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Issue 857, Sunday February 26, 2023
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China Balloons

UFO or Chinese surveillance? Clearly the latter but why the attempt to call these surveillance balloons UFOs? Even China is wanting this excuse, claiming they have UFO’s over the port of Qingdao. China is suffering from a severe stretch in the Eurasian Plate, which has even caused their roads to melt. If the 3 Gorges Dam breaks and floods their crop growing regions, their starvation worries will increase. Are they planning to invade Canada and the US from the North?

Note the long gray blimp sighted over Alaska drifting to the Yukon where it met an F-22 and was downed. UFOs do not get shot down. They evade and disappear into another dimension. Why are these obvious blimps being called UFOs?

China-US-Canada Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) News
February 12, 2023
China is getting ready to take down an unidentified object spotted flying over waters near the port city of Qingdao, The Paper reported.
US Shoots Down unknown 'High-Altitude Object' over Alaska
February 11, 2023
Recovery operations continued Saturday to retrieve a "high-altitude object" shot down over the waters off Alaska. The object was about the size of a small car and was at flying about 40,000 feet. It was described as "cylindrical and silver-ish gray" and seemed to be floating.
U.S. Shoots Down Unidentified Cylindrical Object over Canada
February 12, 2023
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau first announced Saturday's shootdown over the northern Yukon territory, saying Canadian forces would recover and analyze the wreckage. Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand declined to speculate about the origin of the object, which she said was cylindrical in shape.

Then a similar object was spotted over Montana, but the jets sent up to check it out lost it on radar. Could these surveillance blimps have radar deflection on board? The Montana blimp drifted to Wisconsin where it was sighted over Green Bay, once again evading radar. But hours later this blimp was shot down over Lake Huron.  Per the Zetas, these are all surveillance balloons or blimps, assessing the Canadian and US Military readiness with the UFO excuse being used to deflect anxiety in the population.

Havre, Montana, Airspace Closed for ‘National Defense,’ Then Reopened
With the cooperation of the Federal Aviation Administration, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) implemented a temporary flight restriction airspace in central Montana on Feb. 11, 2023 to ensure the safety of air traffic in the area during NORAD operations. The restriction has been lifted. NORAD detected a radar anomaly and sent fighter aircraft to investigate. Those aircraft did not identify any object to correlate to the radar hits. NORAD will continue to monitor the situation.

FAA abruptly Cancels 'National Defense Airspace' over Lake Michigan after reporting 'Potential Contact'
February 12, 2023
The Federal Aviation Administration has abruptly canceled a "national defense airspace" over part of Lake Michigan, the organization announced Sunday. The FAA says it closed down the area to allow the U.S. military to examine a "potential contact" that was soon determined to not be a threat. The FAA last established a national defense airspace over Montana this weekend in reaction to an unidentified flying object.

US Shoots Down Another ‘Airborne Object’ over its Territory
February 13, 2023
A US F-16 fighter jet shot down “an airborne object” over Lake Huron in Michigan on Sunday, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said. It is the fourth such downing in eight days and follows accusations from Washington that China flew a “surveillance” balloon over its territory. According to NORAD, the object was traveling at 20,000 feet (6,096 meters) and was first picked up by radar over Montana when it flew “in proximity to sensitive DOD sites.”

ZetaTalk Comment 2/11/2023: China surveillance of the N America Continent has increased and changed in nature from a distinct big white balloon, easily identifiable, to a mock UFO. By this they hope to evade being identified and hope to disguise their motives, which are to invade N America during the coming New Madrid Rupture. China itself is facing geological disasters and starvation for its 1.5 billion people. The 3 Gorges Dam will fail, destroying the crop growing regions it supports. China is being torn apart by the Eurasia stretch, pulled into the compressing Pacific.

A quiet invasion of America was in process in 2020, when CCP soldiers were encountered trying to invade the Michigan Peninsula and found in tunnels in Maine. Their intent was to assist the Biden mob with their election theft. Since the New Madrid Rupture is imminent, their surveillance has increased. Clearly, they intend to invade from the sparsely populated North, via the Arctic. To avoid an open war with China, the Junta and White Hats in Canada and even China itself will purport that the floating cylinder balloons are UFOs.

