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Issue 783, Sunday October 3, 2021
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Monster! This is the word that comes to mind when the full size and fury of the Nibiru Complex can be viewed.  This was the term envisioned by the artist mocking up a Time magazine cover. And these were the words by Alberto when he captured this most recent photo of the Nibiru Complex, aflame with burning Petrol. This image matches ancient Egyptian pictographs of the inbound Nibiru Complex.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2021: This dramatic photo capture by Alberto shows what the people of Earth will soon be seeing regularly. We have referred to Nibiru as the Nibiru Complex because it presents many parts, all of them visible in this photo shot. There is the corpus of Nibiru in the center, a distinct orb that casts a shadow on the shade side. Then there is the Double Helix of the dominant moons on either side, twisting in this photo into a dark swirl of Petrol. A long String of Pearls is on the outer side of this complex, enclosed in burning Petrol so it casts a light down on Nibiru. Nibiru can no longer be denied.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/31/2021: What would cause a Petrol Monster in space to start burning? Petrol does not burn in space unless a spark or heat source starts the process, just as gasoline spilled on the ground does not burn unless a match is tossed. Where oxygen is plentiful, such as in the atmosphere of Nibiru or Earth's atmosphere or one of the dominant Moons in the Double Helix, spontaneous burning can readily start. One can see this process surrounding Nibiru and its dominant Helix Moon, and even on other water bearing moons of Nibiru within Moon Swirls on occasion.

But can a Petrol Monster in space, between Nibiru and the Earth, alight? The components of such a burn exist within the Petrol, in that there is always some oxygen captured in various compounds. Once alit by the heat of the Sun or perhaps an interplanetary lightning flash, a slow smoldering burn can start and proceed until free oxygen is no longer released. Oxygen can in fact be passed around, from first one burn to another, if the result of the first burn is fragile. What would the people of Earth conclude, seeing the sky on fire?

Robert David Steele

Until his death in August Robert David Steele was a commentator who brought great insight as he had been on the front lines as a CIA officer. He was a truth teller, saying that the Pandemic over Covid-19 was a hoax in that it was being used for nefarious purposes by the elite. He aggressively fought the Moloch worshiping Satanists and as a former CIA insider his words were taken seriously. He was a Trump supporter and was at the forefront for the Arise*USA tours that were ongoing across America.

Ex-CIA Officer and QAnon Promoter Dies of COVID
August 30, 2021
Steele had been hospitalized in Florida while traveling the country as part of his three-month-long Arise USA tour, where he shared conspiracy theories regarding the pandemic and the 2020 presidential election in all 50 states. Steele was also an early and long-time promoter of QAnon, the conspiracy theory that claims former President Donald Trump is engaged in a secret battle with a global cabal of child-eating pedophiles. Steele had been forced onto a ventilator and was refused access to hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug touted by conspiracy theorists as a cure for COVID.
Former CIA Officer and Conspiracy Theorist who called Pandemic a Hoax Dies of Covid
August 31, 2021
A former CIA officer who claimed to be the first person to call Covid-19 a hoax, died from the disease after battling for life for nearly a month in a hospital. Robert David Steele, a veteran of the US marine corps and a QAnon supporter, promoted several conspiracy theories, including one that said Covid-19 was a hoax. He also promoted an anti-vaccination campaign.

Robert posted on his website that he was recovering but within days he was pronounced dead. Per the Zetas, he was poisoned via his ventilator. He was assassinated.

Robert's Condition
August 17, 2021
I survived! I went in at 77 oxygenation. I'm up to 94. I will not take the vaccination, though I did test positive for whatever they're calling COVID today, but the bottom line is that my lungs are not functioning.
In Memoriam Robert David Steele
August 28, 2021
Sadly Robert David Steele passed away on 28 August 2021 of COVID-19 pneumonia.
3rd Conservative Radio Host who Condemned Vaccines Dies of Covid
August 29, 2021
A conservative Florida radio host who spoke out against Covid-19 vaccines died after a weekslong fight with the virus, marking the third radio personality to die from coronavirus who publicly rejected vaccines. On Aug. 4, another Florida conservative radio host who had criticized the coronavirus vaccine, Dick Farrel, died from Covid-19 complications. Last week, Phil Valentine, a 62-year-old conservative radio host in Nashville, Tenn., who had questioned the necessity of vaccines, also died from the virus.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2021: Robert Steele was a threat to the Satanist Cabal because of his stint in the CIA. Working at a managerial level, doing planning for a False Flag operation at one point, he was aware of a broad range of activities the CIA would like to keep from public view. He had recently become very visible on his ARISE USA tour, and available to the media. The Satanist Cabal wants the illegal Biden Administration to continue and Steele was pro-Trump. Steele also encouraged the use of HCQ and other anti-virals rather than the vax.

