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Red Light Bending at 9/15/2002 Spot

The object identified by Charles is just to the left and down from the RA and Dec given by the Zetas for 9/15/2002. This is in accordance with the red light bending expected from an Arizona location, taken at 1:30-3:30 AM, as the location would rise to the Southeast of Arizona, the light passing over the Equator and bending toward the center of the Earth due to gravity in both cases.

For instance, in Arizona, one would expect the red light to bend DOWN toward the Earth as something from the southern constellations must come over the Equator, going north. Was it a tad LOWER in Declination? One might also expect it to be somewhat off in RA as it would pull toward the middle of Earth, depending upon what horizon it was beaming in from. I assume it would pull toward the CENTER of the Earth where the greatest gravity tug would be from. Would that be EAST?
Did seem that faint spot was close to ZT coordinates, maybe slightly south as you mentioned.