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Dec 27th Moon Swirls
at Dec 29th Coordinates

JWilliam Dell noted a mirroring effect on the Moons trailing the White and Red Personas for Dec 27th.

I have another object over/below/back from Dec 29 coords. I am suggesting it is a moon. I detect slight movement back towards Red Persona of Planet X based in the frames through angle changes. I did some more angle measures and the angles for the Red moons seem the same as the angles of White moons only mirrored (Moon numbers on the image right indicate same angles using Planet X as baseline.). 2 of 4 Red moons are Avis recognized on Summary. When looking at potential moons around and trailing Planet X white, I note what looks like an identical, but larger, mirror image around and trailing PX red. This offers us a clue as to how Planet X white is projected to become Planet X red.
J William Dell
The coordinates started out facing SW in the beginning of the exposures so I think the red persona sould be below and to the right of the white. And it looks like a cluster of moons may have shown up to the left and just slightly above the white candidate. All these spots are not on the NEAT or DSS and show up well on all three images!
Steve Havas