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Issue 795, Sunday December 26, 2021
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Graphene Hydroxide

Graphene Hydroxide is a chemical created from Graphene Oxide. Graphene Oxide is used in the Covid-19 vaccines as it is used for “targeted drug delivery”. It is not a static chemical but evolves into Graphene Hydroxide. Dr. Noack claims Graphene Hydroxide in the body acts like tiny razor blades, and thus the sudden death from heart inflammation after vaccines. He was murdered after publishing this information. The Zetas confirm.

What is Graphene Oxide
Graphene's unique properties allow for ground-breaking biomedical applications. Targeted drug delivery; improved brain penetration; DIY health-testing kits and 'smart' implants.
Three-Dimensionally Networked Graphene Hydroxide with Giant Pores and its Application in Supercapacitors
December 10, 2014
The three-dimensionally networked and layered structure of graphene hydroxide (GH) was investigated. After lengthy immersion in a NaOH solution, most of the epoxy groups in the graphene oxide were destroyed and more hydroxyl groups were generated, transforming the graphene oxide into graphene hydroxide.
Can COVID-19 Vaccines Lead to Heart Inflammation in Adults?
There have been a small number of reported cases of heart inflammation following a COVID-19 vaccine. Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle. Pericarditis is inflammation of the outer lining of the heart. Incidents have mostly been reported among male adolescents and young adults who have received an mRNA vaccine. Among the hundreds of millions of vaccine doses given, these reports are rare. Symptoms of these rare cases included chest pain, shortness of breath, or feelings of having a fast-beating, fluttering, or pounding heart. Most patients with myocarditis who received care responded well to treatment and rest and quickly felt better.

Thomas Anderson: Graphenhydroxide Nano Razorblades in Vaccines
November 27, 2021
His scientific work for his PhD was bout Graphene and quite exactly what he found in the vaccines. He described in the video that he found Graphenhydroxide inside every tested corona vaccine. He explained that the Graphene found cannot be found by any lab because they don’t test for it. They normally only test chemistry, but they should look out for physical nano structures. He explained that the Graphene found in the vaccine are extremely thin layers of only 1 atom thickness and around 50nm length. He described this form as the “ultimate nano razorblade” and explained why the people who took it would but literally cut into pieces from inside. Only a few hours later he died officially because of “breathing problems”.
Murder? Just Hours After Publishing the Secret of the Vax the Doctor Is Dead
November 28, 2021
This is Dr. Noack, a chemist and graphene expert unlike any under in the EU. He got attacked on a livestream months ago by special police for laughable reasons. Now, just hours after publishing this work, the forces that be decided that he hit the mark so hard with uncovering their plans, that they decided to take him out.
Dr. Andreas Noack
Dr. Andreas Noack is Specialist for Carbon, he is Europe’s leading chemist with expertise in Carbon technologies. He analyzed the vaccines. He said it will kill everyone. Sooner or later. It’s non-biological degradable. Its razor-sharp and will cut your capillaries and you will slowly bleed internally to death, while also producing clots. If they hit a vein directly during the vax, you die instantly. That’s all the videos on people collapsing on vaxx site.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/31/2021: The elite in the establishment, desperate to maintain control while the populace learns about the presence and pending passage of Nibiru, not only want to keep the lockdowns in place but want to expand them to a global lockdown. Thus the release of the new variant Omicron, designed to be highly infectious. While Graphene Oxide in the vax is known, causing magnets to stick to the vax site, Graphene Oxide is used in vaccines for “targeted drug delivery” and is a temporary effect. Graphene Oxide degrades chemically to produce Graphene Hydroxide, which is not benign.

A side effect of this Graphene Hydroxide which cannot be hidden is the sudden heart attacks among the young, as these deaths appear before large crowds at sports events or are televised on TV. These heart attacks remain unexplained. Dr. Noack was detailing the process, which the elite in the establishment are desperate to hide. As has been noted by Noack, any injection into a vein will go directly to the heart and the clotting and bleeding resulting from rapidly degrading Graphene Oxide will create a heart attack situation. Thus Dr. Noack was quickly assassinated and thus martyred.

Is this a permanent situation? We have stated that all side effects of the various vaccinations for Covid-19 will prove to be temporary, within months. The insistence on boosters is to force lockdowns and Covid passports, the control the elite desperately seek. That boosters can exhaust the immune system is considered a bonus by the elite. Graphene Oxide and Hydroxide are chemicals that react to other chemicals and degrade during this process. They do not retain their original structure, thus do not linger for years to eventually kill the patient.

