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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 17, 2010

align="right" hspace="0" width=400 height=400>Why are the Zetas or other entities allowed to give us very specific date related warnings relative to some violent event on July 20, 2010 (as they have apparently done in multiple ZT chats as recently as this week in fact), when previously ALL mention of specific dates has been forbidden? The PTB seem to think that there is a strong possibility that this poll shift will be less severe than previous shifts, as they are planning for that possibility. The Zetas have stated that this one will be the most severe in 50,000 years. Are TPTB just hopeful that their world as they know it with them on top will survive? Are they wary regarding another "white lie" type misdirection? If they knew with certainly that this shift will be as severe as the Zetas suggest it seems to me that there current actions and stance towards disclosure would be significantly different.

We are not allowed to give you the specific dates, time, and location of a coming earthquake or stretch zone accident. This is obvious because aliens cannot warn you that a tornado will be spawned, a hurricane strike, or an earthquake occur today. These are the rules of non-interference with the free will of man, who is to have opportunities to rise to the occasion and help others. So what did it mean when we stated, in reference to the June 20, 2008 Furze Knoll crop circle, "make of this what you will" when 25 scallops appeared around the circle? We are allowed to hint that something will happen, and something will happen around the time of July 20, 2010. Just what date, what place, and what it is that will happen we are not allowed to say.

Indeed, those in the establishment - those considered world powers because of their political power, military might, or great wealth - have been telling heads of state in lesser countries around the world that the passage will not result in more than a few earthquakes and high tides. Do they themselves believe this? Likely not, as history such as the time of the Flood and even recently during the time of the Jewish Exodus shows greater devastation. However, they wish to keep their options open, so maintaining the status quo, where they are on top of the pile in today's society, is one option they want kept open. Thus, they are trying to maintain the no-change option, keeping the public entirely dumb. Their second option, as is well known, is to have secure and well stocked enclaves where they can retreat, emerging later as kings in the various regions where they plan to retreat. A third option is to inform the public and allow or even assist strong survival communities to setup. But this runs counter to their first option so does not get out of the planning stage.

Most of the northern hemisphere it's to warm now, heatwaves. Even in Siberia It even seemed like a a switch went on over here, first it was to cold and now to warm. My question to the Zetas is what is going on. Is the northern hemisphere getting more sunlight or is it something else? [amd from another] Have a question which is weather related. NW and West Central Saskatchewan has been one of the few areas that have been least affected by the extreme weather has had little rain and cool temperatures while else where in the province they seem to be affected just as much as the rest of the country, while the rest of the country and the rest of the province is under a heat wave, here in NW and West Central Saskatchewan, we are wearing sweaters? [amd from another] With the sun moving too far north, is this caused by Planet X? Is Planet X's north pole or south pole facing Earth? [amd from another] [and from another] I had a sunrise at 5:15 am on July 14 here in Wisconsin, but the Sun is not supposed to rise until 5:45 am! It was also too high in the sky, and too far north for that position. What Summer? Record Cold at LAX as July Gloom Continues [July 10] Unusually cold temperatures in Southern California continued, with Los Angeles International Airport setting a record low. LAX got to only 67 degrees, breaking a record set in 1926, according to the National Weather Service. [amd from another] UK Heatwave May Have Caused Hundreds of Deaths [July 10] Temperatures hit 31.7C (89.1F) in Gravesend, Kent, yesterday - the highest in the UK this year. Similar conditions are expected today, with parts of southeast England expected to reach at least 31C. [amd from another] July 2010 Canada/United States heatwave The July 2010 Canada/US heatwave was a heatwave that occurred during July 2010 on the eastern coast of the United States and central Canada. The highest temperature recorded during the heatwave was was 103 fahrenheit (39.4 celsius) in New York City. Power outages in New York and in Toronto were reported to have been caused by the heatwave. [amd from another] Asia Heat Wave Echoes North America [July 5] Sweltering heat has ushered in the new month from the bustling heart of China to the heart of the Siberian "Pole of Cold." Far to the north and well away from any major cities, the infamous "Pole of Cold" in northeastern Siberian Russia has, since the first of July, seen some of its hottest weather on record. Lying a little north of the Arctic Circle, Verkhoyansk, which holds the notoriety of having reached 90 degrees below zero F, reached beyond the 90-degree F mark. [amd from another] I too have noted the bouncing around of the moon and sun for the last few years. However, what really intrigues me is how just before the solstice the sun was rising at around 0415 Pacific here and last week was rising at 0515 Pacific. That is a huge increase in time in three weeks. I might also add that I don't sleep well because of pain, so I am up around 0330 most mornings. The sun actually moved out of extreme NE during the heatwave last week and moved back to its usual rising today. Sunset was back in the NW again. So I would say the earth is definitely wobbling, but the increase in sunrise time surprises me.

Unusual hot and cold spells have been in evidence in the Northern Hemisphere, primarily in the region midway between the Equator and the N Pole. What is causing this? We have frequently mentioned that the Earth and Planet X are in a dither with each other, moving this way because of magnetic attraction or repulsion and then reacting to some particle flow crowding and moving to ease this crowding. Venus and the Dark Twin are likewise in the vicinity, creating particle flow crowding. We warned that the Serpentine Dance between Planet X and the Earth, where they roll together creating the regular daily Earth wobble is to come to an end, and the month of July, 2010 was inferred. If the Earth is no longer going to be simply rolling in the Serpentine Dance, then what will ensue?

