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Issue 696, Sunday February 2, 2020
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Dance of the Doubles

So many public figures are becoming Doubles these days, one must make a list to keep them all straight. Military Tribunals have been running in the US since the start of 2019, authorized by President Trump’s Executive Order. Issues such as Treason fall under the military purview, so this explains the McCain and Hillary executions for assisting ISIS, the enemy. Per the Zetas, this was part of a New World Order agenda to create chaos during the End Times.

Per the Zetas, Hillary struck a plea deal to publicly expose her past crimes, but failed to abide by this when she instead opted to announce she might run again in 2020. She did this twice, on December 2 on the Graham Norton show and on December 4 on the Howard Stern show. Remember that surprisingly youthful Hillary who made an appearance on December 12? She had become a Double. So now we have the Double out there dancing with the candidates, though presumably the Double will not enter the race.

Hillary Clinton Debuts New Bizarre, Bag-less, Cheeky Look
December 13, 2019
It appears as though she’s had some kind of round of botox injections or plastic surgery, as the 72-year-old appeared wrinkle-free through the cheeks and the bags under her eyes are now gone.
Hillary Clinton gets 'Unrecognisable' new look as she Considers Another Presidential Bid
December 14, 2019
Rumours have been swirling of a third presidential bid from the former First Lady, who lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump.
Hillary Clinton drops Biggest Hint yet that She’s Mulling a 2020 Presidential Run
December 4, 2019
The strongest indicator yet that Hillary’s mulling a 2020 run? She appeared for the first time ever on Howard Stern. There was hardly a pretense she was there to promote the book she co-wrote with daughter Chelsea, long ago a bestseller.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/31/2020: Tribunals have been officially running in the US since the start of 2019, by decree of President Trump. Treason was on the agenda and as a result Obama and McCain were executed. This included supporting ISIS and plans to invoke World War III – the Satanist agenda. Pedophile networks, a core blackmail tool and the means by which Moloch child sacrifice was supplied with babies and toddlers, were also on the agenda and Cumming was executed as a result. Yet Hillary, who seemed to be central to it all, remained at large. She was clearly in a House Arrest boot in 2017, as was McCain, yet despite occasional doubles making an appearance as Hillary, she still seemed alive and well.

Hillary was sentenced to be executed but given a chance to serve the Junta by public appearances and statements that would awaken the public to the crimes of the Cabal. Her health required almost complete bed rest and no booze, so she was seldom seen. Did the obvious appearance of yet another double on December 12, 2019 signal a change in this routine? After her December 2, 2019 appearance on the Graham Norton show, where she enthusiastically embraced a 2020 run, and subsequent December 4 appearance on the Stern program, she was considered to have broken her plea deal and was executed as a result. She is now a Double.

Then we have the Treason Doubles – Pelosi and now Schiff. Pelosi was caught in a coup attempt last January 19, 2019 when she and Schiff tried to flee to Belgium. And again on October 20 as she and Schiff fled to Jordan for their safety. Pelosi was missing for a couple weeks before her changeover, and the same occurred for Schiff in early January this year. Then suddenly Schiff is giving interviews to Maddow and The View and participating again in the impeachment process, but without his trademark bug eyes.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/31/2020: Schiff was arrested on November 26 at the Burbank City Hall, where he was called to attend to usual business. Burbank is in his district. This maneuver was done deliberately to force exposure of his arrest, as he was dazed and confused and called for a ride, standing on the front steps. He was out of sight that week due to the Congressional week off for Thanksgiving. Schiff was involved in the dual coup attempts to replace President Trump with Pelosi, and as is known she is now a Double. Schiff tried to arrange a plea bargain, but failed to live up to any promise. He is now a Double.

Many defendants scheduled to appear before the Tribunals try to remain in the public eye, hoping that will make it impossible for justice to catch up with them as it is known the Junta does not yet want the public to be aware of the Martial Law status in the US. They are thus snatched at a time when they are idle and not in the spotlight. Both the US and UK Tribunals try to line up a double ahead of time, but a 100% match is never possible. There is always a tell, and for Schiff this includes the obvious absence of his pop-out eyes. Each such double of a public persona is given lots of assistance, to help them avoid awkward questions.

The original Schiff has a square shaped face, top and bottom, but the Double has an oval face all round. Schiff was caught in front of the Burbank City Hall last November during the Thanksgiving recess in a House Arrest boot, though this only showed up briefly - the classic mark that a person of importance is before the Tribunals. Now we have the Dance of the Doubles as Pelosi and Schiff, no longer in charge of the process, are presenting the impeachment articles to the Senate. This is getting bizarre.

Pelosi says House will Send Trump Impeachment Articles to the Senate Wednesday
January 14, 2020
House will vote Wednesday to send two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate. House resolution will do 3 things: Transmit articles of impeachment to the Senate, name the impeachment managers and fund the trial. Roster of impeachment managers likely to include House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jerrold Nadler.

