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Tail Whip on Dec 13 Images
at Dec 6th to Dec 18 Coordinates

Planet X White has moved downward in its direction path from Nov 15 to Dec 4 coords to location Dec 13 by about 3 degrees. The dust cloud continued on path line Nov 15 to Dec 4. This is why the Dust cloud moves over to above the two small stars. Trail of moons slings outward right and up from PX White to dust cloud location.( this probably started to happen before Dec 4). From what I see on the images, these moons must be moving around quite a bit in the 4 minute frames as I saw trails on a number of images I worked with from movement within the exposure time. We are looking at the sideways motion of the moons and swirling is a good term for it.
J William Dell
Planet X CoordinatesUp/Down Motion and Tail Whip