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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 21, 2015

Could the Zetas say something about this latest attacks in Paris and the state of emergency that has been declared now in France? It seems to relate with what the Zetas said earlier this year about Charlie Hebdo and the European immigrant crisis,  [and from another]  Our France correspondent, reports that the first two victims who turned up to the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in central Paris told doctors and counsellors the attackers appeared to be young French-born. They said that the gunmen in the Bataclan shouted to the crowd: "Allahu Akbar. We're stronger than the French". One person who was at the Bataclan concert venue said: "I saw one of the assailants, very young, a young face, determined, scary.  [and from another]  Hollande announced that France will be closing its borders following the attacks. Hollande declared a state of emergency and mobilized the military. Under French law, the state of emergency can be decided in the event of “imminent danger following serious breaches of law and order.” A mandatory curfew has been instituted in Paris. This is the first mandatory curfew in Paris since 1944. [and from another]  Gunmen and bombers attacked restaurants, a concert hall and a sports stadium at locations across Paris on Friday, killing at least 120 people in a deadly rampage that a shaken President Francois Hollande called an unprecedented terrorist attack. Some 40 more people were killed in five other attacks in the Paris region, the official said, including an apparent double suicide bombing outside the Stade de France national stadium, where Hollande and the German foreign minister were watching a friendly soccer international.  [and from another]  Stephanopoulos asked Obama if ISIS was gaining in strength, to which Obama denied they were. “I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” Obama responded. “What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq, and in Syria they’ll come in, they’ll leave, but you don’t see this systemic march by ISIL across the terrain. What we have not yet been able to do is to completely decapitate their command and control structures,” he admitted. “We’ve made some progress in trying to reduce the flow of foreign fighters and part our goal has to be to recruit more effective Sunni partners in Iraq to really go on offense rather than simply engage in defense.” [and from another]  The United States had been tracking Emwazi closely. He was seen leaving a building and getting into a car. Three drones went after that vehicle, which also had another person inside, and two Hellfire missiles were fired.  A missile hit Emwazi's car directly at 11:51 pm in front of an ISIS court in Raqqa. Citing a source in ISIS' de facto capital, the same group said that ISIS militants then ringed that vehicle and two others that had been struck to prevent anyone from getting closer. [and from another]  The twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) and the eleventh session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) will take place from 30 November to 11 December 2015, in Paris, France. [and from another]  Kurds retake strategic highway in Iraq’s north from ISIS.

Coming the day after Jihadi John was killed in a drone strike, and two days after the Kurds cut a major supply line for ISIS in Iraq, sleeper cells in France were activated. Why was France chosen? Paris is to host a Climate Change conference at the end of November, with Heads of States from many nations attending. Security was being tightened in Paris, in preparation. The Paris slaughter was to make the statement that no Nation or its leaders would be safe, as long as ISIS was being attacked in the Middle East. Hollande was at the soccer game, an attack site.

We warned after the Charlie Hebdo attack that “sleeper cells throughout Europe, primarily in France, Germany, and the UK”, would erupt, and that “Europe had stayed too long at the party” hiring immigrants and then pushing them home when the economy slowed. We predicted in September that Europe would tighten their borders against the flood of refugees, but this will not save Europe. Only an extremely aggressive campaign to search and destroy all sleeper cells will afford Europe any safety, and this is against their traditional welcoming stance. Europe will resist this, and more bloodshed will result. 

