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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 22, 2015

This seems suspicious, this "computer problem" at a Virginia air traffic control center: [and from another]  Hardest hit were Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, where delays were at least two hours, according to, which said about 220 flights were scrapped because of the glitch. Airports in New York City were also seeing noticeable delays: from at least a half-hour at Newark Liberty International to at least one hour at LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy airports.  The problem was not believed to be caused by any accident or hacking. Information posted online by the FAA indicated there was a problem with the En Route Automation Modernization computer system, also known as ERAM, at the Leesburg center. The FAA finished installing the troubled computer system in the last of 20 high-altitude traffic control centers earlier this year. The completion was years behind schedule.  [and from another]  The Federal Aviation Administration said it was working to "minimize impacts to travelers" after a computer glitch caused flight delays and cancellations along the East Coast. Airports in the Washington and New York City areas were hit hard. The FAA never said what the problem was with the computer system that processes flight plans at the Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center in Leesburg, Virginia. The issue forced the FAA to temporarily halt departures for all planes at the D.C.-area's three major airports.

Do computer systems have bugs, or glitches, that show up months and years after installation to suddenly cause problems? Absolutely, as anyone working in the data process field will attest. Software is never 100% clean. Situations where the code is inadequate to handle a data or timing issue may not be challenged during testing, no matter how extensive the testing during the debugging stage. So the fact that new software installed at the start of 2015 is accused of being the problem for an outage of several hours is, on its face, logical. Was this the cause of the outage? No.

Flight traffic control software has redundant management, by design. If one airport has an electrical outage, for instance, another can take over. Inbound and outbound flights are known, and shared between installations, in common database sharing. Local radar might have an outage, but other radar installations can provide information for flights to be directed from afar. In the case of a complete outage, in both traffic control programs and local radar feeds, the flights would be directed to another airport for safer landing. But this is not what is being asserted. Radar was operational.

More than one installation of the new FAA software was affected. Leesburg, VA is the common database hub for the affected airports. Affected were the Washington DC airport, the Baltimore airport, and to a lesser degree airports serving New York city. Thus it appeared to be a bug in the Leesburg, VA center. What set of circumstances would discombobulate well tested software? Too much data? Too many flights? Failure to refresh memory so operating space is available? None of these seem likely.

We have stated that the East Coast of the US would be subject to EMP, as in the recent Philadelphia electric train derailment due to surge, and the Washington DC outage reportedly due to surge. Computer systems are inherently electrical, and a load module can be damaged by a surge so that it cannot process data or direct logical steps as intended. The software stops, and dumps a printout for debugging purposes, and has to be reloaded to be restarted. Any data being processed at the time of the zap has to be revisited before directing flights can be restarted. These types of problems will only increase.

EL Nino is coming, whether man is giving a warning! The evaporation in Pacific is not new, Zeta talk about it! Is related to Core making the Crust of the Earth warmer !In 1995 map the heat it was around equator, but in 2015 we have two additional “hot spots” on earth are relative new California Coast and west coast of Canada coast (see picture). This is the reason that El Nino is becoming Godzilla size?  From the picture taken by the North Polar Weather satellite, we can see another hot spots ARABIA and middle of Atlantic! I am sure the Southern atmosphere have more! Can Zeta elaborate a little on this “hot tectonic spots”, how many will more appear? They contribute to the HEAT waves? We can expect more of them in the middle of the tectonic plates?  We can assume that because this “hot spots” on tectonic crust that will become only hotter as Nibiru is getting closer and closer- the normal whether patters will not return? [and from another]  Forecasters are warning the West Coast could be hit by what may possibly be the strongest El Niño season on record later this year.

Why have the waters in the northern Pacific warmed up? It is clear that El Nino is related to volcanic activity and earthquakes in Indonesia. We have stated that the roiling of magma due to the approach of Planet X, aka Nibiru, is another factor related to the increase in volcanic activity. El Nino in the past has emerged as a hot spot in Indonesia which travels due to the ocean tides to the East, affecting the weather along the coastlines of North and South America.

