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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 26, 2010

If the man has been genetically designed, why at it have left an appendix? Probably the question will sound strange, but it is one of those troubles (deadly) which wait for the people, which else operated, far from medical aid and in dirty conditions. After all as is known, in many cases to its inflammation the poor-quality, bad food that will be ordinary business after shift results. Whether there are any ways to avoid this trouble which we yet do not know?

Genetic engineering can't simply be coded to say, for instance, snip this additional stomach away. The appendix is a spare stomach, intended to aid digestion as a second stop along the route from primary stomach to the large colon. Genetic engineering must consider what other tasks a set of genes are performing, as often all or none must be removed. Man would be shocked at what recessive genes lie in wait in his genetics, waiting to express themselves.

Regarding the cult movie "The Matrix" and its sequel...contemplating the theory that our universe (or the 3rd Density Worlds in ZT) is in fact a simulated universe (Maya/ dream world) which is running on a massively powerful computer programmed by some advanced alien civilisation (from a 4th Density or higher in ZT). Though the world feels "real" to us (spiritual beings incarnated in The Matrix) we're here (or we are dreaming to be here) only for evolutionary purposes / spiritual advancement. The Zetas have at times mentioned the existence of this supercomputer by which the COW controls everything. Was the Matrix movie inspired by benign aliens and is there any truth? ../rules/r07.htm "This is done by computer, a computer similar to the one by which we maintain our extensive communications with each other. The Council of Worlds relies on a very high level density substance in this regard, which cannot be altered or interfered with by lower densities. No tampering with the controls! The reader can relate this to bugging telephones to insure that all calls are correct. This surveillance is constant and complete. There is no evasion. It's all on automatic." [and from another] I've read about Holographic Universe hypothesis suggesting that our Universe is a holograph, and also this statement by Zetas: ../science/s08.htm "How big is it? Does it have boundaries? Does it go forever, or is it circular? Is it all an illusion? Is it homogeneous throughout? So many questions. …For you, it seems that the Universe is limitless, and boundless, and is not an illusion. So be it, as for you that is a reality and in particular the reality which you must live in. It is also the reality which we, the Zetas, must live in, and in truth we do not know that much more about the functioning of the Universe than you do".

The Matrix is fiction that envisions humans living their physical lives out in a state of suspended animation, like perpetual fetuses, while in their minds their lives progress in their imagination. In this fiction, only the elite, in control, are allowed their actual lives where the physical and mental are joined. Were we implying this when we stated that the extent of the Universe might be an illusion? We were not talking about your planet, your dilemma, your physical pain and aging body. We were talking about the boundaries of the Universe! How can something be boundless? This is the question, and it is a question to which neither we, nor thee, are going to receive an answer. That was our point. Can you have an imaginary life? You do in dreams, but this is painted by very real chemical pathways in your brain, and alas, you must wake up to your daily life with all its drudgery and potential pain!

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It appears the Zeta advice given for France, Germany and Switzerland is not entirely consistent. Here are some links:
I had asked a similar question during the June 28, 2008 GLP session, here: The lowest point of Switzerland is 260m above sea level, that is 853 feet! Most of Switzerland is even higher because it is located in the Alps. Switzerland is roughly 400 miles from the Atlantic and 250 miles from the Mediterranean! If the tidal bore is so devastating even for Switzerland, how must it be for Germany, in particular SW Germany? The Zetas have given the general advice to be at least 100 miles from any coast and to be at least 200 feet altitude. Is this advice not valid for these 3 countries? I am unsure what advice to give to people in Germany and Switzerland. Until now I tell them on my homepage to be at least 200km ( =124 miles) from the North Sea coast and to be at least 120m (=394 feet) high. Must I rewrite my advice for Germany? My location is SW Germany at 250m (=820 feet). I don't feel safe here anymore!

Note the elevation of France. It is not sufficient to evade being flooded when the sea level rises 675 feet above sea level after the pole shift! Waves 500-600 feet high could wash from the Atlantic all the way to the Mediterranean virtually without impediment in southern France. During the hour of the shift there are several forces which will push water across France all the way to the foothills of Switzerland. One is the direction the globe will be moving, moving the Bulge of Brazil up toward the N Pole. This will push water in the North Atlantic down along the UK directly toward the northern coast of Spain, where it will encounter high land and redirect up toward the coast of France. more than the 500-600 foot tides can be expected along the coast of France, as water will be trapped in a pinch there, and thus forced upward across the land with greater force and height.

We have specifically stated that this is tidal bore along the Switzerland border with France, not Germany, as Germany will not experience this tide nor the clash of sloshing that is likely to occur with waters from the Mediterranean. If the initial pole shift slosh will create a pinch at the coastline of France, what do you suppose water being forced over southern France from more than one direction would produce? Pressure, which has nowhere to go but up into the mountains of Switzerland. If you wish to get a better understanding of this, make a model for your bathtub and force water from various or dual directions to see what happens.

