely helpful to human beings. Smaller trolls are attested as living in burial mounds and in mountains in Scandinavian folk tradition.

If these worker apes were assisting the trolls, the trolls that were living in tunnels, then they may have operated in Austria and Tibet, where the troll tunnels have been discovered.  

Mysteriöse Höhlen in der Oststeiermark
July 13, 2015
Under the Eastern Styria in Austria, there is a still poorly understood labyrinth of caves and corridors. What the researchers can puzzle above all: The more than 10,000 years old corridors seem to have been built with machinery. Underground caves and tunnels criss-cross the Eastern Styria. But only a fraction of it is known. In recent years, more than 800 systems have been researched and scientifically documented. We have a guideline, and are more than 10,000 years, where the gears were already there. This is unbelievable for the Stone Age. We have scanned these passages precisely to 0.2 millimeters, and may find that only deviations are from 16 millimeters on long stretches there. This is even now impossible with today's machines. They were originally no hiding, no deposits and no places of worship, but were used at all times as such.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/26/2015: These tunnels in the Austrian alps are indeed connected to the Annunaki and their Service-to-Self allies. We have described a fat squat snake creature, highly Service-to-Self, that was attempting to seduce the Annunaki by providing them with services such as levitating large stones and cutting stone with precision. The fact that these tunnels were machined with this precision marks this as their handiwork. We have mentioned a dwarf race that had been installed in Tibet, servants to the squat snakes who were their masters. These dwarfs required the air to be thin, thus lived in Tibet, but they were also installed in the high alps in Austria to be closer to the Annunaki in Germany and Scandinavia, such as Thor, whom they were ordered to serve.  The troll legends in Scandinavia relate in great part to accidental encounters with these dwarfs.

There has also been the discovery of an odd dwarfish hominoid in the mountains of Tibet, whose mummified remains have been discovered. They show up in stained glass windows from Russia, too, looking very much like our legendary trolls. Can it be an accident that the mummified remains and the creatures in the stained glass windows from churches in Russia appear the same?

Alien Implanted History
According to Chi Pu Tei, professor of archeology at Beijing University, in 1938 he and his students were on an expedition to explore a series of caves in the Bayan Kara Ula range of the Himalayan mountains, near Qinghai region. The caves appeared to have been artificially carved into a system of tunnels and underground storerooms. The walls, it is said, were squared and glazed, as if cut into the mountain with great heat. The explorers are said to have found many neat rows of tombs with short 138 cm skeletons buried within. The skeletons had abnormally big heads, and small, thin, fragile bodies.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/14/2014: One theory is a relationship to hominoid aliens from Sirius, dwarf sized, who lived in Tibet and have since died out, a dexterous life form, a servant. This was a type of short squat hominoid, which mankind interpreted to be dwarfs. A colony was established in Tibet, as they evolved on a planet with thin air. Not being native to the Earth, they have died out, but live in legend. These hominoids were allowed to be servants to the snake lords as all were in the Service-to-Self. 

An interesting twist to the story of the high tech dwarfs in Tibet are their connection to the legends of Thor, the ancient Scandinavian and Germanic god who could create lightning bolts to smite his enemies by throwing a hammer which the dwarfs had constructed for him. Thor, and the Visigoths of Germany, were of course Annunaki, and the dwarfs were assigned to support them with technology. Once again the link between Tibet, Scandinavia, and the trolls and Annunaki is made. The Sealand Skull was discovered in Denmark, which is considered part of Scandinavia. The circle is complete.  

Origins and Legends of Thor
Thor can be found in many of the early Germanic tribes and religious rites, being found in Scandinavian rituals as well as Saxon and Jutish worship in England. Thor is most well-known for his legendary hammer Mjollnir, or the crusher. The dwarves had forged this hammer for his hand alone and it had the magical ability to return to his hand after thrown. When thrown, the hammer would cause lightning bolts to strike his foes.
When Thor was eight, Odin sent him to Nidavellir, the land of the dwarfs, to bid the dwarfs Brokk and Eitri to create three treasures for Asgard's ruler.