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Issue 675, Sunday September 8, 2019
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London Bridge Down

Is Queen Elizabeth dead? The code word for such a situation is “London Bridge”, and per a BBC reporter on the Internet, speculation is rampant that a “Bridge” event is about to occur, the Queen or some other royal. The Queen appears in perfect health, but her consort Philip looks ghastly at 96 years of age, with sunken black eyes. Then there is Prince Andrew, accused of hanging out with Epstein and shamed in the news. But one solid insider, the Dark Judge, asserted in mid-July that the Queen had been given an execution date, and 30 days later had been executed. The real Queen joked with President Trump on June 3 but a double was used on August 23 in Scotland.

Operation London Bridge
Operation London Bridge has been a codename that referred to the plan for what will happen in the days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The Foreign Office's Global Response Centre, based at a secret location in London, will communicate the news to the governments of the fifteen other countries of which the Queen was head of state (the Commonwealth realms), and to the governments of the other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The Queen Gathers her Family Together at Balmoral for their Scottish Summer Break
August 23, 2019
The Queen, wearing a tartan kilt, woolen jumper and dark green sleeveless coat, was seen getting into her own vehicle to drive around the estate.
Full Video: Trump, Queen Elizabeth II Exchange Toasts at State Dinner
June 3, 2019
Mr President, I am delighted to welcome you and Mrs. Trump to Buckingham Palace this evening, just 12 months after our first meeting at Windsor.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/31/2019: Queen Elizabeth was scheduled to be executed by the military Tribunals which are taking place in the US and the UK. These Tribunals confiscated the Queen’s illicit funds in December of 2016, as noted in Nancy’s Newsletter. As noted by an insider, her death sentence for numerous crimes was issued July 13, and 30 days later enforced. What crimes has the Queen, personally, been guilty of? The Queen had Diana killed because Diana had learned of the Epstein blackmail scheme - Netanyahu and his Khazarian banking empire at the helm. The Queen, as part of the Nazi bloodline, the Illuminati control, was fully involved, and this included child sacrifice, which she condoned.

Queen Elizabeth was confident that due to her high position, and very public presence, that she would be spared and allowed to live out her life in luxury. But military Tribunals rise above political posturing or the power any royalty might assume. Tribunal executions are in full swing, and to send a strong message to those who were formerly blackmailed into cooperation with Satan worshipers, the very top leadership is demonstrably executed. The double being trotted out as the Queen has many flaws, so is obvious.

Now what. There are well established steps to be taken when the Queen dies, so a public announcement is not first on the list. Commonwealth nations are first to be informed. Prince Phillip and Prince Charles, the eldest son, are unlikely to take charge due to age so will abdicate. Prince Andrew is embroiled in scandal. William and Kate hope to be chosen to “rule”. How long the truth is withheld from the public will depend on how quickly an excuse for the Queen’s death can be concocted.

As with most cases where there is a vested interest in the status quo, the Queen’s death is likely to be withheld from the public for a long time, perhaps even beyond the time of the coming Pole Shift when royalty no longer matters. Clearly the public is to be fooled. Just 3 days after first seen in Scotland, by August 26 the double was being presented as the Queen, “Pretty in Pink” and available for photos. Few were fooled, but the ruse will go on. Meanwhile, the new “Queen” is being very cooperative with Boris and the UK Junta in charge.

Pretty in Pink! The Queen brings a Splash of Colour to Proceedings as she joins Kate Middleton and Prince William as they head to a Church near Balmoral Castle
August 26, 2019
Her Majesty, 93, opted for a bright pink outfit and matching hat as she continued her summer holidays.

The Queen Agrees to let Boris Johnson shut down Parliament and Thwart Corbyn’s Anti-Brexit Plot
August 30, 2019
The Queen has approved Boris Johnson’s bombshell request to suspend Parliament and stop Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to block No Deal Brexit. Her Majesty met with members of Privy Council today at Balmoral and an order to prorogue Parliament between September 9 to October 14 was given the green light this afternoon.

