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White Persona on Jan 10, 2003
at Jan 13, 2003 Coordinates

Michael Cunningham, a consistent and vicious debunker best known for his cry of "fraud" on the Troubled Times mailing list when Pierre's Jan 19, 2001 infrared images were announced, even before the FITS files were available to be examined, inadvertently helped the team out in locating the White Persona.

MCunningham has rendered and posted a Summary at his site I have taken the liberty of using his JPG image to locate the White/Red and Swirls. I have inverted the image, then brightness -25 and contrast +75 to bring out detail. Using my Sum of 5 DBF fits file and Avis to locate. I think we have Planet X White, which was buried in noise on our summary, but shows on the MCunningham JPG. Quite bright, more than I expected. We need to have someone do the median process to remove noise pattern in future. Worth looking at the new suggested Planet X White as it appears to be on each frame.
J. William Dell