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Escape Hatch

Provide one or more escape doors or hatch plates just big enough to easily crawl through that opens to the inside. Should be bolted shut from inside with many bolts around the perimeter. This should be placed at or near the highest point in the structure. In a worst case if dirt, trees, and debris piles against all exits, this additional exit would allow one to be able to dig or cut ones way out. One could then clear the normal doors from the outside.

In the case of a large Dome, three outwardly opening doors around the base perimeter would probably be a good idea. Outwardly opening doors can be made to withstand more wind pressure than inwardly opening doors. If the dome gets tipped, this would provide that at least one door would not be buried in earth. This door could still be blocked, but would be able to be cleared by use of a high roof escape hatch.

Offered by Mike.