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Issue 730, Sunday September 27, 2020
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Covid-19 Agendas

Should the steps taken to flatten the curve during the Covid-19 pandemic be lifted? Quarantines and social distancing and masks were all steps taken to flatten the curve. Schools were closed and classes forced to be done online. Restaurants were driven to operate by take-out only. Small businesses have been driven to bankruptcy. Now that the hospitals appear to be empty, the death rate almost disappearing, is it time to open up the world? There are numerous indicators that herd immunity has been established and the pandemic is being continued unnecessarily. Why do they want the fear to continue?


ZetaTalk Warning 5/31/2020: Nibiru is so visible to so many in so many ways that it is virtually undeniable. This point was expected to be reached by January, 2021 with Heads of State warned that they should brace for demands from and panic in their people by that time.

Notice the low “death per million” of the populace in countries that do not have an agenda for a continued pandemic lockdown. India, China, and S Korea stand in stark contrast to most of Europe and the US. Factor out the deaths that have occurred from the annual flu, from heart attacks and cancer and simple old age, and the death rate from Covid-19 as recorded in Europe and the US drops dramatically. There is much evidence that hospitals are listing any death during the pandemic as a Covid-19 death. If death rates have been inflated by the CDC so that only 6% are valid, then what is the true “death per million” in Europe and the US?

Here's the Shockingly Small Number of People Who Died from Only the Coronavirus
August 30, 2020
Out of the 161,392 deaths in the CDC data, just six percent, about 9,700 deaths, were attributed to the coronavirus alone. According to the CDC, the other 94 percent had an average of 2.6 additional conditions or causes of deaths, such as heart disease, diabetes, and sepsis.
Up to 90% of People who Test Positive for Covid Barely Carry Any Virus & are Not Contagious. Every Stat about the Disease is Bogus
September 3, 2020
Data from three US states – New York, Nevada and Massachusetts – shows that when the amount of the virus found in a person is taken into account, up to 90 percent of people who have tested positive should actually have been negative, as they are carrying only tiny amounts of the virus, are not contagious, pose no risk to others, and have no need to isolate.

Weird Science: Covid-19 does Not cause Heart Damage, as Blockbuster Study had Basic Calculation Errors
August 28, 2020
While people who have recovered from Covid-19 do show markers of heart disease in their MRI scans, so do people of similar health profiles who have not had the virus. That is, Covid-19 had absolutely nothing to do with the heart damage seen in the people in the study. The authors appeared to confuse medians for means, and data points present in the graphs were absent elsewhere. In essence, the paper was riddled with remedial mistakes.
Are Austin Officials Playing Questionable Number Games to Keep the City Shut Down?
August 29, 2020
Coronavirus hospitalizations are declining and overall case numbers are falling. Dr. Escott said much of the recent “spike” of new cases was, in reality, a “reporting error.”  A majority of them were duplicate records that they had already investigated.

There could be many reasons for the inflated numbers and continuing lockdowns. In the US, the Democrats cling to the lockdowns because they want to force mail-in ballots so they can steal the 2020 election. Europe fears a panic in their people when awareness of Nibiru becomes widespread, and want the lockdowns to remain in effect to control the public. Deactivating the Atlantic buoys shows the Europe establishment also fears rioting as a reaction to the European tsunami. People in London and Berlin and elsewhere have begun to protest, as the lockdown squeeze becomes draconian in the UK, France, and the Netherlands - all countries that will be impacted by the European tsunami The Zetas explain.

COVID-19: Thousands Protest Berlin Lockdown, Global Cases near 25M
August 29, 2020
Thousands protested in Germany against COVID-19 restrictions.
Thousands Protest in London, Demand End of Anti-COVID-19 Measures
August 30, 2020
The rally, called under the slogans of “No More Lockdowns – No Social Distancing – No Masks,” among others, attracted more than 10,000 people aghast at the looming prospect of another lockdown being introduced, as talk of pandemic’s “second wave” dominates the media.

ZetaTalk Opinion 9/30/2020: We have stated that the Bush administration warned Heads of State worldwide in 2003 that Nibiru had entered the inner Solar System, and subsequent updates to these Heads of State have pinpointed the date when Nibiru will be visible to the populace as around January, 2021. It is clear that the establishment is frozen in fear, else the public would have been informed by now. The public will eventually learn that Nibiru is real, present, and if history is any guide, will pass by the Earth with devastating consequences. How will the public react?

The establishment would like the public to remain ignorant for as long as possible. This will be assisted by denying the existence of Nibiru, then denying that it is in the inner Solar System, then denying that a passage will result, and finally denying that a passage will cause any devastation to the Earth. This approach has already been in operation. On their 2012 hangout, NASA denied that Nibiru even exists. Marshall Masters, an establishment cooperative, has consistently stated that any sighting of Nibiru is from an object behind the Sun, far out in space, and not in the Solar System at all.

