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ZetaTalk: Worldwide Infertility
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Dropping fertility rates, caused by PCB poisoning worldwide, has been a matter of concern to us during our reproduction program. Not a few of our male donors are frankly infertile, and not daring to admit this to themselves. They announce to their buddies that they have been lucky, in their sexual escapades, but privately anguish about their chances of fathering a child. Worldwide, the frowns are beginning to appear on male faces, and nervous discussion is starting in the women's circles.

This is not a matter discussed broadly in the media, as it is given Back Page Coverage if any coverage at all. The reason for this hushed tone relates to the cause of the problem, for those who publish are golfing and breakfasting with the perpetrators of the problem, so all is kept quiet. For many decades several major industries dealt in what they knew to be poisons. We are speaking here of PCBs and their derivatives and their relatives. This was economical. The rich stayed away from the poisons, and thought themselves well rid of it, but a horror they never imagined occurred - the poisons escaped into the atmosphere, the waters, the soil, in short went everywhere. Now even the wealthy find their fertility dropping, but ease this pain by resorting to artificial insemination and adoption. What they seek to avoid at this point are repercussions, and thus the results of scientific studies are silenced, repeatedly.

The cause of the infertility is a sequence well understood - the poisons mock female hormones and thus simply confuse the ingestor, who drinks them daily in his water, eats them daily in his food, and is even breathing them with every breath. Can the establishment cleanse the world, and undo their damage? No. What filter does man possess that could wash a poison out of the ocean, or suck a poison out of the winds, or refresh every farmer's field, worldwide? An antidote is required, and none is in sight.

As long as this situation exists, the matter will be kept hush-hush. Meanwhile, the problem worsens, and threatens to shock a world long concerned with a massive over-population problem. The threshold where a male can no longer impregnate his lady, no matter how valiantly he tries, is about to arrive. And when it does, the cries of newborn babes in hospital corridors will drop dramatically, and merchandisers selling baby supplies will find their sales suddenly plummeting, and formerly busy schools will wonder where their enrollees went. If there is no solution at hand, the problem will not be allowed press time even then, as those who rule the media are too close to those who would take the blame.

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