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TOPIC: Clothing

A return to Spinning and Weaving or knitting cloth will occur. Spinning Wheels are available, to make thread from wool, cotton, or to make flax into Linen. Sewing Machines operated by a foot Treadle are available, and electric machines can be modified. Felting is easy to do. Climate changes will result in Temperature Extremes and Conditions not anticipated. Space Blankets insulate well. Various Materials differ, and clothing in Layers or Mummy Bags help retain heat. Cotton does not insulate as well as Polypropylene, but the Natural Fiber debate continues. Fire Retardant clothing is available. We need to be Resourceful and think creatively. Dog Hair can be spun into yarn. Tanning hides provides durable leather and furs for warmth. Usenet archives provide information on Rawhide, Scraping, Dry Scraping, Wet Scraping, How Much, Brain Tanning, Braining Steps, Soap Tanning, Smoking, Softening, Inuit Women, Bird Skins, Resources. Needle & Thread will be valuable items, but Natural Needles are available. During the pole shift there might be Firestorms so fireman suits for rescue missions may be handy. Durable clothing will be much appreciated, and Army Surplus and Second Hand clothing or Closeout Sales are inexpensive. Boots made by Sorel or La Crosse are excellent for cold weather, and Mud Walking boots are available too.