Magnetic planets sharing the same magnetic field do one of several things in order to comply with the press of magnetic particles. They will attempt to either line up end to end or side by side, as magnets do. This is what the Earth has been attempting to do, during her wobble, and by her periodic and temporary leans to the left so her N Pole can evade the approaching hosing from Planet X. When this becomes extreme, it will result in a static lean to the left rolling into the 3 days of darkness, but prior to this time there are other reactions to the hosing of magnetic particles that occur. One reaction of planets in the solar system to the Sun's vast magnetic field is to turn in opposition. For the gaseous planets, which have the greatest mobility, this is what they do, turn bottom up so that their S Poles, their magnetic intake, are pointed north. The Earth, in giving up her Serpentine Dance with Planet X, will be making more desperate moves in her attempts to comply with the magnetic holocaust caused by the near presence of Planet X. One of these attempts is to actually point her magnetic N Pole toward Planet X, in an attempt to go into opposition as the gaseous planets do with your Sun.

This type of maneuver does not last for a long time, like the temporary leans to the left that have been recorded for the past few months, but is marked in several ways. When the Earth is attempting to lean its N Pole away from Planet X, this results in a cooler Northern Hemisphere overall. When the Earth is in a temporary lean to the left it results in the Sun appearing to be too far to the north for those latitudes in the far north, and likewise too far south for those latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere. These latitudes likewise experience more sunlight and overall warmth. A sudden opposition means that more sunlight falls on the higher latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, but residual cold will balance the temperature changes for awhile. The tropics scarcely notices any difference during any of these maneuvers, except for the position of the Sun, because during any of these maneuvers it gets a consistent amount of sunlight.

But the midrange latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere do experience a change. They get heated during a temporary lean to the left but do not have the residual cold in the soil and air to counter an increase. Then during opposition they get more sunlight than usual as the entire Northern Hemisphere is pointed more toward the Sun than usual. So this heat cumulates into hot spells. When sudden cold or snow descends, it is due to the weather patterns, the prevailing winds, being disrupted. This likewise causes extreme deluge, which is another symptom the Earth has been experiencing lately. For the Earth to assume an opposition is unusual and will not be the prevailing mode. What will result is switching about, often suddenly and violently. There will be the wobble, the lean to the left, the lean into opposition, the desire of the Earth to stand upright in alignment, and all of this switching about so that the Earth plates are jerked hard in many different directions. As we said, the 7 of 10 when mankind will be in shock is around the corner, by the end of 2010.

I think that the Earth is heating from the inside, due to energy from the sun. How close to the move 2012 will it all end up? Since that movie showed the earth melting from the inside. The crust gets thin when the magma melts the rock and dirt above it. I have a friend who is a geophysicest who told me that at the university he attended they had electro magnets that were so powerful that they could melt iron with them. Yes strong magnitism can melt rock. The earth is a large electric moter. The sun is the power to the moter. Global warming is a farce! Co2 is only a small, very small part of the problem. The earth is heating up from within, due to the energy of the sun which is caused by PX. When PX goes away the earth will cool down some. I do not know about you but I sure would not want to stick my finger in magma. It is hot! It will melt through convection. There is a happy medium where everything is in it's place due to balance. But that balence is being disturbed by the suns power and things are out of bounds. Once again -Planet X is drawing the sunspots and solar flairs away from the earth for now, but when it crosses between the sun and the earth it may draw them this way. It would be a good question to ask the Z's. Can the sun fire up magma which in turn can melt iron and rock? I was focusing on the suns magnetic energy. There are also several other things that make magma hot. That being presure and friction.

The movie 2012 wished to give the impression that there was nothing mankind could do to save itself. The establishment snuck away to their arcs without informing the public, who were already beset with massive quakes tearing California and the West Coast into pieces. Just as including a passing planet, such as Planet X, into the script of a movie is still forbidden, giving the impression that the populace could take steps to safety if informed early enough is likewise a banned subject. Why? The establishment does not want the public starting to question the cover-up. They want them quietly going to their jobs and paying their mortgages. They don't want demands upon the government as to how tax-payers are going to be assisted when senators have their bunkers already secured.

So 2012 was not reality! Nor is it a reality that a pole shift, a crustal shift, comes from the Sun heating the core of the Earth. Every pole shift, historically, has been associated with a passage of Planet X. It is true that roiling of the magna is happening, and has been happening for over a decade. Magnetism does not create heat that melts things. This can easily be tested out with a child's experiment - buy magnets; test the temperature around a small magnet; test the temperature in a controlled manner around a large magnet, etc. The crustal shift happens because the globe is turned so suddenly, so violently, that the crust rips from the core. Where the globe almost tips over during the 3 days of darkness period, so that sunlight appears to rise slightly west of the N Pole for 6 days, the crust does not rip from the core during that time. It does so during the pole shift because of the violence of the magnetic push during the close proximity of Planet X, passing. But it does not do so because magnetism makes the magma boil.

