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Observed White Twitching on Dec 13-14 Images
at Dec 6th to Dec 18 Coordinates

JWilliam speculates, and the Zetas comment, upon slight movement in the White Persona during the long imaging night.

I have done up a graphic which shows the objects above background at Planet X location during the shoot of Dec 13 and 14. I believe there is another object at that location which shows up on the images which is not a moon. It needs to be looked at in its time sequence. It indicates to me that Planet X was attracted to the other object and then began an attraction/repelling dance which by Dec 14 leaves Planet X at its location above and back of Dec 13 1200 series Frame 2. and also shows another Avis recognized object on my Dec 14 Summary below the Dec 13 Arena. I have used my drafting tools and a T-Bevel adjustable square to measure distance and angle. The drawing is accurate. Planet X on Dec 14 is above and left of Dec 13 1200 series Frame 2 if it is my Avis recognized Planet X from Dec 14 summary! How did Planet X go up and back?
I have tracked back through the earlier images to Nov 11 2002 and an object appears:
- Nov 11 (frame 10) slightly right of location, and
- Dec 4 on location.
It moves about 3 pixels between Nov 11 and Dec 4.
It would explain the course deviation of Planet X to this location
J William Dell
JWilliam is trying to sort out the dance he sees in the White, alone, during a single night. Could the White be moving from side to side during its headlong sling, or is the light itself moving? And if the body is moving, what on earth would cause that motion? First, consider that star light, coming from afar, is of the nature in the light spectrum that is veers not, else it would not have arrived. Thus, stars seem fixed in the sky. But Planet X is so close, while not yet reflecting sunlight as the other planets are, so this unwavering star light effect is not yet coming from the body. What you see is light that is emitted from a brown dwarf, in combination with heat emissions, and other subatomic particles not yet identified by man. All this is affected by the soup that this light must pass through to arrive at the camera, which in and of itself has limitations. All the light that is coming from this inbound body, at present, thus, is subject to being diverted, save such a small percent that the unwavering light would not even record on a camera. Thus, you are still dealing with bending light, even in what is termed the White Persona.

Actual movement of Planet X at this time from side to side during its approach is slight, caused by dominance of subatomic particles or particle flows in its path that mankind is both unaware of and unable to record save by the motion of bodies it on occasion observes. Even the plunge to drop below the ecliptic that will occur during the last weeks will not have an obvious cause, as no large planet will be in its path, but the ecliptic is more than planets, as might be imagined.