Train Derailment

Was the spate of train derailments in the US on February 13-15 due to the pending New Madrid Rupture? Without a doubt. Look at the locations. East Palestine, Ohio is right on the Fault Line. S Carolina is along the East Coast Fault Line that runs parallel to the New Madrid and operates in sync with the New Madrid. Montgomery, Texas is right next to Houston, on the Gulf, and the land to the West of the New Madrid Fault Line is being pulled down and toward the SW due to the Mainland slide. And just where the New Madrid and East Coast fault lines end in New England, there was a derailment in New Haven Connecticut. In 1811-1812, church bells rang in Boston due to this connection to the fault lines.

Two more Trains Derail in US
February 14, 2023
The back-to-back accidents come days after another freighter carrying hazardous chemicals derailed in Ohio. One man was killed following a collision with an oncoming train in southeastern Texas, causing more than a dozen cars to derail. Another incident in South Carolina saw three cars come off the tracks. The accidents follow a major derailment involving trains carrying hazardous chemicals in the town of East Palestine, Ohio on February 3.

East Palestine Train Derailment: What we know about the Situation
February 13, 2023
Residents were allowed to return home last week after about 50 train cars, 10 of which carried hazardous materials, derailed in a fiery wreck on Feb. 3. Vinyl chloride, a gas contained in five of the cars, was released and burned to prevent explosion, causing toxic fumes to be released in the area.

Emergency Officials Responding to Two More Train Derailments – One in South Carolina, Another in Texas
February 13, 2023
At least one person is dead after a crash caused a train derailment at US 59 in Montgomery, Texas. According to deputies, a truck collided with the train, causing it to derail. There was another train derailment in Enoree, South Carolina. A severe train derailment in Ohio that happened on February 3rd is still a danger to residents near the crash site.

Officials Responding to Train Derailment in Enoree
February 13, 2023
Officials are responding to a train derailment in Enoree on Monday afternoon. CSX Transportation are also on the scene.

Buses Replacing Metro North New Canaan Branch Trains After Train Derailment
February 14, 2023
Be advised there is heavier traffic this morning due to a train derailment at the Elm Street Train Station. Train service is currently suspended at this location. MTA Police is on scene assessing the situation and working on getting buses set up at the station.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/14/2023: Was this spate of derailments in the US caused by the silent stretch ongoing along the New Madrid Fault Line? Without doubt. East Palestine, Ohio lies right on the New Madrid Fault Line between Cleveland and Pittsburgh as it runs under the constantly quake-ridden Seaway. Back-to-back train derailments in S Carolina run along the Appalachian fault line that runs parallel to the New Madrid. A massive derailing in East Texas along the Gulf, where the Mainland Portion is being pulled down on the western side of the New Madrid Fault Line.

While the SE Portion is currently in a silent stretch zone, this does not mean that disasters cannot happen. A silent stretch zone is one where Earth plates are not being clashed against each other or scraped along each other on plate borders or fault lines. But the ground can shift and thus the plethora of train derailments and breaking water and gas mains. Fittings pull apart, and bridges fall. That these significant train derailments happened together, in a blitz, means that the stretch has increased.

From the daily monitoring being done on the SE Portion borders and the clasp at the Bridge, it is clear that the SE Portion has disconnected from its attachment along the Caribbean Plate. Stretching from the Isthmus (where the Fault Line starts) through to the Atlantic, this border will not restrict the SE Portion when it jumps to the East. Likewise up along the Seaway where the Seaway itself as well as the Fault Line are pulling apart.  The SO2 charts show the drama of this tug-of-war, with stretch all the way from the Bridge to the center of the Atlantic.

This drama is very much dependent upon the Africa Roll, which is now fully in process and unstoppable. Africa will take the SE Portion with it when it rolls to the East and drops its Eastern side, tearing away any remaining connections along the Seaway and the Fault Line that runs under the Seaway. If the establishment were wise, they would admit that Nibiru exists, ground all planes and halt all rail service and move their populace away from coast lines. But the Nibiru cover-up lives on.  

In 1811 Church Bells in Boston rang, due to the combination of the East Coast Fault Line and the New Madrid Fault Line that touched there. No wonder New Haven, Connecticut is having derailment problems and Worchester, Massachusetts is having water main breaks.