Can the Zetas tell us what kind of post passage after-shocks can be expected in areas that historically have little to no earthquake activity? It is important for determining shelter building after the fact as one can not prepare structures - dome or otherwise - for all whom they anticipate will arrive. In some locations where travel and escape are not anticipated, tents and log cabins would be the realistic post passage structures, but I wouldn't want to be in a log cabin if years of strong earthquakes are to be expected.

The pole shift itself will be magnitude 9 worldwide. Aftershocks as large as magnitude 8 or even 9 can be anticipated to be strongest in those parts of the world where extreme subduction has occurred, as thus the weight of a land plate will be pressing down and some rock strata snapping as it breaks under this pressure. The shear cliff at Yosemite is an example of such rock breakage. This would be true, after the pole shift, for New Zealand and eastern Australia, the region of Tibet, Japan, Kamchatka and the Aleutian Islands, a few hundred miles into the West Coast of the Americas (both north and south America). In areas experiencing stretch, the land will likewise be restless for some time, but this will be in the form of jiggling when some lingering support gives way and allows a portion of a land plate to drop further. Where it is assumed that the new course of a river has been established, there may be days of jiggling with the result that the river has round a new course, for instance. Construction in all such regions should be of light materials designed to be highly flexible. The ancient Japanese perfected these construction techniques, which could be studied. Items that can shatter should always be on the floor where they can roll, rather than drop. For the Japanese, this often included human beings, who lived and rested close to the floor for just such reasons.

align="right" hspace="0" width=175 height=263>Recently orange clay mud has started flowing out of the ground in Sichuan Province, China. I assume this must be from some underground water reservoir being put under pressure from land movement and causing the water to push up through the ground. However, can the zeta's comment on this phenomena as it has apparently alarmed the residents there as it being a harbinger for disaster and also suppression by government for media to report on these events. [and from another] Residents of Chengdu, Sichuan Province witnessed an unusual phenomenon - the roadbed suddenly slough, and then it formed long, narrow cracks, from which clay mud flow started foaming. On the same evening water in the local supply lines became yellow, it is not suitable for use. This happened on June 17 about 15 hours near the local market. The puddle of yellow mud slowly spreading over the sidewalk. People thought it was a harbinger of impending disaster and began to disperse hastily. Few days ago in the same province of Sichuan, on Chengdu road, at least 80 wells with a diameter of about one meter and a depth of 30 cm formed in one day.

This province of China is subject to frequent monstrous sinkholes lately. We mentioned in our recent description of the causes of sinkholes that as rock layers are pulled in different directions, there will be points of pressure as well as voids produced. Sinkholes form over the voids, but what of the points of pressure? If water is trapped between rock layers in those points of pressure, then of course it wants to seek release and will move in whatever direction allows the pressure to ease.

The Zetas have detailed the European Tsunami and how it will affect in particular Ireland and the UK worst. The Zetas have stated that the tsunami will go approx 50 miles inland and people will need to be approx 100 feet above sea level (half the pole shift warnings). Due to the small size of these countries, 50 miles inland is very significant and I am assuming that millions will die and many more be affected but can the Zetas provide any information as to what life will be like in Ireland and the UK for those who manage to survive the tsunami? What will happen to these countries - Both Ireland the UK are wealthy countries used to a high standard of living and very few natural disasters compared to many other countries and are likely ill prepared, will they be flung into economic collapse and chaos? Will supply chains completely break down? How will the government react? And will many people have to start living in survival type situation well before the actual poleshift itself. What will life be like in the aftermarth of the European tsunami?

Long before the last weeks the Earth will be showing its inhabitants a taste of what is coming. It is unimaginable for the populace that Indonesia and the Caribbean would have islands sinking into the sea, or for N America to be pulling at a diagonal followed shortly by a monstrous tsunami rolling toward Europe. This is global, but certainly not Global Warming, nor can it be ascribed to anything coming from the Sun! By the time the tsunami strikes Europe, the world will have seen so much plate movement that no explanation will suffice except the presence of Planet X nearby. Signs in the sky and visibility of the Planet X complex will increase also, so that even media suppression will not suffice to keep the public dumb about the cause of the recent disasters.

We have predicted that the populace will increasingly turn away from the canned answers they are getting from their governments and the media, from the hand picked scientists reading from scripts, and will search the Internet and discuss among themselves to uncover the truth. Just as the Global Warming excuse was thoroughly discredited, NASA's canned answer that all Earth changes are somehow coming from the Sun or some mysterious space energy wave that only they can detect will be discarded. This will leave the establishment to claim the quakes and turmoil and wobbling Earth are something that periodically happens to the Earth, citing history, and pointing perhaps to an erratic and mysterious magnetic field in the solar system. They will not, however, admit the presence of Planet X. To do so would be to admit they had been lying to the public, and they fear the public's rage when this is discovered.

