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Red Placement re White
on Dec 27th and 28th Images

Steve and J. William note that longer image taking periods (20 minutes) create tracking issues and the placement of the Red Persona relative to the White Persona which shows up at the coordinates depends on time of night, i.e. focusing the camera toward a horizon or overhead, creating more or less gravity bending of the red light that exhibits as the Red Persona.

My suggested red and white personas for the Dec 28 images show them as being closer together than the Dec 27 images which I think fits for being taken earlier in the night with the coordinates higher in the sky but also facing further east so maybe the red candidate not to the right of the white like in the Dec 27 images.
Steve Havas
The time of image taking effects [placement] Planet X red. If the start time of imaging was 05:49:43 on Frame 1 Dec 28, and start time of Sum Dec 27 was at 07:05:27. What angle change for Planet X White to Planet X red could we expect due to time difference? Also distance between Planet X Red and White. Would distance change due to time difference? Would it be shorter on Dec 28 vs Dec 27 or longer?
J. William Dell
The later imaging start time [for Dec 27th] would have the coordinates facing further west so I would think the red candidate would be further to the right of the white candidate. Over both dates the coordinate location in the sky would have gone down several degrees over the course of the imaging. The coordinates on Dec 27 would have been about 10 degrees lower in the sky than the Dec 28 ones. So I think that would put the candidates closer together on the Dec 28 images.
Steve Havas