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Issue 595, Sunday February 25
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

Announcement via Q

The enigmatic Q, who seems to be military intel and has the highest security clearance possible in the US (ie Q) may be hinting about Nibiru. Two standalone tweets, one hinting that drained beaches and high tides should be watched’, saying “Watch the Water”, and another simply posting a Sun-centric photo named “Just_Waiting”. Nibiru and its nearby String of Pearls can be seen when the photo saturation is enhanced. This compares closely to recent Alberto photos.


7 of 10 Progress

By the end of January, 2018 it was clear that the 7 of 10 had resumed, as outlined in Issue 591 of this Newsletter. Jakarta was awash in seawater. S American beaches were alternately too dry or awash with unexplained waves. Quakes along the Iran/Iraq border showed the Saudi Plate on the move. The large quake near the Aleutian Island, felt 3,800 miles away in Florida, showed the Pacific compressing. These trends have continued. The tilting of the Philippine Plate is among the ZetaTalk 7 of 10 steps, and the Philippine Plate has been outlined with quakes and quake swarms.

Ring of Fire Activity Returns as a Series of Earthquakes Shakes the Pacific Plate
February 14, 2018
After a series of quakes hit the Ring of Fire last month, a 6.4 quake struck Taiwan's east coast on February 6, killing 17 people and injuring at least 180. A series of tremors reaching magnitude 5.7, 5.6, 5.4 and 4.9 shook the US island territory of Guam. And since February 11, three earthquakes have struck Japan. Also in January, Mount Mayon in the Philippines sent lava 600 metres into the air, forcing 61,000 people to evacuate from nearby villages as thick smoke descended from the mountain.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2010: As the Indo-Australia Plate lifts and slides, this allows the Pacific plates to shift west, which allows S America to shift west also. This is greatly increased by the folding of the Mariana Trench and the Philippine Plate.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/27/2010: The Philippine Plate likewise tilts its eastern side up, dropping its western side down. The exaggerated tilt accelerates the subduction of the Philippine Plate under the tongue holding Indonesia. The tilting of the Philippine Plate give the Philippine Islands a temporary boost up also, as these islands ride on the eastern edge of the tongue holding Indonesia.

And as pointed out in a recent Newsletter, Issue 590, where quake activity rolls in a West to East fashion, the S American roll was encouraged to pick up the pace. During the roll, the island of Trinidad off-coast from Venezuela is torn apart, as the S American Plate border cuts through the center of Trinidad. As a recent video shows, Trinidad shows recent evidence of a dramatic rupturing and ripping action, on February 13, 2018.

Homes Evacuated as Mud Volcano Erupts in Trinidad
February 13, 2018
A few homes in a community in the south of Trinidad have been evacuated following at least two eruptions at the Devil’s Wood Yard mud volcano this morning.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/5/2010: Those islands in the chain close to S America will lose in elevation, while those islands at the top of the chain will not. From Antigua south, the islands in this chain can expect a minimum of an elevation drop of 57 feet, on average, with this being irregular throughout due to the trauma to the area. Islands just to the north of S America will be affected the most such that Barbados to Tobago may sink entirely except for the highest points, losing several hundred feet in elevation, and Trinidad will be torn apart in addition to sinking as it rides on the plate border.

Pole Shift Wildfires

ZetaTalk predictions about the Last Weeks and the Pole Shift include earthquakes and tidal waves and being lashed by the debris ridden tail of Nibiru. They also include warnings about exploding volcanoes and petrochemicals in the tail of Nibiru being set afire by the heat from these volcanoes, causing blankets of fire to drop. Lightning will be prevalent, due to the swirling atmosphere, along with torrential rains causing flooding.

ZetaTalk Warning 7/15/1995: Petrocarbons are in essence created, due to the flashes of lightning and intense heat due to passage over open volcanoes, and these petrocarbons rain down, afire, at times. With the atmosphere scattered, chemicals in the comet's tail similar to your petrol chemicals do not flash in a quick consummation into water and carbon dioxide, but descend close to the surface of the Earth before bursting into flame. A fire storm, killing all beneath it. All this has been reported in ancient times, as humans observed accompaniments to the cataclysms. This type of activity sets forests afire. Where vegetation regrows, from seeds and roots, many areas will nevertheless be denuded of vegetation for some time.

ZetaTalk Warning 7/15/1995: Static electricity in the atmosphere will not increase during the giant comet's approach, nor afterwards, but during the passage lightning will seem to be almost constant in some places.

ZetaTalk Analysis 2/28/2018: We have explained that Pole Shift fires are primarily caused by proximity to volcanoes, as the petrocarbons in Nibiru’s tail are set afire by the heat of volcanoes and literally drop like a blanket of fire. However, lightning is more universal, and today spark wildfires readily. There will be more lightning during the Pole Shift, as cave men have recorded, so of course fires will be sparked. Those who follow our suggestions to dig a shallow trench out in the open, where the hurricane force winds will not blow them away nor any holocaust consume them, and to be 100 miles from any active volcano, will survive.

