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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 8, 2011

NASA makes a conference for updating information about the database of near-Earth asteroids in our solar system, tracked by Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) telescope. Someone in a phone call asks about Planet X aka NIBIRU and the answers provided by NASA, took the acronym "Never A Straight Answer" to a whole new level. Could the zetas please comment on this?,,, [and from another]
At 14-15 seconds, her eyes dart down and to the right. Notice that just prior to the point at which she states "there is nothing hazardous in the outer solar system," she makes a very long eye blink. At 18-20 seconds, she seems a bit confused in attempting to finish a difficult concept sentence and then in mid-sentence, instantaneously reboots herself. She closes her eyes entirely during that exact moment, and then freshly and ever so smoothly flows into an entirely new and obviously well rehearsed sentence, saying - "IF there is something out there." In sum, Amy Mainzer's body language tells the tale of today's NASA Asteroid News Conference. I don't consider myself any type of body language expert, but this was just waaaaay too easy!

NASA's scientists are not chosen for their ability to lie. They are chosen, as we have long asserted, for their tendency to have tunnel vision, to have an accepting rather than questioning mind, so that they tend to the task placed before them and look no further. This is why membership in the Masons was often used as a selection criteria, as it indicated a willingness to follow nonsensical rules. Faced increasingly with press conferences where bold faced lies are required, they are put to the test. Lying does not occur within the organization, which requires extreme loyalty and slavish obedience to orders. Thus Amy was chosen based on her attractive and open face, assumed to be the picture of innocence by her superiors. They should have had her lie to them, prior to going before the cameras!

Is this guy simply a self-promoter or is he one of Puppet Master's spokesmen? Has the Puppet Master begun instructing the media to allow open discussions about Market Crashes and Global Recession, soon to be followed by discussions about PX presence? [and from another] A financial trader in London caused a storm of outrage by suggesting that world leaders cannot do anything to prevent a global market collapse, saying that investment bank Goldman Sachs ruled the world. Alessio Rastani's comments on BBC television have gone viral. The 34-year-old said traders "know the stock market is finished. Our job is to make money from it." [and from another] Battered by Economic Crisis, Greeks Turn to Barter Networks The first time he bought eggs, milk and jam at an outdoor market using not euros but an informal barter currency, Theodoros Mavridis, an unemployed electrician, was thrilled. [and from another] Police issued more than 700 summonses on Saturday to members of the Occupy Wall Street movement who, despite multiple warnings, took part in the march on the Brooklyn-bound lanes which snarled traffic in the area until the bridge was reopened hours later. The Occupy Wall Street movement, which has garnered the support of celebrities such as filmmaker Michael Moore and actress Susan Sarandon, are protesting against home foreclosures, high unemployment and the 2008 bailouts.

We have been asked repeatedly about economic matters and answered extensively, and our answers have not changed. The economy affects everyone as when money is flowing freely and without hesitation then there is not only the sense that a living can be earned but also that governments will have the tax base by which to support social services. Smiles all around. But when something affects confidence or the ability of employers to offer jobs, the opposite happens. People hold onto their money, refuse to spend, and banks are more cautious about lending. Social services are threatened because the government does not want to print money excessively as this dilutes the value of the currency. Frowns all around.

As we stated at the start of the ZetaTalk saga, an economic crash would occur because the weather would affect crops and the earthquakes and the like would impact the insurance industry. A second Great Depression resulted, though it has not been called that openly. We predicted that total bank failure, or a total collapse of the stock and bond markets, would not occur because controls would be put into place - price freezes, limited banking hours, and government control of the markets akin to legal insider trading, ie the Plunge Protection Team. All this has occurred and is on the increase, now becoming more obvious as these institutions are threatened with collapse.

It should not be a surprise that as unemployment and foreclosures rise, that anger against the banks and markets would increase. Hatred of the banker or broker is always just under the surface, as we have long explained. They are parasites on the backs of the true workers. During the Great Depression bankers were shot at their desks by those overwhelmed during foreclosure, the family farm taken from them by the bankers. It is no secret that brokers want the system to thrash, as they make money coming and going from transactions and that stock markets are just another form of gambling, with a few winners and the majority losing money. That there are protests worldwide and increasing use of the barter system should be no surprise. We have predicted all of this from the start.

