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Issue 732, Sunday October 11, 2020
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Early Man

The Family of Man has much evidence for the origins of man, and evolution of the various Races of Man. Bones of Early Man, from Homo Habilis found frozen in a Himalaya cave, to Neanderthal bones found throughout Europe and Siberia, to the Flores Hobbit found recently in Indonesia, to the Red Deer Caveman bones found in China caves, to the bones of Gypsy Man found off the coast of East Africa. But beyond identifying some similarities between the Chinese and the American Indian, no ancestral bones of early American Indians have been found.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/15/1996: The American Indian bears the marks of shared genetics with Asians that crossed the land bridge to Alaska, but the root race was much older and unique to the Americas. Unlike the six races of man, who were formed by genetically engineering an ape of Earth, the American Indian was a transplanted hominoid who arrived far earlier. Why have their bones not been found? What is discovered from the prior race of transplanted hominoids is not recognized for what it is. This race was slight in build, and is taken for monkey bones when found.

Now the monkey bones have been found, and confirmed to be a 65 year old hominoid, a meat eater with a full set of teeth, entombed reverently in a cave in the San Pedro Mountains and thus mummified. He had met with an accident only 300 years ago, his skull crushed and brains spilled out, a broken collar bone and spine. This was no monkey! The Earth apes that evolved to be Early Man for the other Races of Man do not include a base Earth ape that fits the American Indian history. None of them were small enough, nor found on the N American Continent!

Elves, Do They Exist?
Nov 6, 2018
Shoshone and Crow natives that inhabited the area where the mummy was found had legends of “little people” in their ancient folklore.
The Pedro Mountain Mummy
November 8, 2014
Discernible by X-ray is the food in the stomach, which appears to have been raw meat. The teeth in the front of the mouth are pointed and of the flesh-eating variety.
San Pedro Mountains Mummy
DNA testing showed it to be Native American and radiocarbon dating dated it to about 1700.

Little People & the Pedro Mountain Mummy
November, 2019
The anthropologists would soon be surprised to see that x-rays displayed a perfectly formed, manlike skeleton. The mummy had been killed violently, as the spine was damaged, a collarbone broken, and the skull had been smashed in by a heavy blow. The soft substance at the top of the head exposed brain tissue and congealed blood. The mummy was a full-grown adult who was approximately 65 years old at the time of his death. One odd finding was that its teeth were overly pointed, having a full set of canines.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/30/2020: This San Pedro Mountain Mummy is neither an anencephalic infant nor a stunted adult, but a version of early man. As we have detailed, the Family of Man was primarily a genetically engineered Earth ape, but the American Indian was a transplant. This transplant is so small as to be taken for a monkey when the bones are found. The posture of the mummy shows that it was given a burial after an accident, placed in an upright position and protected in a cave so as not to be eaten by animals.

If the American Indian evolved to take its place among the Family of Man with the equivalent stature that the other races now have, then why did these little people remain small? Just as BigFoot is a family of transplanted souls, incarnated in a version of early man in a self-imposed exile on Earth, some of the early American Indian transplants remained in this form, by choice. They look and are human, and should anyone try to locate them living in the San Pedro Mountains, they would be protected from discovery just as Bigfoot is protected from discovery.   

Indeed, the elusive BigFoot has been theorized to be a version of Early Man, the base ape being from Gigantopithecus whose bones can be found in Asia. DNA verification on Bigfoot hairs and droppings show Bigfoot shares DNA with man, and is a version of Early Man that roamed the Earth 15,000 years ago. Bigfoot/Human hybrids have also occurred and are documented. They are reportedly quite good at poker. And what about the Zetas? They too had Early Zeta, who seemed to look a bit like ET – long head and big feet.

Bigfoot is 'Related to Humans' Claims First DNA Study
November 28, 2012
The creature is a crossbreed of human and an unknown primate.  The team claims to have sequenced three nuclear genomes from 'sasquatch' and found that the 'species' split off from humans 15,000 years ago.

ZetaTalk Bigfoot 7/15/1995: These entities have been placed into a primitive condition at their request, so that they can return to a basic understanding of how to get along with each other, with nature, and ponder the wondrous workings of nature. Their quarantine is not an exile. It is a search for peace. Has Bigfoot something to do with early mankind, perhaps an early model of man? The answer is, not surprisingly, yes! Bigfoot is indeed an interim model of one of the six races of man.

