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Issue 727, Sunday September 6, 2020
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Biden Takeover

At the end of July the Zetas presented several options for the Junta to pursue, in order to resolve the illegal actions of the Biden campaign. They had a Double campaigning, which is a fraud. They were arranging mail-in ballot election fraud. They intended to select Kamala Harris as a VP, where she had a history of taking bribes to skew prosecution outcomes. And Biden himself was party to the criminal spying on the Trump campaign, per FBI notes. While keeping the Tribunal process a secret, what is the Junta to do?

ZetaTalk Options 7/31/2020: The likely option would be for the Democratic Party to create a health crisis for “Biden” at the last minute so that mail-in ballots which have the name of the VP included become, in essence, a vote for the Democrat VP to be the President. A second option for the Democrat Party would be to persist with the ruse and allow the Double to campaign. Yet another scenario that could play out would be for the Junta to allow the election process to proceed with the Black Hat Biden Double claiming to be Biden. And in the event that the Democrat Party wins, all those aware of and running this fraud would be arrested for treason. Meanwhile, a White Hat Double of Biden would be installed in the White House, under the control of the Junta.

Suddenly, after months of delay, the Biden campaign declared a VP choice – Kamala Harris. In that she had already been replaced by a Double, per the Zetas due to her history of taking bribes to change prosecution outcomes, what does this mean? We have a Double running for President and a Double running as the VP choice, and both have criminal records. What is the Junta to do?  As has been repeatedly stated, by Q and the Dark Judge and the Zetas, the Junta does not want the public to become aware of the Tribunals as yet. But with the Biden campaign so very public, what is to be done?

Biden Picks Kamala Harris as Running Mate, adding former 2020 Rival to Ticket
August 11, 2020
The Biden campaign made the announcement in a text message to supporters. Joe Biden talks with Senator Kamala Harris on Zoom in a photo posted by his campaign photographer the day Biden named Harris as his running mate. The Biden campaign announced the two will make their first appearance together at an event in Wilmington, Delaware.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2020: Just weeks ago we presented several outcomes for the Biden campaign, given that the Cabal, desperate to regain the White House, has a Black Hat Biden Double as a candidate. This Biden would never be allowed to be inaugurated. In July we also confirmed that Kamala Harris had become a White Hat Double. Why would the Biden campaign choose a White Hat Double, who presumably would never take orders from the Cabal as the Harris Double is controlled by the Junta? This has a simple explanation. Our list of options for the Junta presented last July included having the Junta take over the Biden campaign. This has happened.

Is this legal? The Biden campaign is now officially an under-cover sting operation, under the FBI, and thus is legal. The Biden campaign has been running a fraud on the American people, which is illegal. FBI investigators caught the Biden campaign setting up illegal mail-in ballot schemes in several states – bribing postal workers and securing signed voter rolls from poll workers. This was enough to arrest all involved for treason. The perps are now at Gitmo awaiting trial, including the real Biden.

This leaves the Junta with the outstanding problem of public perception, as they do not yet want to have the public aware that the US is and has been under Martial Law since the Fall of 2015. To have full control of the Biden campaign, the Junta inserted their own White Hat Biden into the basement in Delaware and directed him to choose the White Hat Harris as his running mate. Yes, this is yet another Biden Double. The Biden campaign will continue, but with those directing the criminal mail-in ballot scheme under arrest, the election will proceed as the voter intends. Those in the media who have been fraudulently claiming that Biden was ahead will adjust their claims gradually so as not to be embarrassed on November 3.

Then we had the Democrat virtual convention on the week of August 17-20. The number of known and confirmed White Hat Doubles who made an appearance - keynote speakers in some cases - was shocking. The fact that the convention is virtual of course made this easier for their handlers. The Obamas were both keynote speakers. Obama has long been a White Hat Double with his carefully stitched lower lip showing the Botox injection sites and Michelle seems to have a different look. Has she changed within this past year?

Both Bill and the blue-eye’d Hillary Double also made an appearance. Bill was reportedly dying of AIDS in the Fall of 2019 and now for the DNC appearance looked different. Bernie was a Black Hat Double, replaced when he had a heart attack. He has now become a White Hat Double. John Kerry and Pelosi are both White Hat Doubles, with Pelosi regularly making an appearance in the media. Joe Biden and Kamala are both White Hat Doubles now with their significant others well in hand. Nevertheless, for those in the DNC not yet aware they are surrounded by doubles, it must seem like the Land of Oz. 

Plate Border Distress

The Earth plates are distressed when they are pulled apart into a stretch, or pulled past each other in a slip-slide, or squeezed together during a compression. Any of these actions can release methane or incite electronic screech, allowing electricity to pass through the rock more readily when the air bubbles in the rock are compressed. An example of a compression hot spot is NE China and the border between China and N Korea. Both had explosions on August 3, 2020.