So given these warnings from the Zetas, how relevant is the discovery that during the Younger Dryas days in the past there was a worldwide conflagration? Per scientific articles, core samples taken from Greenland and Antarctica ice and on land and seabeds show aerosol particles that show worldwide burning during that time. CO2 as a result was high also. Estimates are that 9% of the Earth’s biomass was ablaze. Though the current discussion in the media centers on a comet impact, per the Zetas this was obviously a result of a Nibiru passage.

The Big Burn
February 7, 2018
Some 13,000 years ago, a cataclysmic event occurred on Earth that was likely responsible for the collapse of the Clovis people and the extinction of megafauna such as mammoths and mastodons. The Younger Dryas Boundary features many anomalies that support the theory of a cometary cloud impacting Earth. The collision triggered a massive biomass burning event, and the resulting soot, ash and dust in the global atmosphere blocked out the sun, which prevented photosynthesis — a phenomenon called impact winter.
Extraordinary Biomass-Burning Episode and Impact Winter Triggered by the Younger Dryas Cosmic Impact
February 1, 2018
The YD onset also exhibits increased dust concentrations, synchronous with the onset of a remarkably high peak in ammonium, a biomass-burning aerosol. In four ice-core sequences from Greenland, Antarctica, and Russia, similar anomalous peaks in other combustion aerosols occur, including nitrate, oxalate, acetate, and formate, reflecting one of the largest biomass-burning episodes in more than 120,000 y. In support of widespread wildfires, the perturbations in CO2 records from Taylor Glacier, Antarctica, suggest that biomass burning at the YD onset may have consumed ?10 million km2, or ?9% of Earth’s terrestrial biomass.
The Big Burn - Global Fire 13k Years Ago
February 7, 2018
UC Santa Barbara professor emeritus James Kennett has studied elements found at the Younger Dryas Boundary (YDB). He has collaborated with scientists around the globe, providing evidence at the YDB for a platinum peak as well as for spherules, melt glass, nanodiamonds and other exotic materials that can be explained only by cosmic impact. Kennett and his colleagues have now published new research in the Journal of Geology.

ZetaTalk Analysis 2/28/2018: Though the theory of a comet impact is emotionally easier for scientists to embrace, there can be no other explanation but a passage of Nibiru. Past Pole Shifts are recorded in mankind’s legends and accounts. The Flood is recorded in the Bible and in the Egyptian Kolbrin.  There is remarkable correlation in the mythology and recounts from all cultures about past Pole Shifts. The Kolbrin is very specific about fires that ran along the ground, burning everything in its path.

But the dates don’t line up! The Younger Dryas are presumed to stretch from 11,700 to 12,900 year ago. Per the 3,600 count, past Pole Shifts occurred at 10,800 and 14,400 years ago. The Younger Dryas would lie between those two past Pole Shifts. But the Zetas explain that land and water warm and cool slowly, after a Pole Shift, and climate change measures are not exacting. All are in agreement, however, that wildfires were burning, worldwide, during this period.

Younger Dryas
Physical evidence of a sharp decline in temperature over most of the Northern Hemisphere, discovered by geological research, has been the key physical evidence found for the Younger Dryas. The change was relatively sudden, taking place in decades, and it resulted in a decline of 2 to 6 degrees Celsius and advances of glaciers and drier conditions, over much of the temperate northern hemisphere. It is thought to have been caused by a decline in the strength of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, which transports warm water from the Equator towards the North Pole, in turn thought to have been caused by an influx of fresh cold water from North America to the Atlantic.

ZetaTalk Analysis 2/28/2018: That 9% of the Earth’s terrestrial biomass burned during a prior Pole Shift should not be surprising. The discovery that fires burned worldwide during what is called the Younger Dryas days, when there was an abrupt climate change for most of the Northern Hemisphere, is not surprising. The Younger Dryas, estimated to be between 12,900 and 11,700 years ago, lies between the prior Pole Shift dates of 4 back at 14,400 years ago and 3 back at 10,800 years ago. Carbon dating is not an exacting science, and climate change lags behind, as the Earth retains its warmth or cold, and ocean currents likewise gradually warm or cool.  

ZetaTalk Description 2/15/2002: As we have stated in ZetaTalk, the prior shift moved the North Pole from Greenland to its present location. Prior to that, it was over the East Siberian Sea, having pulled Siberia northward where the largest number of mammoth dieoff occurred. Tracing the North Pole over the past few shifts, one sees that it spent a time over Scandinavia where it resided between the 4th and 5th shift back. When it moved from Scandinavia into the Arctic north of Siberia, Europe warmed up, its glaciers melting. Prior to Scandinavia, the North Pole centered over North America.

Ode to Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was the US President from 1977-1981, prior to Ronald Reagan, Herbert Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Obama. Retired Presidents are expected to appear at public events and give graduation speeches, apparently, but not Jimmy Carter. He started the Carter Center, which works to eradicate or cure horrific parasitic worm infections in Africa and S America and SE Asia. He promoted Habitat for Humanity, himself working on housing for the poor. Have any of the other retired Presidents done this?

