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Dec 27th White and Red Personas
at Dec 29th Coordinates

JWilliam Dell quickly identified both the Red and White Personas for Dec 27th.

My suggested [Dec 27th] Red stands out like a sore thumb. [Dec 27th] White is located squarely on flight path to Dec 29. Both Avis recognized. My choice is
- Red back towards Dec 18 from Dec 29 coords, just under star at about 30 degrees down/right.
- White above and approx same distance and angle from Red as Dec 13.
My measurement shows the white a consistent distance from Red compared to Dec 13 and shows Red below White. I cannot find another easily identifiable Red so made assumption that the bright one was Red and started looking for White. Also from Dec 14 images tail, the dust cloud was to the right of Planet X. We have the same now on Dec 27.
J William Dell

Neither appear on the DSS Comparison chart.