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Comparison at 9/15/2002 Spot

A preliminary analysis of a single FITS file image taken by Steve Havas on 9/21/2002, when compared to a NASA summary FITS file taken from their Skyview Archives, shows an object close to the RA and Dec given by the Zetas for 9/15/2002. Charles has identified, just to the left of the arrow tip, the RA and Dec location given for 9/15/2002:

Using a FITS viewer I was able to download and view a 'SkyView' image from NASA of the coordinate area near 4.400057, +12.13215. I then compared one of Steve's .fts files from your site with this image. After looking several minutes and comparing the images, they seemed the same until I noticed a fair point on Steve's that is NOT on the NASA image. I circled the point on Steve's image that I could not find on the NASA image.

However, both Steve and Jan have pointed out that the spot identified by Charles disappears in the summary FITS files, and is therefore likely to be noise, and Pierre agrees.

Well, I have done the processing on 21 sept. images, and I can say that the object 'x' Charles pointed is an artifact. It is VERY important to use more than one image to see the real objects. (in this case, the 'darks' are very helpful to show all the artifacts due to the CCD itself).