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Issue 627, Sunday October 7, 2018
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Point of Passage Refresher

The Zetas have described in great detail the twists and turns that Nibiru takes during its passage through the inner Solar System. The Earth and the other planets close to the Sun participate in the dance Nibiru does, as has been noted in looming Venus and Dark Twin photos and the many photos of the Nibiru complex over the past 15 years. In 2010 Kojima, a member of the Pole Shift ning, pieced together all the ZetaTalk statements about the Point of Passage into one massive chart. The ZetaTalk, as usual, correlates. Since this is convoluted and difficult to absorb at a glance, I am taking a refresher walk with Nibiru through the inner Solar System, step by step, below.

Orbit Halt: Starting at Point 1 (X1) the Earth encountered Nibiru in its path in late December, 2003. Nibiru had entered the inner solar system during 2003, from the direction of the Constellation Orion. As the Earth moved along in its orbit, it found Nibiru blocking its way. The Earth orbit halted, but the seasons have been maintained by benign aliens simulating the seasons, tilting the Earth back and forth. Only the location of the constellations in the night sky stand as proof.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/18/2005: As Nibiru proceeds, slowly, sliding around the Sun, it is pushing the Earth in front of it, as the Earth cannot escape this eddy flow. She stands, like deer in the heavy traffic lane, horrified but unable to move, frozen in the headlights. The Earth, trapped in the eddy flow in front of Nibiru, will be pushed back in her orbit into the Fall and eventually into the August position prior to the passage.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/3/2006: Since the Earth encountered Nibiru in her orbit on Dec 25, 2003, her orbit has stalled, as she encountered an elephant in the road at this point and could not pass. Nibiru had been plunging toward the Sun, rapidly entering the solar system in the short years prior to 2003 at a speed close to the speed of light. As Nibiru approached the Sun in early 2003, brilliant Second Sun sightings and photos were possible because the Earth was on the opposite side of the Sun from the approaching Nibiru, and thus sunlight was reflected off the dust cloud and bounced back toward Earth.

Eddy Flow: Between 2003 – 2009 (X2-X6) Nibiru moved past the Sun, within the orbit of Venus. The massive presence of Nibiru pushed the inner planets encountered – Venus and Earth – backwards in their orbits. The Earth’s Dark Twin came up behind the Earth in their shared orbit, and it and Venus often loomed close to the Earth as they were pushed closer together. As Nibiru squeezed this cluster of planets together, they became caught “in the cup” by the eddy flow of particles that flow from the Sun – the Solar Wind.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/3/2006: The eddy flow created by particles flowing coming from the Sun and thence around the sides of Nibiru trapped Earth in her stalled orbit, and held her there in front of Nibiru, no escape. As Nibiru proceeded past the Sun's S Pole in his sling orbit, he went within the orbit of Venus, and thus likewise trapped Venus in this eddy flow cup when she came round in her orbit to encounter Nibiru. The Earth's dark twin, sharing an orbit with Earth, joined this group of trapped planets within months, remaining behind the Earth, likewise stalled in their shared orbit, a dark hunk of black rock reflecting little light and thus essentially invisible to man. This has been the setup throughout 2004 and into 2005, the rapid plunge of Nibiru toward the Sun countered by the Repulsion Force into a slow creep past the Sun.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/5/2005: Currently, Nibiru is not quite at the mid-point between the Earth and the Sun, very close to the Ecliptic or the Sun’s middle, and consequently you cannot see it because it’s like a dull fuzz ball in front of the Sun and reflects back the light that hits the dust cloud so intensely that it’s a terrific glare. If you were on the Sun’s side, looking at it, you’d be blinded, but if you’re on the Earth side, looking at it, it looks like a gray fuzz ball.

270 Roll: As Nibiru continues past the Sun (X8), always rising from slightly below the Ecliptic to be above the Ecliptic, Nibiru is forced to roll in space to adjust its magnetic alignment with the Sun. The Sun has its magnetic N Pole pointed up, S Pole pointed down, regardless of whatever NASA might say about the Sun’s poles flipping every 11 years. Their own Ulysses probe disproved that. Thus Nibiru is rolling in space, resulting in its magnetic N Pole pointing at Earth. Earth attempts to pull away. This is where we are today.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/3/2010: It is clear that the Earth has pulled as far to the left as possible, to escape the magnetic hosing coming from the N Pole of Nibiru which is otherwise pointed toward the Earth. This hosing is what drives the Earth to flop on its side, lean to the left, and swing away into 3 days of darkness prior to rotation stoppage.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/3/2006: We have described the point where Nibiru pierces the Ecliptic, moving from alignment with the Sun's magnetic field where the lines go into the Sun's S Pole to alignment with the magnetic field where the lines come out from the Sun's N Pole as a time of 270° roll for Nibiru. It turns in place 180° to point its N Pole away from the Sun's S Pole, then stands upright at the Ecliptic. Lately it has been noted that Nibiru appears slightly to the right of the Sun, when sighted or captured on film. We explained that during this 270° roll, the N Pole of Nibiru swings round according to the retrograde rotation of Nibiru, clockwise, and thus the hose of magnetic particles coming from the N Pole of Nibiru emerges on the right side. This causes Earth to scuttle even faster backward in her orbit, to the left, to escape this hose of magnetic particles.

