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Cluttered Field on Jan 10, 2003
at Jan 13, 2003 Coordinates

Planet X Red is a bugger to find. I find a number of possibilities but lack patterns. I've got a pattern going down/left, half patterns down/right. Patterns above !!! It should be migrating over the 5 frames. There is so much clutter from Moon swirls and stuff, it is difficult to say where it is. The Moon Swirl cloud is spread out and become clouds. The most striking element is that they move up/slight right over the hour. This really stands out on the images. The amount of hits I got with Avis in the main area of swirls (up/right of coordinates) is quite significant. The Swirls have reached the point of triggering light threshold recognition which would indicate closer. Note: Dec 28 did not trigger Avis recognition in compact Moon swirl area.
J. William Dell