All effects from the gravity and magnetic influence of Nibiru on the Earth are ignored or ascribed to other factors. The Daily Earth Wobble is now putting the Sun in the wrong place at sunrise and sunset, and the onslaught of red dust and debris from the tail of Nibiru is showing that the body causing this is close at hand. The establishment in those countries who have prepared a safe place for their citizens, as Russia and China have done, have a way to deflect panic  – move to the Far East of Russia or inland to the Ghost Cities of China. India has been invited to the Far East.

Those countries that have high ground away from the coastlines and can anticipate a temperate climate after the crustal shift will likely use Russia and China as models to copy, perhaps confiscating farmland inland and establishing work camps to grow food. Martial law is expected to be implemented everywhere. It is those countries without these resources that will truly panic. Draconian lockdowns are being continued in Europe, despite empty hospitals and obvious herd immunity to Covid-19. Tens of thousands are protesting. Rather than oppressing their citizens, Germany and the UK should develop survival site plans.

Navalny Poisoning

Is Russia being blamed once again for a crime they did not commit? Europeans are understandably nervous about the Big Bear just across the border. Up until the Dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 many countries in eastern Europe were under Soviet control. From the Russian Dossier claims used to investigate President Trump to the shooting down of MH 17 in the Ukraine by a SU 25 from Kiev to the poisoning of Skripal in the UK, blaming Russia when they are obviously innocent has become commonplace. This is the case, once again, for the Navalny poisoning.

Alexei Navalny: Russia Opposition Leader Poisoned with Novichok – Germany
September 3, 2020
There is "unequivocal proof" that Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent. Chancellor Angela Merkel said he was a victim of attempted murder and the world would look to Russia for answers.
Belarusian State TV Releases 'Recording of Warsaw-Berlin Call' on Navalny
September 4, 2020
Belarusian state television has released a recording of a phone call regarding Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny that was allegedly made between German and Polish authorities. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated that his country's intelligence services had intercepted a call that could prove that the Germany's statements about Navalny were false.

Developers of ‘Novichok’ say Navalny's Symptoms aren't Consistent with Poisoning by their Deadly Creation, reject German Claims
September 2, 2020
If Alexey Navalny was poisoned with Novichok, he'd be dead already. That's according to the creators of the lethal chemical, who say the Russian opposition figure's symptoms suggest German assertions are inaccurate.
Germany Pressed to Rethink Nord Stream 2 Pipeline After Navalny Poisoning
September 3, 2020
Pressure mounted on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to reconsider the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will take gas from Russia to Germany, after she said Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny had been poisoned with a Soviet-style nerve agent. Nord Stream 2 will double the capacity of the existing Nord Stream 1 pipeline from Russia to Germany.

ZetaTalk Insight 9/30/2020: Was Navalny poisoned by Putin associates or was this a setup to make Putin look bad? How stupid would Putin or his associates have to be to poison an opposition leader while he was in the heart of Russia? This alone points the finger to the anti-Putin crowd, especially as Navalny was undoubtedly accompanied by his own aids, who watch over him. They were in fact the ones who poisoned Nayalny, ensuring that Nayalny had his favorite bag of tea. Putin has been re-elected and an opposition leader is no longer needed.

What does Germany seek by their claims? The US has recently pulled troops out of Germany, and there are those in Germany who want a cozier relationship with the US. With the Winter approaching the Nord Stream 2 will bring welcome gas into Germany, but there are those in Germany who would prefer to see Germany purchase gas from the US. They wish to curry favor with the US. As with so many of these cases when Putin and Russia are framed, the public does not get the truth in the media. Thus Europe is told MH 17 was shot down by the Russians, and Skripal was poisoned in the UK by Putin. Lies live on, and the truth is the victim.

Nibiru Petrol

One effect of Nibiru nearby are the visible petrol bubbles in the tail of Nibiru. Per the Zetas, Nibiru formerly passed through the Asteroid Belt. This was long before it became the Asteroid Belt. Moons of Nibiru smashed into small water bearing planets that rode there and thus voilà, asteroids formed from the molten magma in the cores of these small planets. The water became our long-period comets, and the organic compounds from life in these oceans swept along with the tail of Nibiru to drop to Earth to become oil during every passage.

Can we see these petrol bubbles? Yes indeed! They are showing up on the Pole Shift ning blog for Nibiru photos. Note that Alberto and Manuel both confirm the petrol bubble captures! And lo, even without red spectrum or mylar filters, these petrol bubbles can be seen! Naked Eye visibility!