Mystery Surrounds Explosion in North Korean City on Chinese Border
August 6, 2020
There has been no official word from North Korea or China about what happened in the North Korean city of Hyesan. But South Korean media and outside monitoring groups reported that gas explosions in a residential area left dozens of people dead or injured.
Explosions in North Korea Kill 9 and Injure at least 30
August 6, 2020
Nine North Koreans died and around 30 more were injured on August 3 evening, when a gas leak exploded in North Korea.

Terrifying Moment huge Fireball Blazes above a Chinese City after a Bolt of Lightning Hit High-Voltage Power Lines
August 3, 2020
A flash of lightning hit the transmission lines nearly a residential compound, sparking a fire on the grass underneath. A flash of lightning hit the transmission lines near a residential compound, sparking a fire on the grass underneath. Shenyang, a city of 8million in north-eastern China, has been battered by torrential downpours today.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/31/2020: N Korea and NE China are under a compression, caused by the tip of the N American Plate pushing outward, toward the NW. As the N American Plate is bent into an excruciatingly tight bow, both tips are pulled together, but they resist. Bow tension is what causes an arrow to fling from the bow that is allowed to relax, but for the N American Continent this bow tension will only be relaxed when the New Madrid Fault Line ruptures. Thus the bow tip dropping down past Kamchatka persists in pressing outward, as the rising magma in China’s Wudalianchi volcano shows.

Compression tension in rock elicits electronic screech, which is electricity passing through the rock. For the incident where China lightning set off a transformer explosion, this was the rock tension bringing down the lightning at that spot. It was an electrical hot spot because the combination of the transformer, the lightning, and the rock screech was intense. In N Korea nearby, the rock tension caused a spark that set off a gas explosion in shoddy equipment at Hyesan. More such incidents are likely to occur until the New Madrid ruptures.

This rock distress is likely the cause of the fire at the Al Haramain high speed rail station in Jeddah on August 7. The Red Sea is pulling apart as the African Roll bumps the top part of the African Plate into the Saudi Plate, so the Saudi Plate is under an extreme stretch. The Zetas predict that the Red Sea will pull apart by 50 miles at Sinai. Jeddah is on the water front, and high speed rail is of course electrical and can join with the electric screech in the rock to incite EMP sparks, thus fire. All the components are there.

Al Haramain High Speed Rail – Construction Start
March 8, 2020
The HHR is a major new infrastructure project for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, connecting the cities of Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah and the developing King Abdullah Economic City
Saudi Arabia Controls Fire near Haramain Train Station in Jeddah’s Sulaymaniyah Area
August 7, 2020
As the first high-speed electric train in the region, the Haramain spans over 450 kilometers in a double line connecting five stations across Mecca, Jeddah, King Abdul Aziz International Airport, King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh, and Medina. It operates at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour and is the fastest train in the Middle East.

And the odd, unexplained incident of a huge methane cloud over Florida is another example. Not a leak from any known source. But as usual, the Zetas explain. Florida is on the edge of the N American Plate bow, and thus is being pulled taut. This pulls rock apart and rock layers hold rotting material, thus methane. Methane is of course explosive, but being lighter than air floated up and away from the folks in Florida.

No One Is Owning Up to Releasing Cloud of Methane in Florida
July 27, 2020
It was 12 miles wide, invisible to the naked eye and traveled across six counties to Florida's largest city. And it's still unclear who — or what — was responsible. The mysterious plume of methane, estimated to total 300 metric tons, was released north of Gainesville between May 2 and May 3, when it reached Jacksonville, according to Bluefield Technologies Inc., which analyzed data from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-5P satellite. The source of the Florida emission remains unknown.

ZetaTalk Conclusion 7/31/2020: This methane release is notable due to its size and the inability of the establishment to invent an excuse. Gainesville lies to the west of a strip of lakes running along Florida’s East Coast, thus does not have the normal absorption of methane during a stretch that land under water enjoys.  During the bowing of the N American Plate, land on the periphery of the bow is pulled apart, but Florida has assaults from its proximity to the Caribbean too. Pulled in many directions, it is not surprising that a methane release would occur. What is surprising is that during the cover-up over Nibiru, this matter even hit the press.

The Zetas point out that mankind struggles to understand the mysteries of plate borders, and the layers of rock that go down through the magma. Like the Flat Earth theory, which some still believe, and rotting dinosaurs as the source of oil (even though this theory cannot be replicated in the labs), and Newton’s Laws which contradict Einstein’s math, mankind is loath to use common sense. Thus, their astonishment when boomerang earthquakes occur.

Weird ‘Boomerang’ Earthquake Detected under the Atlantic Ocean
August 10, 2020
This magnitude 7.1 earthquake started deep underground, in a gash on the Atlantic seafloor, a little more than 650 miles off the coast of Liberia, in western Africa. It rushed eastward and upward, then did an about-face and boomeranged back along the upper section of the fault at incredible speedsso fast it caused the geologic version of a sonic boom.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/31/2020: This flurry of interest in boomerang or back-propagating quakes is an example of mankind’s tendency to focus narrowly on an issue, rather than broadly, taking in all the factors. There is a reluctance to break from the status quo, to form opinions that counter the accepted premise. Earthquakes are supposed to move a plate in this or that direction, and not go through an adjustment process. What do the scientists think aftershocks are? Or the jiggling that accompanies earthquakes? These are adjustments. It is to be expected. There are layers within the magma, so that all do not separate simultaneously. Some resist and cause a snap back.

