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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 23, 2010

I read from last week's chat that the Zetas expect to "strike it big", most likely, as people start looking for answers to the dramatic earth changes that will occur. If ZetaTalk will become more present in the media, can we expect full disclosure to occur from this?

There are several reasons why we have predicted that Nancy, and ZetaTalk, will get a lot of exposure in the media in due time. ZetaTalk has won worldwide acclaim on its own merit, unlike the many other prognosticators who have tried to grab the stage. Despite the fact that the establishment targeted ZetaTalk and promoted others who supported the establishment lines, ZetaTalk is the source that is respected and sought. A great deal of this acclaim is due to the accuracy of the ZetaTalk statements, the proven validity of the predictions, and the great consistency throughout the vast body of ZetaTalk, which does not contradict itself. ZetaTalk has explained scientific concepts, and when contradicting mankind's precepts, been proven correct in time. This proves, to anyone who can think, that the message does not come from Nancy but from ourselves. ZetaTalk has international acclaim, and lives on the Internet, so it has proven to be impossible to stamp out. Her many detractors and competitors (Battros, McCanney, DiNardo), including those who have earned respect in their own right (Hoagland, Masters, Moore), have survived by avoiding the fact of Planet X near the Sun, arriving in 2003. They point to the Sun as cause, or point out into the night sky in their claims about the approach of Planet X. Meanwhile, the truth that ZetaTalk promotes rings forth, loud and clear.

Beyond the ring of truth that ZetaTalk presents is the overall message. It empowers with knowledge. It places the responsibility for survival on the individual, and is explicit in how survival should be arranged and how aftertime living is possible. Nancy herself is not someone merely stocking up on food stuffs and camping gear, but has raised chickens and managed a garden, saving seed, and using all of this for educational purposes. As a young child she spent her summers where an outhouse and wood burning stove were in use. Her father used hand tools to design and build furniture as a hobby, with little Nancy at his side. Her grandmother was self taught in anatomy and acted as the town's doctor because of this, and became a role model for little Nancy. Between the practicality of our advice, and the comfort Nancy feels in describing life in the aftertime, the message of survival comes naturally during interviews with Nancy.

But what does this matter when there is a cover-up? The establishment does not want the fact that Planet X is near the Sun to be a focus. NASA is given free rein to make claims about the Sun, and those that cooperate with this line are not harassed and suppressed as our message has been. Beyond the fact that ZetaTalk is considered to have integrity and accuracy, and would encourage the public to think of themselves as responsible for their own survival, is the reality of the Puppet Master's situation. It is the middle man who fears exposure of their participation in the cover-up, and the Puppet Master can always find new middle men to assist him in his asset management. The Puppet Master wants strong survival communities, and failure to inform the public, which thus cannot prepare, stands in the way of this agenda. As to the additional information the Puppet Master seeks from ourselves, for his own use, we have explained that this will not be provided until the information can also be disseminated to the common man, simultaneously. This requires something like a TV broadcast.

How will the media handle having the truth exposed, countering NASA and revealing a cover-up at the highest levels? Cover-ups are certainly nothing new, and when the facts are solidly behind the accuser, this is a game most in the media can get behind. Ratings will soar. Planet X is clearly in the inner solar system, and has been since 2003. Visibility in the skies is a reality that could emerge to embarrass the cover-up at any moment. Certainly, the success of one of our predictions, such as the dramatic 7 of 10 prediction, given with great specifics, would in and of itself propel Nancy into the media. For those who cannot handle the truth, there is an out, also. Ah, why listen to ZetaTalk and that crazy old lady from Wisconsin, who thinks that aliens exist and that she is talking to them! For those that need denial, there is a built-in out.

align="right" hspace="0" width=361 height=214>Is the picture below (posted by Khan on Poleshift Ning), a kind of extreme water pressure we will expect to roar up and assault the coasts, ravines, and perhaps inland, during pole shift? [and from another] Driving past Botany Bay, Bob Barker noticed a series of powerful, unusually large waves crashing out on the distant heads. Convinced that something unusual was afoot, Barker arrived at a job in Bondi with only a few minutes to spare and focussed his 70-200ml lens toward Ben Buckler, the north point of Bondi, where the spray was arcing 100 feet into the sky. Barker watched as a huge set of waves rolled in just as the sun re-appeared from behind a cloud, crashing on the rocks and erupting skyward. Barker shot the moment and upon returning to process his photos, noticed that a bystander had jumped the fence and was silhouetted against the enormous wave, providing both scale and sense of drama for this frozen moment. (Bob Barker, The Daily Telegraph / Courtesy of the Nikon-Walkley Press Photo Awards)

