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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 1, 2012

Can you comment on the distance of Planet X from Earth by now? [and from another] The point of passage has been calculated from information on the Orbit and Entry Angle given by the Zetas. As the 12th Planet pierces the Earth's orbital plane, it forms a triangle with the Earth and Sun, with the angles given as 139 degrees at the 12th Planet, 23 degrees at the Earth, and 18 degrees at the Sun.

We have described the location of Planet X since 2005 as being within the orbit of Venus and moving slowly outbound.  It is moving in a retrograde orbit, pushing the Earth back from when it was stopped in its orbit in 2003 in the December position. It was in the September position in 2009 and then by 2012 had moved to where it will remain until the Pole Shift -  the August position. Meanwhile, the cup has tightened. Venus has pushed closer to the Earth, the Dark Twin has fallen behind the Earth and is trying to pass the Earth in their shared orbit, and the Earth’s wobble has gotten more severe and violent. It is the very crowding of these planets in the cup in front of Planet X that causes the slow pace of Planet X as it tries to move outbound away from the Sun in its retrograde orbit.

We will not detail the drama that will take place between the present and the Last Weeks, when the deadlock will suddenly be broken. At that time, Venus and the Dark Twin escape from the cup, allowing the final gyrations between Planet X and the Earth to begin. We have stated that Planet X will draw the Earth some 30 million miles closer to it in the Last Weeks, though this will be primarily a sideways motion, not toward the Sun.  Earth at this point is pressed as far to the left as possible, pressed into the Lean to the Left and the Severe Wobble. This does not place the Earth in danger of contact with Planet X or its Moon Swirls, as it still remains some 14 million miles from Planet X and the moons in the Moon Swirls remain no further than 5 million miles from Planet X.

Where will Planet X be between the present and the Last Weeks? We have stated that Earth will not be pushed back in her orbit further than the August position, and she is there now. We have stated that Venus and the Dark Twin are unlikely to escape prior to the Last Weeks, though will be pressed more closely together in the cup. Both will certainly loom larger than they are at present. Planet X will progress past the orbit of Venus, but not by far during this time. Just what sights and drama the poor Earth and her inhabitants will be subject to during this time is part of the 8 of 10 scenarios, which we are withholding at the present time.

We are considering the interest in the Sandy Island disappearance to be an unspoken question, for new ZetaTalk.

We have explained that as the Indo-Australian Plate rises on its eastern edge, where eastern Australia and New Zealand lie, that temporary undulations will occur in weak spots on the crust. The eastern end of the plate is heavy, so the first reaction is to bend in the Coral Sea, which is suddenly jutting above the magma level. This puts stress on the bend point in Australia, which also begins to bend. The second reaction is for the flex point in the Indian Ocean between Australia and India to allow the plate portion holding India to drop on its southern end, bringing Sri Lanka down. This allows the eastern end of the Indo-Australian Plate to straighten out, so the temporary bend in the Coral Sea region disappears.

During such times, the floor of the Coral Sea will flex up when the plate is tilting again, then relax somewhat as the magma fills in and again supports the void, then straighten out as the bend point between Australia and India allows Sri Lanka to drop, then disburses and redistributes the magma under the Coral Sea which now has once again changed shape. The crust under the Coral Sea is not smooth, but is as irregular as the crust visible to man. There are mountains and valleys, places where magma can get trapped or swirl, creating currents. Thus at times the Coral Sea floor will be lower than previously, although this too is likely to be temporary. For Sandy Island to disappear, temporarily, is thus logical.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the recent exhumation of former Palestine leader Yassir Arafat? It seems you can actually feel the anti-Israel rhetoric building around the globe, and curiousity has one wondering if there would be any serious repercussions made, assuming the probe concludes that Arafat really was hit with plutoniom-210? [and from another] Yasser Arafat’s body exhumed: Poison probe ahead of UN vote. 27 November, 2012. The remains of Yasser Arafat have been exhumed as experts Israel and precedes a UN vote on Palestine’s nation status. Traces of a radioactive substance were found of Arafat’s effects in July, adding impetus to the theory he was murdered. A probe was launched back in August following a documentary by Qatar-backed channel Al Jazeera. The documentary claimed that traces of plutonium-210 were discovered on items belonging to the iconic figure. Scientists from the Swiss Institute of Radiation Physics at Lausanne University found “significant traces” that exceeded normal levels by 10 times in some samples. However, investigators conceded that Arafat’s symptoms according to his medical records were not consistent with radioactive poisoning. Arafat, who was made the first president of the Palestinian Authority in 1996, became ill in October 2004. His condition worsened so severely over the subsequent two weeks that he was transferred to a French military hospital in Paris, where he died in the November.  The former leader’s medical records describe the cause of his death as a stroke brought on by a blood disorder of unknown origin, but rumors are rife in Palestine that Arafat was poisoned by Israel.