Last Weeks: The Last Weeks have been detailed by the Zetas as lasting 7.3 weeks, and including a Severe Wobble, a Lean to the Left, 3 Days of Darkness, 6 days of Sunrise West, a Slowing Rotation, a Stopped Rotation, and then the Pole Shift itself. The Last Weeks include both Venus and the Dark Twin escaping the eddy flow cup, and Nibiru’s second 270 Roll. During this time, Nibiru jumps back (X9) toward the Sun by the change in magnetic alignment with the Sun, and Earth, caught by the gravity tug of Nibiru, follows. The ZetaTalk Triangle is formed.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/4/2010: This is the start of the 7.3 week period we described, where it would be unmistakably visible to all on Earth. Venus escapes the cup. The Dark Twin escapes the cup. And the dance of many becomes a deadlock grip by Nibiru on the Earth. It is no longer an issue of the Earth wobble or temporary leans to the left of into opposition sufficing. This is twitching about, compared to the last weeks. If the years and months of the Earth wobble were the wrestlers positioning themselves at the edge of the mat, then the last weeks are full contact, and neither can let go of the other. In this, of course, Nibiru wins.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/15/1995: Thus Nibiru will come into the Earth's orbital plane not directly between the Earth and the Sun, but forward, somewhat closer to Nibiru's approach. When one is looking toward Orion, at this time, from above the Earth's orbital plane, the perspective human astronomers prefer, the Sun will be to the right. The Earth, Sun, and Nibiru will thus Form a Triangle in the Earth's orbital plane with a 23 degree angle at the Earth, an 18 degree angle at the Sun, and a 139 degree angle at Nibiru. It is at this point, essentially, that Nibiru is closest to the Earth, as with the angle of entry into the Earth's orbital plane being 32 degrees at this point. Nibiru essentially dives up through the Earth's orbital plane and quickly passes on.

Passage Point: At this point, the Last Weeks have commenced. Nibiru (X10) has been drawn closer to the Sun. Earth follows and is thus drawn closer to the Sun by 30 million miles. It is within 14 million miles of Nibiru. But per the Zetas, the two dozen major moons of Nibiru, those equivalent to our Earth Moon, stay within 5 million miles of Nibiru. Trash and debris, and the minor moons of Nibiru, continue to sling toward the Earth. The hour of the Pole Shift is upon the hapless Earth. What to do? Prepare!

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/17/2003: The 14 million miles referred to as the closest point during the Pole Shift includes those parts of the complex that would be considered devastating to the Earth, such as moon swirls and large debris. We have stated that the moons themselves will be at all times within 5 million miles of Nibiru, but large trash in the tail also pulls toward Earth, but this will come no closer than 14 million miles.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/3/2006: As the N Pole of Nibiru is swinging round, the Earth falls on its side, as we have described, the N Pole of Earth to the left in the extreme, thence rolling into the 3 days of darkness as Nibiru points its N Pole directly at Earth. This is a rapid and highly dramatic time for Earth, lasting but days at each stage.

7 of 10 Crunch

As the 7 of 10 plate movements jolt and grind along, no one in the media is connecting the dots. Certainly no one is pointing to Nibiru, so increasingly obvious in the skies. Where the New Madrid adjustment has not relieved the tension in the N American continent as yet, the tension of the bow stress placed upon the N American continent is obvious. Combined with the steadily rolling S American Plate, which pushes the Caribbean Plate and Mexico and Central America to the west, the land cracks in Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, and Mexico almost simultaneously ripping open stand as evidence.

Panama: The Road Sinks and Cracks in Breñón
September 24, 2018
More than 350 people are cut off because the road leading to this community sank 50 meters and the land separated.
Geological Failures Prey on Settlers in the West of the Country
September 15, 2018
The problem that has its origin in geological faults, has destroyed a lake section of the road that connects to the border with Guatemala and El Salvador, as well as to Ocotepeque. A number of 68 homes of the inhabitants of this area were also affected.
Colombia: Geological Fault Threatens to Disappear from the Map to the Municipality of San Eduardo in Boyacá
September 24, 2018
The heavy rains reactivated the geological fault that crosses part of the municipality causing a gigantic landslide. The displacement of mass has left large cracks affecting homes in the area, the aqueduct, the connection networks of the electrical system and several roads that connect the paths with the urban area of ??the municipality.

Mexico: The Cracking and Landslide that Occurs in the Municipality of San Marcos Arteaga
September 21, 2018
These cracks have already consumed one more house, and they fear that by the address in which they are presented they will reach the homes of the population center.
Mexico: The Land Opens in the Town of Milpillas
September 21, 2018
A crack of at least 300 linear meters was generated in the town of Milpillas. The preliminary report is that this crack occurred due to the softening of the earth, caused by recent rains. Other reports maintain that it could have originated due to the impact of a lightning bolt. The crack is one meter wide and at least 5 deep.

