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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 15, 2014

We are very worried about this thing hoping to get a reply. [and from another]  A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 carrying 239 people lost contact over the South China Sea early Saturday morning on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Flight MH370 lost contact with Malaysian air traffic control at 2:40 am, about two hours after it had taken off from Kuala Lumpur. It had been expected to land in Beijing at 6:30 am. The last signal from the plane detected by the aviation authority was 140 miles southwest of Vietnam's southernmost Ca Mau province. The plane was over the sea and bound for Vietnamese airspace but air traffic officials in the country were never able to make contact. The plane lost all contact and radar signal one minute before it entered Vietnam's air traffic control. The 53-year-old pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has more than 18,000 flying hours and has been flying for Malaysia Airlines since 1981. The 777 had not had a fatal crash in its 19-year history until an Asiana Airlines plane crashed in San Francisco in July 2013. [and from another]  An official at the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam said the plane had failed to check in as scheduled while it was flying over the sea between Malaysia and Ho Chi Minh City. [and from another]  According to FlightAware, a flight-tracking website, the jet leveled off at 35,000 feet 19 minutes into its flight, and then appears to have stopped transmitting any data.

What would cause MH370, a large, stable aircraft to suddenly disappear? In clear weather, with a very experienced pilot, flying a reliable aircraft with an almost unblemished safety record, yet the plane disappeared from radar. No evidence from satellite reports of meteor showers or fireballs entering the atmosphere. Mechanical failure would have provided enough time for a mayday signal. Cell phones among the passengers likely were not engaged. Ergo, something interfered with the electrical systems on board. When the wreckage under the sea is discovered, any theories about a bomb on board will be dismissed as the wreckage will prove otherwise. So what caused the catastrophe?

There have been several instances of electromagnetic pulse affecting hydroelectric dams or aircraft since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. In each case we detailed the cause but mankind plods on as though their technology will not be affected by the magnetic monster that has moved next door, nor is the public warned. Air France 447 had a total electrical failure when passing over the highly magnetized Atlantic rift and the Sayano-Shushenskaya dam step-up transformers raced into an explosion after a 20 year safety record. Such is the effect of an electromagnetic pulse from the magnetic giant currently turning to swing its magnetic N Pole toward Earth in an increasingly aggressive manner.

What can the Earth expect? In 2003 when the charged tail of Planet X wafted past the Earth, the Earth had dramatic blackouts. Both blackouts, caused by a drop in electrical activity, and surge can result. Surge will trigger a shutdown, to protect sensitive electrical equipment. Damaged electrical equipment can be anticipated, blown transformers and fried circuit boards. Certainly satellites are vulnerable, and the satellite failure rate will exceed mankind’s ability to send up replacements. Air travel will become increasingly risky, and mankind’s equipment that relies on electronic or magnetic guidance will increasingly malfunction. All this will increase as the hour of the Pole Shift approaches.

Can the Zetas expand on the range and duration that an EMP from Nibiru effects? Why is just one plane hit? Surely there were other planes in that area yesterday, and search vehicles seem to not be effected. Is it similar to a lightning strike? [and from another]  An electromagnetic pulse is a relatively short burst of electromagnetic energy. Its shortness means that it will always be spread over a range of frequencies. EMP events usually induce a corresponding signal in the victim equipment, due to coupling between the source and victim. A common problem in the mid-twentieth century was the interference emitted by the ignition systems of gasoline engines, which caused radio sets to crackle and TV sets to show stripes on the screen. Laws had to be introduced to make vehicle manufacturers fit interference suppressors. A large EMP can induce high currents and voltages in the victim, damaging electrical equipment or disrupting its function. [and from another]  They produce radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum at all wavelengths, from radio waves to gamma rays , although most of the energy is spread over frequencies outside the visual range and for this reason the majority of the flares are not visible to the naked eye and must be observed with special instruments. Flares occur in active regions around sunspots, where intense magnetic fields penetrate the photosphere to link the corona to the solar interior.

How will the damage from electro-magnetic pulse caused by Planet X differ from that caused by the solar flares or lightning man is familiar with? As we have often mentioned, man is only aware of a few sub-atomic particle flows, less than 1/1000 of those known to the Zetas. Thus our explanation cannot be given by citing only those particles known to man. It is more than electro-magnetic flows that are generated. It is more than the flow of electrons in space, what has been termed recently in your media as Dark Lightning. We explained at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that the path lightning takes is laid out and readied by other particles, similar to electrons, else how did the electrons find their way?  