His voice was silenced less due to his anti-vax stance than for his knowledge of the many crimes the CIA had done in the past. The CIA used sex with young children for blackmail, and toppling Democratically elected leaders around the world was common.  Steele was in Florida where the Delta variant of Covid-19 is currently running rampant so did catch this flu, but this was not what killed him. He was refused his request for HCQ and thus forced into a ventilator to get sufficient oxygen, so adding poison to his oxygen mix was an easy step.

That there is a pattern of conservative talk show hosts hospitalized and dying from Covid-19 is not surprising. The Satanist Cabal has as one of its goals continuing an endless lockdown, with forced vax. This allows them to control migration and increase the death count among what they refer to as useless eaters, a populace that would be demanding social services but being of little use to the elite. Steele's murderers have already been eliminated, with our help, by the Junta. Being highly telepathic, if evil is in the mind of man, we know where it lies.

2020 Conundrum

Is President Trump ever going to be reinstated? It was clear that election fraud was massive across the swing states and elsewhere. Audits in Arizona are complete but being delayed with any excuse at hand - the latest some Covid-19 illness among the staff. Other states such as Georgia and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are conducting their own audits and of course finding massive election fraud. President Trump has recently stated that he anticipates the 2020 Presidential election being "decertified".

Trump Predicts that Somebody will 'Decertify' the 2020 Election he Lost to Biden
September 11, 2021
"I do believe they are going to decertify the election," Trump said, without explaining who "they" are, as nobody has the power to decertify the election Biden won. Trump specifically mentioned Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin - states that were all won by Biden.

The "they" President Trump was referring to was likely the US Military Junta, who have been in charge of the US since the Fall of 2015 when General Dunford initiated Martial Law. General Dunford initiated Martial Law when Obama failed to announce the presence of Nibiru, as expected. Operation Jade Helm in the Summer of 2015 had been called to cover for the need to control riots, but as the Zetas say "Obama lacked courage". What is to be made of the rumor, stressed recently by Scott McKay, that President Trump was recruited by the US Junta.

Scott McKay the Entire Trump Presidency Has Been a Military Sting Operation?
September 5, 2021
Scott McKay provides a fantastic summary of the operation that has been going on since the JFK assassination.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 9/30/2019: Trump is famous for hob knobbing with the enemy, and did so in the past to bring down the 5 New York City Mafia families.

The war against the Khazarian Mafia was born in Europe and spread via colonial power to the United States and elsewhere. They controlled via debt slavery and using Moloch child sacrifice to increase addiction to Adrenochrome among their lackeys. Control of the White House and the US Military was a key element. The battle lines had been drawn in 2016 when the election of Hillary was blocked. Going into 2020 the battle intensified, and is not over yet. When and how will this end? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/30/2021: Leading into the 2020 election in November, the Junta was aware that a Black Hat Biden had been installed by the New World Order Cabal. This Globalist Cabal is controlled by Satanists, and the US Junta and associated White Hats in Europe and other countries around the world rose up to fight them. The Satanists supported child sacrifice - rape and torture to increase the production of adrenochrome - which is an addictive drug that ensures loyalty among the Satanist lackeys.

It is rumored that President Trump was recruited by the Junta, as they needed someone of impeccable integrity and known to law enforcement as a proven team member to challenge the Globalists for control of the White House. President Trump worked with the DOJ to bring down the five Mafia families that operated in New York City, and as a self-made billionaire was unlikely to be bribed by the Cabal. This rumor is true. The Junta had been in charge of the US since the Fall of 2015 when Obama failed to make the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru, so heading into the 2016 election against Hillary, the team had been assembled.

As we stated in 2006 when the election that was assumed to be rigged went in the direction that the will of the people wanted, we assisted in this effort. This type of assistance was in place in early 2020 too, during the Iowa Caucus primaries. Then in August, 2020 the Biden Black Hat Double was replaced by a White Hat Double, and the Biden campaign officially became a sting operation. Then the 2021 election was stolen by massive election fraud, which is now under audit in the swing states. What changed?

The Junta had all the evidence they needed in the Kraken documentation, but our participation to prevent election fraud is always in concert with a request from those trying to prevent it. Thus, there was no Zeta intervention.  But the Biden campaign sting operation had opened so many leads and exposed so much corruption that the Junta was loathe to end it. The Tribunals had been ongoing since the start of 2019 due to President Trump's EO. Gitmo was filling up, but ending the sting operation would alert the rest of the Cabal and stop the gathering of evidence required to prosecute and execute the participants.