Your future map and other discussions mention the new N Pole off the eastern tip of Brazil, but this map made into a globe: shows that it would be highly misleading to characterize the new N Pole as anywhere near Brazil, because it is shown as west of the present southern tip of Africa. Would it be too much trouble to give the present longitude and latitude of what will be the future N Pole? Would the Zetas mind giving the present latitude and longitude of the future N Pole? [and from another] If you are referring to the circle that says "New", it's referring to the new land that would show up between Africa and South America.

Under our direction Nancy has ascertained via Google Earth that the new N Pole will be at the current lat/long of 5°S and 29°W and the new S Pole will be the current lat/long of 10°N and 78°E. These points are not on opposites of the globe from one another today. The Pacific compresses, the Atlantic widens, the S America Plate crunches through much of what is now the Caribbean Plate, and all this and more reform the globe somewhat so that geographical points are not relative to other geographical points as they are today. However, as a general guide to determine your new latitude, using these points and the map of the new geography and our statements on where the new Equator will ride should help you determine with more accuracy your new climate.

New crop circles. Can Zetas comment them? I think there is some hints to pre-shift planets position.

Bagnaria in Italy does indeed imply an increasing presence, first double, then triple, as in three. Could this be referring to the crowding in the cup caused by the presence of not only Venus but the Dark Twin of Earth having arrived to be trapped there? This is indeed a valid analysis, as so many crop circles lately have been warning of the coming time when these other planets will loom large in the skies, just prior to escaping the cup. Siegburg in Germany also implies an impression of being squeezed into one spot, particle crowding. Goss refers to the vibration of these many planets in the cup, as other crop circles have recently. Schneen in Germany is of course the spiral seen in so many petroglyphs and associated with warnings about floods, the death of fish, and signs from the skies. Man will see more of these spirals, as occurred during the Norway swirls.

I know that we are all assuming that the magnetic trimester is based on a January start month. However, have the Zetas ever confirmed that the end of each magnetic trimester would equal April, August and December? Or is their start month different?

These are of course approximate dates as the cosmos does not act according to the Gregorian calendar. However, the magnetic trimesters are echoing what we have frequently referred to as particle crowding, occurring elsewhere in the Universe in such a way as to influence the flow of magnetic particles in the vicinity of your solar system. Your Sun is dominant in his little neighborhood. The planets align with the Sun but in their own little backyards are likewise dominant. But the solar system is swayed by a larger magnetic field which encompasses the solar system. In fact, your human scientists have discovered this, finding the solar system delineated by what they termed a magnetic ribbon.

Why should this divide into three phases, when magnets on the surface of Earth have no such phases? This is a pulse, from afar, and not relevant to mankind's future on planet Earth. Suffice it to say that this pulse is divided into 3 parts, and they line up remarkably well with a 4 month period, each being a third of an Earth year. Did the Earth arrive at her orbit of 365 days in a year in part because of this magnetic pulse? Indeed, and this also relates to why the Earth and the Sun both tilt in a certain direction, magnetically. Were we to estimate more precisely the point when the pulse changes, it would be more akin to December 17, April 20, and August 12. But there is a slight period after the end of a phase when a particle crowding has not yet subsided, or an increase in particle flow has not yet registered. Thus, the end of those months is most accurate as a guide.

Nancy, I know the Zetas have said to keep a low profile and to keep your group small. They have said the right survivors will find you by guidance and following their intuition. I also remember them saying that contactees from the arctic will be transported to the new arctic to help the survivors there deal with the extreme cold. I suppose my question is how likely it would be for certain survivors to be transported to your location. If I choose a location that is remote, it doesn't seem likely that many would be able to find me if they had to walk long distances. This, of course, assumes your safe location works out somewhat to plan. If things do work out, would a person need to worry whether or not the right individuals will find them?

We have stated that those at the Bulge of Brazil will have to learn to live like the Eskimos, not that the Eskimos will be transported to this area to assist in a learning curve for survivors there. We have also stated that survivors will be guided to find each other. This does not mean being teleported there, so that those hoping to join relatives 500 miles away can stay in their city digs and not worry about travel restrictions, as somehow benign space brothers will rescue them at the last moment and deliver them to Uncle Bob's farm. A guided contactee receives information from their visitors, if their motives are deemed to be of a Service-to-Other nature, but this is the extent of the assistance. Thus, on the ground, they may have a hunch they should follow the river, or head away from the city in this or that general direction, or dig out a map and go toward Sternsville, for instance. But they will not be teleported.

The question which now interests many: Why Nibiru it was not visible during an eclipse on July, 11th in the South America?
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Planet X was at a perfect angle for a dramatic appearance during the July 11, 2010 eclipse. The establishment, desperate to maintain the cover-up during such a well watched event, was frantic, as live feed from several sources had been promised. As anyone watching the event from several webcams noted, the lead-up to the event was played for almost an hour prior to the full eclipse. This was not a worry because the establishment knew that Planet X would only make its appearance as the eclipse was waning, pulling away from the spot where Planet X could shine without competition from the glare of the Sun. The order went out to cut all cams as soon as the total eclipse was ended, and remarkably, worldwide, on all cams, this occurred. Is the world wired to a single switch? Was there no interest in the eclipse after the moment of totality? The public is to assume a faulty feed, as the public is assumed to be watching on only one feed at a time, but to ensure the best screen shots many in the public watched on several cams at once. Those who watched from their own yards, and took snaps of the eclipse as it waned, also knew the truth. There are enough of these dramatic photos circulating on the Internet to start viral rumors about the planetary presence next to the Sun. proof, during the eclipse, is the fact that all cams were shut down promptly when this presence was about to be displayed for the world to see. Why else shut down the cams, worldwide?

