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Issue 644, Sunday February 3, 2019
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Shutdown Agendas

The failure of Congress to produce a budget that President Trump is willing to sign forced the US government into a Shutdown on December 18, 2018. This resulted in a Reduction in Force, a temporary layoff without pay for about 800,000 employees. The sticking point was funding for a wall, or fence, on the Southern Border with Mexico. Trump insisted on a modest $5.7 billion but Pelosi and Schumer were refusing even a penny, on principle. This despite Democrats willingly funding border walls in the past.

Did Democrats Reverse Border Wall Position after Donald Trump was Elected?
January 9, 2019
Just over half of Democrats in the Senate voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which was signed into law by President George W. Bush, including then-Sens. Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton. Most Democrats in the House voted against it, including Rep. Nancy Pelosi. The law authorized a fence along about 700 miles of the border between the U.S.-Mexico border. By 2015, U.S. Customs and Border Protection had constructed 654 miles of fencing.
Everything you Need to Know about the Government Shutdown
January 18, 2018
Of the about 800,000 employees in the nine Cabinet departments and various smaller agencies whose funding has lapsed, about 380,000 have been furloughed without pay while the rest are still working without pay.

Another oddity about the Shutdown was that President Trump appeared to have the funds and means for construction of a wall. He could take the funds from the Department of Defense budget, where $25 billion was placed into a construction category, and have the military construct the wall. He has also stated he could reallocate hurricane relief funds for prior hurricane damage in Puerto Rico and the Gulf. This fund totals $14 billion. However, both these routes require that Trump declare a National Emergency.

Trump Mulling Use of Disaster Aid to Fund Border Wall; Puerto Rico Governor Fires Back
January 13, 2019
The White House has directed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to examine the possibility of using for border wall construction $13.9 billion the corps received in a February 2018 disaster relief bill. The money was earmarked for relief measures for Puerto Rico and California, Florida, Texas and other hard-hit states. The diversion plan is being presented as an option to the president and may not be implemented.
Trump Seeking Border Wall Funds from other Agencies’ Budgets
December 19, 2019
Congress would have to approve any money that “reprogrammed” from its original appropriated purpose.
Mattis, Trump Discuss using Military funds for Border Wall
March 29, 2019
President Trump signed the $1.3 trillion budget into law. The bill provides $700 billion in 2018 and $716 billion in 2019 to the Defense Department, money Mattis and the service chiefs have repeatedly emphasized is critical to rebuilding military readiness and lethality. Trump suggested that part of the Pentagon’s new-found wealth could be used for the wall. Military readiness would be hurt if DoD has to cut $25 billion from its spending plan to pay for the wall, instead of using those funds for DoD priorities, such as buying new aircraft to replace aging aircraft and increasing the size of the Navy.

Is there more to the Shutdown than appears on its face? Many Q forums have been abuzz about the possibility of gutting the Deep State via this Shutdown, as when it goes past the first 30 days, a second furlough is set in motion whereby employees can be terminated not based on seniority but based on productivity and need. A reorganization plan would be needed as a guideline. In preparation for such an eradication of formerly intractable Deep State actors, Trump’s EO of January 23, 2019 is preventing any workarounds such as new positions or new hires.

More than a Government Shutdown?
January 18, 2019
On 01.22.2019 “Reduction in Force” law activates allowing permanent layoffs of federal employees, i.e Dem Socialists/Resistance. Normally, full-time federal employees, saboteurs or not, are nearly impossible to fire.
Trump's Shutdown Trap?
January 15, 2019
Has President Trump suckered Democrats and the Deep State into a trap that will enable a radical downsizing of the federal bureaucracy? A lot of procedures must be followed, and merit is the last consideration, but based on the criteria above, employees already furloughed can be laid off once they have been furloughed for 30 days or 22 work days.
Rules on Federal Government Furloughs
Agencies must follow RIF procedures when furloughing employees for 31 or more continuous calendar days, or for 23 or more discontinuous work days. The complete RIF procedures must be followed, including a minimum 60 days specific written notice of the RIF furlough action.

Is there more afoot than a means to gut the Deep State collecting government salaries? There is that odd tweet from Donna Brazile, implying that the MLK weekend would see Pelosi transformed from Speaker of the House to President over the MLK weekend, the time frame when Pelosi was going to be out of the country. Was a coup planned? Did the arrest on January 17 of an ISIS bomber intent on blowing up the White House relate? Were Pelosi and Shiff wanting to be out of DC on January 17 during the turmoil to avoid arrest for treason? What did they know, and what were their roles? Afghanistan does not have an extradition treaty with the US.