Governments cannot simply close their doors and ignore the homeless, their citizens, so are likely to pass laws to force the homeless to be integrated into communities. Homes with spare bedrooms may be forced to accept roomers, and farms will have more than enough ready hands to help with any harvest. Militias will be used to control rioting and force order, with curfews established. But when there is evidence in the skies that there is a presence nearby which could explain all that has been happening, this will change. Then government officials who were clearly in the know, NASA and those scientists who spouted the approved story line all those years, and any media heads who obviously cooperated during the cover-up will be in hiding. The truth will spread by word of mouth, if by no other means. And those who have survived the 7 of 10 or 8 of 10 cataclysms will sort out into camps, as we have described, of those determined to survive and taking action, and those preferring denial.

Zetas told that STS often hide the true nature. But how they can explain narcissism? Some people have strong desire of the superiority and the fastidious relation to other people. They do not hide arrogance. Is it form of STS too?

The root of the Service-to-Self orientation is an inability of the soul to grow out of its initial stance, that being that it is the center of the Universe, and all else revolves around it. Like a newborn babe, it can have no other viewpoint as it know no other viewpoint. It knows only its hunger, that it is cold outside of its mother's arms, and has associated its mother's face with relief from whatever ails it. The young soul is no different. It has no perspective! Everything is new, and it has no history upon which to judge what is happening around it. What it does know is that as an incarnated soul, it feels less insecure when it is the center of attention. The tribe or troop will not simply get up and walk away, abandoning the incarnated young soul. So it desires perpetual attention, and is obsessed with its appearance or whatever attractants it feels it possesses. A narcissistic person is one either incarnated by a very young soul that does not have enough history to guide the human into a more meaningful life, or is not yet incarnated at all. In this case a soul has not yet sparked into this human who is insecure and obsessed with how to attract attention, constantly.

align="right" hspace="0" width=498 height=231>What Zetas can say about this new crop circle formation in Krasnodar which looks like anchor? "On the field - three huge range of laid on the ground wheat, with no crushed or broken spikelet. Ears are not broken, and carefully bent, clearly visible in the form of braided rug in the "pigtail" stems. Grains of them did not crumble."

If the target="_top">Chirton crop circle is representing how Planet X and the Earth are chained together, while clashing, then what would Planet X as an anchor represent? We have explained that Planet X has two dominant Moon Swirls coming from either side, which gave it the appearance of a double helix in early photos in 2003, or the Winged Globe appearance on SOHO. But there are many Moon Swirls that trail behind Planet X as it travels, and these will be visible to mankind during the passage. The most distance Moon Swirls will appear to be at an angle, due to the fact that the Earth will again be orbiting the Sun, and thus be seeing the Planet X complex from a distance as it retreats from the solar system.

The presence of such debunkers on GodlikeProductions made me much more cautious, much more likely to keep things 'close to my chest' as the Zetas recommend. Has there ever been a request that attempts to monitor communications be thwarted? It would be nice if communication between the good hearted people here on the Ning could be protected from those wishing to use it against them but I do also understand that it probably isn't going to be the case. I would imagine they would consider this site a threat or would at least be monitoring it now in its early stages to ascertain whether it is a threat or not. If I was a power crazy, self-serving, paranoid part of the establishment trying to maintain the cover-up at all costs, I would certainly monitor the site; for one thing, it's a place where people talking about the poleshift come together in one place so no need to go hunting around for them. They must still monitor your communications which would mean a lot of content here - I don't think they'll ever stop thinking you're a threat.

Where the establishment - the wealthy and politically powerful - are concerned that an official version of the presence of Planet X may get out, they are not as concerned about unofficial versions. They have tried to sculpt the unofficial versions to avoid mention of Planet X, of course, promoting the theory of the galactic center and the exploding Sun, but these attempts are not accepted by the public. This has become clear. The Horizon Project was populated by prestigious scientists, NASA personnel, and yet was a blip on the stage and then forgotten. NASA is pushing the idea that the Sun will be causing havoc, but their primary problem is that the Sun is refusing to cooperate. The Emperors New Clothes is a child's tale, meant to teach the power of societal persuasion, but in reality if the Emperor were nude, the public would not only recognize this, they would point and laugh. NASA's Sun has no clothes. It has no large CME's, and even if NASA were to lie and paint pictures with SOHO, the many monitoring devices that measure solar wind and radiation from the Sun on Earth would paint a different picture.

The establishment understands that prophecy and the reality of what is being presented in the skies, and by the serious Earth changes in process, that the public will sooner or later understand the situation. In fact, the point of no return has already been reached. The pubic has already stopped listening to the media and instead turned to the Internet and intense discussions with friends and co-workers. Why is the weather so erratic? Global Warming was a fraud, and in any case the weather is far outside what was projected by the Global Warming models. Why are earthquakes increasing, and sinkholes appearing, and odd cloud patterns? And for those who have noticed that the Moon is not in the right place, and the Sun not rising or setting where expected, the fact that the media is not addressing these issues is a siren going off. Those in the establishment who are not congenitally stupid, and few are, understand that the day will come when the truth will out. It is that day they fear, and they have few options on how to deal with it.