I had a question about the New Madrid adjustment .I know it said Florida would be pulled down slightly in the video and was wondering what kind of damage can be expected in it from the adjustment. Will it be devastating? I read in the safe location area on zeta talk that shortly before the pole shift when the Atlantic stretches that it would be pulled down and drown everyone .So I was a bit confused on the order of the events. Is it that it will slight be pulled under first by the adjustment and then after some time just before the pole shift the Atlantic stretches and pulls it under totally? Does the slight drop cause the tsunami or the Atlantic stretch do that just prior to the Pole shift which is why I am a bit confused since the pole shift is a ten and the adjustment is a 7 if I am correct. And slightly pulled down doesn't seem like it would drown everyone. In the video when it's talking about the New Madrid fault line Florida and the Southern Eastern looks like it sinks or is it a process where it sinks in intervals after the slight drop not all in in time. I also thought it said in Zeta talk the tsunami happening this year would cause the tsunami not the stretch of the Atlantic. The 7 not 9 which I was thinking might be the slightly the zetas were taking about before the pole shift. Which was making me think they were one and they same but I cant see how that's possible if its only pull slightly then it its not pulled under totally to drown everyone but the safe location said the Atlantic stretch would drown every one and it would be shortly before the pole shift which I took to be like a hour or so before the actual pole shift or even a moment/moments before it. I hope I don't sound too confusing. I know the adjustment would be a 7 out of ten not quit the pole shift the 10 in the scale. I wasn't sure if that was the shortly the zetas were taking about. I just wanted to be sure I have it right. Now that I think about I know that some building were design for earthquakes and shift movements so I can see where they might be damaged, maybe to a point of falling or what not. Any help would be much, much appreciated.

Florida will lose 150 feet in elevation overall due to the pole shift, but not more than a couple feet prior to the pole shift itself and only inches prior to the week of stopped rotation. The void in the Atlantic that will cause the European tsunami is not enough to release the grip at the Atlantic Rift that maintains stable support for the plates on either side of the rift. Where the Atlantic Rift will rip to a degree sufficient to create a voide and thus a tsunami headed for Europe, plate support remains, in the main, due to deeper gripping action along the Rift. The void causing the tsunami is a surface crevasse, in essence. The largest impact on Florida will be due to its connections with the Caribbean Plate. When the S American Plate rolls, the Caribbean Plate will be pushed down, primarily where it abuts the S American Plate. But all land that borders the Caribbean Plate will experience at least some loss of sea level as well.

Surprisingly, Florida escapes the devastation of the New Madrid fault line adjustment. As fault line maps show, the New Madrid will rip from Mexico to the Great Lakes, on the west side of the Appalachian Mountains. The New Madrid adjustment is most devastating to land to the west of the Mississippi, which will drop slightly in elevation along the river and slide to the SW. There is a sister fault line that connects with the New Madrid cluster of fault lines in the Gulf, and then runs up along the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains. This reaches all the way to Boston, the reason for church bells ringing in 1811. Florida sits in the center of this fault line complex, relatively untouched. There is a reason that Florida is land, where all about her is water. She sits on a finger of rock that is attached to the Appalachian Mountains, and thus this stability during the New Madrid adjustments.

What type of current Calls are most urgent in sense where we could be involved to help others by Zetas guidance? Of course imagination could be used and list could be made as follows: starving children in Africa , homeless people you meet each day or spreading coming PS message to all your friends and further. But that is only guessing. What are current top priorities?

All Calls are answered promptly and surprisingly it is not our priority list that is applied! We have mentioned that when leaders or those in a position to have a great impact on others give the Call, this gets a larger response because, in essence, it is as though a larger segment of humanity gave the Call. Simultaneous Call's likewise require a larger response, simply because of the numbers involved. But the Call is intrinsically a request for counseling by the human giving the Call, and his concerns dictate the nature of the discussion. If the Call is regarding the purchase of a little red wagon for a child, and the argument that ensued with the husband over shrinking household funds, then that's the focus, regardless of emergencies or crying need right next door in their neighborhood. We don't direct the activities of humans, or dictate their focus. The Earth is a self-study schoolhouse, where young souls learn by taking action on their decisions, not on ours.

How many years it could take to progress humans from 3rd to 4th density in context of morale, ethics counting from present point and if we ignore coming PS ? Or that progress is not possible at all due to humans selfish nature which leads to periodic conflicts?

