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ZetaTalk: Oil Deposits
Note: written on Oct 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Oil, gas, and coal deposits are indeed the product of biological elements decomposing under great heat and pressure, but this is not the only source of these products. They form in the atmosphere under certain conditions, where intense heat from exploding volcanoes and continuous lightning create the equivalent of petrol-chemicals from the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in the atmosphere. Those who doubt this statement may point to modern day volcanic eruptions and lightning storms, which give no evidence of such formations, but the modern day environment is not equivalent to what is present during a Pole Shift, during the trauma that the Earth undergoes during the passage of her brother, the 12th Planet.

Why is it that oil and gas deposits are not forming today? Is the climate so different from the climates of the past? Do not earthquakes bury forests and does not lava flow over grasslands? The theories on oil and gas formations could be put to the test daily, during this modern day, but no such proof has ever been proffered or in fact even sought. Oil and gas do not form under normal circumstances, they form under extraordinary circumstances, and for the Earth most often these circumstances are presented during a pole shift, where forests do get sandwiched between layers of rock and lava floods over broad areas. Petrol-chemicals that form in the sky, where they fail to burn due to lack of free oxygen, soak into the fractured ground and become trapped during the settling process that afterquakes provide for many years after a pole shift.

In most cases, such petrochemicals formed in the atmosphere during pole shifts and seeping into the fractured ground are broken down by the normal process of decay of organic matter. Oil that humans find today was protected from this process by being sealed off from the air, creating a tomb where bacteria could not proceed unabated. On land, this quick seal occurred because the massive tidal waves that accompany pole shifts would smother the fractured ground in a stagnant layer of trapped sea water. This, of course, would evaporate over time, leaving a salt cap over the oil deposits, and thus the association of oil with salt deposits.

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