The Earth is currently in the grip of two magnetic fields – the Sun’s dominant field and the approaching field of Planet X. The Earth stands upright in side-by-side alignment with the Sun, but Planet X attempts to accommodate the Sun by laying along its magnetic field lines, which at present is causing it to point its magnetic N Pole outward toward the Earth. This can be seen in the dramatic Red Filter photos Alberto takes, where Planet X, to the right, blows its charged tail across the face of the Sun so the Moon Swirls cluster at the left of the Sun. The magnetic field of Earth has increasingly skewed during this blast so that the Earth’s magnetic N Pole has been pushed to Siberia, and the Earth into a more exaggerated wobble.

As man is aware, electrons and magnetons like to flow together. This is the reason an electrical field can be generated by rapid movement around a magnet. By blasting the Earth from the side, Planet X is creating hot spots where magnetons are crowded, and this attracts electrons to those hot spots. When rock is under pressure, there is also an electric screech that alarms animals in the area and creates static on nearby radios, as water within the rock can conduct electricity more readily when the rock is squeezed. What happens then, when a temporary magnetic hot spot forms over rock under pressure,  which the bending Sunda Plate endures, which happens to be under water, a known electric current conductor? The crowded electro-magnetic field will ground, and the electronics in the hapless plane in its path silenced.

I have an App on my android phone for Discovery News. They generally give news reports on a wide range of subjects from climate change to flatworm sexuality. moments ago I checked this App, and on top of the news is an article entitled, "There's No Planet X". uploaded on  March 07, 2014, by Ian O'Neil. I believe this is a link to the article:  This is odd to see in such a mainstream science oriented site. They don't mention Nancy or Zetatalk by name. But they do seem to make up a great deal of nonsense and mix it with legitimate information. Is this a "Preemptive strike" by the author of the article before the announcement? It seems risky for the STS elite to bring it up at all now. Is this just a final twitch of a dying coverup? [and from another] There's No Planet X March 7, 2014  There's no evidence for the existence of Planet X, despite a NASA space telescope’s best efforts to track it down. The hypothetical world that may or may not be orbiting the sun beyond the orbit of Pluto has inspired many a doomsday theory. In the run-up to the much anticipated “Mayan Doomsday” of Dec. 21, 2012, the marauding Planet X was scheduled to make a inner-solar system dash, sparking gravitational mayhem, triggering civilization-ending solar flares. Some doomsayers held onto the crackpot notion that Planet X could be the fictional planet “Nibiru” that is inhabited by the Annunaki, an alien race hellbent on re-claiming Earth as their own. All this doomsday nonsense to one side, the hunt for “Planet X” actually has roots in real science. In the mid- to late-19th Century, astronomers were tracking the gravitational perturbations of the gas giant planets in an effort to track down an undiscovered world in the outermost reaches of the solar system — this hypothetical massive planet was dubbed “Planet X.” However, this fascinating trail of discovery ended at the discovery of tiny Pluto in 1930. Lacking the gravitational oomph to explain the gravitational perturbations, it turned out that Pluto wasn’t the Planet X astronomers thought it would be. After the realization that the gravitational perturbations observed were more likely observational error, Planet X became a story of legend. The modern search for a Planet X was never WISE’s prime mission. In a second study, the discovery of 3,525 stars and brown dwarfs within 500 light-years of the sun are detailed. In cosmic distances, these objects are right on our galactic doorstep. Both studies have been published in The Astrophysical Journal. [and from another] The hunt for Planet X: Nasa fails to find mysterious giant body believed to have caused mass extinctions on Earth. March 7, 2014  Kevin Luhman of the Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds at Penn State University. Ned Wright of the University of California, Los Angeles, the principal investigator of the mission. Davy Kirkpatrick of NASA's Infrared and Processing Analysis Center at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif. Both of the WISE searches were able to find objects the other missed, suggesting many other celestial bodies likely await discovery in the WISE data. We don't know our own sun's backyard as well as you might think. WISE was put into hibernation upon completing its primary mission in 2011. In September 2013, it was reactivated, renamed NEOWISE and assigned a new mission to assist NASA's efforts to identify the population of potentially hazardous near-Earth objects.

What are NASA and their associates up to just ahead of the Announcement? They seem to be contradicting themselves. NASA just released a String of Pearls photo they had in their possession since 2009, clearly indicating the presence of Planet X near the Sun. The String of Pearls presentation is dramatic and unmistakable, and has only been in evidence since the Planet X complex arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. Yet now, on March 7, 2014, there are articles in the main stream media asserting that Planet X does not exist at all! Upon close inspection of the articles their rationale becomes clear, however.  