Speaking of doubles, who is that giving interviews as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and participating on Supreme Court findings from the privacy of her chambers, reading transcripts and sending forth her law clerks with written texts? After breaking ribs during a tumble in late 2018 and being hospitalized with lung cancer surgery, there was a rumor that Ginsberg was in an induced coma in a nursing home in Nevada. But after a defiant Ginsburg gave an interview on January 2, she was seldom seen. An obvious double had emerged without the distinctive raised vein on the left hand side of the forehead.

Whistleblower: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is “Deathly Ill” and in a “Medically Induced Coma” – Fears “Massive Unrest” once Public Finds out the Truth
January 28, 2019
A source who identifies herself as “Lindsey B.” has taken to image board 8ch to share a dire message about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “Ruth is not dead, like others have suggested. She is in a medically induced coma at an undisclosed location. Ruth is deathly ill with pneumonia and has multiple infections related to her recent lung cancer surgery and the accident that fractured her ribs. Big players on the Democrat side of things are doing everything they can to cover this up and keep Ruth out of the spotlight and alive (through life support, if necessary). They do not want, under any circumstances, Trump picking another justice to serve on the SCOTUS."
Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes first Public Appearance since Surgery
February 4, 2019
The iconic liberal justice, 85, was released from the hospital in late December following surgery to remove two cancerous nodules from her left lung. While recovering from the surgery, she did not attend oral arguments in person at the start of the new year. As she continued to recuperate, the Supreme Court confirmed there was "no evidence of remaining disease" nor was there a need for further treatment. In addition to missing in-person oral arguments before the court, Ginsburg canceled two events scheduled for late January and early February. The court has not said whether Ginsburg will attend President Donald Trump's State of the Union address, but it is not expected, given that she has missed Trump's previous addresses to Congress.

What was Ginsburg’s crime? In 2016, when classified emails were discovered on a server in Hillary’s bathroom, the DOJ under Loretta Lynch concluded she should not be prosecuted.  There was that famous tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Lynch. The deal was that Lynch would get Ginsburg’s seat if she would squelch prosecution of Hillary, and Ginsburg had agreed. Per the enigmatic Q, this was illegal on many fronts, and the Tribunals agreed. Perhaps the latest “pancreatic cancer” is a step toward allowing Ginsburg to die, in the public eye. Game over.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent 3 Weeks Radiation for “Malignant” Tumor Discovered on her Pancreas
August 23, 2019
The US Supreme Court disclosed Friday that Ginsburg received treatment this summer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. The treatment included the insertion of a stent in Ginsburg’s bile duct, according to a statement by the court. Ginsburg in December of 2018 also had surgery to remove cancer from her left lung. Ginsburg was wobbly after her hospital visit.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 86, Leans on U.S. Marshal after leaving Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in NYC as it's Revealed she Completed Three Weeks of Radiation Treatment for Cancerous Tumor found on her Pancreas
August 23, 2019
She was seen being helped up the steps into a private residence by a U.S. Marshal after her appointment while another carried her backpack. Ginsburg has been diagnosed with cancer three times already, colon cancer in 1999, pancreatic cancer in 2009 and lung cancer in 2018.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/31/2019: Q had predicted that Ginsburg was in trouble because she had conspired with the Hillary crowd to protect Hillary from indictment by promising to free her seat on the Court for Loretta Lynch. Such open collusion for political reasons is illegal, though can seldom be proven, but as Q states, they “have it all”. The tarmac meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton was recorded, in full, and SCOTUS is likewise fully monitored. There are no secrets. As reported by insiders, Ginsburg was executed in late January, after having attempted to evade her sentence by a stint in a private nursing home.