New Data Confirms Strong Earthquake Risk to Central US
Jun 22, 2005
Strain is building on a fault near Memphis, Tennessee that was the site of a magnitude 8.1 earthquake in 1812. Such a strong earthquake would rock the entire eastern half of the country and prove devastating to the local region. In a three-month period in 1811-12, three major earthquakes rattled a broad expanse of the United States, causing damage as far away as Charleston, South Carolina and even rattling nerves in Boston. The quakes triggered landslides into the Mississippi River and, according to some boaters who were not drowned, sent part of the river running the other direction for a time. The earthquakes were centered around New Madrid, Missouri. They measured 8.1, 8.0 and 7.8 and represent three of the four strongest earthquakes ever recorded in the lower 48 states. Sandy soil in some areas became liquefied in past events. This tendency for soil east of the Rockies to liquefy, along with other differences in geology, means earthquakes there pack more potential for damage and are felt over a much wider region than western temblors.

Bridge Watch

Who lives on the Bridge, which must fracture sufficiently to allow the Mainland and SE Portions to pull apart? Surprisingly, it is sparsely populated. Do these folks feel the tugging taking place or know the significance of the anticipated changes in the land they call home?

Sturgis, Kentucky,_Kentucky
Sturgis is a home rule-class city in Union County, Kentucky, United States. The population was 1,898 at the 2010 census.
Morganfield, Kentucky,_Kentucky
Morganfield is a home rule-class city in Union County, Kentucky, in the United States. It is the seat of its county. The population was 3,285 as of the year 2010 U.S. census.
Shawaneetown, Illinois,_Illinois
Shawneetown is a city in Gallatin County, Illinois, United States. The population was 1,239 at the 2010 census,[3] down from 1,410 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Gallatin County.
Uniontown, Kentucky,_Kentucky
Uniontown is a home rule-class city in Union County, Kentucky, United States. The population was 1,002 at the 2010 census.

The New Madrid Fault Line will separate last at the Seaway exit. This can be seen in how aggressively the SE Portion is being pulled toward Africa on February 14. The stretch rip on the land under the Atlantic is angry, as is the land between the Ohio River and the Seaway. The Bridge is also showing angry SO2 red emissions above and below the Bridge. 

Then on February 15 this action can be seen in the wave, quake, SO2 and Buoy maps. Buoy 44402 is throbbing again. The connection between the Eurasian Plate and the N American Plate is being tugged as can be seen by quakes in Europe and along the Seaway. The SO2 charts show dark red between the New Madrid Fault Line and the Seaway. And wave action shows that the Atlantic is being pulled apart.

The next day on February 16 the New Madrid region just below the Bridge, at Cairo where the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers connect, turned white on the SO2 maps. This signals that rock fracturing has completed in that region. But the Bridge itself is still holding.

The residents of Montreal have been warned by a UFO display that during the leap to the East the SE Portion will take when the clasp at the Bridge breaks, the Seaway will seem to widen, then return to its normal width. Residents in Wisconsin along the shores of Lake Michigan have likewise been warned by a UFO display that minor tsunami will occur there during the final spasm when the Portions separate.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/30/2021: The St Lawrence Seaway rips open during the New Madrid adjustment, and rips further during the Pole Shift. The UFO display seen overhead and recorded on video is depicting the wild ride that Montreal residents will take during the New Madrid adjustment soon to occur. The spread of the Seaway is clearly shown, with some closure at the end. During the New Madrid adjustment the tension before the major unzipping of the Fault Line will cause a large spread, which will prove to be temporary.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/20/2022: These UFO displays are warning those who view them of the pending tearing open of the Seaway. Notably the sightings are along the West side of Lake Michigan and the locks near Detroit, not on the East side. As the SE Portion is lurching to the East, ripping away its attachments to the Mainland Portion under the Seaway, the Mainland and the waters of the Great Lakes at first are pulled to the East along with the SE Portion. This lurch drives the waters of Lake Michigan onto the shores North of Milwaukee. Then when the SE Portion fully separates, there is a lurch of the Mainland Portion back toward the West.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/23/2023: One of the reasons the Azores is instantly ripped open when the clasp at the Bridge breaks is due to a slight delay in the Rupture under the Seaway. The upper Azores has a connection to both the Eurasian and N American Plates. When the SE Portion jumps as a unit to the East, the Mainland Portion is freed to likewise lurch to the West. Until the Fault line along the Seaway completes its separation of the Portions, the Mainland temporarily pulls the Azores open. The Azores rupture is huge at this moment, thus the large amount of water that will pour in and rebound toward Europe.