Is there a relationship between the timing of the exhuming of Arafat’s body and the brief 2012 war between Israel and Gaza? There is indeed. Israel has been squeezing Gaza, preventing travel to jobs and the ability to secure food and medical services. Meanwhile, they occasionally shoot Palestinian children or abuse Palestinians at checkpoints, inciting riots which allow more killing. All of this is genocide in disguise. Meanwhile, Israel takes more land, building settlements where the UN has declared they should not, and then refusing to leave the settlements. All this is a slow moving land grab.

Previously, Israel was smug in the assumption that the US could be counted upon to back them regardless of their actions. Now times have changed. Israel wanted Romney to win the election and tried to throw stones in Obama’s path by arranging the video that created the embassy riots, and payback was not long in coming. Right after the elections, yet another child was shot on the streets of Gaza by an Israeli soldier and the missiles started flying again, as they had in 2008. This time Egypt was not there to squeeze Gaza on the Egyptian side, and the cease fire included concessions on Israeli’s part.

The tensions have a simple outcome – Israel should stay within their borders and cease their land grabs. There is likely to be more progress on these matters in the future, as it is clear that Obama was not about to do more than provide anti-missile defense for Israel, the Iron Dome. A protracted war would only mean more dead and injured Israelis and terrified citizenry. This has been the trend since Obama took office in 2009, and the emboldened Palestinians expect the proof that Arafat was poisoned to be in hand in future to bolster their cause. Of course Israel killed him as he was refusing to comply with their demands. There is no cure for being injected with or ingesting radioactive materials.

Any comments on the recent mid-east developments in general, from the most recent Israeli-Palestine war, which many people around the globe are voicing their rage at, to Egyptian President Morsi's power consolidation?
Just an update in general on Mid-East developments would be appreciated, as only you and the Zetas can deliver.
[and from another] Morsi faces mounting pressure over his sweeping decree seeking to elevate his edicts above the reach of any court until a new constitution is approved. It is the most acute test to date of the ability and willingness of Mr. Morsi, Egypt’s first freely elected president and a former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, to engage in the kind of give and take that democratic government requires. But he also must contend with real doubts about the willingness of his anti-Islamist opponents to join him in compromise. Each side is mired in deep suspicion of the other, a legacy of the decades when the Brotherhood survived here only as an insular secret society, demonized as dangerous radicals by most of the Egyptian elite. Government and party officials maintained that Mr. Morsi was forced to claim the expansive new powers to protect the process of writing the country’s new constitution, and that the decree would be in effect only until the charter was in place. A court of judges appointed under the Mubarak government was widely rumored to be about to dissolve the elected constitutional assembly, dominated by Mr. Morsi’s Islamist allies — just as the same court had previously cast out the newly elected Islamist-led Parliament — and the decree issued by Mr. Morsi gave him the power to stop it. When the court dissolved the elected Parliament, Mr. Morsi sought to use a presidential decree to restore it, only to have the court strike that down

It was clear that Morsi had a hand in resolving the 2012 Israeli-Palestine war, though he only talked to Gaza and the US, refusing to talk to Israel, while the US talked to Israel. This made the US, primarily Obama, the broker of peace as he held the two strongest cards in negotiations – aid to Egypt and the Iron Dome Israel was relying upon to shoot down missiles from Gaza. Just what was said during these negotiations has not been made public. The resolution included opening the route from Gaza to Egypt, closed since the 2008 war, so the people of Gaza could get food and medical services. The timing of Morsi’s decree is clear, as it occurred just after the Gaza conflict was resolved.

Though Morsi has been elected President, the western leaning factions in Egypt have been trying to regain control. Much of the judiciary is of this mind-set. This includes those forces sympathetic with Israel. The elected Parliament was disbanded by the judiciary. The committee formulating a new Constitution, the draft of which had already been approved by the voters, was due to experience a similar death at the hands of the judiciary. Morsi properly moved to protect this committee, which represented the road to democracy in Egypt. This will resolve in the direction of democracy, with a Constitution approved, a new Parliament elected, and certain judges removed from the bench by the new Parliament if not earlier by the President.

NASA may be preparing to announce the reality of Planet X.  But there are many who do not want the public to learn the truth about Planet X/Nibiru, and that makes me wonder if the recent theft of a laptop containing the personal information of 10,000 NASA employees is just a coincidence.  Maybe NASA has wrongfully invaded the privacy of NASA and JPL employees in connection with the long cover up of Planet X, or maybe someone wants to apply pressure to NASA to finally do the right thing and announce Planet X is real. Would the Zetas care to address this, or does it even matter at this point? [and from another] Ex-NASA Scientist’s Data Fears Come True. In 2007, Robert M. Nelson, an astronomer, and 27 other scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory sued NASA arguing that the space agency’s background checks of employees of government contractors were unnecessarily invasive and violated their privacy rights. This month, Dr. Nelson opened a letter from NASA telling him of a significant data breach that could potentially expose him to identity theft. A laptop used by an employee at NASA’s headquarters in Washington had been stolen from a car parked on the street on Halloween. Although the laptop itself was password protected, unencrypted files on the laptop contained personal information on about 10,000 NASA employees — including details like their names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers. The roots of Dr. Nelson’s case against NASA date back to 2004 when the Department of Homeland Security, under a directive signed by President George Bush, required federal agencies to adopt uniform identification credentials for all civil servants and contract employees.