There are spots on the globe known for enormous waves, often a surfers delight. A tidal bore is not a wave, although such spots that feature large waves have compressed the area available to the incoming waves somewhat in order for the waves to increase in size. Tidal bore occurs where the rate of compression is sudden, so that no distribution of the incoming tide to the side can occur. Normally, the term is used for a high tide rolling inland along a river, so that a wave perhaps 20 feet high is rolling up the river. But when we refer to a tidal bore during the hour of the pole shift or during large tsunami, where the tide will be from 100 to 600 feet high, the bore rises dramatically. This is normally up along a ravine, with steep sides to retain the water, no escape. A 600 foot tide, so compressed, can rise several thousand feet. The water is stacked upon itself. It cannot go backward, so must go forward. It cannot spread to the side, so must rise. Would the result be an exploding wave at the top as appears in this photo? Yes, because the water in a bore is on the move and under great pressure. It does not rise into a gentle lapping pool. It explodes.

align="right" hspace="0" width=325 height=356>I'm not an expert, but I'm trying my best to understand the whole situation here. If I'm not mistaken, the dramatic 7 of 10 will make some plates in the globe to move freely, setting the stage more readily towards 90 degrees movement in phase 10. The plates then will be moving constantly. And the dramatic 7 starts with the bending of the tongue that holds Indonesia, with the subdution of the Indo-Australia Plate. So there will be two major potential impacts, among other things, in this regard:
1. The bending will also affect the Burma Microplate, and it is known that it was the clash between Burma microplate and Indian Plate that caused the tsunami in Sumatra 2004 epicenter of 26 Dec 2004 quake, and epicenter of 28 Mar 2005 quake (from
2. The collision between Burma Plate and Indian Plate will get fiercer due to subduction of the Indo-Australian Plate to Eurasion Plate, as the momentum will also push the India Plate. Not only that, between Sumatra and Java (Sunda Straits) sit the Krakatoa volcanoes. And Krakatao was first formed by the subduction of the Indo-Australia Plate under the Eurasian Plate. "Krakatau is ... directly above the subduction zone of the Eurasian Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate where the plate boundaries make a sharp change of direction, possibly resulting in an unusually weak crust in the region." (Wikipedia) Surely overall these would be horrifying for Sumatra and Java, being not solid rocks but clutter, a jumble. So, it seems that we're going to have not only tsunami (Sumatra) and hurricanes (especially when a plate shifts, does it not create hurricanes?), but also volcanic eruptions (another tsunami in the case of significant Krakatoas eruption). I can imagine how unimaginably horrible the overall outcomes would be with plates dropping and rising putting volcanoes, sensitive to these kind of movements, on highly active mode, if it is so. In the last ZetaTalk Newsletter, The Zetas have indicated that no predictor as to how soon the bending and the dropping will happen for dramatic 7 of 10 to occur other than the direction of plate movement which can observed from the sinking of Jakarta, Pakistan, and Coral Sea rising. If I don't mistakenly take it literally, it seems that a dramatic Krakatoas eruption would add after some initial without-predictor dramatic 7 of 10. My question is how big would the Krakatao volcanoes erupt? Is it going to be greater force than the one in 1883? Would all these not create a huge havoc, if not prime, in the area of Sunda Straits, where the Krakatoas sit? Would the whole scheme not create a momentum that will activate the Krakatoas greatly? If it erupts at that point, would the eruption bigger than the 1883 eruption?

Will Krakatoa erupt, giving warning that the bending of the tongue holding Indonesia is about to begin? Surprisingly, the nervous volcanoes in Indonesia will not increase their eruption much beyond where they are today, during the elevation drop. The reason is because the pressure of plate movement is going elsewhere, in a different direction. Volcanoes erupt because magma is pushed into pockets near the surface, without an opportunity to escape into the general flow of magma that takes place under the plates. Rather than compress the tongue holding Indonesia, the dropping of the tongue allows this tongue to expand, to fan out under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate. At the present time, the pockets under this edge of the tongue are increasingly compressed, thus the increased activity noted in Indonesian volcanoes recently.