So for any of these options, would the Pole Shift ning be a threat? This would have been the case under the Bush/Cheney cabal and their allies around the world, but the ability to muster the FBI or CIA and various wire tapping methods is no longer at the discretion of this crowd. This crowd, thus, is choosing option two, to retreat early to enclaves. For those taking option two, the threat of increased Internet chatter is only a factor in their calculations on when to retreat to their enclaves. They have one foot in their enclaves and one foot out, at present. Those opting for the last option, to stand and face the public's anger and eventually lead, are intensely interested in how the public reacts to the truth, and in particular how the public reacts to leadership by elements such as Nancy and the ZetaTalk message. Are they making serious and practical plans, or are they becoming disruptive and plotting riots? We have predicted, and stated, that as the public makes serious and practical plans, their governments will be more inclined to disclose the truth. Thus the Pole Shift ning is not being watched as a threat, it is being monitored as an experiment, one that is seen as a success!

align="right" hspace="0" width=250 height=225>New crop circle in Willtshire. Would Zetas comment it?

Since a timeline is not to be revealed, this crop circle does not indicate a timeline, no matter how much it might be scrutinized. Some pie pieces are connected by an outer ring, some are not. Those that are connected have a pattern of 5 pie slices connected, in the main, though the first connection is only a 3 and the outer ring connects all. This is what is happening during the Earth changes. There is a domino or ricochet effect that is building. Some Earth changes are present almost continuously, such as the continuous and increasing volcanic activity, while others such as large tsunami seemingly start and stop. Some Earth changes go hand in hand with others, such as the occurrence of sinkholes in China provinces with the sinking of the Eurasian Plate tongue and the islands housed on that tongue, along with the tilting of the Indo-Australian Plate under India. But by the time of the pole shift, the Earth changes will not only be continuous, they will be connected.

In June of this year BC's Premier Gordon Campbell attended the Bilderberg meeting in Spain. I just found this out recently and was surprised that this local politician to my area was in attendance. Can the Zeta's comment on what was discussed at this meeting and what information Campbell would have been exposed to and his reaction to any hot topics potentially discussed such as PX?

The Bilderberg group meets to discuss a variety of issues, face to face. Where economics were at the fore in prior years, this year's focus will unquestionably be the passage of Planet X, and how this might be announced to the public. Such an announcement is imminent, not because any government entity plans to make an announcement but because of the Earth changes and anticipated signs in the sky. How will those of wealth and political power react? They have no solutions but discuss this intently. Beyond the fact that they are all cooperating with the cover-up, there is also no voluntary cooperation. Each party looks out for their own interests.

To keep a banking empire from bankruptcy, someone must buy its rotten assets, and no cooperative buyer can be found. To some degree, coercion is possible, both within the banking industry and between countries. One is made an offer they cannot refuse. A large bank holds notes on a smaller bank which is then forced to accept a portion of rotten assets to avoid having their doors closed. Between countries, trade is often a great bludgeon. Ease your import fees and back off on inspections or your goods will no longer be welcome in our ports.

When it comes time to discuss the pending passage of Planet X, and the anticipated riots from an angry or desperate public, one thing is clear. There will be a lot of closed borders, particularly in wealthy countries or those that are known to have high ground, free from volcanic activity. Will China close its borders to India? Australia is certainly planning to close its orders to Indonesia. How many immigrants from the lowlands of Europe will Sweden and Norway accept? Deals or agreements made before the major Earth changes, what we have described as the 7 of 10 or 8 of 10 stages, will certainly be broken. All treaties are, eventually.

It is believed that countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Laos will be at the mercy of the onslaught of tidal waves from Pacific Ocean gushing into the bowl of India continent which just sank after the pole shift. Cities in lowland areas like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh will drown during and after the shift. I will like to know will the highland areas like Chiang Mai of Thailand, north Hanoi of Vietnam (Sapa region) which borders South China is high enough (will the 675 ft above sea level rule apply) to buffer the onslaught and be a safe location in the aftertimes with a weather similar to south Canada today? Will the Zetas also comment on whether the political elites have already prepare themselves in those higher lands and survivors will be better off migrating into southern China to avoid being controlled.

There is a vast difference between having the lip of a tidal wave reaching your toes, gently lapping there, and having a tide roaring past, waves splashing and surging. In the first case, it is possible to clamber further up the hill, or even inch further up the tree. In the latter case, it may not be possible to avoid being swept away. Additional allowance for the press and surge of water should be allowed, if only for mental health. All existing governments in the region of SE Asia will lose control as the Earth changes we have described for Indonesia begin to take place. Those in Indonesia finding their cities flooding with sea water will clamor not only into their hills, but seek the mainland in anything that will float. There are not enough troops, and not enough boats in these poor countries to prevent migrants from moving inland.