The current heating of the ocean waters in the northern Pacific is not due to volcanic or earthquake activity, but plate compression which likewise generates heat. N America is being pulled into an extreme bow, which will result in the start of the diagonal adjustment along the New Madrid fault line. We have predicted this start by the end of 2015. Heat is a particle flow, and anything that sets the particles in motion will register as heat by mankind. Friction does this. Combustion or fire does this. And compression likewise does this. The establishment is not yet willing to admit any of this.

Is Donald Trump for real? What’s his agenda, and what will be the outcome?

There has been a concerted push to get either Hillary or Jeb elected, the two “legacy” families. As we have stated, both the Clinton and Bush families were well aware of the theft of Gold from Fort Knox, and those in on the theft want this secret guarded until the Last Weeks. With bank failures increasingly likely and demands for Gold to be delivered to creditor countries, this secret is likely to rupture into the news in the near future. Trump’s backers feel that rather than bank instability, prosecution of the thieves should be the outcome.  Thus both the ambitious Hillary, with friends on Wall Street and a daughter married to a Hedge Fund founder, and the reluctant Jeb are being pushed by the same backers – those who stole the Gold from Fort Knox.  

Trump is not a serious candidate but is in the game at the request of those concerned about the outcome of the 2016 elections. Trump is neither Republican or Democrat, as his past has shown. His campaign is extremely clever, asserting policy that would be attractive enough to a large swath of those who vote Republican so that his polls are frightening the GOP. Thus the GOP cannot openly rebuff him for fear he will go Independent, ruining the GOP’s chances. Meanwhile, he is doing just that, by pointing out the bold-faced truth about all the other contenders. Candidates can be bought (but not he).

Trump is also embracing embarrassing policy of the GOP, forcing the other candidates to follow his lead or lose media attention. The GOP needs the Hispanic vote, yet is anti-immigrant to its core. War mongers within the GOP shout this rhetoric but take no action, as the majority of the public does not want to go back into the Middle East, yet Trump is laying out action plans. All this forces the GOP candidates to shout more and more extreme rhetoric, which may attract a sizeable segment of the Republican voters but would be rejected by the majority of Americans.

Trump will stay in the race long enough to destroy the GOP, even to the point of becoming the Republican nominee, knowing he could not win the general election. If Hillary persists he will turn his attention there, saying things about the darling of the liberal media that the media would not dare say. Is Hillary a lesbian? Trump’s backers want the crowd who stole the Gold from Fort Knox and who got the US into wars in the Middle East to be blocked and exposed. These are battles far from the public’s eyes, battles the public is unaware of, behind the scenes. We predict that neither Hillary nor Jeb will be the nominee, thus. Meanwhile, The Donald is having great fun.

In the news lately is that a complete human brain, formed from stem cells, has been produced in the lab. Also, heart tissue formed a tiny heart that beat, and a human ear has been grown on a man’s arm. Is mankind about to be able to regrow organs and limbs the way the Zetas reported they do? [and from another]  An almost fully-formed human brain has been grown in a lab for the first time, claim scientists from Ohio State University. The team behind the feat hope the brain could transform our understanding of neurological disease. Though not conscious the miniature brain, which resembles that of a five-week-old foetus, could potentially be useful for scientists who want to study the progression of developmental diseases. It could also be used to test drugs for conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, since the regions they affect are in place during an early stage of brain development. The brain, which is about the size of a pencil eraser, is engineered from adult human skin cells and is the most complete human brain model yet developed.  [and from another]  Stelarc's ear was first constructed using a frame made out of biocompatible material that's commonly used in plastic surgery. Once securely transplanted into his arm, the artist's own tissue and blood vessels morphed with the material and the ear is now a living, feeling, functioning part of his body. [and from another]  A team of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has created lab-grown human heart tissue that can beat on its own. Using various enzymes and special cleansing detergents, the researchers stripped a mouse heart of all its cells to create a scaffold for induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells), adult human cells that are reprogrammed to act like embryonic cells. They treated the iPS cells taken from a skin biopsy to become multipotential cardiovascular progenitor (MCP) cells, the precursor cells that can become any of the three types of cells found in the heart. [and from another]
A study published in January, led by Dr. Irene Turnbull, a postdoctoral researcher at the lab, showed the tissues contracted 70 beats per minute, similar to the human heart, and mimicked responses to adult and newborn hearts while electrically stimulated in tests.