An alternate plan was developed, whereby the election fraud would be allowed to proceed, and be corrected at some point in the future.  As is public record, President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act on January 11, just ahead of the planned inauguration of Biden on January 21. This in effect neutered any actions by Congress or the courts, so Biden did not get inaugurated, despite appearances. Just as the sting operation was about to close down, the Junta was presented with more challenges in the form of a CCP invasion of the US. They were under the White House, in tunnels, and coming across from Canada into Maine and Michigan.

The Junta and the White Hats have been presented with multiple fronts, deliberately so as the Satanists have literally been fighting for their lives. Faced with the potential of a Soros funded civil war and an invasion by the CCP, educating the public about the 2020 election fraud was delayed, repeatedly. Congress is controlled by numerous Doubles under the control of the Junta, as is the Biden administration - Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Biden, and Harris.  How will this be resolved? This will likely end over the next few months due to the New Madrid unzipping. This is due to happen by the end of 2021 or shortly thereafter, and would force a full Martial Law situation. The Military will casually announce that Trump is and has always been the President, and no one will care.

General Milley

Last April it appeared that there had been a coup within the US Military. The official Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was General Milley, but per Fulford and other reports he was removed in a coup, replaced by General Berger, the Marine's Joint Chief. Now Milley is back in the news because of a book published by insiders. Milley had usurped President Trump's authority while President Trump was still the President. Can he be trusted? Is this treason?

It Is Payback Time for the Cabal
April 19, 2021
In the U.S., meanwhile, the coup d'etat that removed democratically elected President Donald Trump is imploding. Our CIA sources confirm that Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley has been overthrown and Marine Corps Gen. David Berger has assumed command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The new command needs to coordinate with their Canadian counterparts to liberate North America. The shared principles of Democracy, rule of law, division of powers, and meritocracy should be the glue that unites the soon-to-be-born United States of North America.
Biden Denied Entry to Pentagon
April 17, 2021
Biden never made it inside. Our source said U.S. Pentagon Police, part of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, stopped Biden and his Secret Service detail in their tracks, informing them that they had standing orders to prevent Biden administration members (including Biden) from entering the building. Those orders reportedly included the use of deadly force. The directive came directly from Gen. David H. Berger, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps and a ranking member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When Biden demanded to speak with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, he was told Milley - a Biden supporter - was no longer in charge. We must remember that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley opposed Trump's presidency and was one of few high-ranking military leaders who supported Biden's alleged 2020 victory.

ZetaTalk Insight 4/30/2021: General Dunford was a Marine and solidly pro-Trump, but General Milley who was his replacement did not have that inclination. Milley was promoted to Chief of Staff of the Army in the past by Obama. Milley's reluctance to use the Kraken evidence to reinstate President Trump to the official position of President had become a sticking point.

Book Describes General Milley as Hero who saved US from Trump, but Actually Shows him Colluding with CIA, NSA, Pelosi & China
September 14, 2021
The riot on January 6 saw several hundred pro-Trump demonstrators break into the US Capitol just as the joint session of Congress was hearing objections to the electoral college vote count. The session was interrupted, and when the Congress reconvened later that night, those objecting were overruled by the outrage over what the Democrats and the media dubbed the insurrection.
Investigate General Milley Now
September 15, 2021
According to the book, General Milley went to the head of the Chinese military to tell him, in effect, that Trump was bluffing. He reportedly ordered naval exercises canceled to avoid offending the Chinese.  Generals don't get to have their own personal foreign policies. Period. They answer to the elected branches, and they must carry out every lawful directive and policy set by the people's representatives.
Trump Calls Allies to Demand Gen. Mark Milley Be Arrested for Treason
September 15, 2021
According to two people familiar with the matter, the twice-impeached former president was sounding testy and had a simple request:  He wanted his prominent supporters to go on television and in public this week to declare that Gen. Mark Milley should be arrested for treason.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2021: One of the dramas in the 2020 election fraud is that internal to the US Military. General Milley inherited the top slot among the Joint Chiefs because it was his turn in the rotating leadership the Chiefs maintain. General Dunford retired, and General Milley stepped in. This caused conflict from the start as Milley has never been pro-Trump. Thus as early as April there were signs of conflict when those supporting a Biden Presidency were rebuffed by the Pentagon.

The US Military has not accepted Biden as the President, nor do they accept General Milley as the Joint Chiefs Chairman. Meanwhile the public deals with confusion. Part of the delay in straightening this situation out is the delay in straightening out the issue of who won the 2020 Presidential election. The Biden in the White House is under Junta control but this does not extend to the rest of the Biden Administration which is filled with eager Democrats hoping to make a Biden Administration permanent. This includes the Secretary of Defense, a Biden appointee. Thus, wrangling and argument ensue. Soon, due to the New Madrid disasters about to descend, a full Martial Law will be called by the Junta and they will sort it all out.