Trump Cancels Nancy Pelosi Foreign Trip citing Shutdown
January 18, 2019
US President Donald Trump has postponed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's upcoming trip to Brussels and Afghanistan, asking her to stay to negotiate an end to the partial US government shutdown.
FBI Arrest ISIL Supporter who Planned to Attack White House with Anti-Tank Rocket
January 17, 2019
An American supporter of the Islamic State has been arrested after he plotted to blow a hole in the White House with an anti-tank rocket and storm the building. He had been watched since March. In December Taheb met with an undercover agent and, according to court documents, he showed the agent "a hand-drawn diagram of the ground floor of the West Wing of the White House" and "described his plan for attacking the West Wing."

The pointed tweets by insider Donna Brazile continue. Days later another implying assassination. Oh, on the surface, about a $15/hour minimum wage, perhaps, but President Lincoln was assassinated, and Hamilton was killed in a duel by VP Burr. The duel ultimately ended the career of VP Burr. Thus, Brazile’s tweet is in essence saying – kill the President and destroy the VP! The Zetas explain.

Burr-Hamilton Duel
Vice President Burr shot Hamilton, delivering what proved to be a fatal wound. Hamilton's shot broke a tree branch directly above Burr's head. Burr survived the duel and was indicted for murder in both New York and New Jersey, though these charges were later either dismissed or resulted in acquittal. The harsh criticism and animosity directed toward him following the duel brought an end to his political career.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/31/2019: It is no coincidence that Pelosi and Shiff were planning to be out of town, and out of the country in a country without an extradition treaty, on the very day of a planned attack on the White House. President Trump had been notably sticking to the White House during the shutdown, a lure they could not resist. This was a broad coup plan, with more than the ISIL member in Atlanta staged to attack the White House, as the coup plans had been learned and infiltrated with military and intel agents. It had become a sting operation.

The plan was to devastate the White House and kill President Trump, and simultaneously do away with VP Pence. The plot required that the saboteurs have confidence that their military cohorts would provide cover, and block the Secret Service. Just as 911 was blamed on 19 Arabs with box cutters, this coup was to be blamed on a clumsy ISIL member from Atlanta. Then Pelosi would by default become the President, as Brazile noted in her tweet. Pelosi and Shiff were to be blame free and safe in Belgium or Afghanistan. In case they were implicated in a treason charge, they could remain at large.

Does the timing of this coup attempt relate to the shutdown ongoing? Yes, in that the saboteurs assumed a disgruntled Secret Service would be negligent and a disgruntled public would be sympathetic. This is the reason Pelosi was so adamant about not giving a penny toward the wall. She gauged that Trump would bull up and stick to his demands, which he did, as he knew it was his role during the sting operation. A secondary benefit of the shutdown is the draconian reduction in the Deep State. A gradual call-back of only productive workers will now proceed. A two for one win for the Transformation Team!

Meanwhile, the threat of a shutdown continues, even with a three week continuing resolution. Though government workers will have their deferred paychecks based on laws both Pelosi and Trump signed into action, the threat of another shutdown looms. Will President Trump declare a National Emergency to force funding for the Wall? The rumor mill reports that this is pending, but any move by Trump would surely be entangled in court. It increasingly looks like forcing Congress to fund the Wall is the only outcome. But a game of chess is in process!

White House Preparing Draft National Emergency Order
January 24, 2019
The White House is preparing a draft proclamation for President Donald Trump to declare a national emergency along the southern border and has identified more than $7 billion in potential funds for his signature border wall should he go that route. According to options being considered, the administration could pull: $681 million from Treasury forfeiture funds, $3.6 billion in military construction, $3 billion in Pentagon civil works funds, and $200 million in Department of Homeland Security funds.
If President Trump Tries to Declare a National Emergency to Build the Wall the Democrats Plan to Use Lawsuits to keep it from Ever Being Built
January 25, 2019
Using a national emergency to build the wall sounds like a simple solution to a lot of people, but the truth is that it would be a legal nightmare. Democrats would likely invoke the Antideficiency Act.
The Problem with the President Seeking Border Wall Funding without Congress
January 19, 2019
Simply stated, this is the law that says money appropriated by Congress cannot be spent in advance or in excess of a congressional appropriation. In effect this means funds may only be used to pay for the item or action for which the money was specifically appropriated.

Sneaker Quakes

Most often plate movements are revealed by violent earthquake jolts and the tsunami that follow. Plates can push against each other or pull apart, or slide past each other or rise and drop where they touch. But all of this usually results in a jolt, and where water is affected, a tsunami. But the Zetas have warned that as the rough edges along plate borders are smoothed, that plate movement may become silent. How then is man to know that this plate movement is occurring?