Then we have the Dance of the Doubles in the UK, where the UK Marines have taken charge and are cleaning up the Satanists. The Queen appeared as an obvious double on August 13 but the flaws are carefully concealed by inserting still photos of the original Queen as often as possible. But the royal sins did not stop with the Queen’s blessings on ritual hunting of children in the forests, and the UK Marines are still mopping up. Meghan and Harry, during a trip to Canada, suddenly seemed different. The Zetas explain.

Prince Harry and Meghan to Step Back from Royal Family
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to step back from senior roles in the royal family and work towards financial self-sufficiency after a period marked by open warfare with the media over claimed intrusion and bullying. It is understood that no other royal was consulted before the decision was announced, and Buckingham Palace was disappointed by the news.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/31/2020: Insiders have rumored for months that it will not just be the Queen who will be removed for her approval of Satanist practices in the past. Her offspring are targets too. Andrew is caught in the Epstein snare, but it is not a date with a 17 year old teen that will doom him. The Moloch worship required the rape and murder of very young children, and consumption of the adrenochrome enriched blood afterwards. Those who were aware of these practices, and took part or even were just aware, are in the sights of the UK Marines who are at the helm of the Holy War ongoing between good and evil in the UK.

Meghan and Harry were enthusiastic participants, in part to earn the top slot in the royal lineage. Harry did not have royal blood, being the offspring of Diana and a lover, and Meghan was considered a half-breed. They had been on the run for months in an attempt to escape justice. How is it that there seems to be no escape from the military Tribunals in the US and UK? Extradition is an agreement between countries to allow an arrest upon request, but these crimes – treason and ritualistic child murder, are too horrific to excuse.

Prior to an execution there is usually a delay if a suitable double or quick death has not been arranged. McCain was already fighting cancer so death by cancer was the excuse. The Pelosi double’s only tell is the teeth, and she can perform as the real Pelosi would, given that slurring and patriotic mutterings are the only thing required of her. The Queen’s double has many flaws, the most prominent the size of the chin, but by using old photos and photo doctoring the fraud is perpetuated. Obama’s double lacked the fleshy lower lip at first, but this was later fixed by injections.

By placing the Meghan and Harry changeover in Canada, the doubles were introduced to the public with enough time for the press and public to become accustomed to their new personas. The fate of the rest of the royal family is still pending and in process. Not all are personally guilty. When will this charade end? When the pending Pole Shift occurs. Until then, royal families in Europe are expected to have a steadily diminishing role. Meanwhile, the doubles have a far better life than they did prior to this engagement. Many are professional actors.

Volcanoes Awaken

The fact that volcanoes are erupting at an almost exponential pace is indisputable. Though seldom in the media, which appears to be under orders to downplay the Earth changes, the statistics are impressive. Volcanoes are awakening. Extinct volcanoes, those not active in over 10,000 years, are also activating. Of record are the Chaiten volcano in Chile in 2008 and a volcano in Ziarat in the mountainous highlands of Pakistan in 2010. Per the Zetas, all volcanoes active within the last 10,000 years will erupt before or during the pending Pole Shift, and there are signs that many extinct volcanoes will also erupt.

What is the Difference between an Active, Erupting, Dormant and Extinct Volcano?
A dormant volcano is an active volcano that is not erupting, but supposed to erupt again. An extinct volcano has not had an eruption for at least 10,000 years and is not expected to erupt again in a comparable time scale of the future.
Extinct Volcanoes are Coming Back to Life
January 2, 2020
An extinct volcano by definition is a dead volcano, which has not erupted in the last 10 000 years and is not expected to ever erupt again. The increase of volcanic eruption is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases? How much more stupid can it get?

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/15/2000: All volcanoes that have been active within the memory of man will begin spewing and burping and oozing, and many that were not expected to become active will reactivate. We have stated that all volcanoes active within the last 10,000 years can be considered candidates to blow, or ooze during the shift.

Dormant Russian Volcano may be Waking Up and could Spark Devastating Eruption ‘At any Moment’
July 5, 2019
The volcano was previously thought to be extinct but results from tests last year have indicated that it may have woken up in 2017 and could be at risk of erupting. Russia's Bolshaya Udina volcano is around 10,000 foot high and is part of a mass of other volcanoes that are still considered to be inactive.
Previously Extinct Volcano Raised to ‘Eruption Warning’ level in Colombia: Eruption would be First in Recorded History
August 9, 2012
The recent increase in seismic activity under Sotarà volcano prompted INGEOMINAS to raise the alert level from yellow (unrest) to orange (eruption warning) yesterday afternoon.
The 11 most Dangerous Volcanoes in California, Ranked
November 6, 2018
Coso volcanic field, located in the northern part of the Mojave Desert, also poses a moderate threat. The most recent eruption occurred about 40,000 year ago. Clear Lake volcanic field, a high threat, is located in the state's northern Coast Ranges. About 11,000 years ago, an eruption occurred around Mount Konocti, but there haven't been any more since. Long Valley Caldera has not erupted in the past 16,000 years, but it has experienced unrest in the past few years, such as deformation and seismic activity.

