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Issue 621, Sunday August 26, 2018
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Infographics Video

An Infographics commercial published on August 16, 2018, titled “Is NASA Hiding a Planet (Planet X / Nibiru)?” features both Nancy and the Zetas and ZetaTalk. They explain the history of the Nibiru debate. They start with what Sitchin provided in his book The 12th Planet, then present Nancy Lieder and the Zetas wanting the world to know. Then the 2012 Mayan Calendar assertion which both Don Yeomans of NASA and the Zetas denied. Then David Meade’s theories, based on the Bible, which kept changing, and David Morrison of NASA denying Nibiru altogether.

Is NASA Hiding a Planet (Planet X / Nibiru)?
August 16, 2018
One popular conspiracy theory is that a planetary alignment, representing the Lion of the tribe of Judah, will lead to the Rapture, a Christian version of the end of the world. And the planet they say is responsible for this alignment is known as Nibiru, a mythical world supposedly orbiting the sun. Could this planet be real and are there any claims to these doomsday predictions? That’s what we intend to get to the bottom of in this episode of The Infographics Show: Is NASA hiding a planet from us? Planet X/Nibiru.

The Infographics Show has almost 3 million subscribers and viewership ranges between 2-6 million views per video.  This Infographic vid was produced, in part, in response to recent discoveries in space. Is SIMP J01365663+0933473 Nibiru? It is a wandering rogue planet, not orbiting any nearby star. It is a Brown Dwarf, extremely magnetic. Humm, sounds a bit like Nibiru! Except for the distance, 20 light years away, and the size, several times larger than Jupiter. But introducing some Nibiru concepts like a rogue traveling planet being a big powerful magnet that is much stronger than Earth.

VLA Detects Possible Extrasolar Planetary-Mass Magnetic Powerhouse
August 2, 2018
Object is at boundary between giant planet and brown dwarf.
There Is an Absolutely Gigantic Rogue Planet Wandering Our Galactic Neighbourhood
August 3, 2018
It's very large, and has an extremely strong magnetic field, and it's a "rogue", not attached to any other object
Astronomers Discover a Free-Range Planet with Incredible Magnetism
August 3, 2018
A bizarre rogue planet without a star is roaming the Milky Way just 20 light-years from the Sun. This strange, nomadic world has an incredibly powerful magnetic field that is some 4 million times stronger than Earth’s.

Smoke Screen

Grand Prairie had normal daylight at 10:00 am, then per some cell phone snaps became so dark around Noon that headlights were needed to drive, then brightened up by 5:00 pm to be a normal day again. For nearby Valley View, it likewise appeared to be normal light until Noon, then suddenly dark to nearly pitch black at times by mid-afternoon, then a sudden return to normal light by 4:13 pm. But at no time was smoke dense enough to mimic the dead of night. Nor was any such phenomena reported in smoke filled California or the American West.

Per the Zetas, this was another dithering Earth Wobble overreach, similar to Siberia last month where they had darkness at noon at times. Such dithering wobbles can shift suddenly, moving back and forth. It was the times of total darkness that impelled people to snap a photo, but this was evidently not the steady state. The Zetas explain.

Smoke from B.C. Wildfires Blackens Sky in Northern Alberta
August 17, 2018
Several people in the Grande Prairie area shared photos on Twitter depicting a dark, eerie orange sky Friday morning and afternoon. The dark skies were caused by the B.C. wildfire smoke combining with normal rain clouds.

Canada Map Shows Just How Bad the Fires Are in B.C.
August 17, 2018
The B.C. government declared a provincial state of emergency earlier this week in light of the devastating wildfires that have engulfed the province in flames.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/31/2018: Certainly there are wildfires burning in British Colombia, to the west of the region in Alberta experiencing a time just after noon to be as dark as night. And certainly there are wildfires to the north, in Alberta. But was this extreme darkness due to smoke? Those in northern Alberta and northern British Colombia would have ascribed any darkness to smoke, as they are having heavy wildfires, but the area of Grand Prairie and Valley View in Alberta were not experiencing fires, thus the residents were alarmed enough to take photos.

What would cause such darkness at noon in central Alberta? The Daily Earth Wobble is known to tilt the Americas southward in what is called the Bounce Back from the previous day’s Polar Push. But these matters are not always smooth, resulting in a wobble too far at times, with adjustments. The Bounce Back on this day, August 17, went too far, and the globe compensated by flinging to the North. Thus, for a few hours, day became night for the puzzled residents of central Alberta.