Is there any hand behind all this collapse, as some theorize? Obviously not, as those with wealth, those with assets do not wish to see this diminished. Those with corporate stock do not wish to see corporations crumble, do not wish to see trained employees laid off and unemployment coffers emptied. Those with real estate holdings do not wish to see vacant houses subject to rats and break-ins by the homeless. Nor does anyone with a stock portfolio want to see their yearly dividends diminished. We have predicted that the banks and markets, protected from collapse, will remain, but that the value of any particular piece of paper will diminish and become, essentially, meaningless. You will be holding a piece of paper, but not have a buyer. The barter system, where things of value are being exchanged, will replace this.

The weather is so erratic, jumps in temperature and so on. As the blending seasons blog shows that my sense is that the blending of the seasons as the Zetas described on is upon us. Could the Zetas say something about this?

Clearly we will not arrive at the blending of the seasons suddenly. This will be a trend. We have laid out the 7 of 10 scenarios very carefully, in great detail, given the sequence of events and in some cases clues as to the timing of events. But we have been vague about the 8 of 10, and deliberately so. A strong goal of all working on the Earth's Transformation is to have the cover-up break, and having the cover-up artists taken by surprise, taken off guard, is a tool to be used. We have hinted that continuous plate movement will be a factor during the 8 of 10, but declined to give more details on location or extent or such movement. We have stated that the 8 of 10 will also involve sociological factors, without getting into specifics other than to point to the Arab Spring. We have stated that a blending of the seasons will be a factor, to the extent that the weather would jump from mid-summer to mid-winter within a day or so. We are not there as yet.

Just like the fountain, spring water became terrible in the city, at Fujinomiya City in the foot on Mt. Fuji. The much rain of the typhoon in September or the pressure of three plates cause these phenomena? The officials are draining 5000 tons / day with the pump. These phenomena continue from August. What is the true cause? [and from another] You can also marvel at the mysteries of nature at the Shiraito Falls which are made from the spring water of Mt. Fuji and caves that were created when Mt. Fuji erupted. [and from another] The abundant and high quality groundwater at Mt. Fuji has been used for daily living and agriculture since ancient times by the people who lived nearby. Shiraito Falls, selected as one of Japan's Hundred Most Beautiful Views, is a waterfall that flows from the end of Mt. Fuji's Shiraito lava steam to the Shiba River. Composed of several hundred waterfalls that resemble white strings, it is 20 meters high and 200 meters wide. Since long ago, many poets have attempted to express its beauty.

Mount Fuji lies at the juncture of several plates, and as such is subject to being jerked around during the 7 of 10 plate movements and continuing plate movements leading into the pole shift. Fuji lies where the Philippine, Eurasian, and N American Plate touch, and this point is also subject to great pressure from the Pacific Plate as it is forced westward. Fuji is expected to erupt at some point, and not settle down until long after the pole shift. The lava flows from prior eruptions have acted as a filter for melting snow, thus providing very clean spring water at the base of Fuji. In the past, water has become trapped also, when lava flows hardened, and thus there are aquifers involved. As the pressure on this exact spot - Mount Fuji - has increased due to the four-way pressure of the four plates coming to bear on this exact spot, these aquifer have less space and the water is being squeezed out. This will be a temporary or intermittent problem, as the water is finite.

Is Steve Jobs has really died, or he just went backstage to prepare for the PS? Is it true that Venezuela takes their gold reserves from European banks due to the fact that the PS timeframe is very close?

It was known that Steve Jobs was suffering from terminal cancer for some months. When the elite slip away, they will not do so in a manner that can be checked. A faked death has too many possibilities of discovery, and there are other options, like retirement. Likewise, where the wealthy can be expected to squirrel away their gold reserves at their bunkers, Venezuela is merely taking steps to ensure their assets are not frozen and in essence, in the opinion of Chavaz, confiscated as Libya's were when a civil war broke out there. Such moves to bring assets within the borders of the country can be expected to be on the increase as the Earth changes pick up, all countries taking such precautions.

It has been noted for some years that many in power positions, such as politicians or executives running corporations, are retiring early in unusually high numbers. But what of those who do not want to retire but who will want to slip away in time to avoid being trapped during the Last Weeks? We are nowhere near that time, but when it comes their exodus will be packaged as being "unavailable" or they will be absent from meetings without an explanation. They may have staff or underlings lie for them, claiming illness such as the flu or a family emergency. It is quite possible that such exits may happen repeatedly, with the person returning to their job if the anticipated catastrophe does not occur. The danger, of course, is that such repeated exits run the risk of discovery, so the safe location and exit route become known, and the behavior is questioned.