Council’s Nudge

The Zetas recently described the means by which the Council of Worlds will cause a temporary Severe Wobble to force the establishment to admit that Nibiru exists and that a passage is pending.  In the last Newsletter we presented the magnetic N Pole of Nibiru, normally pointing directly at the Earth, suddenly pointing up. By toggling the N Pole of Nibiru, or moving it side to side, the Daily Earth Wobble can be manipulated. On November 26 the N Pole suddenly moved down, with an obvious affect on the Earth. On November 28 Peru had a massive quake that reached all the way to Gibraltar.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/31/2021: We warned that the Council of Worlds would take steps to force awareness of Nibiru, inciting a Severe Wobble. The ZetaTalk Followers photographers began to show a change in direction for where the tail of Nibiru was pointing. From pointing directly at the Earth in prior photos the N Pole of Nibiru began to point up on November 16. Then on November 26 the N Pole of Nibiru aggressively swung down, and two days later on November 28 Peru had a massive quake with participation in the Straits of Gibraltar. This was followed by a cold blitz in Europe on November 29 accompanied by massive quake swarms in Japan.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/31/2021: In detailing the 7 of 10 plate movements in 2010, we stated that the New Madrid adjustment would be preceded by several 8+ magnitude quakes in Japan. In that the USGS is currently downgrading quakes by a full 4 magnitudes, the quakes swarms in Japan during the last week of November, 2021 certainly qualify. These are indeed the Japan quakes we predicted to precede the New Madrid. We have stated that the New Madrid Adjustment will occur by the end of 2021 or very early in 2022. We are not allowed to give precise dates.

The great quakes in Japan predicted by the Zetas did occur at the end of November. Then there was to be a repercussion in Vancouver and British Colombia, with flooding and high tides. Where this likewise occurred at the end of November, it was blamed on rainfall. Slamming the Juan de Fuca plate continues on December 8. What's next? Clearly its the New Madrid Adjustment.

Sifting Through Mud, Flooded Canadians Fear Next Disaster
November 29, 2021
Now, the region is facing washed-out roads and highways, mud-clogged houses and destroyed bridges after nearly a foot of rain poured from a weather event known as an atmospheric river — long bands of water vapor that form over the Pacific Ocean and drift to North America every fall and winter.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: A jolt to the Juan de Fuca Plate, because of adjustments in the Pacific following the Japan quakes, will cause these strata to slip. Much of Victoria will find water in its streets to a depth of 20 feet, with little warning as the reaction to the Japan quakes will come across the Pacific from plates pushing plates with lightning speed. This is not a tsunami.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/31/2021: How did we, the Zetas, know that this would occur in the weeks ahead of the New Madrid unzipping? Like watching a game of chess where the moves and counter moves can be anticipated well ahead of time, we forecast the tightening bow on the N American Continent and the current slide of the Mainland Portion toward the SW and into the Pacific. The Seaway is distressed, pulling apart, and as the bow shifts along the West Coast there is increased rock distress along the San Andreas, a matter we also predicted to occur ahead of the New Madrid Adjustment. The New Madrid unzipping is but a moment away now.

Then on December 1 there were signs of a stronger wobble. Buoys just north of Australia went on alert. A close look at the terrain shows that both these buoys are positioned over a deep plateau that leads up to a ridge, so that a N/S wobble lurch would create a subaquatic tidal bore in those locations. There was additional evidence of a N/S lurch that same day in Alexandria, Egypt where an unexplained tidal wave occurred. The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/31/2021: Both buoy 56003 and 56001 went on alert in the evening of December 1 along the North Coast of Australia. Both these buoys shared a common feature - being located in a flat deep plateau just to the NW of a ridge. Did the increasing Earth Wobble being incited by the Council of Worlds have something to do with these activated buoys? At midnight GMT the Sun is high over the Pacific. A strong Polar Push against the Magnetic N Pole of Earth in Siberia could be triggered, pushing deep plateau waters to the south and for a clash against a ridge, creating an undersea tidal bore.

The Engineers Club in Alexandria Corniche Sank due to the Waves
December 2, 2021
Waves high in Alexandria, which reached 5 meters and violent winds, caused parts of the Engineers Club to sink, overlooking the sea, in the Saba Pasha area. The parking area, the outdoor lounge and some offices overlooking the seaside of the club were inundated by the water, having exceeded the breakwaters set up to protect the club.

Twitter CEO Resigns

Twitter is known for banning anyone who is pro-Trump. Twitter even banned President Trump. Now in a shocking turnabout, it is Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO and founder, who is resigning. The backlash against Twitter from fans of President Trump had downgraded its stock value, thus the stockholders may have been pushing for Dorsey’s resignation. Per the Zetas, this is only half the truth.

Jack Dorsey Steps Down and Insists it was 'My Decision' to Quit
November 29, 2021
Dorsey, 45, announced on Twitter that he is stepping down as CEO of social media giant Twitter. He was the CEO of Twitter since it was first founded in 2006.
Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO
November 29, 2021
Dorsey warned of potential pitfalls of a company founder staying on for too long. "There’s a lot of talk about the importance of a company being 'founder-led,'" Dorsey said. "Ultimately I believe that’s severely limiting and a single point of failure." He added: "And there aren't many founders that choose their company over their own ego. I know we'll prove this was the right move."

ZetaTalk Comment 12/31/2021: Jack Dorsey’s sudden resignation is not confusing in light of the stock taking off right after his announcement. Shareholders wanted him gone. That Dorsey was anti-Trump is no secret, with President Trump’s twitter account being silenced after the 2020 election fraud. Is there a nexus between Dorsey’s resignation and the rumored return of President Trump? Absolutely. The rage about his mistreatment of President Trump will create a backlash against Twitter, and the shareholders don’t want this affecting their stock.