Would the Zeta elaborate a bit how the sea water coming from the Indian Ocean and the Philippine Sea during 7 of 10 will boil? When you say: "And if having the sea rush in were not horrific enough, the sudden drop in elevation will bring with it water from the Indian Ocean and the Philippine Sea which will create turmoil, unpredictable waves that clash and boil. 7 of 10 Elevation.

Boiling water, as seen in a pot, has water splashing about on the surface, bubbles rising up from the bottom of the pan where steam is being formed. This is water with tides moving in multiple directions, in the pot. Super heated water is rising from the center, filled with bubbles that burst on the surface, while cooler water cycles back along the sides of the pot. The concept of the seas boiling is such that water of uneven presure is clashing, such that water from one source forges through the waters coming from another direction. Such a clash can create water going into a circular direction, seeking to release its pressure, and such circular motion can create huge whirlpools. These are of legend during pole shift times. If the water under pressure is also cold, it tends to create an undertow, creating strange movement on the surface where the surface water seems to be rippling in this or that direction for no reason. Such undertows can be very dangerous. If something on the surface gets caught in the tow, it will not surface for a long time, potentially drowning those in boats or floating on flotsam. Warm water tends to rise to the surface, and if breaking through colder water on the surface, will likely explode there, giving the impression that the seas are boiling.

As it was widely spread in the medias, the 33 chilean miners were finally rescued from the mine where they were. As nothing can be so perfect, when handled by human leaders, there are some doubts about the deep meaning connected with the number 33. 33 miners had been buried , the date when they were rescued adds up 33, when the machine started drilling also has some relation with this, etc. Did other beings (humans, aliens, spirituals) have anything to do with all these events? Can we, Chileans, believe that this was a miraculous rescue? Does the number 33 have any meaning in all this?

As we have stated, there are no magic numbers. People who cling to such numbers either have themselves well trained so they see the occurrence, for instance on a clock face, or are seeking a sign of some kind as to how to live their lives. They play with numbers, moving them around endlessly like pieces on a chess board, until some kind of a pattern emerges. The miners in Chile, Los 33, survived because of a combination of their personal fortitude, strong family ties, and the mine's foresight in having a place of refuge unlikely to collapse or flood. It was the entry that collapsed, thus the miners themselves were not hurt during the collapse. It was not an explosion, thus oxygen deprivation was not an issue. The mine was run by the country of Chile, which spared no expense or effort in rescue and did not procrastinate due to cost as many for-profit mines do around the world. All these issues played a part, but magic or intervention was not involved.

Is there a point when the Zeta's will be able to give a time frame reference between the European tsunami and the start of the severe wobble?

This depends on many factors. Nancy has noted that last spring, we were not providing the sequence of events for the 7 of 10. Yet recently we provided the sequence. What changed? It was our sense that our message, via Nancy and good press coverage to be given to ZetaTalk, was going to get a boost! There is a latent effort to promote Nancy in the media, giving our message to a broad audience. It was the Council's sense that this effort was sincere and not likely to falter. One hand washes the other. Coverage in the media would be enhanced by a significant prediction that came true. The public would give the ZetaTalk message more weight, thus, and ponder our predictions rather then dismiss them.

This is not providing information to the elite that the common man does not hold, as our 7 of 10 prediction is available worldwide in a number of formats. It is, rather, encouraging the cover-up to break, by forcing the hand of those, few in number but in powerful positions, who seek to keep the cover-up in place until the last weeks. It is the press of truth from below, from a single citizen and her fans who have been laboring over the years to get our message out, and the press of the world's greatest power broker from above. The cover-up, caught in the middle, will hopefully be crushed.