It will not be riots of the nature these governments fear, where goods are snatched and the wealthy enclaves invaded. It will be a refusal to honor the troops, the troops refusing to honor the chain of command, and the military refusing to honor the political elite at all. The military will have their own worries, each and every one of them. The elite assume that the military will be at their beck and call regardless of what happens, and this is fiction. Few soldiers will remain to point guns at citizens, as what is their reward? They see the new migrant populace can overpower the government, if only by sheer numbers, and will be trying to be ahead of the migrant hoard, moving up into the highlands to be the first there to grab a solid and secure spot.

Will Karachi sink before the pole shift or it will sink during the hour of pole shift?

We have stated that during the hour of the pole shift, when the Indo-Australian Plate is forced under the Himalayas, that Karachi will have a force of water pressed upon it due to the compression of water with nowhere else to go. The land mass of Australia will in essence rise up, tilt up like a plank pushing water before it, and shorten the distance between Australia and the Himalayas. As with the countries of India and Bangladesh, which are destined to be dragged down as the Indo-Australian Plate dives, Karachi will drown without hope during the pole shift. But what will occur in Karachi prior to the pole shift? It lies on the plate border, and while India inches under the Himalayas, Karachi will find itself ground along, crevasses opening up, bridges collapsing, city structures collapsing even without the prompting of earthquakes. There will be many clues that it is time to move elsewhere.

align="right" hspace="0" width=361 height=224>Recently someone sent a homemade balloon into space (Pacific 2) with some cameras attached and programmed to take pictures every few minutes. It looks as if it may have captured planet X next to the sun at 1.49 in the video (picture also attached). Is this a genuine capture of planet x or is it a lens flare? And are the establishment concerned that they have no way of stopping people doing this and that if it becomes more popular there will be an increasing number of pictures of planet X turning up in the public eye and breaking the cover up?

Despite the halo, this is a capture of Planet X. The Sun and Moon have halos these days because of the grease in the atmosphere from Planet X. When such objects appear, there is puzzlement among those unaware of the presence of Planet X, but when they bump into the rumors on the Internet, a connection is made. So indeed, such revelations are important, but just one of many such routes by which those previously unaware learn the truth. Will the establishment consider this a threat? Since this is not an official leak, and can be discredited by "experts", this is certainly not the threat that the appearance of Planet X and its Moon Swirls and the String of Pearls on SOHO have posed. What the establishment fears are signs in the skies that the public will not be persuaded to deny. Something like a Second Sun that is seen by the majority of the populace, worldwide. Something like a dancing Moon Swirl in the skies that does not have the trajectory that a group of asteroids might have. Then what?

Is there anything the Zetas can say about Gen. McChrystal expressing such dissatisfaction with Obama as commander-in-chief? Why did McChrystal choose to do so publicly? Is this indicative of a widespread attitude among the military leadership or the troops in Afghanistan? A sign of a deeper split between the military and civilian leadership? [and from another] 'Angry' Obama summons Gen. McChrystal over scathing interview [Jun 23] The future of the US military commander in Afghanistan hung in the balance Tuesday over an explosive interview in which he and top aides mocked and criticized the Obama administration.

The McChrystal interview with Rolling Stones could be interpreted in two ways - that McChrystal alone had distain for Obama's military judgement, or that there was revolt in the military boiling just under the surface. In that the US military took the "football" away from Bush, but made no public statements about this, indicates this is not how the military works when deeply disappointed or suspicious of the judgement of a Commander in Chief. An insight into General McChrystal's modus operandi is his handling of the Pat Tillman affair, where he lied to the family and to the public about friendly fire being the cause of Tillman's death. In fact, it was an assassination of Tillman, approved up the line and undoubtedly including approval from McChrystal himself.

What is different, then, about McChrystal's ability to operate as he chose under Bush and Cheney and his ability to ignore the rules under Obama? Obama does not tolerate this type of rogue behavior in the military, where Bush and Cheney looked the other way as long as the outcome was in accordance with their own agenda. Obama is not seen as a weak or ineffectual commander within the military, as Bush was. Bush was in fact seen as almost insane, and thus the decision at high levels to counter his edicts behind the scenes while keeping the situation from the public. By insisting on a united front, while taking military advice into consideration prior to his decisions, Obama is seen as running a tight ship.

Is it allowed the STS souls or others souls incarnated in a group of STS on the Moon? Or is this group reproduces at its home planet?

Will the Earth's Moon become a prison planet for those aliens in the Service-to-Self who currently reside there, using the Moon as a base? Where having a base of operation while doing counseling services for those souls on a young planet giving the Call to aliens in the Service-to-Self is allowed, establishing a permanent post or taking over a planet or moon is not allowed. The line can be easily drawn, especially since the Council of Worlds is well aware of the motives involved. There are no secrets from the Council. Taking over a planet or moon involves procreation to replenish lives lost, and the ability to manufacture food and goods needed for operation. Technically any of these things could occur at a base, if for instance a pregnant life form were working there or the manufacture of food to supply the workers at a base were being performed. But there is a mental mind-shift if a decision has been made to attempt a takeover of a planet or moon. It is this the Council detects and counters.

