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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 10, 2016

Just saw this video. Is this an example of sloshing? If this indeed is a real video. [and from another] Big Tsunami hits Brazil's Coastline on August 23rd 2016 and media ignores it at a point no one has knowledge of the subject !! I asked many people on the streets of Sao Paulo and 80% did not know! The tsunami was massive and more could come after this one, the weather is completely crazy! [and from another] I live here in Santos and every time that a big storm with big waves hits our region it happens. This time it was stronger than before, but we know that the moon affected the tidal together with the storm and it makes the waves stronger than before. Another fact that has influence over the increasing waves was the dig of the seaport navigation channel. It was stronger than before, but if it was a tsunami the water should invade the city for many places cause in live in an island (look at Google maps and you'll see that) and it's not what happened. The major problems were in the coast, but in another areas of our "island" nothing happened. My home is 3 blocks from the beach and there are no damages? [and from another]  August 21, 2016 Riptides, rain and cold in Santos today. [and from another] I note earthquakes on the plate border between S America and Africa on that day and following, but too far north and no one else affected. No hurricanes, though a bit of rain was evident in the vids. Lots of matching videos for that date 8/21 posted on facebook, so not a fraud. A wobble N/S could bring the sea up into Santos on 8/21. I, Nancy, also got reports from two other ning members on that day, 8/21, that their sunrise was very much too far south. One member lived in Canada, the other in the UK.

Though the South Atlantic has storms, hurricanes are extremely rare, and this was not caused by a hurricane. It was not a storm surge. Earthquakes on the entire eastern side of S American were not recorded, with the exception of multiple quakes on the plate border with Africa, including one on August 21, but these were all far to the northeast of Santos. This was not a tsunami. The date of August 21 is significant as several people reported to Nancy that their sunrise was in the extreme southeast . One such highly credible report came from Saskatchewan and the other from the UK, miles and hours apart from each other.

This was indeed thus a wobble slosh, in fact occurring when the wobble was returning the globe to its normal position. For sunrise to be too far South in Canada and the UK, the N Pole was pushed away from the Sun for some hours, and this would have caused the S Atlantic ocean to pull away from the shore at Santos and the water to pile up on the coastline of Antarctica. Then the globe bounced back, standing upright again, sliding Santos back under the ocean. Santos thus met the returning water, which had been piled high at Antarctica.

Would the Zetas care to comment on video footage from Peru which appears to show an alien entity interacting with humans. Is this footage genuine and if so, what is the intended message? [and from another] A UFO researcher in Peru is trumpeting incredible video which he says captures an alien appearing at a gas station and being chased away by witnesses. The remarkable footage, from late last month, shows some kind of object or entity seemingly wander away from the side of a nearby building and begin creeping towards the gas station. At random points, the 'thing' appears to either glow or reflect the many lights illuminating the area. When one of the workers at the gas station sees the anomaly, it quickly departs from the area in a manner that suggests some kind of sentience as opposed to simply being flown away like a balloon. While the video lacks any verbiage from the witnesses at the station, their actions indicate that they were perturbed by the 'visitor' since they look to be chasing it away after it returns. At various intervals during the pursuit, the mysterious oddity even appears to float rather than run, although the video makes it hard to discern exactly how it is moving. Perhaps most perplexing is a second video from the incident that allegedly shows a much closer look at the entity but also manages to undercut the potential veracity of the case. In the extremely dark footage, the 'entity' looks extremely shiny and very balloon-like before it somehow manages to survive an encounter with a massive truck on the highway to which it tried to escape. According to another media source in Peru, three gas station employees and a policeman encountered witnessed the 'entity' and got as close as six feet from it before being overcome by a strange feeling not to come any further. Fortunately, the scene of the incident allowed for additional perspectives as the gas station was equipped with four security cameras and one worker filmed the affair with their cell phone. You can see out some of other the footage here. In light of the testimony and reaction of the witnesses, it certainly appears that something strange happened at the gas station in Peru. [and from another] El Caso Pachacamac - Investigación: Dr. Anthony Choy  [and from another]
When they realized, they first thought it was a luminous globe, but then three workers and a policeman came and saw legs which had walked and seemed to be a meter high. The closest were was about two meters, when they went after him with the intention to go around, but stopped a strange feeling, to say it was not fear, but something different and emotional. The scene was captured by four security cameras tap, from different angles, and from the cell phone of one of the workers.
[and from another] EL CASO PACHACAMAC - Mejores Imágenes - Dr. Anthony Choy