Stem cells are controversial in human cultures as they affront the religious beliefs of some. Is mankind trying to play God? Using parts of dead infant bodies is another affront, as the recent Planned Parenthood controversy over using aborted tissue shows. Stem cells saved from an umbilical cord at birth, and used later to save that particular child’s life, is the exception. But scientists have plunged ahead, experimenting with stem cells garnered from any source, to cure disease and to regrow organs and tissue for afflicted mankind. Lately they have had some success.

We the Zetas have stated that we can regrow organs and even new limbs, and do so in our Zeta and Hybrid cultures routinely when the need is there. This is not rocket science, as the saying goes. Life starts from a single cell and differentiates into specialties – this one skin, that a liver cell, yet another bone. The triggers that cause a cell to specialize are such that any cell can move in many directions, becoming a specialist, and thus the enthusiasm for these studies and experiments. Humans are using cells that have already become specialized, but the ultimate goal is to take any human cell and grow any organ or limb. Will mankind arrive there, during his reign on Earth? No, though replacement growth by already specialized cells has already been achieved.

This photos they make a big buzz on the Social Media-Facebook and many people are wondering what they are and are many theory floating around! People claim that they appeared in Mexico, Florida, Italy. I know that Zeta mention the light pillars, but this ones are different from the previous "light pillars' pictures, are so well defined and sharp that they look like light beams and in some cases the lighting is present, can Zeta comment what they are, what is the reason that they appear? [and from another]  [and from another]  Most of these beams of light shot up from the clouds as if a battery of gigantic searchlights are searching the landscape and are identical to a vertical band of light. The latest large beams are photographed in South Fort Myers Florida, USA on August 15, 2015 and in Civitavecchia Italy on August 10, 2015. [and from another]  There have also been light beam reports from ground to sky that last only a few seconds and are also without sound. [and from another]  [and from another]  [and from another]

Light towers were noted in 2008 by soldiers in Iraq, who sighted these burning methane spires while wearing night vision goggles. Photos of twirling smoke drifting upward during the day in Canada showed that these towers were occurring during the day, also. Our explanation was methane release, sparked by friction in the air or lightning. The tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru, is greasy and thus other atmospheric phenomena such as neon clouds or the Norway spiral in 2009 during which a grease cloud was lit and swirled during the combustion as the charge attempted to ground.

Recently in Escanaba, Michigan a transformer exploded during a lightning storm, lighting a methane spire that had been released during an earthquake. And in late 2014 a methane flash in the Urals turned a highway into day for a few moments, in front of astonished commuters. Mankind, not dealing with the reality of the greasy elements in the air, is at a loss to explain the occasional light towers, and now matters have gotten more obvious. A light tower of burning methane burns directly upward as methane is lighter than air and rises quickly in the atmosphere. Released by shifting rock or rock layers under a stretch during plate movements, in most cases this methane whooshes upward and disburses.

But during a lightning storm, or in stormy weather where air layers are creating friction and thus sparks, and in particular where lightning is present, the methane will alight. The scenes caught on video include at least once instance where the methane tower flashes and then is gone, just that quick. Note that almost all the captures of these towers are showing storm clouds, often low to the ground. Why do the towers have the appearance of straight sides, like a tube? When seen from a distance they appear like a flame, narrow at the base and then broadening out. In the Urals, a wide area of methane simultaneously flashed, thus momentary daylight. The recent methane tower captures are close at hand, in low lying clouds, so the lit methane is under pressure and blowing out of the ground where seen, thus the tube appearance.