How we learn, when services on liquidation of emergencies will be strongly exhausted before shift if in mass-media and news suppress the information or keep back?

Though governments have not been admitting it, their stores are already depleted. This issue raised it's head on occasion in 2007 and 2008, and the UN reported that wealthy countries were not providing food stuffs to starving nations to the extent that they did formerly. This matter will not be frankly evident until the citizenry starts to starve, and there are not enough stores of cheese and rice and beans to distribute. At first, prices will rise, but governments will impose price freezes so the populace can still purchase what food there is available. We have predicted that the public will simply find the shelves empty, nothing to buy, before they realize the full extent of what is happening. Black markets will of course arise, as well as rationing if resale for profit becomes too obvious. The media will portray all this as a temporary situation due to weather conditions, perhaps even in the context of trade wars between countries so that anger in the public can be directed outward toward a scapegoat.

On how many are accessible the alien ships to each member of your community? At their construction there is a distribution to trades (as at us - engineers, designers etc.), or everyone completely owns all knowledge for this purpose? It would be interesting to learn the organisation of such works from you!

You are apparently asking if alien communities have a second car in every garage, or must we walk or call a cab, and if we specialize in our trades and are known by our trades. Of course, this depends upon the life form, and what their physical needs are. Space ships are only necessary for interstellar travel, or interplanetary travel within a solar system, so of course everyone in the community does not have one parked in the garage or proudly outside the home. Space travel is a group activity, done via motherships with many scout ships brought along. These are shared, based on priority and importance of the mission for any sub-group on the mothership. Specializing in trades, as you call it, or by talent and desire is just as common among alien communities as it is in human communities. Roles are self chosen, not assigned by dictatorial governments or coerced by ambitious parents. The soul's desires, as much as the genetic ability of the life form come into play in the decision, but it is a self chosen rule, regardless. In that life in high tech cities in higher densities is much more complex than in human societies, there are many more categories of roles to be filled. If a particular entity wishes to fill a particular role, but does not have all the knowledge or skill required, they simply request a partner or to be part of a team. In Service-to-Other communities, such constant communication, via telepathy, is the norm.

I've been reading and re-reading the "Sharper Axis" ../Xtime/x32.htm to digest it. For my limited mind, I need to keep the rotation direction, speed and timing related to Earth's core independent of the Earth's crust, the axis tilt, the magnetic North and geographical pole positions all separate until I can glue it together. I think I've got it, but I still have some ambiguities. My understanding so far, is that, due to the comparatively slower passage of PX this time, we will have a new sharper axis, as in more than 23.5 degrees due to PX's more distant trajectory (relative to past pole-shifts). My information is that it will be an additional 6.5 additional degrees, with a total of 30 degree axis tilt for this passage, at lease that is interpretation of the visual I had. Earth's magnetic alignment (core-wise) is upright (solar system North) with the Sun, a set condition, and the rotation direction and speed depends on the core liquidity action/directions at the time of rotation start determined by dynamics that are hard to predict. Quick passage means Earth falls back to original rotation direction and speed, tilt and geographical pole positions due to Earth's momentum dominance. Slow passage means these conditions are subject to greater change due to dynamic forces present in every pole-shift, but now have a chance to be applied. What is confusing me is this Zeta ../index/zeta561.htm statement "This states that the geographic and magnetic poles will be close together, and as the magnetic alignment is always the same, for the solar system, this implies a larger tilt and more extreme seasons." Given that the magnetic declination (off "center" magnetic North) these days is reported as 11 degrees from the axial geographical North, putting the rotational axis close with magnetic North means about a 11 degree tilt, contradicts Zeta prediction of a sharper axis beyond 23.5 degrees. Can you clear this up for me? [and from another] The sun's axis of rotation is tilted by a few degrees from the axis of Earth's orbit. Thus, either the sun's north geographic pole or its south geographic pole is usually visible from Earth. [and from another] The Sun's rotation axis is tilted by about 7.25 degrees from the axis of the Earth's orbit so we see more of the Sun's north pole in September of each year and more of its south pole in March. [and from another] Mercury's magnetic field is tilted. It is not lined up with the planet's spin axis. It is tilted about the same amount as Earth's magnetic field

There is no solid data that you can use to determine the degree of tilt if the magnetic and geographic poles align. This is because at present the magnetic N Pole of Earth swings wildly during the day. It is away from the Sun, to the far side of the geographic N Pole at one point, and 12 hours later is closer to the Sun than the geographic N Pole. Which one is pointing to the magnetic alignment of the solar system? Is it some point in between or at one of these extremes? We have stated that both Earth and Mercury are magnetically aligning with the Sun, and though Mercury is virtually straight up and down in its geographic poles, its magnetic poles are offset from the geographic poles by about 11°. This is also the case with the Earth, where the magnetic N Pole is offset by 11° from the geographic N Pole.