What will this mean? It will mean that those who want the cover-up to continue will hurl insults at Nancy, and attempt to intimidate those media outlets that are promoting our message. This is nothing new, but will not deflect what is in process. It will mean that the countering cover stories, that all Earth changes are from the Sun or from some mythical galactic center or that Planet X is far out in dark space somewhere will become more shrill. But this will not enhance their rationale, and the glare of the spotlight will just point out the flaws in their logic. In that this process is in the hands of man, we cannot predict where this will lead. The 7 of 10 scenarios are many, and will play out while the 8 of 10 scenarios, as yet not detailed, warm up. All this lies before the last weeks. Time will tell how far disclosure will be allowed to proceed!

Will the 7 of 10 separate the east and west parts of the US completely, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border? If yes, will the divide within the US be impassable other than via aircraft, at least in the short run? Will Portland OR and Seattle WA be affected greatly during the 7 of 10? ex: sloshing from the Pacific, as in Vancouver? I have read alot of information and it is not clear to me yet.

Due to the rise in sea level to 675 feet within two years after the pole shift, the N American continent will appear to be two separate land masses in the future. The 7 of 10 will not effect this change, but will tear most bridges on the Mississippi River when the New Madrid adjusts. This will of course affect travel and distribution of goods, but in that the Mississippi employs barges, a workaround will be arranged quickly enough. But after the pole shift the eastern half of the continent will certainly be more isolated. Travel across the widened seaway by boat, across the flooded Mississippi Valley by barge, and by foot through the swampy land of what is now northern Illinois will certainly be possible. After the New Madrid adjusts, those living in the US should be considering their proximity to loved ones, in this light, the travel restrictions being considered a wake-up call re what is coming if nothing else.

In describing the 7 of 10 scenarios, we do not detail every minor quake or every point where a minor tsunami might be generated. The 7 of 10 scenarios did not even include the major quakes in Japan, which are predicted to be in the range of magnitude 9's. Nor did they include the tsunami that large quakes in Japan always involve, which we have recently stated could be considered to be as high as 150 feet for the South Island quakes. After the New Madrid adjusts the West Coast adjusts, as we have stated. We have not detailed this, as compared to the New Madrid this is minor. All the fault lines closely watched on the West Coast will adjust, the volcanoes nervously watched will erupt, and certainly the waters off the coast will be choppy if not generating some minor tsunami during the plate adjustments. The West Coast of the US is alert and guarded in this regard, as is Japan. They anticipate this type of activity, and will be alert to signs that a quake or eruption or tsunami is pending. Thus, we focus on the larger changes, and in warning those areas that will not receive such services from their governments.

That you can tell, about desire to revenge. It is necessary to inhibit in itself this desire?

Revenge is related to the primitive animal instincts around territoriality. Two competitors, fighting, will not resolve their fight in a single session. The loser harbors resentment, and returns to fight again, often with a different approach. In some cases the issue IS resolved with a single fight, one clearly the winner, the other the loser. But in other cases, especially where the loser does not have options elsewhere, the desire to fight for the territory does not leave, and this takes the form or revenge fighting. The initial fight is usually out in the open, but revenge fighting is more akin to sabotage, attacking from the side or laying traps. In the animal world, if the initial fight was won by brute strength, revenge fighting is often won by intelligence. Thus, the ultimate winner might be smaller and less strong, but more intelligent. How does this relate to man? Man is an animal, in his DNA, and has these same urges and propensities. In a Service-to-Other world, the fight for supremacy does not occur in the first place, much less secondary revenge fights. But those given to Service-to-Self urges will certainly not give up the fight, but plot revenge endlessly.

How did the Zetas arrive at an exact percent of how many people will have some form of insanity after the shift? Out of millions of people the number would seem very arbitrary, hard to predict. And will most of them try to commit suicide?

We estimate the same as you do. We take known figures, as for example how many people live along coastlines and in river bottoms that will flood. We know the percentages of people in good health, in good shape, who might be inclined to run for high ground and leave the life they have built for themselves, or able to fashion a boat or floatation device for themselves and others. We know the percentages of those who will go into hard denial, refusing to help themselves. We know from simply watching humanity the percentage of survivors likely to suffer at least temporary insanity. We know the likelihood of the surrounding high ground to sustain survivors, and the distance such survivors might have to migrate in order to find food before starvation weakens them. We know the likelihood of private parties or governments to encourage survival groups inland and upland in rural areas, and the number of citizens likely to form in such communities prior to the pole shift. We know from past history how those who are undecided react to such catastrophes, what percentage simply give up and allow themselves to die at first opportunity of either infection or starvation or even drowning. Just give up and give in. So we estimate. Where 43% going insane is a scientific computation, 90% is an educated guess. Does it sound like an exact number?