Volcanoes have lately been erupting with greater frequency and power, so many erupting at the same time these days. Per the Zetas, this is due to the intense Plate Movement ongoing, which they have dubbed the 7 of 10 phase in the timeline toward the Pole Shift. Their detailed predictions of the Plate Movements, given in 2010, have played out as predicted with the Zetas regularly giving percentages on completion. Note that the eruption of Taal in the Philippines is due to the tilt of the Philippine Plate, one of the Zeta’s 7 of 10 predictions.

ZetaTalk Percentages 11/30/2019: We would place the Sunda Plate [2] sinking at 98%, with the tilting of the Philippine Plate [3] at 84%. These will complete quickly as the Indo-Australian Plate [1] continues to tilt and rise, allowing the Pacific to compress. The S American roll [4] is aggressive, now at 78%, with quakes up and down the Andes and the press of the Caribbean Plate to the west obvious on quake maps. The New Madrid [9] adjustment will be triggered by the push against the tip of Mexico, since Fukushima negated the need for Japan [8] involvement. At present, we would put the New Madrid adjustment at 36% completed, and this is due to vast changes below ground such as heaving and tearing. The stage has been set. The African roll [6] likewise has gotten serious, now at 32%, with the Mediterranean at Gibraltar [7] starting to tear. The African roll will progress as the S American roll completes, as this creates a yaw in the South Atlantic [5].

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/11/2012: What does it mean for the Mariana and Philippine plates to tilt and fold? The western edge of the Philippine Plate abuts the land masses of the Philippine Islands, and during the folding process must drop, and subduct, to accommodate the compressing Pacific. This forces the Philippine Plate under Taiwan, under the island of Luzon, and under most of the other Philippine Islands. Taiwan and Luzon are assumed by man to be residing on the Philippine Plate, but as we have explained they cling to the plates to their west, and do not sink while the Philippine Plate tilts and folds.

These erupting volcanoes show that all plates are now involved. The quakes hammering Puerto Rico show the Caribbean Plate being pushed down by the S American Roll, which is reflected by the almost constant eruption of Guatemalan volcanoes. The sudden explosion of Taal in the Philippines shows that the Pacific is being compressed, and the Philippine Plate forced into a tilt. An eruption at White Island in New Zealand was so sudden that tourists were surprised, and died. These Plate Movements are occurring simultaneously!

A Spectacular Week for Volcano Activity
November 30, 2019
On the 30th of Nov 2019 Volcanic Ash Advisory Center Tokyo (VAAC) issued an ash advisory warning at the Aso volcano in Japan. Explosive activity continues at the Klyuchevskoy Volcano in Russia. Guatemala’s most dangerous colossus the Fire, or Fuego volcano has been showing violent and eruptive behaviour since November the 19th. A spectacular explosion was caught on film on November the 28th at the Mexican colossus Popocatepetl Volcano.
Up to 20 People are Injured with some Fighting for Life after a Volcano Erupts off the Coast of New Zealand
December 9, 2019
New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern initially said there were about 100 people on or around the island at the time of the eruption and not all were accounted for.
Why Are Volcanoes all over the Globe Suddenly Shooting Giant Clouds of Ash Miles into the Air?
January 12, 2020
A massive eruption in the Philippines is making headlines all over the world, but what most people don’t realize is that several other volcanoes have also blown their tops in spectacular fashion within the past week. Suddenly, volcanoes all over the globe are shooting giant clouds of ash miles into the air, and this is greatly puzzling many of the experts.

Taal Volcano
It is the second most active volcano in the Philippines with 35 historical eruptions. The lake partially fills Taal Caldera, which was formed by prehistoric eruptions between 140,000 and 5,380 BP. It is located about 31 miles south of the capital of the country, the city of Manila.
Small but Dangerous: Volcano Spews Ash over Philippine Capital
January 12, 2020
Thousands of people were evacuated from the area near Taal volcano after it suddenly shot a column of ash and steam as high as 15 km (nine miles) into the sky. Lightning crackled inside the smoke and tremors shook the ground. One of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines, Taal has erupted more than 30 times in the past five centuries, most recently in 1977.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/31/2020: Volcano eruptions invariably mark the 7 of 10 Plate Movements, as they lie along plate borders or are centered in stretch zones. That so many extinct volcanoes are threatening to erupt and many of mankind’s most populous cities are suddenly faced with evacuation concerns is thus not unexpected. But over the centuries, mankind has not been concerned about prophecies about the End Times, and allowed their cities to develop in harm’s way. Thus we have Popocatepetl threatening 9 million people in Mexico City, Klyuchevskoy threatening 9 million in Tokyo, and Taal threatening Manila, the capitol of the Philippines.

That all these volcanoes are erupting at the same time is a sign that the 7 of 10 Plate Movements are in the end-stage of this phase – all moving and adjusting at once. The lifting Indio-Australian Plate is roiling the lava under its eastern edge, as the fires in Australia attest. This allows the Pacific to compress, with the Philippine Plate tilting and pushing under Taal. Central America is being crushed as the Caribbean Plate is forced westward by the S American Roll, as the Puerto Rican quake swarms attest. The tightening bow in the N American Continent is forcing the tip near Kamchatka into a crunch. All plates are in the dance, at present.