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/30/2020: Seen naked eye, this apparent grid seen on all sides of the Sun is an array of petrol bubbles which have arranged themselves in this manner. If oil is spilled on the ground or atop water it will form round balls due to surface cohesion, with the size of the balls determined by the amount of room the spilled oil has. If the film is thin, the oil will shatter and the balls will be tiny. If the film is deep, then the oil will merge into a pool that will spread out. If in a medium like air or outer space, the oil has options.

Oil droplets, as water droplets, have a surface tension that allows the bubble or droplet to hold its shape. Each bubble wants to retain its shape and not merge into larger bubbles. In space, the petrol bubbles in the tail of Nibiru will by preference spread out, keeping a regular distance from each other. What these photos from Australia have captured is the edge of the petrol bubble mass, which moves as one and does not disburse due to various adhesion factors involved in what is in essence an oil spill in space

Will we see more lights in the sky as these petrol bubbles make their way down through the atmosphere? This has already occurred, as first captured by the Lomonosov satellite in February, 2019 and then as captured by a garage surveillance cam in Ohio in January, 2020. But the proliferation of petrol descending in the atmosphere will surely produce more drama. Perhaps this Brazil video capture of a smoke bomb bursting into an explosion portends the future. More to come, likely.

Mail-in Ballot Solution

In July the Zetas laid out several options being considered for the Democrat Party on how to handle a senile Biden. One option was for the Democrats to “kill” their Double shortly after the election, claiming a bleed, to be replaced by their VP. They would then kill the real Biden off to be used for the state funeral. Then in August the Zetas announced that the Junta had taken over the Biden campaign, replacing the Black Hat Biden and the new VP Kamala with White Hat Doubles. But what to do with all those mail-in ballots flooding the states?

Like a Perfect Storm, the mail-in ballot conundrum stood to confuse and delay the 2020 election results. Numerous states had already mailed out universal mail-in ballots to all voters on their voter rolls - whether dead or alive or having moved out of state. Most do not require any forms of verification – no signature or photo ID. If the voter also votes at the polls, then there might be dual ballots to sort out. All this screams fraud and delay. A recent rumor, released by Fox News insider Todd Starnes and confirmed by others, points to an ingenious solution.

What if a Nominee Withdraws Pre-Election?
What happens if the presidential nominee of one of the political parties dies or has to withdraw before the election actually takes place? This has only happened once in American history, not with the presidential candidate but the vice presidential candidate. There is a committee called the Democratic National Committee who are given the power to replace a party’s nominee. How much time in advance of an election you must act if you want to replace a nominee? What happens when the electors vote in the Electoral College? Do the electors have the constitutional power to vote for the candidate they prefer even if that candidate isn’t on the ballot because the party’s actual nominee has died?
Joe Biden Diagnosed With Life Changing Medical Condition, Will Leave Presidential Race
September 5, 2020
Multiple sources indicating that vice president Joe Biden has been diagnosed with a life changing medical condition, and will be leaving the presidential race. This is a developing story.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/30/2020: Is this rumor a revelation? It is a possible outcome for the 2020 elections. Per the public eye this would be a choice by Biden, who is at present a White Hat Double. His Democrat entourage would have to go along with any publically announced decision. Legally the DNC would have to replace Biden with another nominee, and this would be the choice of the DNC. Any ballots received prior to Biden’s announcement would be spoiled and must be discarded. Any ballots received after Biden’s announcement and prior to November 3 must have a write-in for the DNC replacement. Thus, substitution on the ballot would not be automatic, and the Democrat Party will sustain a severe loss.

Since Biden and Harris are both White Hat Doubles and under the control of the Junta, this scenario would be an ideal way to settle the mail-in ballot fraud. Court challenges re the legality of mail-in ballots, especially those involving SCOTUS, would drag on past January 21. Thus a Pelosi White Hat Double would be in charge for a period of time. This would all be burdensome for the Junta. With Democrat mail-in ballots spoiled and discarded, and with President Trump the clear winner at the ballot box on November 3, the Electoral College would have no choice but to declare him the winner.

What would be the medical emergency? His persona has senility, to cover for the Doubles not recalling details. Biden’s avoidance of the debates scheduled for late September imply he is failing rapidly. The fact that he has appeared on stage with obvious needle marks on his hand implies a need for sudden infusion, perhaps on a plane with no EMS at hand. When veins have collapsed due to dehydration, those raised veins on the hands are a quick resort. But in that the Junta is in charge of the Biden campaign, this is a deliberate maneuver, setting the stage. Whatever the “medical condition”, the body of the real Biden, now on ice at Gitmo having been executed for treason, would be in a coffin for the funeral.