Her death and replacement with a double can be seen by a distinctive “tell” in the recent photos, where a prominent vein across the left side of the forehead is missing in the double. Ginsburg has supposedly participated in cases before the Court from chambers, reviewing transcripts and relying upon her law clerks. Is this legal, and is the Court liable for such fakery? Law clerks write many of the findings of the SCOTUS judges, so this is not improper, per se. Court decisions since January have either returned the case to the lower courts or left existing law standing.

Chief Justice Roberts did report to Trump that Ginsburg was dead, so is not liable for fraud. Since Ginsburg was executed by a Tribunal decision, as with the McCain execution, there has been a determination to keep the circumstances from the public. Both were guilty of treason, McCain assisting ISIS, a US enemy, and Ginsburg subverting the law. The false story of yet another pancreatic cancer is setting the stage for her “death”, now that the 2020 Democrats have essentially selected Biden as their nominee.

Amazon Burning

To the horror of the world, the Amazon is burning. The rainforests are considered one of the main oxygenators of the planet. Will we all be struggling for breath? What person in their right mind would set the Amazon ablaze? Apparently, that person is the new Brazil President – Bolsonaro. Determined to develop infrastructure and promote farming in Brazil’s heartland, Bolsonaro encouraged burn off of the underbrush, and set the Amazon ablaze. Short sighted? Greedy? Foolish? Yes.

Sao Paulo Shrouded in Darkness as Amazon Rainforest Continues to Burn
August 20, 2019
In the middle of the afternoon the Brazillian city of Sao Paulo suddenly descended into darkness. According to data released by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) earlier this week, forest fires in Brazil have risen by more than 80 per cent this year. INPE said the large number of wildfires could not be attributed to the dry season or natural phenomena alone.
The Amazon Forest is Burning so Badly that Brazil’s Largest City, Sao Paulo, Was Plunged into Darkness in the Middle of the Day
August 21, 2019
The smoke of the deforestation fires not only plunged São Paulo into darkness but was also visible from space by NASA satellites. A record number of wildfires have torched the Amazon this year as deforestation efforts increase under Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.
Brazil's Bolsonaro—Outspoken Proponent of Deforestation—Denounced as 'Sick' and 'Pathetic' for Blaming Amazon Forest Fires on NGOs
August 21, 2019
The Amazon rain forest—the lungs of the world—have been on fire for several weeks, and Brazil's right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro suggested, without evidence, that the fires were started by non-governmental organizations. A Pataxó woman expressed anguish as she pointed to the destruction the fires have brought, which she blamed on deforestation for cattle ranching—a practice Bolsonaro has actively encouraged. The deforestation has gone into overdrive since Bolsonaro's election.

Global Worry over Amazon Fires Escalates; Bolsonaro Defiant
August 23, 2019
French President Emmanuel Macron called the wildfires an international crisis and said the leaders of the Group of 7 nations should hold urgent discussions about them at their summit in France. Bolsonaro, who has said he wants to convert land for cattle pastures and soybean farms, won office after channeling outrage over the corruption scandals of the former government.
Leaked Documents Show Brazil’s President Has Grave Plans for Amazon Rainforest
August 21, 2019
Development projects must be implemented on the Amazon basin. To do this, it is necessary to build the Trombetas River hydroelectric plant, the Óbidos bridge over the Amazon River, and the implementation of the BR-163 highway to the border with Suriname.
Jair Bolsonaro
Brazilian politician who was elected president of Brazil in October 2018. A right-wing nationalist, law-and-order advocate, and former army captain who expressed admiration for the military government that ruled Brazil from 1964 to 1985, Bolsonaro came into office on a wave of populist antiestablishment indignation stirred by the massive Petrobras scandal that had tainted much of the country’s political class. Accused of financial accounting improprieties, Rousseff was impeached and removed from office. Her successor, Michel Temer, was likewise the target of accusations of wrongdoing and saw his public approval rating shrink to single digits. At the same time, violence and crime in Brazil spiked.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/31/2019: The Amazon is burning because of a Perfect Storm caused by a number of factors. These fires were not set by saboteurs wanting to embarrass the new President Bolsonaro. Thus, sabotage is not a factor. Bolsonaro came into power in October, 2018, so this is the first annual burning season under his regime. The farmers in Brazil normally use May-August as a time to clear brush off their land by controlled burns. Encouraged by Bolsonaro’s rhetoric and policies, they have been energized and have taken on more ambitious goals.

