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Wind and Water

I just saw a news clip of a flood somewhere in the US There were two dome houses in the middle of the flood with water up to their windows. This brings up a concern with me about water-proofing. Is there a way to water-proof the windows on a dome and make them sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of raging waters. The water from a flash flood may eventually recede but the inside of your dome house might be demolished before it does.

I also have a concern with wind resistance. I've visited several web sites on building dome houses and have looked through their picture galleries. Every house, although beautiful, has gables, eves, overhangs, bay windows or glass patio doors. My concern is; What will happen to these windows and such when they are struck by 200 mph winds? The dome itself may survive but the windows and eves will be ripped off and everything inside the dome will become a projectile. Can we come up with something to cover the windows? Something permanently attached to the house that slides down and protects us from the wind. What would it be made out of, steel, concrete, other? Once it is down, how do we seal it?

Offered by Doug.