The Sun dominates the solar system, and those planets that are magnetic attempt to align with the Sun in one way or another. The Sun rotates, and has a tilt of 7.25° such that the Earth can view the Sun's poles during the Earth's Equinoxes. The Sun is in fact leaning in a different direction than the Earth. Assume, then that the Sun has joined its geographic and magnetic poles, as it is gaseous and could adjust if this were not the case. At the Earth's equinox, when both its geographic poles are basking evenly in the light from the Sun, the Sun is either bending toward the Earth by 7.25°, or away from it. However, the Sun's geographic tilt is irrelevant to its magnetic field, which remains static regardless of what NASA might state.

So what will be the combined geographic and magnetic tilt of the Earth in the Aftertime? What is the most extreme position taken when the magnetic N Pole of Earth (or Mercury) is trying to align with or evade the Sun's magnetic N Pole. For Mercury, in its steady stance without a geographic tilt, it is 11°. For the Earth, during an Equinox when both geographic poles are basking in an equal amount of sunlight, it is 11°. For a combined geographic and magnetic alignment during an Equinox, then both poles of Earth must tilt away from (or toward) the Sun by 11°. This gives the Earth a different point in its orbit at which is experiences a winter or summer. The Earth will still try to tilt out by 23° in the direction it does today, but will arrive at the maximum tilt prior to its current Solstice date. And it will lean further, and somewhat to the side, by approximately 5°.

So I was pondering the 675 foot raise in sea level that is slated to take approximately 2 years following the pole shift. Now a lot of folks will be resettling near the waterfront in order to catch the abundance of fish in the oceans and rivers. However, the water will be rising an average of a foot above sea level every day, which is a lot. My question is: will it be a steady and linear raise in water level or will there be flash floods? (Perhaps this depends on the region so I hope this question is not too broad.) Can survivors graph the expected raise in sea level to keep ahead of it or will it not be so predictable? I would expect it to be fairly steady, considering the old ice caps will both be situated near the equators which guarantees a more consistent amount of sunlight as opposed to the upper latitudes with their erratic seasons. However, wouldn't the expanded sea bed cause a quick initial rise in sea level by a couple hundred feet followed by a more gradual rise?

There are two phenomena to measure. One is the melting of the obvious ice patches, the poles and Greenland, which will in the main be along the new Equator. This will occur relatively quickly, but be disbursed into the oceans as the area of melt is surrounded in most cases by open sea, and likely to take only months or at least a year. Then there is the heating of the deep oceans, caused by heat in the ocean floor. Just as it takes a few minutes to heat a pot of water on the stove, this does not happen instantaneously. Warmer water rises, cold drops and is warmed, and overall until a stasis is reached there is a steady rise in the volume of water heated. The sea level rise from warmer oceans will be steady. Thus the overall rise will be faster during the first year, due to overlap, and slower during the second. One could compute this by assuming the first year to include a 200 foot rise from melting poles and Greenland melt. Both the first and second year would distribute the remaining 475 feet evenly.

I drained my car battery for the first time at a red light yesterday. That was a first for me, normally it's just lights. I still don't understand why/how people are able to drain lights/car batteries? Or turn them on? Whenever I go to Popeyes I turn on a burnt out bulb at the drive through. [and from another] When the eel locates its prey, the brain sends a signal through the nervous system to the electric cells. This opens the ion channel, allowing positively-charged sodium to flow through, reversing the charges momentarily. By causing a sudden difference in voltage, it generates a current. The electric eel generates its characteristic electrical pulse in a manner similar to a battery, in which stacked plates produce an electrical charge. In the electric eel, some 5,000 to 6,000 stacked electroplaques are capable of producing a shock at up to 500 volts and 1 ampere of current (500 watts). Such a shock could be deadly for an adult human.

Some people have this talent genetically, some due to modifications that have been made on them as contactees. Of course the human body has electrical activity. Brainwave activity is measured as electrical impulses. Nerve action works to some degree by electrical impulses. Electric eels work by generating electricity in their body, and directing this shock. The eel generates electricity by chemical means within its body, and does so under threat or when hunting. Humans with the ability to ramp up their electrical energy are most often doing so when under stress, if only the ordinary stress of driving in traffic. When affecting lights or draining a battery, it is not so much a strong charge as the interference that causes the action. Batteries can be drained steadily, a little at a time, and a light bulb can either wink out or brighten because of a small current redirecting the flow within the bulb. Contactees who find they suddenly have this ability may have been genetically altered to allow extra brain function in some part of their brain, perhaps in the area of telepathy, to enhance telepathy. The electrical effect is entirely secondary.