Carter Work Project
In March 1984, President and Mrs. Carter worked with Habitat in Americus, Georgia. This led up to their long-term involvement with us. They quickly realized that our mission closely aligned with their values, and a partnership was formed. Just a few months later the Carters led a Habitat for Humanity work group to New York, serving 19 families in need of safe, affordable housing. That was the inaugural Carter Work Project, which is now a weeklong event taking place in a different location all over the world each year. Throughout their involvement with the Carter Work Project, President and Mrs. Carter have become tireless advocates, active fundraisers, and some of our best hands-on construction volunteers.

Guinea Worm Eradication Program
Since 1986, The Carter Center has led the international campaign to eradicate Guinea worm disease, working closely with ministries of health and local communities, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and many others. Guinea worm disease is set to become the second human disease in history, after smallpox, to be eradicated. It will be the first parasitic disease to be eradicated and the first disease to be eradicated without the use of a vaccine or medicine. The Guinea Worm Eradication Program is wiping out this ancient disease mainly through community-based interventions to educate and change behavior, such as teaching people to filter all drinking water and preventing transmission by keeping anyone with an emerging worm from entering water sources.

Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination Program
Lymphatic filariasis is caused by thin worms transmitted to humans by the bites of mosquitoes in tropical and subtropical regions. These worms live in, and cause blockage of, the lymphatic system that normally returns fluids in our extremities to the circulatory system. This blockage results in fluid collection in the tissues (most commonly the legs and genitalia), severe swellings, and periodic fevers from bacterial infections of the collected fluids. A long-standing infection with lymphatic filariasis results in an irreversible condition called elephantiasis, in which there is a marked enlargement and hardening of the limbs so that they resemble those of an elephant.

River Blindness Elimination Program
River blindness, also known as onchocerciasis, is a parasitic infection that can cause intense itching, skin discoloration, rashes, and eye disease that often leads to permanent blindness. The parasite is spread by the bites of infected black flies that breed in rapidly flowing rivers. Mectizan kills the parasite larvae in the human body, preventing blindness and skin disease in infected persons, and stopping the transmission of the parasite to others. The Carter Center works through national ministries of health to provide health education and mobilize affected communities to distribute Mectizan
Schistosomiasis (Bilharziasis) Control Program
Schistosomiasis, also known as bilharziasis or "snail fever," is a waterborne parasitic infection that damages internal organs. The most common symptoms are blood in urine and/or feces and an enlarged liver, diarrhea, abdominal pain, weakness, and anemia. Schistosomiasis is contracted when a person has contact with contaminated water, often through daily activities such as bathing, washing laundry, and fetching water. The donated drug praziquantel can reverse up to 90 percent of the damage caused by the parasite. Schistosomiasis can be controlled and treated easily with a single annual dose of praziquantel.

George Bush paints and Obama water skis and the Clintons do what they do best – raise money on the excuse it will be for charity and then keep 85% of it. Even their efforts in Haiti followed this mold. Their positions of power are used to enrich themselves. The Uranium One deal provided Hillary and Bill Clinton $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation. Rather than help out the world, they murder the witnesses, a practice so well known it is called Arkancide.

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
The Clinton Bush Haiti fund raised $54.4 million from more than 2,000,000 individuals, businesses, and organizations.
Insult to injury: Cholera has Haiti reeling, and Bill Clinton & Anderson Cooper Haven’t Done Enough
November 1, 2010
The Clinton-Bush Haiti fund, inaugurated by President Obama with both former Presidents at his side, is still running Web advertisements that say “100% of donations go directly to relief efforts.” That’s a cruel lie, considering the quake victims living in flood zones under withered plastic tarps. Only 8% of its $50 million had been spent by this summer, according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

71 Killed After Russian Passenger Plane Crashes Near Moscow
February 11, 2018
It was not immediately clear what caused the crash: it may have been the result of weather conditions, human error or technical failure. There were no extreme weather conditions in the Moscow region at that time.
Passengers Killed on Crashed Russian Plane Include CFO of Rosatom/UraniumOne and Russian Source for Christopher Steele's "Dossier" against Trump
February 11, 2018
At least two people known to be directly involved the UraniumOne "deal" and the Russian Dossier are now apparently dead and cannot testify to anyone about anything. How convenient.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/28/2018: It is not just those in the US Congress who might prosecute the Cabal, it is also anyone who might be a witness to their crimes. The Clintons are notorious for Arkancide, where anyone who might have direct knowledge of their crimes is eliminated, from Vince Foster to James McDougal. The obvious vicious beating to death of Seth Rich, who leaked DNC email, marked a turning point. Now a plane in Russia, carrying two witnesses to Hillary’s crimes, has been blown out of the skies. As we have been saying, a cornered animal will get vicious. More to come!