This is a genuine alien, with the ability to control gravity so as to float when desired or needed. It was also able to escape being hit by trucks on the highway by escaping temporarily into 4th density. It has two large legs and small stubby arms which are rarely seen in the video. Facial features would also be hard to discern, though it has two eyes and a very large brain. Why does it appear shiny? It generates its own light, as many Earth creatures do, being able to fluoresce. The intentional display of this 4th density creature on the 3rd density Earth was to expedite the Awakening

This life form was selected for this presentation because it could fluoresce.  The location of the gas station was chosen because it was a popular gas station, with video surveillance, and cell phone cameras were known to be carried by many of the patrons. The timing at night was chosen because the fluorescing creature could not be missed, and would stand out on video. Validity of this sighting is bolstered by the many videos of the incident, and the many eye-witness accounts, thus making this a solid Awakening incident. We stated that sightings of alien bodies would be on the increase, and this is one of them.

I just want to make a comment about the reported 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma.  I am vacationing in Minneapolis and this morning I was awakened by what I felt like an earthquake causing my hotel at Mall of America to sway.  I had to look outside the building to see if everything was alright.  I dismissed the incident because I have never felt an earthquake before but later this afternoon I heard about the news that the quake was felt all the way to North Dakota and Houston.  I'm sure this is much bigger than the reported 5.6 but I'm surprise that it traveled so far.  Is there any explanation for this?  [and from another] M5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma felt across the entire midwest, from North Dakota through Houston. At 7:02:44 am local time, a major, M5.6 earthquake hit 14km northwest of Pawnee, Oklahoma. It rattled a swath of the Great Plains, from Kansas City, Missouri, to central Oklahoma. It was the strongest quake to hit Oklahoma in years. [and from another] People in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri; Chicago; Gilbert, Arizona; Fayetteville and Little Rock, Arkansas; Des Moines, Iowa; Memphis, Tennessee; and Big Lake in the southwest part of Texas, all reported feeling the earthquake. Dallas TV station WFAA tweeted that the quake shook its studios. [and from another]  [and from another] The Northern California Earthquake, April 18, 1906. The earthquake was felt from southern Oregon to south of Los Angeles and inland as far as central Nevada, an area of approximately 200,000 square miles, nearly 8 times greater than that of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake (magnitude 6.9). The intensity of shaking that an area experiences during an earthquake depends on the magnitude of the earthquake, its distance from the fault, and the type of ground materials. Soft, water saturated sands and sediments amplify the shaking even at great distances from an earthquake, while bedrock shakes to a much lesser extent.

Clearly this Oklahoma quake was not a magnitude 5.6, when swaying was felt over a 1,255 mile swath. Compare this to the swath of motion recorded during the 1906 quake in San Francisco, which was only felt as far away as Nevada, a neighboring state. It is known that quakes that result from adjustments close to the surface result in the most damage to mankind’s structures. Deep quakes are absorbed by the surrounding rock, thus little shaking arrives at the surface. This Oklahoma quake was deep, and should have been recorded as a 9.5.

Clearly this deep quake was in preparation for adjustments along the New Madrid Fault Line, which will result in immense structural damage to mankind’s infrastructure. The Oklahoma quake adjustment was along rock strata that is more rigid than the soft rock that ripped, taking the path of least resistance by pulling apart soft rock throughout the midsection of the N American continent. Essentially, the upper Midwest moved somewhat further East, while the Southwest moved with Mexico to the West. This is the diagonal pull that the N American continent endures, which ultimately results in the New Madrid adjustment.

We have long been on record stating that the big New Madrid quake will start with relatively minor quakes of a magnitude 6-7. Of course, due to the downgrading that the USGS does, these quakes along the New Madrid Fault Line will be called a magnitude 4-5. But structural damage will result in the cities along the Mississippi, and to bridges that cross the Mississippi.  Then the big New Madrid adjustment will hit. The deep rock adjustment during the Oklahoma quake should not be considered to be included in our prediction, though it is obviously heralding the start of the New Madrid process.