This week the controversial TV personality Glenn Beck abruptly shifted from advertising gold to advertising emergency food-stuffs, and talking about "being prepared". I only know this because I watched a clip of him courtesy of Fox News' arch-nemesis, MSNBC, who jeered at the whole concept of preparing for "end times". It was so saddening; here is Fox, the mouthpiece of the conservative elite who are already halfway to their bunkers, letting one of its stars publicly encourage "end-times preparation", while the choice of the "mainstream" media (CNN and MSNBC in the US) is to jeer at such preparation. What's wrong with this picture? I did find existing ZT from June 12 of this year in which the owner of Fox (Rupert Murdoch) was said to have chosen the 'conservative UFO researcher Stanton Friedman' to speak forthrightly about the "cosmic Watergate" - "because he knows disclosure is coming", and "doesn't want to be sidelined when the news breaks" [ZT quote ../ning/12ju2010.htm]. Does this mean that non-Murdoch media either doesn't know, or knows but will resist Disclosure right up til the end? This isn't so much curiousity, as I'm constantly finding that MSNBC viewers (most of my friends) tend not to take my warnings seriously, as they're being encouraged to laugh at such "end-times" concerns. Meanwhile, Glenn Beck's followers are being encouraged to prepare; the whole situation is very discouraging to those of us trying to get folks we know to take talk of a pending poleshift seriously.

Making the leap, is one way to describe what Beck has done. As he is considered by most of the world to be somewhat crazy, making statements without basis and extreme statements at that, highly emotional, this is not anticipated to be a shock. How does one move from being ultra-right, supporting the cover-up and the former Bush administration to the nth degree in the past, to being an advocate for the truth! Murdock has been asked by the Puppet Master to do so, as Nancy knows as she met with him re this. Get crazy Beck to make the leap. Avoid explaining how you got from here to there, as crazy Beck never explains himself. Mission accomplished.

Benign aliens will assist us at conscious level with the organization of STO groups of a survival?

Many humans, desperate to traverse from their worlds of electricity, well stocked grocery stores, and soft living to a similar world of comfort, are hoping for reassurance that this transition will be swift and sure. Surely they will end up in a high tech dome city with the hybrids, daily meals assured, and an exciting role equivalent to their human existence giving them a sense of purpose and worth. At the very least, they hope to receive gifts from aliens such as the perpetual battery. Please, please, don't make me grub around in the garden, go unwashed, and have my teeth fall out from neglect, they plea! We have stated that those survival groups that are managed by individuals who are solidly Service-to-Other, and who are in no danger from being taken over by those in the Service-to-Self, will receive assistance from ourselves or other benign aliens. There are many, many obstacles to this setup. Most people who assume themselves to be Service-to-Other are not. Most groups formed under the leadership of those who assume they are Service-to-Other will thus lose out. Few groups will be situated where they cannot be commandeered by those in the Service-to-Self. Thus, humans should assume they will not receive assistance from aliens during this lifetime. Do not assume this easy path. Then should things work out, you can be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed.

I'm not sure if this is a question for the Zeta but, are indigenous and aboriginal tribes more aware of planet X than most people and are they looking forward to a new dimension?

We have mentioned that every culture has their prophets and folklore, and this includes those groups that are termed indigenous or aboriginal - tribal in nature. Since tribal lore passes down through generations via word of mouth, rather than written text, if takes a different form. The story of past and future pole shifts to come is told as an analogy. Nevertheless, this information has guided the Hopi to understand that the time is now, and what to expect in a red sky, and that the "ant people" protected them in the past by taking them to underground chambers where they would be safe for the hour of the pole shift. It has guided the Aboriginal people of Australia to migrate at this time to land that will not be flooded during the coming pole shift. They are aware, and informed, and most are very much in contact with the spirit world by which they get updates and consultation.