Martial Law

Since President Trump is flexing his muscles, invoking his powers, at this time, might Martial Law be called to settle the riots in Portland and elsewhere?  Riots are a tool of the Democrats who are trying to force mail-in balloting, but limited Martial Law is a tool available to the President. While campaigning in Ohio on August 6, President Trump murmured something about being absent for a while, saying they had “one chance” to take this step. What on Earth could he be referring to? The Zetas, as usual, explain.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2020: President Trump would disappear from view to make it easier to protect him. The logistics are hard enough, but with the military needed to be on point in many places, this is one less burden. President Trump has inferred that he might do something in Portland. If he declares Martial Law for Portland, then the military likely will have to engage in other places too. The Portland mayor has opened the door for troops to come in, saying the violence has to end. He is admitting they cannot do it, nor can a modest federal presence to protect federal buildings do it. They need the troops. What does the context of “one chance” mean? It means if he does not take action, matters in many cities across the country will deteriorate, and by then the military might not be able to deal with it. At present, police forces are still present.

How many times has President Trump been threatened? There was the attempt to poison him on November 13, 2019; the attempt by Antifa rioters in DC to burn down the White House and the President’s Church near Lafayette Park on May 31, 2020; and now a shooting on August 11, 2020 just outside the White House briefing room. This latest appears to be an attempt to show President Trump in a bad light, and was coordinated with journalists in the room.

The Far Left Tweets for the MSM to #InterruptTrump During his Press Briefings and This Happens - Coincidence?
August 11, 2020
A 51-year-old male allegedly approached a Uniformed Division officer who was standing at his post on the corner of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House. The man told the agent he had a weapon and, while he approached, took off in a sprint and “in a drawing motion, withdrew an object from his clothing. The suspect then crouched into a shooter’s stance as if about to fire a weapon.” At that point, the agent fired his weapon and struck the subject in the torso. After returning to the podium, Trump said a shooting took place outside the premises of the White House near the fence. When a reporter asked the president, “Are you rattled by this at all, Mr. President?” Trump replied, “Do I seem rattled?”

ZetaTalk Opinion 8/31/2020: The August 10 incident on the White House lawn was a classic case of suicide by cop, where the shooter knew he would be killed but was taking the opportunity to make a statement. His written statement will never be released, since this would encourage copy-cats. What is known is that he pulled a gun on a Secret Service agent who returned fire. Is there significance that the #InterruptTrump twitter hashtag had just been opened on August 10, and President Trump had just started his daily press briefing when the shooting occurred?

This is no coincidence and the shooter was in contact with one of the journalists present in the audience. The #InterruptTrump gang expected Trump to be discombobulated, to flounder and look frightened in front of the cameras. They got no satisfaction for their gambit, but the opposite. President Trump was composed, unflappable, and relayed the calm that the public expects from their Commander in Chief. The journalists, however, revealed themselves during their pointed questions to President Trump afterwards.

Meanwhile the horrific violence in Democrat cities and states continues unabated. The Portland Police Chief resigned. The black Police Chief in Seattle - Carmen Best - also resigned after the police department was officially defunded. Chicago was forced to raise its bridges to slow the assault. Crime also soared in New York City, multiples of the crime rate just a year before. Famous streets like 5th Avenue were deserted. Yet the Democrat mayor de Blasio brags about taking a billion dollars from the police department. If this is leadership under the Democrat Party, God help the USA if they win in 2020.

Portland Protest turns Violent, Brutal Assault
August 17, 2020
Violence erupted in Portland just blocks from the federal courthouse after the driver of a pickup truck crashed, was apparently pulled from the vehicle and brutally beaten by a mob. Portland has seen 81 consecutive nights of unrest in the city after George Floyd's death in police custody in May. Nights of unrest that increasingly targeted the federal courthouse prompted President Trump to dispatch U.S. agents to guard the building in July.

Chicago Raises Bridges after Night of Violence and Looting
August 10, 2020
The chaos began shortly after midnight as vandals ran through stores such as Nordstrom, Walgreens, Macy's, Coach, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Chicago Transit Authority suspended their morning services in some areas at the request of law enforcement officials. City officials raised bridges across the Chicago River except for one to allow for emergency vehicle access.

Trump Sends Warning to NYC’s de Blasio after Another Bloody Weekend
August 17, 2020
President Trump warned New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Sunday night that the federal government would act if his office fails to get a grip on the ongoing increase of violent crime in the city. Since the beginning of the year, there have been 1,087 victims of shootings in the city, compared to 577 at the same time the previous year. The report said that there have been 263 deaths in the city compared to 196 in 2019.