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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 29, 2012

At 1:45 Sunday morning (December 23, 2012) I decided to do my dishes and looked out the kitchen window and saw the moon moving quite briskly toward the north.  There are a lot of trees behind my house and within 15 minutes I could see it approach a limb, go behind it and not be visible then reappear from behind the branch. When I first saw this occurring I could stand in front of the sink, and look directly at it. 30 minutes later as I write this, I have to move to other windows to follow it. Judging by the speed, the moon will be directly north in about 45 minutes.  We must be in drastic wobble. How can the moon make a sharp 90 degree angle turn? I am located in central Massachusetts.

At 1:45 am, just past midnight on December 23, 2012 from Massachusetts, the Moon should have been almost due West and partially below the horizon, not truly visible from your location, especially at 2:15 am when it should have been entirely below the horizon. That it then moved rapidly toward the North in your view shows the wobble was pulling your side of the globe down toward the South. In point of fact, since you, in Massachusetts, were on the dark side of the globe at this time, it was the violent push of the magnetic N Pole of Earth up, on the other side of the globe, that caused this rapid motion in your view. It was not the Moon that was moving, it was the Earth that was moving. Such rapid movements of the Moon have been noted in the past, and even captured on film.

Posted at youtube on December 20, apparently from Brazil, footage depicting a most unusual phenomenon in the sky:  Accompanied by the following caption, translated from Spanish: "In a late afternoon something very strange occurred, reflecting the sunset through the clouds caused an effect of reflector on the horizon as we see in the footage". And in response to an enquiry: "Hello, the video was recorded near Palotina .. and yes it was day 17/12/12." Would the Z care to reveal the nature of this captivating light show, please?

As is known, the view of the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere, and what lies either to the right or left of the Sun, is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere. Thus what Alberto recorded in his Red Filter photos, the wafting tail of Planet X to the lower left of the Sun, will appear to the right of the Sun in Brazil. Here, in the video capture from Palotina, Brazil, are the Moon Swirls that Alberto and others have been recording and even seen naked eye as light orbs around the Sun. These light orbs are particularly brilliant in this Brazilian video because the clouds blunt the glare from the Sun. Take Alberto’s photo taken during this time and reverse it horizontally and vertically to see where the Moon Swirls would be expected in the Southern Hemisphere. The world is noticing, and this visibility will only increase until NASA admits that Nibiru has arrived.

Is this a false alarm or an actual prove that there is Gold on Mars as per youtube video - the Gold that Annunaki has mined on Mars?  Would zetas like to comment on this?

We have stated that the Annunaki mined for gold on Mars, and did so well before they came to Earth to continue this operation. We have stated that the Annunaki thoughtlessly washed their ore by running the surface water on Mars down culverts into underground caverns, and thus by reducing the surface water on Mars, they reduced the atmosphere, making Mars virtually unlivable. As is known among those who pan for gold, washing this in a pan in a stream, gold ore is more prevalent as a fine dust, which often is carried away by the wash of water and does not sink to the bottom of the pan.

When the Annunaki used a force of water to wash all but gold from their ore, to clear away dirt and sand, they started the water washing down a culvert but ore sites at a distance from the culvert were the primary wash sites. Lakes have bays and fingers, which can be dammed to become controlled wash sites, with the idea that any ore escaping during the first wash could be recaptured in a second or third wash site. The wash down the culvert was only the means by which water on the move, a rapid force of water, was achieved. Thus, as water slowly drained upstream from a second or third wash site, it was laden with dust from the first wash site, and this dust often remained when the final evaporation of the lake occurred.

Has NASA sought to hide this from the public? Without a doubt, as the Annunaki, life on Mars, the former presence of the Annunaki on Mars, Nibiru as the home planet of the Annunaki, Nibiru as a real planet that makes a periodic passage, and the alien presence in general are all matters to be denied. Thus the Face on Mars, once accidentally filmed and released, was never shown again by NASA. Likewise, proof that water existed on Mars was a slowly released secret, as this fact begs the question – where did the water go? Altering or flattening the color on Mars images allows NASA to lie about vegetation growing on Mars, as well as to deny that mining for gold occurred there, in accordance with our descriptions.  The accuracy of ZetaTalk is also to be denied, which NASA does with gusto.