ZetaTalk Warning 12/15/2006: And after months and years of this type of tugging, the edges of the plates have worn smooth, rock fingers breaking off, so rapid and dramatic movements of the plates are now possible. The quakes are quickening.

ZetaTalk Warning 2/23/2008: We have repeatedly stated that earthquakes are no longer increasing on a linear basis, but are increasing on something more akin to an exponential basis. We have mentioned that the plates have their edges smoothed, and can thus move further during any adjustment.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/27/2014: Where sliding rock strata has been worn smooth via constant subduction, the results on the surface may be minimal. Where subduction has been occurring regularly on one side, the rock surfaces are smooth and the adjustment is felt as a series of slight jolts, grip and release. Where the subduction is pressing inland on the other side, under virgin land, the top layer can be carried virtually unaffected or can be terribly rumpled, depending upon its rock and soil characteristics.

A recent event in Portland, Oregon on December 19 shows a silent plate subduction where the Juan de Fuca pushed under the West Coast of the N American continent. An otherwise calm river showed signs of high wave action, captured on film by a Portland native. Just a couple weeks earlier there had been an undeniable UFO display in the same Portland location, and it seems to relate. The Zetas explain why the residents of Portland were being warmed.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/31/2019: The stationary UFO display in early January was warning Portland residents to be alert to a sudden and unexplained influx of water from the Columbia River, its coastal river. This then happened a few weeks later. The Columbia and Willamette Rivers merge at Portland, which is the branch depicted in the UFO display. Portland is the first city along this coastal access, and thus would be the first hit by any silent subduction of the Juan de Fuca Plate. We warned that the rough edges on plates sliding over, under, and past each other were becoming worn smooth, and thus the jolt of earthquakes might be absent during plate movements. This is an example!

In Russian’s Far East, on the plate border between the great Eurasian Plate and the N American Plate, a mountain suddenly and inexplicably slid into the nearby Bureya River, blocking it completely. There was no torrential rainstorm to melt the soil, no jiggling earthquakes to nudge a landslide along. There was a 7.4 quake east of Kamchatka on December 20, just a day after the Portland waves, but not where the landslide occurred. Right on the plate border on the Amur Platelet just west of the prong of the N American Plate that refuses to break off, per the Zetas. Thus there was a silent quake under that region, enough to block a river.

Putin Drafts in Army after Siberian Mountain 'Collapses'
January 13, 2019
Whatever the cause, the event resulted in a massive rockfall which has blocked the nearby Bureya river, and left several villages at risk of flooding.
Strange Movement of Landmass Blocks Remote Russian River - locals Speculate Landslide or Meteor?
December 24, 2018
The video was reportedly filmed in a remote area near the Bureya River in Khabarovsk Region of the Russia's Far East. It shows large chunks of land mass completely blocking the frozen river.
A Large Hill Crashes into the Bureya River caused by 'a Meteorite'
December 25, 2018
Aleksei Makhinov, regional chairman of the Russian Geographic Society, suggested it was a landslide possibly caused by seismic activity.

S Pole Visibility

The Zetas have long described the path of Nibiru through the Solar System as one where Nibiru approaches from south of the Ecliptic and exits north of the Ecliptic. Thus the view from the S Pole often shows more of the Nibiru complex. In 2012, as detailed in Issue 303 of this Newsletter, clear evidence of an orb near the Sun was captured on film at the Neumayer Station. These are not lens flares, which move as the camera moves. This orb is stationary.

Now another video, showing an unmistakable Nibiru, has arrived. This video is 360 around, the cam following the Sun as the globe rotates directly above the S Pole Station, registering the view for a full 24 hours. Note that where Nibiru is seen at the 4 o’clock position in the Northern Hemisphere, it is at the 11 o’clock position in the Southern Hemisphere, because locationwise, people there are standing upside down. In other words, the location of Nibiru changes depending upon one’s view.

South Pole Station Webcams
The South Pole station is one of three year-around stations operated by the National Science Foundation (NSF). South Pole Station sits at the Earth's axis.

ZetaTalk Description 1/31/2018: Nibiru is normally sighted from the temperate regions in the Northern Hemisphere at the 4 o’clock position to the Sun. But in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Brazil, it is found at the 11 o’clock position. This is because the view of the Sun torques, depending upon the angle of the viewer.

But as has been true since 2002, Nibiru has been in view from the Northern Hemisphere. It is so big, and real, one can almost reach out and touch it, especially when viewed through a filter for light in the red spectrum such as Alberto uses. There stands the monster, with its two dominant Moon Swirls on either side, like shoulder pads.