If the Earth had not been administratively scheduled for her Transformation at this time, but allowed to progress with her current trends, it would be tens of millions of years before the percentage of Service-to-Other souls would be sufficient for a leap to 4th density. We have mentioned that if left unchecked by something like the pending pole shift, the Earth would be destroyed by those who pollute and overpopulate, and this within 100 years. Such destruction does not necessarily entail all human life ending, or all species becoming extinct, but greater hardship for life in general. Overpopulation of humans would cease, but since the ratio of humans with reincarnating souls to those where a young soul might potentially spark is close to 1 to 6, this would only mean that all humans would have a reincarnating soul. The proportion of Service-to-Self to Service-to-Other would not change.

The z's said that bcoz of a lot of ppl wishing for the possibility of nuclear waste to be handled appropriately, the council of worlds decided that this would be taken care of, since the earth was going to be a future home for people of all worlds as well. Now don't a lot of ppl cringe for an uptick in earth changes (and other clues ) so that the average utterly clueless person has somewhat of a chance of surviving and helping their loved ones. The z's said that the Council had made a decision recently that the true state of matters would be allowed to leak out here and there with the way, STO aliens are today maintaining a sense of reality in the sky. So then what is the likelihood, that the Council chooses to change the current expected sequence of events and tip the balance more in favour of a disclosure of PX, as the number of ppl giving the call increase when the earth changes pick up in speed?

Because the Element of Doubt must be maintained, even after the pole shift, the Council will only allow so much interference with the free will of man and their edict that mankind should not have their anxiety raised inordinately by our presence. If it were to become obvious, without a doubt that aliens are visiting Earth, those humans who might be driven insane by fear would savage those delightedly announcing they are contactees. This has happened before, on other worlds. We are perforce required to operate behind the scenes, with contactees who have their visits recorded only in their subconscious.

We have stated that because of the strong Call from many regarding the potential of nuclear pollution, that benign aliens have been allowed to interfere with the nuclear stockpile of weapons held by many countries. We will likewise be allowed to interfere with nuclear disasters at the time of the pole shift or other great quakes, limiting pollution from such incidents. But it should not be assumed that all such incidents will cease, or that a nuclear bomb will not detonate! The great powers are aware that their nuclear stockpiles have been tampered with, and are nervous, thus, about starting any kind of confrontation. But in any kind of a minor skirmish, where a dirty bomb, for instance, were to be planted to effect real or false terrorism, it would be a violation of the Element of Doubt for that bomb to simply be neutralized. The means of operation during such a situation is via people, giving the Call, and those within the New MJ12 who are aware of our presence because of their membership in MJ12 and thus they are exempt from the Element of Doubt rule. These humans are assisted to interfere with such dirty bomb plans, so that when the plot is aborted, their bombs are radioactive, live, but the plot does not succeed.

What does FEMA have planned for the eventual millions of unemployed, who are barely hanging on, losing their payments and not being able to house or feed their children?

Even while Bush was touting the economic strength of the US, there were millions of children going to bed hungry every night in the US. Homelessness of course has crept up, but has been kept out of the news - families living in their cars, local governments overwhelmed with requests for assistance, and soup lines without food due to the food banks being empty and no longer supplying them. We have mentioned that FEMA and the US government have plans for a worst case scenario, where so many tens of thousands, if not millions of people are homeless due to simultaneous disasters that they are literally standing in the rain. Such a state is conceivable for the New Madrid disaster, for instance. What then? We have mentioned worst case scenario plans such as a type of martial law edict that every home with a spare bedroom be required to house a homeless person or homeless family.

Another option on the books is to confiscate idle farmland and transplant homeless families along with seed and gardening implements and flocks and herds, so that they are forced to feed themselves or starve. These groups would be of a similar cultural background to their neighbors for the least amount of friction during such a transplant operation. Beyond these two extremes, the situation today where homeless families are seeking assistance from local governments and churches and the worst case scenario, lie the zone where individuals will increasingly be encouraged to reach out and help their neighbors. Government will be seen as failing to provide. Individuals will see the suffering of those homeless and desperate and reach out, take action in some manner. This is, after all, mankind's schoolhouse where such opportunities endlessly present themselves. This is just another such opportunity.

What do the Zetas think about the consequences of the extreme fear and sense of complete hopelessness, mankind will experience during the last weeks before PS, a situation that could quickly move millions of souls to STS. Benign Aliens have been very careful so far in this regard, and all visitations are recorded only in the subconscious for this reason. It is known that fear and hopelessness are the big weapons of STS crowds...

Mankind is faced daily with situations that cause fear, and to the extent of that which the pole shift will generate. Tornadoes devastate towns, cancer strikes a wage earner in the prime of life, children are abducted and never seen again - that type of thing. What is different during the pole shift is that those accustomed to thinking that their governments will rescue them will find this is not the case, that they are on their own to work things out with their neighbors. This of course goes on today for the many who are tossed out of their homes, lose their jobs, or are caught in great floods or droughts. Is their fear level raised, their sense of hopelessness overwhelming? This is the lot of man, and as we have pointed out in past ZetaTalk on this issue, is relative to one's expectations. For a family in India, barely holding on and able to feed itself, to be devastated by drought puts them into starvation. Most often they accept this with a fatalistic perception that this is man's lot in life. Yet a wealthy socialite in New York City, finding that her monthly stipend from an ex-husband is going to be reduced, may be driven to suicide. The thought of not being able to afford her current lifestyle, being able to purchase expensive clothes and travel abroad, is too much for her. Beyond the fact that the pole shift will only bring a greater degree of disaster, and to all, is the reaction of individual souls to the disasters. Those that are highly Service-to-Other in nature do not consider this a source of fear and hopelessness but rather an incentive to action, with helping others gratifying. In fact, this is an opportunity for action, where before this might have been considered interfering in other's lives. For those who think only of themselves, a self focus, the pole shift of course would increase a sense of hopelessness and potentially increase fear, but this is true of their life in general. Every gray hair, every social setback is likewise a disaster for these people. It's thus all relative, and in keeping with life in general.