The CEO exodus was noted in 2019, when President Trump had the economy booming, and again in 2020. The Zetas stated in 2018 that many cooperated with the Cabal in treasonous acts, so resigned as a result of plea bargaining. But these CEOs also know what the common man does not know - Nibiru is coming, and their businesses and industries will crash. So they cash in their stock and head for the hills.

Why have More than 1,300 CEOs left their Post in the Past Year?
November 6, 2019
Chief executives are leaving in record numbers this year, with more than 1,332 stepping aside in the period from January through the end of October. it is noteworthy to see such a rash of executive exits amid robust corporate earnings and record stock market highs.
Why CEOs are Stepping Down: 2020’s Major Resignations
September 30, 2021
From Disney to Ford to Bleacher Report, heads are rolling at the top of America’s most recognizable companies. Whether from resignations, firings or retirements, the blood is flowing as companies from all industries experience a changing of the guard.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/31/2018: It has been noted by many that the number of sealed indictments under the military tribunals run by Trump’s Junta is many tens of thousands above the average. Meanwhile CEOs are resigning in droves and dozens of US Congressmen are choosing not to continue in office, opting out. Is there a relationship? When the perpetrator is a well-known public figure, the Junta tribunals offer the offender a choice. Depending on their role, they can resign from a position of influence and remain silent, to be available to the media and thus humiliated when their crimes are exposed.

Omicron Variant

The newest variant of Covid-19 is yet another engineered variant, per the Zetas. It was designed primarily to be highly contagious, so all travel can be restricted worldwide. It is resistant to the existing vaccines for that reason. Fortunately it has mild symptoms – fatigue and a high heart rate. The world immediately went into a Global Lockdown – just what the elite wanted.

Omicron: Scientists Scramble to Unpick Secrets of new COVID Variant as WHO Calls for Calm
November 27, 2021
US infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci said labs around the world were scrambling to test the mutations amidst concern Omicron could wipe out all the hard work done to create COVID vaccines. The variant has a spike protein that is dramatically different than the one in the original coronavirus that vaccines are based on, the UK Health Security Agency said, raising fears about how current vaccines will fare.
South African Doctor Who Raised Alarm about Omicron Variant: 'Symptoms Were so Different and so Mild'
November 27, 2021
Dr Angelique Coetzee said she was first alerted to the possibility of a new variant when patients in her busy private practice in the capital Pretoria started to come in earlier this month with Covid-19 symptoms that did not make immediate sense. They included young people of different backgrounds and ethnicities with intense fatigue and a six-year-old child with a very high pulse rate. None suffered from a loss of taste or smell.
South African doctor who discovered Omicron describes Symptoms
November 29, 2021
He was “extremely tired” for several days, and also referenced body aches and “a bit of headache”. The patient did not exhibit symptoms typically associated with Delta or any previous Covid-19 strain like a cough or loss of taste or smell, and had a “scratchy throat” rather than a sore one. All the Omicron cases recorded so far have been “mild to moderate”.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/30/2021: The flu virus mutates readily, as is known, so the number of variants for the Covid-19 flu is not unusual. Nor is the fact that some variants fit into the lockdown plans of the elite, as the elite in panic over the visibility of Nibiru would grasp at any opportunity to prevent migration or even travel to the local grocery store. In their rush to be assisted in their lockdown and depopulation schemes, the elite have released several variants of Covid-19, but only the Delta proved viable enough to create a new wave of hospitalizations.

What is significant in the Omicron is that it is resistant to the Covid-19 vaccines in circulation. Just as many parts of the globe have been so thoroughly vaccinated that herd immunity can be considered well in place, the vaccines are no longer needed, we have a new Covid that will require new vaccines from the pharma companies and new lockdowns and vaccine passports. How convenient. Yes, this was an engineered variant for the convenience of the pharma companies and the elite. Will it prove to be deadly? No, but rather almost benign.

Coincidentally, Omicron was used in the title of various movies in the past, as in the 1963 movie called the Omicron Variant.

Babylon will Babble on but, to No Avail
November 29, 2021
This “new variant” that is “500 times more contagious” than previous versions, circled the globe faster than the speed of light after it was “discovered,” in Africa. The Presidential Covid-19 Task Force in Botswana informs that the new variant was first found in four fully vaccinated travelers. It then instantaneously hit Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, The UK, Germany, Israel, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands and Italy.
Two Films with 'Omicron' in Title Surface after New COVID-19 Variant Detected
November 30, 2021
Two films with 'Omicron' in title surface after new COVID-19 variant detected. Helmed by Ugo Gregoretti, the plot of the 1963 science-fiction movie titled Omicron revolves around an "alien" that "takes over the body of an Earthman in order to learn about the planet so his race can take it over." While the 2013 film also revolves around "an alien who comes to earth with a botanical virus, but a gutsy Arizona widow wins him over with her garden-fresh cooking, and then tries to topple the corrupt government that put him up to it.