Could u ask zetas about islands near Moscow and surrounded arrea which may not flooded in 2 years after pole shift? Can we expect on Valdai Elevation which higher than 206m or Russia would flooded from ural to sweden? [and from another] The Dnieper River is one of the major rivers in Europe that flows from Russia, through Belarus and Ukraine, to the Black Sea. The Dnieper's source is the turf swamps of the Valdai Hills in central Russia, at an elevation of 220 m (720 ft). For 115 km (71 mi) of its length, it serves as the border between Belarus and Ukraine.

There is scarcely any difference between 675 feet above sea level and 720 feet, especially when all around you will be scampering for that same spot! Will your hill house all of Moscow and the surrounding countries? Be prepared to build boats, and use them!

How can the NASA astronauts live with themselves? After seeing what they saw, how can they remain silent? Wouldn't they rather die than lie?

This question has been raised periodically, as NASA is so intrinsically tied to the cover-up over the presence of Planet X. NASA has been involved not only in plans to build a base on Mars but also to nuke Planet X, and has failed at both missions. They have lost funding as a result, and are continued only because of the pressing need to obtain information on the trajectory of Planet X. The elite desire a timeline, and endlessly press NASA and their own scientists to provide one. We have pointed out, in the past, that those employed by NASA are selected for their tunnel vision, their ability to follow orders without questioning the orders. Having been at the helm of what was to be a crowning success story, the survival of mankind via a stay on Mars or the diverting of Planet X, they are now at the bottom, merely monitoring the approach. This type of arrogance rarely has a backup plan, as it assumes success. Backs against the wall, as one of the likely scapegoats when the truth about Planet X is revealed, those at NASA are increasingly given to fear based reactions. Liars don't fess up in these types of situations where they feel they cannot win but have a lot to lose. Instead, the lies get bigger, as they have been, and the denials louder. This will continue, even to the point of being a shriek, before a sudden silence prevails. Anyone caught at NASA headquarters at this point will be an accident, as they will have run for their bunkers before being pressed into an admission. This is the likely scenario for those at NASA, in our opinion.

Many of us and even the Kolbrin described or spoke of the devastation that we can portrayed it as the effect the TAIL of PX like the red dust will cause bloody precipitation of some sort and all kind of debris creating all sort of havoc. If by definition a tail is behind the object how would all this happen before PX leave our vincinity or our solar system? Another words;
1. Is this imply that pole shift occur well after PX passes? if not, then;
2. Can the tail debris be blown forward ahead of the object itself so that we have all this effect in the last weeks?

Where the tail of Planet X trails behind it when it is out in space, traveling from one of its suns to the other, while creeping past the Sun the tail gathers around Planet X and is subject to other influences. This is a charged tail, and Planet X is a large magnet. A magnetosphere is formed by magnetons flowing from the N Pole of a magnet to the S Pole. When Planet X is stalled near the Sun the charged tail is blow out and away from the N Pole of Planet X. Thus, when Planet X approaches Earth, pointing its N Pole toward Earth, the tail is leading, and arrives first during the passage.

My question to zetas is :can zetas tell what will happen during the poleshift and before the poleshift , to Muzaffarpur (a city in Bihar, India), Lucknow (a city in UP, India) and Jamshedpur (a city in Jharkand, India?
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Cities in the interior of India will not experience flooding until the hour of the pole shift, and then will be in shock. Unless our predictions, or some similar prophecy from a respected individual has warned the residents, they will have scant warning and no chance of escape. The last weeks, even rotation stoppage, will not bring the flood tide to these interior cities, though it will be clear that the passage is upon them. The flood tide will not be a crashing wave, as depicted in the movie 2012. It will be water rising, always rising, first along the rivers in the lowlands and then up through city street and then rising to cover the roof tops. Those in boats or clinging to floating objects will find the waters swirling, whirlpools developing suddenly, so boats will capsize and sink. The flood tide will close in on all sides of India, and meet in the middle, creating crashing waves in the center and rip tides as the water pulls back again. Drowning will be swift, and is fortunately painless, and for those with a firm belief in an afterlife can be faced with acceptance rather than panic.

What's going on in Afghanistan and the generals? The reporter says the offensive is in serious trouble and most troops are wondering why the heck they're there. Is Obama waiting for the "7" event to bring the troops back to assist with the coming earth changes?

Obama was handed a bag of worms when he took office, courtesy of Bush and company. Both the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq war were started as an oil grab. This is no secret, as Afghanistan is the pipeline up into the oil fields of Russia. Bin Laden was both used and forged as the architect of 911 for this reason. Once in, it is difficult to disengage, which was by design. The architects of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars - the Bush/Cheney crowd - did not intend for there to be an easy exit. They wanted the military presence in place during the pole shift, so as to be able to take over the world's oil fields more readily. If the US pulls out, the Taliban take over, as they have been as thoroughly aggravated as a hornet's nest kicked about like a football. But if the US stays, then they have military losses and the conduct of the war looks poorly managed. The plan is obviously to gain some successes and then leave quickly. If this coincides with great need in the US, so that troops can be brought home, so much the better.