Could the Zetas give more hints about the nature of the Spiritual Guides, and how do they determine with precision whether a soul thinks of himself 90% or 95% of the time (STS) or 45%/ 50% (STO)? How many entities are involved in this decision? Do they make mistakes sometimes or everything is clear transparent from their higher perspective?

We are often asked questions along the line of our predictions on geological change, or the trajectory of Planet X. How do we know such things? Our answer is that just as mankind has figured out how and why the Sun will rise the following morning, after centuries of thinking the Sun went round the Earth, visiting aliens and advanced entities such as Spirit Guides have insights that man does not have. You are not our peers, nor are you the peers of Spirit Guides. They read the soul intent and history of young souls like you read the headlines on a newspaper. That clearly.

It seems that there are a lot of interstellar organizations in universe, such as "interstellar federation," "Galactic Federation", and "brightness federation", etc, they are all sending our human the information of the earth changes, emphasizing the ascension process and going into the new density. But never mention the coming pole shift, which is very different from what the Zetas tell us .Why don't they mention the pole shift? Do "interstellar federation" and "interstellar federation" exist? If they indeed exist, the Zetas frequently refer to the "council of worlds", so what is the relationship between the "council of worlds" and the "interstellar federation" or "interstellar federation"?

There are two possible reasons for the lack of truthfulness in such pronouncements - the entities behind the pronouncements are hesitant to be the bearer of bad tidings, and they are a complete composite of lies. The latter is almost always the case, in fact close to 99% of the case at the present time. The Nibiruan Council and Galactic Federation promoted by the fraud Jelaila Starr, the Council of Nine, and the Wingmakers are all frauds, and those promoting their message know this. Ramtha, though a real channel, is a channel for entities in the Service-to-Self, and thus not truthful. Sheldan Nidle failed in his prediction about the Photon Belt because though a contactee he is not a pure conduit. Thus much disinformation is placed before the public, who is confused. We have stated, as an assist to sorting this out, that our accuracy track record on predictions should be considered. Human frauds cannot achieve this. Service-to-Self entities are unlikely to be truthful enough to provide this. Thus, consider the source and look for verification of their validity before falling for their lines.

How safe are survival trenches in primarily sandy areas. Won't these liquify during the severe earthquakes expected during the PS? In my country (Guyana) the easily accessible and potentially safer zones are hilly sand and clay (loam) areas. There is also only one main paved road from the coast where most people live to these areas (with access to Bonfin in Brazil through lush forests). Also, will the sand hills between our Atlantic coast and such 'safe' zones (some are 700-900ft high) break the force of the PS tidal waves or will they be washed away also.

Liquifaction is primarily cause by water in the soil, not by the presence of sand. Sand is of course loose soil but unless water logged will not act like quicksand in this regard. Clay soil is rather solid, even when wet, so those heading to the hills would be advised to seek hills where the clay soil is predominant.

Clearly Zetas have advanced intelligence, capabilities and enlightenment by being advanced forms of life. They are benevolent/STO in that they are here to help, volunteering to warn and care for those of us seeking knowledge and paying attention. What I wonder is what do they find appealing, charming, or endearing about us humans? Is it personal - a calling - or merely a task they are focused on completing well? They do plan to hybridize humans, not doing away with our species, but improving it. Do Zetas experience envy? Jealousy? Or are these emotions not a facet of Love and do not exist with the Zetas?

Zetas seem to have a different thought process. To me, they seem a bit more emotionless than I'd expected, even via Nancy, though certainly not humorless or without personality! Then again, I have only been reading ZT for months, not years. As humans in the 3rd density we face unique weaknesses and challenges they may not have had in incarnations, so I wonder, with our strengths and uniqueness, what entices them or enthralls them? What do Zetas (and/or other ET's) look forward to when considering joining our communities in the AfterTime? Is it the joy of being a helping part of the Transformation, or is there affection for humanity or all of the above and more?

We have commented upon the human tendency to treat any culture or appearance strange to it as unfeeling, inhuman, and thus deserving of contempt or suspicion or even in most cases witch hunts. Certainly those who cannot reach out with their soul, touching another soul to find a kindred spirit there, are fearful of the alien presence. It is not that the visitors are strange, or lack emotions, or by their actions should be suspect, or even that the visitors are giving off the wrong vibes! Those who cast aspersions on the visitors as being odd, without feelings, and impossible for humans to understand have most often not even tried to attend a meeting whereby they can discover the truth! They are fearful, pull into their little world and retreat, telling themselves that they sensed something amiss in the visitors when in fact what is amiss is in themselves. Before you declare that what is going on in the room you dare not enter is evil, dare to open the door!

