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ZetaTalk: Anti-Gravity Devices
Note: written on Aug 15, 1996.

The advent of the space age and the increasing number of UFO sightings have generated intense curiosity about space travel in human scientists. Some cling to the notion that all travel within or against a gravity field must be by propulsion, clinging to known and familiar theories - airplanes lifting off the ground and running parallel as long as the air stream over the wings can be maintained, or rockets sent out and away from the Earth's gravity by propulsion. Space ships, which zip about and hover as though gravity did not exist are clearly not run by propulsion, however, and thus speculation is running rampant. Mankind will not be given the answers he seeks, nor will he be able to arrive at the correct solution based on his own efforts. Human scientists are working and reworking their current concepts, which are fraught with errors, and thus, heading in the wrong directions, they will not succeed.

Various theories on how space ships maneuver have been put forth, but none have been on target.

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