In September and October, Obama made numerous attempts to tell the public that Planet X, aka Nibiru, existed and was in the solar system affecting the Earth at present. These attempts, all of which were aborted because those wanting the cover-up to continue threw stones in Obama’s path, are of record and within the body of ZetaTalk. By late October, after the first disastrous debate in which Obama was clearly distracted and discouraged, the Obama campaign decided to pause and focus on the election which was won, decidedly, in Obama’s favor on November 6, 2012.

Since a Focus Group assembled prior to the decision to pause showed that the public would tend to think the announcement a hoax, and since Obama’s election is not finalized until the Electoral College convenes on December 17, 2012, a decision was made to put the NASA portion of the announcement first, before Obama spoke, thus ensuring that Obama’s enemies, and those wanting the cover-up to continue, would not somehow prevent NASA from confirming what Obama was saying, that Nibiru was in the solar system and causing havoc with the Earth.

Thus, by Halloween, the cover-up crowd was aware of this plan, and aware that they would have to block NASA rather than Obama to succeed in continuing the cover-up. It was thus no accident that the laptop of 10,000 identities was stolen, removed counter to policy and left where it could be stolen on Halloween night. Since the Council of Worlds has allowed intervention to assist the announcement, those who took the laptop have discovered it unreadable, their planned pressure on key NASA individuals to stumble and fail in doing their lead-in portion of the announcement snatched from their hands. Their planned blackmail of NASA personnel was one big fail.

Yahoo news in UK, Confirming Bigfoot is here! - as you have said, scientists confirm. [and from another] The creature is a crossbreed of human and an unknown primate.  The team claims to have sequenced three nuclear genomes from 'sasquatch' and found that the 'species' split off from humans 15,000 years ago.

Once again, Zetas right again! We stated at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that Bigfoot was a version of early man, and the DNA shows this to be precisely correct.

On November 28, 2012 NASA held a Google Event, streaming video to all who wished to attend, to discuss why the world will not end on December 21, 2012. This is on video, on YouTube.

NASA is still officially on record with the same stance – Nibiru as described by Nancy and the ancient Sumerians does not exist and the Planet X hype is a hoax. They day before their November 28, 2012 public forum on the December 21, 2012 date they are still making the same noises, and linking to Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy and other debunking sites. For someone who is about to make a ‘breaking news’ announcement, this seems oddly contrary. Will they just suddenly come forth and say “it was lies, all lies, all along”? Yes, this is exactly the plan. To do otherwise is to in essence make an announcement before the announcement.

NASA expects an explosion of rage and bewilderment when they make their planned announcement, which will indeed have little warning and be titled “breaking news” or some such indication the news has never before been heard, at least from NASA. They plan to only talk to what is in essence family after the announcement, astronomers and others in the field, not accepting questions from the public for some time. A grieving process is expected. They will ensure they are unavailable for the torrent of rage and bewilderment, hoping it subsides and is directed elsewhere, needing an outlet, toward perhaps the Obama administration.

Those who have observed NASA’s history of blaming the Sun, anticipating a horrific solar max, are in shock at the stance presented during the November 28, 2012 event, which was an admission that the cycle was mild, with few sunspots, and the solar max mild too. No apologies for their scare tactics. Likewise the excuses such as the Galactic Center alignment, or potential asteroid impacts, which have been trotted forth to scare the public as the cause of disaster in 2012.  Where was their silence all these years? Yet Morrison is happy to cite his concerns over suicide urges in young people terrified by those spreading rumors. Does he look in the mirror?  

The chat was clearly to debunk every excuse for a catastrophe at the end of the Mayan calendar. This chat, and its timing, was to discount many of the scare tactics employed by NASA and the cover-up crowd in the past, prior to the announcement. They hope for good coverage, so the public can be reassured, and hope to distance themselves from the scare tactics they themselves employed. A preview of the content of what they intend to eventually deliver is evident also – pole shifts are not the end of life, there is no collision that will occur, the Sun will not explode or deliver a kill shot, rising seas are our immediate concern, and the magnetosphere is not going to disappear. They also described a pole shift in some detail, even to describing a rotation interference, and that a “large body” would be required to effect such an event. Stay tuned for the next few public messages.