A large portion of the events that are currently unfolding around us and will soon unfold have been planned and or allowed to occur to stimulate an awakening, either as a primary or a secondary effect, this I understand. It takes time to affect a substantial shift of global consciousness in a positive matter (without excessive fear). Many will not agree with the timeline and extent of disclosure and this pace and extent can be debated endlessly, perhaps without any good resolution. As we are all constrained in physical bodies with a very limited perspective on many matters, it seems that one of the "forced teachings" that we will all experience is to trust in the transformative nature of our experience on this planet to assist us in arriving at an ultimate good end, be it in this lifetime or one 1000 lifetimes hence. As the experiences of this particular lifetime are about to become rather dramatic by any standards, is it not possible that some of our collective "spiritual growth" can be achieved virtually as we are all linked technologically or to a lesser extent, telepathically? This is not to suggest or ask that we will be spared a "hard ride" with the shift and collapse of modern society as I understand that a full measure of hardship awaits us all. Will we be able to accelerate our lessons in this lifetime due to the soon to transpire events? Is it even considered useful to have a shift type event in order to more clearly focus our lessons and reactions and choices deriving from those lessons? Is this a collateral benefit of being alive at this juncture?

Spiritual growth is always an individual matter. The group does not progress, nor can one soul's decisions to take action for the good of others be divided among others. We have referred to the pole shift time as a time of great opportunity, when suffering will be everywhere, and one need only take action, not wait. In this regard the pole shift calamities offer opportunities for spiritual growth, though just as often a Service-to-Other soul becomes more hardened and grows in that direction instead. In the main, for the undecided, the horror of a pole shift is too traumatic for growth. The undecided soul deals with fear and a desire to save the self, which counters any urge to help others around them who are suffering. Thus, little growth toward the Service-to-Other occurs during such times. But growth, in either direction, is always in individual matter.

Why does ZT diverge from Mother Shipton in regards to the return passage of PX on the outbound journey? She speaks of the "crack of the tail" as it comes back again inflicting one more hit. ZT says that the outbound passage of PX will be relatively uneventful for Earth .. there is more to this discrepancy than has been mentioned on ZT and it may very well not be an acceptable question in the eyes of the Zetas for many reasons, but I find it interesting, to say the least. [and from another] A fiery dragon will cross the sky six times before this earth shall die. Mankind will tremble and frightened be for the sixth heralds in this prophecy. For seven days and seven nights man will watch this awesome sight. The tides will rise beyond their ken to bite away the shores and then the mountains will begin to roar and earthquakes split the plain to shore.

Mother Shipton was referring to the fact that mankind prefers amnesia about prior pole shifts to remembering. This is certainly true, as even with the obvious geological evidence of prior pole shifts, at approximately 3,600 year intervals, those individuals such as Velikovsky who try to point out what is surely in our future, based on what our past geological history presents, are attacked. There is confusion about what Mother Shipton is referring to when she speaks of the 6 times when Planet X crosses the sky, and 7 days and nights of an awesome sight. These are not repeated pole shift times, but the behavior of Planet X during the last weeks and during its final 270° roll as it exits the solar system quickly. From man's view, Planet X is first

  1. too far to the right during the Lean to the Left,
  2. then too far to the left while the Earth swings into the 3 Days of Darkness,
  3. then is in a different place entirely during the 6 days of Sunrise West when the Earth is upside down,
  4. then moves to the right during the slowing rotation,
  5. then it is in yet another place during the week of rotation stoppage when the Earth is drawn closer to Planet X than before,
  6. then is seen passing overhead during the hour of the passage itself,
  7. then wends its way out of the solar system while seen from Earth as if moving in a curve.

Can the Zetas speak to the percentage of useful plants that are not indigenous to Earth and have been transplanted here (medicinal, nutritional, etc.)?

There are many plants that were brought with Bigfoot and the American Indian, who were both transplants, but none of these are known to modern man. Bigfoot lives a life quite separate from man, being in quarantine, and the American Indian interbred with early man so he no longer required those special plants. The Annunanki likewise brought plants indigenous to their planet, notoriously the one which held a growth hormone that allowed them to live a full life. This plant did not thrive on planet Earth. Mankind has his own medicinal herbs, which are well documented and treasured. Seek those, instead.