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ZetaTalk: Collision Course
Note: written Sep 15, 1998. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

How might two planets, on some sort of collision course with each other, be dealt with at the Council of Worlds? Is one to be the winner and one the loser? This situation is presenting itself, again, in the coming pole shift to be caused by the periodic passage of the 12th Planet. Since this causes so much havoc on Earth, why not change the course of the 12th Planet, or blow it out of the skies? This might require relocating the intelligent species that inhabit the 12th Planet, but the concept of creating refugees is not foreign to humans, especially when the refugees are to be others and not the self. Would the Council of Worlds allow the Earth to blow the inhabited 12th Planet out of the skies? The answer is simple - no. Even should humans figure out how to do this, this would not be allowed.

Third Density worlds are not allowed to destroy each other, or interfere heavily with the other's social environment. Thus, the giant hominoids have been quarantined from your Earth, and man has been quarantined from the Mar's moon the giant hominoids are currently mining. The Council of Worlds views interfering with nature to this extent. It is not allowed. Nature is a fact that all intelligent entities are adapting to, becoming aware of quite intimately by the necessities of life during incarnations. This is a learning process, and not to be preempted by cheating. The 12th Planet and its periodic passage was a known entity when humans were genetically engineered to begin with. It is nothing new.

Shuttle explosions, where the payload does not get off the ground, whether the payload was to be sent aloft within the US or another cover country like Russia, are no accident. Prior to these upload accidents in 1998, there were problems out in space that affected expensive equipment and threatened workers, but not the decision makers. These decision makers have been told that the problems they are trying to put in the path of the traveling planet about to course through the solar system, it's natural path, will come back closer and closer to home, with each endeavor. They have not listened. Attempts to build space stations with nuclear armaments they can direct, under the disguise of uploading satellites and space exploration equipment, will increasingly falter on Earth, poisoning those who feel they can risk the lives and safety of others, but expect their own safety to be the last threatened. They will learn otherwise, and these lessons have started.

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