Emboldened by his new-found power and driven by greed, Bolsonaro engaged on a campaign to create a highly industrialized nation from the Amazon jungle, laying out a plan to construct the infrastructure in the jungles of Brazil. Myopic and determined, Bolsonaro ignored the drought Brazil had been suffering for several years. The underbrush was dry, and once lit to clear space for his infrastructure design and clear lands for the farmers he was encouraging, the fires refused to be stopped.

This is unlikely to abate before the annual rainy season returns in October. Meanwhile, any political capital Bolsonaro may have made as a new President promising to reverse the corruption of the leftists in the past regime will have vanished. Fortunately for Planet Earth, the great oxygenators of the globe have been revitalized. Most of Earth’s oxygen comes from the green forests within the oceans, and they are now rebounding because of the red dust from the tail of Nibiru. It is not just the Humpback whales that will benefit.


Poor little Fedor, complete with knee pads as he approached the ISS, could not dock on the first attempt because, being a robot, he was not operating with a full set of maneuvers. A manual docking was not among them. The Zetas have repeatedly stressed that the ISS should go on automatic, bringing the poor astronauts home, as the ISS will increasingly get threatened by debris in Nibiru’s vast tail. Russia obviously agrees.

Soyuz Spacecraft with Russian Humanoid Robot Fedor on Board Fails to Dock with ISS on Schedule
August 24, 2019
The uncrewed Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft, carrying Russian humanoid robot FEDOR, also known as Skybot F-850, has failed to dock with the International Space Station on schedule.
‘He Feels Good’: Humanoid Robot Fedor Safe despite ISS Docking Abort in Space
August 24, 2019
An unmanned Soyuz MS-14, carrying supplies and the anthropomorphic robot Skybot F-850 –otherwise known as Fedor– failed to dock with the International Space Station (ISS). Roscosmos engineers believed that that a faulty rendezvous system, known as Kurs, was to blame for the failure. The system aligns an approaching craft with the station and performs an automated docking. If it fails on a Soyuz, its crew can take the controls and dock manually, which was done several times in the past. But this time, there was no one on board except for Fedor.
‘Stuck in Traffic’: Soyuz Manned by Russian Robot Fedor Docks at ISS on 2nd Attempt
August 27, 2019
The unmanned Soyuz MS-14, carrying supplies and Fedor, a humanoid robot, has successfully docked at the International Space Station (ISS) after the first attempt went awry due to a technical glitch. The ISS crew had two days to fix the flaw. They did so by relocating the Soyuz MS-13 spacecraft that was already at the station to another dock, thus freeing a fully functioning dock for Fedor’s second try. Formally known as Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research, the robot is about 190cm (6.2 feet) tall and weighs some 160kg (350 pounds).

ZetaTalk Comment 8/31/2019: We predicted almost a year ago that the ISS would be disbanded and left under automatic control. Once again, the Russians lead, providing Fedor so that any potential blocks to the process can be discovered and corrected. We have stated that Heads of State have long been informed that January, 2021 would be the point where Nibiru could no longer be denied. This was a human computation, what the establishment presumed, but Nibiru and the Earth changes are not under their direction.

The Nibiru complex is visible, naked eye, during the day. The Daily Earth Wobble has displaced the location of the sunrise and sunset, a matter the establishment cannot even address.  The seasons have begun to blend into one another. The increase in volcanic activity cannot be disguised or denied, though the media avoids the subject. And comparisons to the End Times is increasingly under discussion among the worried public who senses they are not being told the truth. For the ISS to go under robotic control will not, thus, be an admission but a relief to all.