7 of 10 Expedited

The history of the 7 of 10 plate movements started in 2010, when the Zetas laid out the Scripted Drama expected to occur. They predicted this would start by the end of 2010, and it did, in Indonesia. Then the pace seemed to pause, due to humming boxes which had been inserted by the Council of Worlds in 2011 to slow down the pace so that mankind could get a chance to learn the truth about Nibiru. Meanwhile, Fukushima altered the Zeta prediction on quakes in Japan triggering the New Madrid, and the humming boxes softened the strength of the European tsunami.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2010: The sequence of events is, thus:
* a tipping Indo-Australia Plate with Indonesia sinking,
* a folding Pacific allowing S America to roll,
* a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift allowing Africa to roll and the floor of the Mediterranean to drop,
* great quakes in Japan followed by the New Madrid adjustment,
* which is followed almost instantly by the tearing of the north Atlantic Rift with consequent European tsunami.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/18/2012: Why is the impact of plate movements being restrained, at present, when the Council of Worlds has ruled that the Pole Shift is a natural event not to be averted? The Council of Worlds wants the public to be aware of what is happening, what is pending, so that spiritual decisions can be made, the population having opportunity to evaluate the situation properly. Thus, temporarily, the pace of change here on Earth will be slowed, but not averted. Nor is the ultimate result or timeframe being changed.

Meanwhile, the 8 of 10 phase started, forced to overlap the 7 of 10 phase which had been delayed. The 8 of 10 encompassed events caused by the approach of Nibiru – increased visibility, an increased Earth Wobble, and resulting sociological turmoil. The Zetas predicted that the seasons would blend into one another, as had been recorded in China during the reign of Emperor Jie of Xia at the time of the last Pole Shift 3,600 years ago. Snow in Summer is increasingly occurring, and temperature swings caused by the wobble.

In the twenty-ninth year of King Jie, the Sun was dimmed. King Jie lacked virtue. The Sun was distressed. During the last years of Chieh ice formed in mornings and frosts in the sixth month. Heavy rainfall toppled temples and buildings. Heaven gave severe orders. The Sun and Moon were untimely. Hot and cold weather arrived in disorder. The five cereal crops withered and died.

In 2015 the Zetas estimated the percent of completion for the 7 of 10, but those percentages have crept up during the past three years. This Newsletter has frequently been updated with 7 of 10 progress, for both the S American roll and the African roll. The Zetas predicted that during the African roll, the Straits of Gibraltar would widen by 125 miles, and the gap between the Sinai Peninsula and the mainland would widen by 50 miles. Neither of those have occurred, as yet.

ZetaTalk Estimate 3/7/2015: It is not possible to just stop the 7 of 10 plate movements. The sinking of the Sunda Plate is now perhaps 93% complete (up from 70% two years ago), with regions inundated by sea water still excused as broken dykes or levees or excessive rain. The Pacific Plate has steadily compressed, with major quakes in Japan evident and the S American roll progressing to an estimated 27% at the current time (up from 13% two years ago). The African roll has barely started, now at an estimated 12% (up from 5% two years ago). At present, the New Madrid adjustment is perhaps at only 2%, but as the 7 of 10 movements will accelerate, this will now rapidly change. As we have stated, any tsunami striking Europe will be vastly reduced by the slowed pace of the New Madrid adjustment.

Earthquakes seem to have increased in size and frequency lately, with a magnitude 8.2 doozy hitting Fiji just a day or so after the Alberta dark-at-noon wobble. Is there a relationship to the wobble? Per the Zetas, the wobble jolts the Earth plates, expediting the 7 of 10 plate movements. But there was a slowdown between 2012 and 2018, due to the humming boxes inserted by the Council of Worlds along plate borders and fault lines. Now that the humming boxes have been stopped, what’s next?

Magnitude 8.2 Quake Strikes in the Pacific, no Damage Expected -USGS
August 19, 2018
A massive quake of magnitude 8.2 struck in the Pacific Ocean close to Fiji and Tonga on Sunday but it was so deep that it was not expected to cause any damage. The quake was 347.7 miles (560 km) below the Earth which would have dampened the shaking at the surface.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/31/2018: Now that the 7 of 10 plate movements appear to have been released from any restraint, and Nibiru is much closer than it would have been in 2011, what can the people of Earth expect? There is clearly a relationship between the jolts caused by the Daily Earth Wobble and the earthquakes that follow. On August 17 Alberta had sudden darkness at mid-day and a day later Fiji registered a massive magnitude 8.2 adjustment of the Indo-Australia Plate. This interaction will accelerate the 7 of 10 movements, allowing them to catch up and complete.

In 2015 we gave estimates of the progress, but there is little point in giving new percentages as they will be changing so rapidly. The recent uptick in quakes will not slow down, but if anything accelerate. But most startling to the populace will be the increased Earth Wobble, which is likely to reveal more than anything the presence of Nibiru, if only because there is no other explanation for a lurching Earth. As we have so often stated, the Earth Wobble can be unpredictable, going into opposition or a severe lean to the right and left, or even turning the globe upside down, temporarily.

Scripted Drama

August disasters have shown that the Scripted Drama described by the Zetas is picking up the pace. Where the N American continent seems almost immune from plate stress, per the Zetas big disasters await during the New Madrid adjustment. N America is being pulled into a bow, with the tips in Alaska and Mexico being pulled toward each other. Any bow pulled taut will find its tips most stressed by this stretch, with the center stressed by compression. Thus rock layers in the North Slope were pulled apart.