ZetaTalk Early Zeta 12/15/1995: Early Zeta differed from our present form primarily in brain size and mental capacities. Early Zeta was also stockier, shorter, had large flat feet and in appearance was something of a low brow, with the head jutting out the back rather than rounding. Our large eyes were an adaptation to our worlds, dim by your standards, so Early Zeta was a bit blind on his new home, not a problem as the only danger Early Zeta faced was from others of his kind. Our worlds do not contain carnivorous, nor even herbivorous animals - just plants and bugs.

Moon Rust

Red dust began appearing in the skies and dusting the ground shortly after Nibiru arrived in the inner Solar System in 2003. This was explained by the establishment as pollution from nearby industries or red dust from the Sahara. But now, with the discovery that the Moon’s poles also contain iron oxide dust, it has gotten embarrassing. There is no explanation for rust on the Moon, so it is left as a mystery. Of course, the red dust in the tail of Nibiru is iron oxide dust, the obvious answer, but the cover-up over Nibiru prevails.

Bible, Book of Revelations
And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters, and they became blood.

The Moon is ‘Rusting’ and Scientists are Stunned
September 7, 2020
The polar surfaces showed spectra that matched the mineral hematite (Fe2O3). Rust, which is also known as iron oxide, gives Mars its reddish color. The hematite that was discovered is not near any of the water ice that has been discovered so far on the moon, adding another layer of complexity to the findings.
Why Is the Moon Covered in Rust? Even Scientists Are Stumped by this Metal Mystery
September 9, 2020
While it’s not uncommon for the moon to be covered in iron-rich rocks, what surprised them the most was how closely the material resembled the mineral hematite. Hematite—which is a form of iron oxide, a reddish-brown substance we know as rust—occurs when iron becomes exposed to oxygen and water, which prompts the original question: Without ample supplies of water and oxygen, how did it get there?
Water on the Moon
July 16, 2018
Since the 1960s, scientists have suspected that frozen water could survive in cold, dark craters at the moon's poles. While previous lunar missions have detected hints of water on the moon, new data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter pinpoints areas near the South Pole where water is likely to exist.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2020: Earthlings gazing at the Moon have become accustomed to seeing a red Moon as the iron oxide dust in the tail of Nibiru is increasingly blown about in Earth’s atmosphere. It lands not only on Earth, turning the snow orange or water in ponds blood red, but also on the Moon. Why would it not land on the Moon? Scientists puzzle how iron oxide could form on the Moon when there is scant water there, but the iron oxide arrives in the tail dust, already pre-rusted. Why is it more prevalent on the poles of the Moon?

The poles are protected from the Solar Wind by having less direct exposure day to day. They remain on an angle, where the mid-section of the Moon has a direct blast. Thus water is given a chance to sink into the rock, and remain. But the iron oxide puzzle includes oxygen as well as iron, as rust also requires iron and oxygen. The Moon was not noted for a high iron content, and certainly does not have oxygen. Nevertheless, where the tail of Nibiru is the obvious answer to this puzzle, the media and the establishment will continue to scratch their heads rather than admit that Nibiru exists.

Prong History

Are the Prongs about to be revived? The Zetas called the effort that began in January, 2016 a multi-pronged approach, starting with the discovery of Planet 9. The Zetas quickly noted that Planet 9 was not Nibiru but a gravity tug from Nemesis, the Sun’s binary twin that is located in the direction of the Constellation Orion. Soon a blitz of articles about Brown Dwarf planets emerged. Lund University in Sweden provided the concept of a planet caught between two binary suns. In July, 2016 the cast of characters was introduced. All were from the US and Europe.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/9/2016: The announcement is again close at hand, a multi-pronged announcement so powerful and from so many sources that it could not be denied.

By August, 2016 the concept of a retrograde orbit was introduced. And by September, 2016 when the discovery of Proxima B was announced, the Dark Energy Survey in Chile was introduced. If Nibiru were to be announced, how to explain that NASA never noticed it creeping into our Solar System? NASA scans the sky but does not scan in the direction of Orion, but the Dark Energy Survey, using infrared, did. After President Trump was inaugurated in January, 2017 the Prongs still seemed to be on track, with the concept of the Solar System on a tilt and free floating traveling planets introduced.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/7/2015: Where is this leading? We have described the bumbling announcement admitting the near presence of Nibiru as deliberate. There must be some way to explain why Nibiru passed notice all these years, yet arrived where and when ZetaTalk predicted.

