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ZetaTalk: Auroras
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

One of the world's wonders is what is called the Van Allen belt, the Northern or Southern Lights, or Auroras as they are variously called, a glorious panoply of colors across the northern or southern skies which play for hours at a time, entertaining those who live in cold climates with one of the few delights that nature brings to their bleak, dark world. What causes this natural wonder? There is in fact a great deal of speculation, and no proof, as one can scarcely put the northern skies into a bottle for examination. The answer is simple, and not even among the candidates. The Auroras are caused by refraction, a refraction not thought possible as no light seems to enter on the dark side of the Earth. Little understood by humans is the degree to which energy particles are affected by gravitational pulls. They look out into the sky, into the stars, and see a slight variance in light rays that come over the vastness of space, and assume a straight path, or nearly straight. What they are in fact seeing is the light rays that have not been deflected. Others have been captured, and pulled away from their path toward the Earth.

Our statement will elicit argument from astronomers, who will say that if this were the case, then the Earth would be receiving light rays deflected from their path, and a confusing picture of the Universe would be presented, not the steady consistency that they observe. They are of course assuming a constancy in the substance of light, which can be altered as a substance just as any other. Do not the heavier particles that man is familiar with change radically their behavior with the addition or subtraction of a subatomic particle at the core, or in the electrons circling the core? Man assumes that light rays are constant only because they have not yet been able to dissect them. Light rays deflected are in the process of being altered. And what has caused these light rays to be deflected at this point, to become Northern or Southern Lights, and why no other point on the globe? In fact, they are being deflected elsewhere around the globe, but are not visible because of the greater traffic in bright light. The Northern or Southern Lights, happening at the equator, are lost in the glare.

Note: below added during the Dec 21, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The Auroras, as we have stated, are not magnetic at all but light rays bent by gravity. This has been much ridiculed as it does not fit into the current human way of thinking. Light bends when going through water, bends in a prism, but somehow the idea of light bending in other circumstances is ridiculous. The fact that mankind is even aware of a light spectrum is because light bends. The rainbow, the prism, and suddenly there is a light spectrum. Red light bends toward gravity pulls, as can be seen by the just rising or just setting sun, which broaden and enlarge. Light that is heading out into space, missing Earth altogether, is bend back down toward the earth to arrive at the eye of the beholder. It arrives not where it would have if moving straight, but is bend back so is coming in from the sides, thus the fat sun. This also explains the red sunset and sunrise, as red light waves bend more than others.

Like magnetism, gravity flows are not universal about a body, but have a field. This is not widely noted, as it is slight, but has been noted recently in the discovery by mankind’s probes that the Earth's middle would seem to be fatter, gravity wise, though no shape has changed. This hit the scientific news, a fact reported by the probes which no human scientist had any explanation for. It was a change in the core of the Earth, which parts of the core are moving, and in what directions, and this motion creating disruptions in the gravity field around the Earth. This is all to say that the Auroras moving toward the Equator, should not be surprising, as the gravity flow back toward the Equator are obviously increasing. The field has switched, more pull in at the Equator, so the light bending toward the gravity flow is seen more toward the Equator.

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