Alaska's North Slope Hit by Strongest Quake Noted in Region
August 12, 2018
Alaska's North Slope was hit Sunday by the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the region. The previous most powerful quake in the North Slope was in 1995 at magnitude 5.2.
A Magnitude 6.4 Quake Followed by Nearly 200 Aftershocks Strikes Alaska’s Oil-Producing North Slope
August 13, 2018
A magnitude 6.4 quake followed by nearly 200 aftershocks with one registering 6.0 on the Richter scale has struck Alaska's village of Kaktovik.

ZetaTalk Conclusion 8/31/2018: Why have quake swarms suddenly erupted on the North Slope of the Brooks Range in Alaska? We have described the Scripted Drama that is written in the geography, and the larger question should be why mountain ranges even exist in northern Alaska. This usually occurs where one plate is subducting under another, or the plates are being pressed together – thus the Ring of Fire. But the North Slope is not on a plate border. It is, however, along the Continental Divide for North America, but pressure from the Pacific plates forming this divide would express first in the mountain ranges closer to the Pacific.

Thus the quake swarms on the North Slope seem a puzzle. But consider the bowing stress the N American continent endures. Compression within the curve of the bow causes distress and mountain rumpling then results. The stretch along the outer edge of the bow causes separation of rock strata and then dropping bridges and cracking infrastructure result. The North Slope is directly on the bow, thus rock strata are pulled to the East on the Arctic side while the rumpled Brooks Mountain Range pulls to the West as the bow tightens. This drama will not end until the New Madrid adjustment breaks the bow.

Compared to the rest of the world, N America seems almost exempt from plate stress. Yes Quebec had road collapse on August 9 and Manhattan had a steam pipe burst on July 19 and the Tanger Outlets mall in Pennsylvania sank into a sinkhole on August 14 and Utah had a gas plant explosion on July 30 followed by a Texas gas line explosion on August 1 and a two-story parking garage collapsed in Dallas on July 31 and Mexico had more cracks open up in Villa de Arista on August 12 and in Cerro del Dongú on August 13. Meanwhile at the center of the bow, inland at the Cascadia Fault, land is deforming.

Geologists Find Anomalies, Pieces of Mantle Found Rising Under Cascadia Fault
July 25, 2018
The 620-mile subduction zone, which hasn’t experienced a massive lengthwise earthquake since 1700, is where the Juan de Fuca ocean plate dips under the North American continental plate. The fault zone stretches just offshore from northern Vancouver Island to Cape Mendocino in northern California. The mantle is rising under the southern Gorda deformation zone at the north edge of the San Andreas Fault and under the Olympic Peninsula and southern Vancouver Island.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the Scripted Drama played on in Bali and in Genoa, Italy and in Venezuela. Bali and Java are on the plate border between the Indo-Australian Plate and the Sunda Platelet, which is being pushed down to slide under the curve in the Indo-Australian Plate. In Genoa, a different drama is being played out as Italy is surrounded by plate borders and fault lines. As the African Roll progresses, Genoa is pulled to the East and pushed and pulled in a North-South direction, simultaneously. Disaster awaits. In Venezuela, where the S American Plate is rolling to the West, Trinidad is being pulled apart and Venezuela pushed over the Caribbean Plate.

Bali Rocked after 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Indonesia's Lombok Island
August 4, 2018
Authorities in Indonesia lifted a tsunami warning after a strong earthquake rocked the popular tourist mecca of Bali, leaving at least three people dead a week after another quake in the same region killed more than a dozen people. Just last week, a magnitude 6.4 quake hit Lombok, located just east of Bali, on July 29, killing 16 people. Hundreds of tourists were stranded on Mount Rinjani after the quake triggered a landslide, and more than 1,400 houses were damaged.

Death toll Rising in Italy Bridge Collapse amid Desperate Search for Survivors
August 15, 2018
Buildings under the bridge were damaged in the collapse and there is concern that the rest of the bridge could fall. Meanwhile, investigators tried to establish the cause of the collapse. Dozens of cars and three trucks fell about 150 feet to the ground when the Morandi Bridge collapsed.
"My God, my God!" Videos of the Collapse of a Bridge in Genoa
August 14, 2018
The collapse of the Morandi bridge, in Genoa, Italy. A section of the huge structure on the A10 motorway that crosses the Polcevera stream plunged into the void dragging several vehicles and leaving a huge amount of debris scattered around the place.

ZetaTalk Conclusion 8/31/2018: It should be no surprise that the Morandi Bridge in Genoa was pulled apart, but rather that it lasted this long, given the African Roll. As can be seen from maps of the plate and fault lines, the Adria Microplate to the North of Genoa pulls in one direction while the Eurasian Plate to the South of Genoa pulls in another. Mankind smugly builds his infrastructure assuming that the Earth plates and rock strata layers will remain in place, and expresses shock when the history written in the geography of the Earth reopens with yet another chapter. More to come as the African Roll progresses.