The bunker location is always a carefully guarded secret. Most in the establishment have several locations lined up, in case of discovery or in case they are caught away from their primary site. Many can only be reached by small plane, or by car after a plane flight to a wilderness landing strip. Thus it can be expected that as the Last Weeks approach, many of the elite will be planning hunting trips, or vacation getaways. Each bunker location has been well stocked with supplies and food stuffs, and most are shared by more than one family or group. Small enough that secrecy can be maintained, but large enough that efforts such as defence via a private militia can be secured. Big ticket items like creating the bunker or paying for a private militia can thus be shared.

As we have often mentioned, the elite expect to emerge from their bunkers and return to shopping. They expect mankind's infrastructure to be repaired by the vast faceless army of workers, the common man, that has always provided them with their cushy lifestyle. They expect the value of any precious metals or artwork or jewels they hold to be maintained, but will plan to have these items with them in their bunkers to avoid possible theft. Since gold reserves held by the elite are not something that can be easily ascertained by the public, such moves will be furtive and most likely have already taken place - moved from bank vaults to the bunker locations. Private militias are, of course, already in place too. This is also true of stocks and bonds, deeds, and any of the myriad paper assets that the elite assume will have worth in the Aftertime.

Are the Pole-Shift-preparation bunker-living programs of the political and wealthy elites around the U.S. (and overseas) currently binge buying and stockpiling massive quantities of all types of medicines to the detriment of the American and global general population's ability to acquire their requisite prescription drugs for current treatment? If yes, is there any characterization of the scale of such efforts that would well inform the general public's planning and preparation for their families and communities? Several recent news stories report a growing portfolio of drug shortages leaving innumerable patients in the lurch all across the United States. According to one story, the number of drug shortages in the U.S. tripled from 2005 to 2010. Of course, some cause may reasonably be laid at the doorstep of the worsening economy, thus forcing some manufacturing downturn in medicines, including apparent shortages in the raw materials used in manufacturing such medicines. However, relative supply shortages can also be caused by increase in demand and consumption. So did consumption all of a sudden increase dramatically the past few years - and even more so this year - to the surprise of the manufacturers, or is there another component of prescription drug demand in 2011 that is unseen, and perhaps wants to remain undetected?[and from another] Growing Drug Shortages Create Headaches For Health Officials [Oct 3] FDA says shortages have been fueled by many factors, including a lack of raw materials used in the manufacturing process; increased demand for some drugs; and a company's business decision to stop making some older, less profitable drugs. [and from another] Growing Drug Shortage Leaves Patients in the Lurch [Oct 6]

Ostensibly the drug shortages are due to a low profit margin to some extent but as long as there is a market, a demand, why would a company not be in production, especially during this time when unemployment is high and workers willing to take almost any job? The excuse given is that a company would like to have their production facilities churning out drugs with a high profit margin, rather than older drugs where they can no longer charge development costs. This may be true to some extent, but are there no other facilities that can be used? Couldn't the price be raised to cover all expenses?

Likewise, a lack of raw materials is an odd excuse when medicines take little, by volume, and the supply chain is likewise a demand that carries a profit. Why would a profitable industry slack off? There are no regulations that force the price down, at least not in the US. No price freezes in place, so why the delays and shortages? Certainly during a time of economic setbacks all companies are keeping their inventories low, as to do otherwise creates an overhead. Else one must pay for the items before using them and being reimbursed.

But increased demand is a factor and is even mentioned in the articles! Why would demand increase? Items such as Meals Ready to Eat have been in short supply, as have freeze dried or dried food stuffs. Food shortages are due in part to the general public buying supplies, made nervous by the Earth changes and particularly by the nonchalant attitude of the media and governments. The public senses they are being lied to. Crop shortages also are a factor in the lack of dried food stuffs. But since medicines require a prescription from a doctor or some such official, the public cannot simply stock up! The elite have the means and the clout to arrange for "doctor's orders", and are indeed doing so in order to have supplies sufficient for years in their bunkers!