I have a question regarding the role of psychiatry in the coverup. In my experience, psychiatrists in the main are in hard denial about anything "supernatural" or "supranatural", but most especially the subject of extraterrestrials-it almost seems to draw an anger response. Patients who persist with this topic end up heavily medicated-labelled as schizophrenic etc. Is this specifically by design (ZT population sculpting), a result of scientific dogmatism, or both? Or am I missing something? It is distressing to be able to speak to young people about ZT, the pole shift etc, only to meet them after "treatment" to find that they are little more than zombies. How can psychiatry justify locking someone up and drugging them for being a "danger to their reputation", when the very treatment does just that, destroying their credibility with friends, peers and family?

It is an oxymoron that higher education equates to better insight and judgement. The opposite is most often true. Those without a degree are less arrogant and use common sense, as what else is left to them? Those who have been "educated" must often bow to illogical concepts presented by their professors, in order to get the grades they need to graduate. Thus, they learn to think in a narrow view. What is preached by the Universities, by the "authorities" is accepted, regardless of what logic and insight insist is the truth. Now examine what they have to lose by questioning the establishment - loss of job, loss of stature in their academic or professional community, loss of influence or loss of license. Once having sold their soul for financial benefit and personal stature, they resent any press to do otherwise. Thus the anger they express toward the patient for challenging their premise is anger toward something threatening their job and well being!

Why is it that some genius citizens are better at writing than speaking? Thomas Jefferson ended the tradition of delivering a State of the Union speech, and instead sent it to Congress by letter. Why is it that such smart people can't speak efficiently and rather write their thoughts? A difficultly in starseed translation? I can never articulate my thoughts into words, which makes me appear very stupid.

This is entirely a human phenomena, due to genetics, sex, and cultural background. Different parts of the brain control logic and speech, as anyone listening to an air head endlessly blather on realizes. There are likewise those who have polished speech with nothing of substance behind the concepts they are relaying, and nothing of worth as their speech is devoted to promoting themselves or their agendas. Those who conceptualize in a visual manner are less likely to have verbal skills, due to genetics and sex, with men more mechanical and visual and woman more verbal. This is not entirely true, as some humans are gifted in many ways, but genetics is likely to emphasize one skill or the other as this sufficed to get the specimen to live long enough to procreate. Those humans with talent in many areas, many mental abilities, thus succeed above others and are noted. But many inventors have trouble with verbal acuity, and many politicians gifted with a silver tongue need to be schooled in the concepts they are perforce required to address.

align="right" hspace="0" width=211 height=260>Any comments from Zetas?

There have been requests in recent questions tying to establish how large Venus and the Dark Twin will appear prior to escaping the cup. This crop circle speaks to that issue. Earth is centered and as she is squeezed, out pop her sister planets, escaping. Are we saying that these sister planets can loom to look as large as, or larger than, the Moon? That's what is implied, yes!

I live in NE Kansas and have read how the shift will effect KS. My Q is the 2nd largest fault in the midwest lies very close to me. This fault is called the Nemaha fault and Humbolt ridge. Can the Zetas tell what this fault will do during the shift? Also which side of the fault would be better for survival? Also will NE Kansas be flooded by the Kansas, Missouri rivers within 2 years after the shift if so how far west will be safe? [and from another] I think that is the Nemaha uplift and the Humbolt fault line.

One can see the etiology of the New Madrid slip and the widening Seaway by looking at the underlying rock strata. The Keweenawan Rift is solid rock formed by hardened volcanic eruption eons ago. It curls around Wisconsin at the top and connects the point where the Seaway is ripping into Duluth, MN and fault lines in Kansas. The Keweenawan Rift lies alongside, parallel to, the Humboldt Fault. Yes, there will be slipslide there, in Kansas, during both the New Madrid adjustment and the pole shift when the Seaway rips open, but in no case will this be the primary point of drama. During magnitude 9 quakes during the pole shift, action along the Humboldt Fault will not even be noticed. It will also not exceed historical evidence of disruption there within the past 10,000 years or so. Kansas will be entirely above water during the hour of the pole shift and in the Aftertime.

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The media in China has reported that after Hangzhou, there is a second UFO sighting in Chongqing, the central city of China. Is that a real UFO sighting and what will be its implication? Since Chongqing is quite inland, I believe it is quite safe from tidal bore, tsunami or a sudden drop of sea level, unlike Hangzhou. Will the zetas comment on what calamity will Chongqing faced in the coming days?
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Chongqing is upriver from the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River, but this does not exempt it from flooding worries. Chongqing is built around the juncture of two rivers, and is thus vulnerable to flooding. It is also in the region being fractured as the tongue of the Eurasian Plate bends down, suffering from sinkholes and shifting land. Deluge has been striking in many parts of the world, and certainly China has not been exempt. The residents of Chongqing were being warned about all of this.