Then by March, 2017 NASA had grabbed the reins, directing the public to examine their WISE charts, which in no way could contain images of Nibiru. The Prongs had failed. What went wrong? Per the Zetas, President Trump wanted Russia to participate in an announcement, but Putin wanted the US to admit that the cover-up had been at Ronald Reagan’s hand. But the Dark Energy Survey out of Chile was still hopeful. They detailed the technique used by the ZetaTalk fans in 2001-2003 to image the inbound Nibiru.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/18/2017: The WISE images, on the other hand, all point outward from the Earth into the night sky, never imaging the region, thus, within the Earth’s orbit. This maneuver by NASA is intended to create clutter, to drown out the Dark Energy Survey discoveries.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/1/2017: Without an admission at some point from the US, an announcement would not be believed. The cover-up was due to Reagan’s Executive Orders, and this must be admitted and retracted.

Tribunal Progress

Crimes against the United States take many forms, among them treason, sedition, fomenting insurrection, and attempting to overthrow the government. Certainly the attempt to unseat a duly elected President Trump by criminal activity is treasonous. And when such activities are for the benefit of foreign countries, then one can be considered a foreign agent even while being a US citizen. What was the goal of having Hunter Biden cash heavy with funds from the Ukraine and China?

Senate Report Accuses Hunter Biden of Paying for Hookers Who May Have Been Trafficked
September 23, 2020
An earthshattering report released by Senate investigators Wednesday outlining the Biden family’s long list of conflicts of interest at the upper echelons of government unearthed new allegations of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son making multiple payments to Eastern European prostitutes.

John Brennan says He Would Testify before Congress and Reacts to Durham Investigation
September 17, 2020
Although Brennan criticized their "hyperpartisan, politically corrupt effort to try to create an environment prior to the election that casts Donald Trump in a positive light and Joe Biden in a negative light," he said he would be "happy" to talk to Johnson's and Graham's panels, just as he did with U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is conducting a criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation. "They don’t have to subpoena me," Brennan added.

Comey to Testify before Senate Panel Weeks before Election
September 17, 2020
Former FBI Director James Comey will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sept. 30, appearing just a month before the presidential election as Republicans have tried to make the case that he and his agency conspired against Donald Trump in 2016.

ZetaTalk Insight 9/30/2020: The End Times battles between Good and Evil are most intense when one side has their back against the wall and is literally fighting for survival. This is the case with the Satanists, who had been supported by the Pointy Head aliens in Antarctica who are now on the run and leaving the planet. The humans who were part of this Moloch worshiping enterprise are left without leadership and floundering. For some, it is a desperate need for more Adrenochrome harvested from tortured children, having become physically addicted. For most, it is the loss of the rewards they were promised - wealth and political control.

The White Hats worldwide, led by President Trump and his Junta and joined by like-minded forces in every country, have stepped in to stop this evil practice. Moloch worship is primarily a practice that sprang from the Middle East and thence to Europe and by extension to America. But the wider plan by those intent upon making the Earth a home for those in the Service-to-Self included a takeover of the US, long viewed as the prize as it houses the largest military in the world, equivalent to all other military forces in other countries. Biden was bribed early, via Hunter, toward this end.

Thus, the long list of politicians and notables who give evidence of having become Doubles includes those who committed treason during their attempts to service the New World Order agenda. One example is the crimes committed in 2016 in an attempt to sabotage President Trump’s campaign. Where Brennan and Comey are scheduled to appear in the House, it will be stand-ins that are sworn in. Less obvious are the attempts by foreign agents to subvert the democratic process. It is this insurgency that has landed the Squad at Gitmo, where they currently await trial.

Indeed, Brennan and Comey and Hunter and the 3 founding members of the Squad now can be seen to be Doubles along with others whom the Zetas have confirmed since August 2019. There are reportedly hundreds. To read the ZetaTalk and photo analysis of the “tells” that show them to be Doubles or under arrest, check the Newsletter Archives and see Issue707 for Obama, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, John McCain, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Queen Elizabeth, Meghan and Harry, Prince William, Prince Charles, Gloria Vanderbilt, Elijah Cummings, Madonna, Elton John, Bibi Netanyahu in hiding, Dutch King and Queen in hiding, Soros and Erdogan heart attacks, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Trudeau.

See Issue708 for Tom Hanks and Marina Abramovic; Issue709 for Boris Johnson, Jeb and George W. Bush, and Prince Phillip; Issue710 for VP Pence, John Kerry, and Jared Kushner; Issue711 for Angela Merkel, John Podesta, Princess Beatrice, and Buhari; Issue714 for Elon Musk; Issue715 for Lindsey Graham and Poroshenko; Issue717 for Don Lemon; Issue719 for Chuck Schumer; Issue720 for Joe Biden and Pope Francis; Issue722 for Oprah and Ellen under arrest; Issue723 for Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris; Issue725 for Nadler, Fauci, and Bernie; Issue727 for Michelle and Bill Clinton; and Issue729 for Zuckerberg.