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ZetaTalk: Shallow Trench
Note: written during the Mar 1, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We have stressed that during the hour of the shift, humans who wish to survive ensure:

  1. they are not along the coastline or near large bodies of water or in a ravine likely to become a wash or alongside a river likely to flood its banks.
  2. they are not in a building that will crush them, and this includes almost all buildings as Richter 9 is not experienced normally and no buildings can be assumed to be immune from horizontal and vertical thrusts of this strength.
  3. they are out of the hurricane force winds, which will be equivalent to what the Earth experiences now in hurricane force winds, so that they are not knocked about by flying objects.
  4. they are not out in the open as firestorms, however remote a possibility and rare, would not fall upon them and burn them, should they occur.

So where does that leave the human, if he cannot hide in his basement, crouch in a ravine near him? We are asking humans to not use their existing structures, not come out of the wind into ravines, yet protect themselves from wind and firestorms. The best solution was one given to our Emissary, Nancy, years ago, which she detailed as a trench solution. Not underground, buried, but only a shallow trench. Cover this by a metal sheet, well anchored, or board covered by sod so they will not burn. This provides cover from the wind, from firestorms, and a long trench of this nature will not have all the oxygen sucked out in case of even a firestorm overhead. How does this protect against quake damage? One cannot be dashed, as the most one laying in a shallow trench can be thrown is a few inches to the side. Thus, except for what may fall upon this covered trench, no worry.

If such as trench is not in a heavily wooded area, where many trees might land upon it and prevent escape afterwards, this should be the very best method of surviving the shift itself. Of course, this trench should not be in an area where water will wash, else those seeking shelter there will be either drown or washed out Chose a hilltop, a flat or slightly slopping area, brushy so the soil will not wash away, but not heavily forested so that a tangle of woods will prevent emerging from the trench later. The trench need not be long, is best not more than 25 feet, so that those using it can crawl out either end and anyone fainting or dying of a heart attack will not prevent the others from emerging. Thus, with a few days warning, and a shovel and a bit of nervous energy, even the poorest among the Earth's population can survive, and better than the rich!

Do you imagine that the rich would lie in such a trench? They will be in their houses, in protected underground structures, and be trapped or crushed there. They will be, if above ground, behind shielded windows they assume safe, and be blown about, tossed like leaves along the ground. They will not heed our advice, as they listen only to themselves and their crowd, who have been led astray by the Service-to-Self they gave the Call to, and are allowing themselves to an agony of death and entrapment as this is how the Service-to-Self harvest souls. Thus, our advice will not be heeded by them, but will benefit those of good heart, whom we prefer to be speaking to in any case.

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