align="right" hspace="0" width=413 height=315>Asphalt Volcano 8-Jul-2010: The 'disaster' in the Gulf of Mexico is beyond a false flag; it's an illusion. The reason for writing this is not for attention, games, or folly, but to expose the biggest scam in the 21st century, and to relieve some aching hearts. There is no need for fear as this is a staged event. … The Government, corporations, and the people behind them have pulled out all the stops to insure the truth doesn't come out. … The large oil spills washing up on the shores are not from BP Deep Horizon. They are indeed from surrounding wells, that were already leaking by design. … You'll notice that much of the oil is actually in the form of tar. From the start, BP, Haliburton, and co-conspirators knew where they were drilling. Here's a link to what the study synopses What BP, Haliburton, and other co-conspirators intentionally drilled into was an Asphalt Volcano. … What's the benefit of this scam? Money, and population control. Corexit9500, and other dispersant's are not needed. They are purposely being sprayed by Evergreen Air/CIA to cull the population along the Gulf Coast. … This coastal area from Texas to Florida has the highest, or most dense population of targets of illumination by the US Govt., and corporations. These are the populations living on welfare (in this area dominated by African Americans), and the older population living on Social Security (mainly Florida). These people are going to start dropping like flies over the next few years, and greatly reduce the burden to government coffers. [and from another] Asphalt volcano The first asphalt volcanoes were discovered in 2003 by a research expedition to the Gulf of Mexico. They are located on a seafloor hill named "Chapopote," Nahuatl for "tar." The site is located in a field of salt domes known as the Campeche Knolls, a series of steep hills formed from salt bodies that rise from underlying rock, a common feature in the gulf.

This argument, that BP created the disaster in the Gulf in order to make money from Corexit9500 sales, is so absurd that only a moron would contemplate it. BP is going bankrupt with the cleanup and civil lawsuits that are piling up. The company may not survive! What business person would think this a profit making plan! Absurd! We have stated that even had BP not drilled, even had no drilling ever occurred in the Gulf, that the Gulf would be experiencing an oil sheen and the smell of methane gas. Tar balls on Florida beaches are not from the BP well, as is known, but from many leaky places in the Gulf, some from former wells and some not related to drilling but simply from the pressure the Gulf is under. We have explained that this pressure is not something that was planned in smoke filled rooms but a result of the bowing of the N American continent, due to the presence of Planet X and its effect on the Earth's daily wobble. Yes, the Gulf is leaky. Yes, this could be described as an asphalt volcano, as it has been described by scientists and by Wikipedia. No, BP did not intend to create a disaster that would bankrupt the company! And no, this is not a population control mechanism. Does one turn a polluted Gulf coast into a paradise for the rich by killing the wildlife, littering the beaches with tar balls, and creating a sticky black mess buried into the white sand? Oil spills of this nature last for decades, and do not just vaporize magically as the author of this article stated. Yet these arguments circulate on the Internet, and supposedly intelligent people give them credence!

The tail of PX will sweep through the Earth. It's debris will come at us at an angle. So the question is which direction? Zeta have advise to hide behind a cliff or in caves. If we have some idea of the direction of the fire balls coming from the sky we can choose which side of the cliff to hide. If the direction will vary depending on your latitude and or location can Zeta specify for South East Asia at about 18 degrees North? To be more specific the tail's debris as described by Zeta are red dust, rocks and boulders. As with anything that enters our atmosphere they turn into flames due to friction. So I suppose the debris some of them at least would be fiery hot when hit the surface if not with flames still burning. Some trees will also be burnt as I recall from the Kolbrin. I'm just imagining mentally in my head from the various info collected. But my question is really concern about the direction it will hit us at.

During the weeks leading into the shift, when the Earth slows in her rotation and then stops rotating, both the Earth and Planet X will be standing upright, side by side, so the tail of Planet X will be blowing up, not toward Earth. But when Planet X begins its outbound passage over the head of the hapless Earth, is has turned its N Pole toward the Earth once again and the tail wraps around the Earth and coils in all directions. It is not interacting with the Earth, in this regard, but with itself. During the hour of the pole shift, when the tail will whip the Earth, the direction to be concerned about is primarily the direction of the hurricane force winds! Debris in the air will be affected by this more than any trajectory it has upon entry into the atmosphere. The second factor will be the direction the earth is moving during the hour of the shift. Think of the fireballs that have been screaming into view lately in Canada, Scandinavia, the Midwest, and New Zealand. The trajectory is primarily from east to west! This is because the Earth is turning in that direction, when it encounters this debris, and thus this is the angle of descent. During the hour of the pole shift, Brazil will be moving up toward the current N Pole, and India will be moving down toward the current S Pole. It is from this direction that large debris will arrive.

align="right" hspace="0" width=370 height=204>What this formation means? This formation repeat Italy crop circle dated by May 2010. About what crop circle makers want to warn us in this two identical formations? Similar Italy formation.

There is a progression from the May 29, 2010 crop circle in Italy to the July 8, 2010 crop circle in German. The progression shows the crowding from one side extreme, as though the 3 objects trapped inside the outer circle were desperately trying to escape from a presence. The 3 objects are of course the 3 planets trapped in the cup, with the outer circle representing the cup they are trapped within. The progression shows how rapidly this press is proceeding, at the present time, squeezing them together!