As S America appears to be accelerating its roll, the sinking of the Sunda Plate in Indonesia is completing. The Indo-Australian Plate it tilted and pushed under the Himalayas, forcing India down and causing flooding in Bangladesh and in the lowlands of India. This tilt and push ruptures the plate border along Indonesia, popping New Zealand and eastern Australia up and allowing the Sunda Plate to be pushed down. Beyond the many aftershocks of the recent Sulawesi quake and the associated tsunami is the big picture – the 7 of 10 plate movements which caused the tsunami.

At least 384 People Killed after Quake & Massive Tsunami ravage Indonesian Island
September 29, 2018
A large bridge over a coastal river in Palu collapsed and was reduced to debris.
Almost 30 strong Aftershocks including one Magnitude 6.7 Strike Indonesia after Massive Mag 7.7 quake and Deadly Tsunami kill Hundreds
September 29, 2018
More than 380 people have been confirmed dead after a tsunami triggered by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit an Indonesian city.
5ft Tsunami Unleashes Terrifying Waves that tear through Indonesian city after 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes
September 28, 2018
A 6.1 magnitude quake hit Indonesia's densely populated Sulawesi region, quickly followed by even fiercer 7.5 magnitude tremors which caused the tidal wave. Houses have been swept away and people reported missing as the waves struck Palu and another city, Donggal.

Indonesia Tsunami Sensors missed Huge Waves
September 29, 2018
The quake was recorded as a "strike-slip" event where neighbouring tectonic plates move horizontally against each other, rather than vertically, which is what usually generates a tsunami. The narrow bay may have concentrated the force of the waves as they moved toward the shore.

ZetaTalk Analysis 9/30/2018: The Sunda Platelet, that portion of the Eurasian Plate that holds Indonesia and snuggles down into the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate, is under great pressure. The great Pacific is pushing in from the East. The Indo-Australian Plate is tilting in the West, and in all of this the Sunda Platelet is the loser. Geologists are accustomed to looking at the Sunda dynamics as though this were a static situation, not part of the 7 of 10 plate movements we have described and predicted. Thus what looks like broad, stable, and flat ocean bottoms are assumed to continue. They do not.

Compression will take the path of least resistance. We have described thin places in a crust as being shown by river bottoms, as the thin crust sags and thus water pools and flows at the lowest elevation. These dynamics can be seen underwater also. Note that on the Sunda Platelet there are regions where the Banda Sea and Celebes Sea show deep water, with a compression ridge in the Arafura Sea where the ocean floor is being pushed down. Palu experienced tsunami because the water was deep there, due to thin crust in the bay. This caused tidal bore in the narrowing bay.

Ode to the Junkman

The Zetas have stated that the Pole Shift will be a great leveler, reducing the wealthy to the level of the common man. Money will become worthless, and those who know how to build survival shelters from junk, build houseboats from junk, harvest the wind via windmills made from junk, and shelter their free ranging chickens and carefully tended gardens with junk will be the survivors. During this, the homeless, those living on the streets, may be counselors to the shocked survivors who have lost all. They, after all, have been living like this all along.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/31/2004: We have mentioned that the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, will fare better during the coming changes because they will not grieve for lost possessions, and already being at the bottom of life’s ladder, will find themselves suddenly counseling others on how to survive. We have mentioned that the coming changes, the pole shift, is a great leveler, putting the formerly wealthy on the streets and in desperation, and the formerly homeless in a larger junk yard from which to build a hovel.

Do we have role models to follow, today? Accomplished junkmen are sometimes depicted in the movies, for instance in the movie Waterworld, where the group seeking “dry land” takes off in an air balloon composed, no doubt, from shark and whale skins stitched together or from whatever has been dredged up from the bottom of the ocean. Houseboat living is featured, with container gardening and fishing and distillation of drinking water. Houseboat communities are also featured, surviving on methane gas. All from junk.

Those living on land will find the hurricane force winds have tossed their houses about, and the worldwide magnitude 9 earthquakes have leveled bridges and torn roadways and permanently prevented distribution of any goods. Petrol products will be quickly consumed by generators and off-road vehicles, and then these too will be idle. Those who know how to rebuild shelters from trash, as depicted in Issue 383 of this newsletter, and construct windmills from trash as depicted in Issue 306 will find that life goes on, but not for the wealthy. Their stocks and bonds and jewelry will be worthless.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: What is money? A medium of exchange. Something of consistent value, or at least stable value, which allows the barter system to take place in a more abstract manner.  However, the existence of money, which has been called the root of all evil, supports activities that give no value in and of themselves. The principal beneficiaries of money gambling arenas are those already wealthy, who hire clever gamblers who in the main stop at nothing to succeed. The laws governing this activity do not stop lies, theft, or evasion of regulation. This is due to the pressure and inducements that the wealthy place on legislators. The little guy loses, again.