I have a question regarding latest confirmation from Russia that plane “Flight 9268 over Sinai Peninsula it was taking down by a Bomb!” Until Tuesday, Russia had played down assertions from Western countries that the Oct. 31 crash was the work of terrorists, saying it was important to let the official investigation run its course. But four days after Islamist gunmen and bombers killed at least 129 people in Paris, Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the FSB, said in televised comments that traces of foreign-made explosive had been found on fragments of the downed plane and on passengers' personal belongings."We can unequivocally say it was a terrorist act," Bortnikov said at a Kremlin meeting . We know from previous ZT that is not true! Or is something else at play? Russia sure do not need motives because already they fight ISIS, so is pointless to blame them? Before this announcement from the Russia  the Obama met Russian President Vladimir Putin in an informal meeting lasting around 30 minutes at the G20 summit on Sunday 11 15 2015, is Putin(Russia ) “white lying” for the greater good to take some pressure from Obama or he want support from russians population? [and from another] Putin looks very depressed:   Also Russia targets ISIS with 34 cruise missiles, strategic bombers – Def Min briefing  [and from another]  President Vladimir Putin vowed to hunt down those responsible for blowing up a Russian airliner over Egypt and intensified air strikes against militants in Syria, after the Kremlin concluded a bomb had destroyed the plane last month, killing 224 people. Putin ordered the Russian navy in the eastern Mediterranean to coordinate its actions on the sea and in the air with the French navy, after the Kremlin used long-range bombers and cruise missiles in Syria and announced it would expand its strike force by 37 planes. Russia had played down assertions from Western countries that the Oct. 31 crash was the work of terrorists, saying it was important to let the official investigation run its course. But four days after Islamist gunmen and bombers killed at least 129 people in Paris, Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the FSB, said in televised comments that traces of foreign-made explosive had been found on fragments of the downed plane and on passengers' personal belongings. [and from another]  Both Russia and the US-led coalition, which is conducting its own separate campaign against IS in Syria and Iraq, increased pressure on the terrorists in response to the spree of violence in Paris. On the day Moscow officially confirmed a terrorist attack as the cause of last month’s downing of a passenger plane in Egypt, the Russian military hit over 200 terrorist targets in Syria in 127 sorties. The escalated Russian operation involved not only warplanes flying from an airfield near Latakia, but also strategic bombers operating from Russian territory. [and from another]  World leaders vowed tighter border controls, more intelligence sharing and a crackdown on terrorist financing after the Paris attacks, but there was little sign at a summit on Monday of a dramatic shift in strategy against Islamic State in Syria. G20 leaders agreed to step up border controls and aviation security, in a joint statement that marked a rare departure from their usual focus on the global economy. U.S.-led efforts to fight Islamic State were complicated when Russia joined the conflict a month and a half ago, targeting what the West says are mainly foreign-backed fighters battling President Bashar al-Assad, Moscow's ally, rather than focusing on Islamic State. Obama met Russian President Vladimir Putin in an informal meeting lasting around 30 minutes at the summit, a discussion which Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said had been constructive but not groundbreaking. Obama made no mention of their meeting at his news conference. [and from another]

A321 was clearly affected by more than a bomb, as it changed course to head for Cairo, leaving the waters of the Gulf of Aquba, moving slowly for some minutes and reporting mechanical problems before it exploded. Do bombs explode slowly? The fuel pumps were crippled by electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), pumping inadequate fuel during a slowdown. Then, in the flip side of EMP, a pulse occurred, racing the motors in a rush that provided both heat and spewing fuel for the explosion. Nancy clarified in a recent newsletter that any excuse to ground planes or avoid EMP zones will be used now, in future, but no EMP admission should be expected.

Putin is using the downing of the Russian airliner A321 as an excuse to step up the pace in the battle against ISIS.  Was it not just a year ago that France refused to deliver a warship to Russia, citing the Ukraine conflict? Suddenly, as a result of the attack on Paris, France and Russia are partners against ISIS. Of course, Russia too is a target of ISIS, so Putin needs no excuse to step up the pace, so why has the pace been quickened? It is clear during the G20 that Putin and Obama had heads together in a private chat. Both Putin and Obama are prepared to participate in the announcement admitting the pending passage of Nibiru, and want ISIS put to rest before then.

Given the state of the planet, with the wobble and Earth changes such as earthquakes and EMP affecting both man and his machinery increasing regularly, at what point are matters at rest enough for the announcement to have a safe place? There will be no such quiet time, no point when migrant distress or sociological restlessness has gone to sleep. No point when the crops are in and panic in the public will not increase the food shortages. Rioting will be on the increase. Demands from all quarters, the “have-nots” making demands on the “haves”, the threat of having a corrupt or short sighted nominee about to become President in the US. All will only increase. In short, the announcement team should just do it, without further delay.

This looks like a good shot of Nibiru. [and from another] Check this link out of PX supposedly filmed from the ISS. [and from another]  [and from another]  This issue gets revisited periodically, and was on the Discovery Sci channel in August, 2014. Per the Zetas, the blob has a simple explanation. [and from another]  Squid Shaped UFO In NASA Photograph. December 22, 2012. Squid shaped UFO or Strange Space Bug.  This was taken during the Apollo 8 mission.

This well marketed video is another example of the disinformation that has and will continue to emerge about Nibiru. Anything but the truth. Obviously, this is a space blob, the kind that appeared in an Apollo photo in 1968 and was featured on the Discovery Channel in 2012. These blobs are close at hand in the 2D image where distance cannot be gauged. These blobs  are hardly the Nibiru complex, nor do they even look like they might be, so why do they get such good marketing? As the saying goes, there is a fool born every minute, and the gullible outnumber the wise. Is this intentional disinformation? Yes.