NASA and its associates are braced for the fallout after the announcement. NASA itself can hide behind the Executive Orders written by Reagan, in force until very recently when they were reversed by Obama, but what of programs started after Obama’s reversal that were, technically, not covered by such an Executive Order? The initial WISE program, searching the known universe with infrared, ended its mission in 2011, when Reagan’s Executive Order was still in place. Thus, the investigators were covered. But what of NEOWISE, activated in September, 2013? By then, Obama had released NASA and its associates from Reagan’s strictures.

These WISE articles denying Planet X are presenting an apology, listing all the reasons they did not discover the monster parked next to the Sun, in their own backyard. It was not in their mission statement: “The modern search for a Planet X was never WISE’s prime mission.” Planet X as a large slightly glowing planet shrouded in dust was not technically either a star or a brown dwarf, in mankind’s definitions. “The discovery of 3,525 stars and brown dwarfs within 500 light-years of the sun are detailed.” And then the issue of the Sun interfering with their search, which surely looked out into the night sky rather than in the direction of the glaring Sun.

So when asked in the near future how they could have missed the magnetic giant wobbling the Earth on a daily basis, they will say “Not my job. Wasn’t looking in that direction. Didn’t fit in the category we were cataloging. And when it came in, in 2003, we were told to keep our mouths shut.” Meanwhile, the public has had their memory of the whole Planet X search in 1983 refreshed. How long-period comets all lean out toward Orion, and for centuries astronomers noted the outer planets perturbed in that direction, but “the gravitational perturbations observed were more likely observational error.” Yeah, sure.

Is this article preannouncement related? Could it give NASA a forum  to discuss Nibiru and earth changes with the public? 
[and from another] Much emphasis on having an open mind, a clear statement that science/scientists should ‘follow the evidence wherever it goes and question everything’, accounts of challenging the scientific thinking in the past when it was faulty, a very clear representation of how huge the universe is (so unlikely we are alone), and only 12 minutes in, a mention of rogue wandering planets that are detected by infra-red! All in all a good show – better than I was expecting.

Neil de Grasse Tyson has obviously been chosen as the spokesperson to discuss the pending passage of Planet X to the masses. We indicated last May, 2013 that this was the plan. As a spokesperson discussing the Zeta predictions on the pending passage and impact of the Pole Shift, he will carry forward mankind’s current assumptions about planetary bodies and their interaction with impeccable credentials and the respect of the populace and scientific community. Neil is also open minded and humble enough to admit that mankind is still learning, and that their past theories have been proven wrong on a regular basis.  

Why is it necessary to debate the ZetaTalk predictions on the pending passage and Pole Shift at all? The ZetaTalk accuracy on predictions will become widely known and is respected. That’s on the one side. Then there is the White Lie in 2003 wherein Planet X did not pass, though it did come into the inner solar system exactly as predicted. That’s on the other side. There is also the slowed 7 of 10 plate movements, which are proceeding as predicted though the pace was slowed by the Council of Worlds, although the increased visibility of Planet X and increased wobble of the 8 of 10 phase have already become obvious. So this begs the question, when is a Zeta prediction firm, and when will it be changed by the Council or its agents?

The announcement team has explored juxtapositioning Neil and Nancy against each other before, during 2013. The public evidence of this is outlined in Issue 356 of Nancy’s newsletter where Neil tried an arrogant tack, and in Issue 347 where he went in the other direction, extreme humility. Issues under debate include the Repulsion Force, wherein Earth and Planet X will not collide; a stopped rotation, as history and our predictions outline, and what mankind’s theories would be challenged by this occurrence; the rising sea level to 675 feet above the current level within two years after the Pole Shift; and the crustal shift itself, versus a popular theory of reversing polarity in the Earth and Sun.

The establishment, which includes those in politics as well as the wealthy and corporate interests, would like to minimize rioting and panic, and thus would like to see the Zeta’s theories debunked by a notary such as Neil. Meanwhile, evidence of ZetaTalk accuracy will increasingly be at hand, at what will become a dizzying pace. Neil and Nancy will prevail with good humor, good advice to mankind on how to proceed, with a thorough airing of the alternative views. New ZetaTalk is likely to emerge during these debates. Nancy and ourselves are delighted with Obama’s choice, and looking forward to what will undoubtedly be an educational, explorative, and frankly fun filled debate on the issues!